Please doublecheck the information below with other records and as I obtain more information I will come back and make corrections.

Plymouth Colony

Plymouth Colony

Stephen’s father was Jonathan Delano born 13 February 1713 at Dartmouth, Massachusetts and he died in November 1795 in Dartmouth.  His mother Abigail (Mary) Hammond born at Dartmouth, Massachusetts and she died in Massachusetts. They married on 14 November, 1734.

Jonathan Delano’s father was Jabez Delano born August 11, 1682 at Dartmouth and he died there in Dartmouth, Massachusetts on 23 December 1734.  He married his 1st cousin Mary Delano who was born March 1682 at Duxbury, Massachusetts and she died on 29 April 1716 in Massachusetts.  They married on 8 February 1710.  She was his first wife.  He married a 2nd time to Hannah Peckham.

Here is Jabez’s tombstone at Find A Grave:  The birth is given as Nov. 8, 1682 for Jabez. From Jabez’s information you can click on more links to other individuals. I have not studied them to see if they are correct so be cautious. It gives information about his parents and more.  The cemetery is Achushnet Cemetery in Bristol County, Massachusetts.  There are other cemeteries with Delano buried in them but this is a big one.


Jabez’s  father was Lt. Jonathan Delano born August 1647 in Duxbury, MA and died 28 December 1720 at Dartmouth, MA. He married Mercy Warren born 20 February 1657 in Plymouth, MA and died after 6 November, 1727 in Dartmouth, MA.  They married on 28 February 1678.

Mayflower Note:  Mercy Warren Delano was the daughter of Nathaniel Warren born May 1624 in Plymouth, MA and died between July 16 and October 21, 1667. His first wife was Sarah Walker born 1667 in Plymouth, MA and died 24 November 1700 in Plymouth.  They married on 19 November 1645.

Nathaniel Warren was a son of Richard Warren the Mayflower passenger.  He was born in Greenwich, Kent, England and died at Plymouth, MA about 1628. He married Elizabeth Just born about 1583 in England she died about 22 October 1673 in Plymouth.  They married before 1610.

Lt. Jonathan Delano’s father was Philip Delano and his mother was Hester Dewsberry.

Here is the link to Find A Grave about Philip Delano.


Mayflower Passengers:


Here is a chart I found and I think it is kind of interesting, whether it is true or not, I don’t know.  Enjoy!

Philip Delano's Ancestors?

Philip Delano’s Ancestors?

This has been an experience for me, trying to wade through the Delano lineages to Philip Delano.  There is a lot of inconsistency and so I caution you.  I am waiting for some books I ordered and hope they help. As more information comes to me I will come back and make updates and corrections.  I return now to John Keller and Mary (Delano) Keller’s children.

Before I post about the children of John and Mary Delano Keller, I thought I would mention other Delano’s who lived in Ohio about the same time that Mary did.  These are cousins of hers and you cannot do research in Ohio without running into them for they were very active, busy and ambitious men.

I will share about two men who were there about the time of the Kellers, they are Columbus Delano who was a lawyer and politician who lived in Knox County, Ohio.  The other was Cornelius Delano who lived in Washington Co., Ohio.  I was rather interested in their lineage.

Columbus Delano 1809 to 1896

I was curious about Columbus Delano because he was in Knox County and close to Mary Ann Delano Keller.  Did they interact, did they know each other?  I studied his family, visited his grave site and looked at deeds to see if he did any business with the Kellers but did not really find any good links.

Wikipedia has an article on Columbus Delano which is pretty good and also a picture.  He lived from June 4, 1809 to October 23, 1896.  He was born in Shoreham, Vermont.  His parents were James Delano and his mother was Lucinda Bateman.  His family moved to, Mount Vernon, Knox Co., Ohio about 1817.  His father died in 1815 and his mother in 1839.

James Delano page 311, was the son of Abisha Delano and Joanna/Hannah Hovey page 301-302.  Abisha was the son of Nathan Delano and Ruth____ pg. 298. Nathan was a son of Jonathan Delano and he was a son of Philip Delano.  You can double-check me using the link below to the Delano Book at Internet Archive.

Columbus or Columbus Delano married an Elizabeth Leavenworth 1812-1897 and they had Antoinette Delano 1837 to unknown, Elizabeth Delano 1839-1901, and John Sherman Delano 1841-1896.

Columbus and Elizabeth's marriage record.

Columbus and Elizabeth’s marriage record.

These two sources below give you information about his political and business career but not much about his family.


Biographical Directory of the United States Congress 1774 – this link has a Biography, Research Collections locations, bibliography and more.


The Internet Archive copy of the Genealogical History and Alliances of the American House of Delano 1621-1899 via open library has an article about Columbus written by a Col. Charles Baldwin.  Starting on page 311 you will find the Hon. Columbus Delano information going about page 323.  If you want to study Columbus’ lineage to Philip Delano you can trace it back in these pages.  It is my understanding from the information found in this book that the Delano descendants provided information to the author.


Lakeholm is where Columbus Delano resided in Knox Co., Ohio.  It has survived.  The Ohio Historical Society has Remarkable Ohio and the house is featured there.  Try Google Images for more pictures and links.

Lakeholm Knox Co., Ohio about 1870

Lakeholm Knox Co., Ohio about 1870

Columbus and his family are buried in Mound Cemetery in the heart of Mount Vernon. This cemetery is just up the street from the public library in Mount Vernon.

At the Knox County Annex where the Register of Deeds is located you will find big books with pages of deeds involving Delano C. or Delano C. etal… mostly as a grantor.  Unfortunately, no Keller surnames or anything familiar to me appear as grantees.  It would take a really long time to pull all these deeds and review them if you are researching this man.  I decided to take pictures of the indexes and not pull the deeds.  I am grateful to Columbus because while searching deeds in the index I did find some Lake and Goss deeds which I have posted about on this blog.

In this atlas map of Wayne Twp., Knox Co., Ohio 1847 we will see C. Delano listed for 200 acres.  His land is situated between the two branches of Owl Creek about the middle of the township.

1847 Atlas of Knox County, Wayne Twp.

1847 Atlas of Knox County, Wayne Twp.

If you run a search on Columbus Delano at newspaper sites you will get a lot of hits about his political career and you will get articles from those who didn’t like his politics.

Find A Grave also has his tombstone and information.  It is a very big cemetery with 17,780 burials.  It is about 80% photographed.  Do your homework before you try to find people in this cemetery because of its size.

The office of Mound Cemetery is located at the Wooster St. entrance.  The Cemetery office can be of great help so check their hours.

Mound Cemetery is not to hard to find just go up N. Main St. in Mount Vernon and when the road splits you can either go onto Wooster or Mansfield Streets.

Mound Cemetery Office, Mt. Vernon, Ohio

Mound Cemetery Office, Mt. Vernon, Ohio

A view of the monument for the Delano Family.

Delano Family Monument, Mound Cemetery, Mt. Vernon, Ohio

Delano Family Monument, Mound Cemetery, Mt. Vernon, Ohio

The Columbus Delano Monument.

Delano Monument, Mound Cemetery, Knox Co., Ohio

Delano Monument, Mound Cemetery, Knox Co., Ohio

A little closer..

Columbus Delano Monument, Mound Cemetery, Knox Co., Ohio

Columbus Delano Monument, Mound Cemetery, Knox Co., Ohio

It reads:  The Honorable Columbus Delano Born June 5, 1809, Died Oct. 23, 1896. Elizabeth Delano Born Aug 7, 1812 and died Aug. 5, 1897.

According to newspaper articles Elizabeth fell and broke her hip and eventually it took its toll.

Me at Columbus and Elizabeth's tombstone, Mount Vernon, Ohio 2011

Me at Columbus and Elizabeth’s tombstone, Mount Vernon, Ohio 2011

I told you it was a BIG cemetery:

Mound Cemetery in Mount Vernon, Ohio

Mound Cemetery in Mount Vernon, Ohio

Cornelius Delano

Cornelius Delano lived in Washington Co., Ohio he died there on June 9, 1824.  He is in the 1820 U.S. Federal Census living in Belpre, Washington Co., Ohio.  A Thomas Delano is in Warren, Washington Co., Ohio. Cornelius married a Sarah Goodale daughter of Major Nathan & Elizabeth (Phelps) Goodale. She was born in 1766 in Rutland, Massachusetts and died in Belpre Twp., Washington Co., Ohio 14 Sept. 1823.  He was there about the same time as Solomon Goss so I can bet they knew each other.  I am a little jealous that Cornelius has a tombstone and Solomon Goss’ burial is unknown being that they died about the same time. Sigh!

Cornelius is also in the Delano book I referenced above for Columbus.  He is found on page 497. He is the son of Abisha Delano who married Hannah Jenney, Abisha’s parents were Thomas Delano and Jean Peckham. Thomas Delano was a son of Jonathan and Mercy (Warren) Delano.  Jonathan was the son of Philip Delano and Hester Dewsbury.

Find a Grave has a photo of his tombstone at the Rockland Cemetery in Belpre, Ohio.  I actually visited this cemetery looking for Daniel Goss and missed this opportunity to view this burial site.  Cornelius shares this stone with his wife.

Several sources for Cornelius Delano are

1.  William’s History of Washington County, Ohio pages 57-58, 504, 510

2.  Washington Co. Ohio Marriages 1789-1840 page 36.

3.  Abstract of Probate Records, Washington Co., 1789-1855, page 33

Delano, Cornelius, E-1824, pr. 3 – p. 223, 462, Belpre Twp. Heirs: Henry Delano, Elizabeth Broderick, Jane Armstrong, Clarinda Delano, not found in Washington Co., Ohio.  Adm. Asa Morey (or Mory). 

4.  1820 U.S. Federal Washington Co., Ohio Census Males over 45 – 1, Females 10 to 15 -1, 16 to 25 – 1 total 3

5.  A History of Belpre, Washington Co., Ohio page 40-41, 24.5 – Ancestry has a copy of this book.

Page 41 – The men who served Belpre, but not at all at the same time, two or three being a proportion for each garrison where Cornelius Delano, Joel Oaks, Benjamin Patterson, Joshua Fleehart, George Kerr, John Shepherd, and James Caldwall.  The first two were New England men; the other five had been brought up on the frontiers. 

6.  Our Ellenwood Clan compiled by Nellie Ataline Gard, pages 48, 254

7.  My addition:  Rockland Cemetery Records, Belpre Township, Washington Co., Ohio, by the Washington Co. Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, 1985, pg 70:  Delano, Sarah 29 May 1766 – 14 Sep 1823, Delano, Cornelius 10 Aug 1784-9 Jun 1824. 

These titles are available at the Washington County Public Library Annex in Marietta where the Washington County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society houses their collection.

Family Search has probate/estate files online for Ohio counties Cornelius is on image 24 of the Probate Record Index 1789-1855 Vol. A. for Washington County. There are only two items listed for him, an appraisement and a petition by administrator to sell land Vol. 3, page 223 and vol. 3, page 462. The records are at FamilySearch under Ohio Probate Records 1789 to 1996 or by the location.  They are browse only at this time.  I would go for the index which means you need to scroll till you find one.

There is a Delano file at the Columbus Metropolitan Library:  Here is a chart of the descendants of Cornelius and Sarah:

img290 - Copy


Other Delano’s in Ohio

The 1830 U.S. Federal Census lists:

Amaja (Aaga) Delano in Chillichothe, Ross Co., Ohio with a total of 8 family members.  This is probably Amasa Delano who was also very active and present in not only Ross County but Fairfield and Franklin.  I will share a little about him below.

Esther Delano in Clinton, Franklin, Ohio with 4 family members.  She is Oliver’s widow.

N.W. Delano in Peru (3) and Norwalk (7) Huron, Ohio.

Philip Delano in Berlin, Delaware Co., Ohio with 6 family members. A son of Stephen and Mary Delano?

Richard Delano in Millcreek, Hamilton, Ohio with 6 family members.

Thomas Delano in Warren, Washington, Ohio.

Frederick Delano (Delawe) in Norwalk, Huron, Ohio with 7 family members.

Amasa Delano

When I was in Ohio in 2011, I noticed that a lot of landowners owned and lived in one part of Ohio but had land in other areas of Ohio.  We have seen that to be true with Solomon Goss deeding land to his children in 1815 and that land was in Knox Co., Ohio, not in Washington Co., Ohio where he lived.  This land in Knox was handed down and back and forth within Lydia and John Spracklin’s family over the years.

Another individual that own land in many places was Amasa Delano. He lived in Lancaster, Fairfield Co.,  Ohio and settled in Chillicothe, Ross Co., Ohio.

He was the son of Amasa Delano Sr. and he died in Chillicothe, Ohio on August 26, 1830. He married 1st to a Mary Russell born 1778 and died in Lancaster, Ohio in March 1802. It looks like they had a child but it died?

Amasa then remarried 12 December 1805 in Paris, Kentucky to Judith a daughter of John and Anna (Rhodes) Garth.  She was born in Albemarle Co., VA and died in Chillicothe 24 December 1828.

Their first son only lived about 6 months followed by Sarah Ann who was born in Worthington, Ohio 20 Sept 1808, Amasa, Susan, Henry, Mary, Ira, William Harris.

Hopefully I have it correct but please double-check me by going to the Internet Archive copy of the Genealogical History and Alliances of the American House of Delano 1621-1899 via open library has Amasa’s information on pg. 422.

I am not confident about Amasa parentage so I won’t go there at this time.  If I do figure it out I will come back and make an update.  Some family trees have his father as a brother to our Stephen Delano and that this Amasa who lived in Chillicothe was a son that brother Amasa who married Sarah Shaw.  So I need to dig a little more.


This Amasa shows up in tax records, Franklin County tax delinquencies, Franklin County Court of Common Pleas Index books done by the Frank Co., Genealogical and Historical Society, starting in 1816 to his death and even after in 1831.  Amasa Delano appears in deed indexes for Franklin, Fairfield and probably Ross.  I need to do more research in these various counties to see if there is any connection between Amasa and our Delano family.  When I do newspaper searches in Genealogy.bank and Newspapers.com and come across Amasa and his brother Ira a lot.

The History of Ross and Highland Counties, Ohio, 1880 gives a description of the Drug Store business in Chillicothe.

Dr. Amasa Delano started the first drug store in Chillicothe, about the year 1814. It was on the north side of Water street, a little east of the north end of Paint…A year or two afterwards, his younger brother, Ira, came to the city, and went into the store with him. Dr. Delano was a very energetic man. He came west from Windsor, Vermont, in 1802; practiced medicine awhile in Kentucky, and tried Worthington and Lancaster in Ohio, before coming to Chillicothe. A. D. Sproat came in the fall of 1818, also from Windsor. Dr. Delano had then built a brick house in Columbus, on the west side of High street, a little south of where the Neil house now is, which, he said, cost him fifteen thousand dollars. He was living in it up stairs, and was part owner of the dry goods store of Delano & Fay in the same building. He owned a store in Kenhawa Salines; had owned one in Bainbridge, and was part owner of the drug store of Ira Delano & Co., and of the hat store of Williams & Delano in Chillicothe. He had brought out from Philadelphia ten or twelve journeymen hatters, and established a large hat manufactory next door to the drug store… Dr. Delano owned a tract of more than a thousand acres on the west side of Scioto river, below Columbus; he owned a fine tract, which he called the Lawrenceville farm, near London, twenty miles west of Columbus; he had entered probably twenty quarter and half sections of land east and south of Columbus, at one dollar and twenty-five cents per acre, by paying one-fourth of the money down, which the law then allowed, to encourage immigration. If he could have completed payment for them, and kept them, they would have been, after a few years, immensely valuable. Yet, although he once owned all this property, Dr. Delano eventually went under. He, like most other merchants of Chillicothe, owed heavy debts in Philadelphia for goods bought dearly during the war with England, and, when peace was declared, the price of goods went down to half what they had been.  The article continues….

 There is no tombstone photo for Amasa and Judith Delano at this time on Find A Grave.  I am assuming they are buried somewhere in Ross County near Chillicothe.



On my trip to Ohio in 2011, I studied several volumes of books of cemetery indexes for Franklin county. I was not successful in finding Stephen and Mary (Shaw) Delano’s burial location.  I did take a photocopy of the page about Clinton Twp., cemeteries.  It describes the cemeteries in that township as in a general state of disrepair.  It gives information on where to look for records on these cemeteries.

Here is a list of the cemeteries in Clinton Twp.  I was looking for any Delano names in the cemeteries there and the only one I found was for Oliver Delano a son and brother to Stephen Delano.

  • Clinton Chapel (ME) established 1825. Other Readings Wager, ONWQ Vol. 7 (1904), Building Heritage.
  • Cooke Cemetery earliest stone 1817.  Bodies probably moved in 1958.  Readings: ONWQ Vol. U (1904), ORPF Vol., 20, Cozart.
  • McKendree Methodist earliest stone is 1831. Many stones missing.  Maintained by church.  Reading: Wagner.
  • Kempton – established 1819 but earliest stone is 1811.  Readings: Livingston, DAR, Wagner.  I will share about Oliver, brother to Stephen in a future post and this cemetery.
  • Armbruster M.E. date unknown  (gone – no record and no date).
  • Union Cemetery established 1806 which I looked at on-line and they didn’t have a listing for Delano, also on microfilm with Franklin Co. Genealogical Society.

These cemeteries are in Clinton Twp., Franklin Co., Ohio.  The town of Worthington is in Sharon Twp., and I also looked there for any records on this family.  Check out this website for cemeteries in Franklin County, Ohio.


A visit to the Kempton Cemetery in Franklin County, Ohio was in order.  I left Columbus and made my way up to Olentangy River Road. Kempton Cemetery is located between Henderson and Bethel Road.  I was going north so it was on my left side.  I blew right by it and had to turn around.  It is up on a knoll and not easy to spot.  There is a sign and the cemetery is on the corner of Olentangy River Road and Knightsbridge Blvd.  There is an apartment house and parking lot that is behind the cemetery.  The cemetery is where my push-pin is located #12.

Kempton Cemetery, Franklin Co., Ohio

Kempton Cemetery, Franklin Co., Ohio

I wish I could tell you that this cemetery was in good shape but it isn’t.  The years have been hard on it.  Fortunately it is not in the traffic path of the apartment house but off in the corner out-of-the-way. There are two sources of cemetery readings that I consulted and hopefully they have preserved as much of the records of this cemetery as possible.  The link above to Franklin Cemeteries is also a good source for this cemetery and I think the person who operates that website has done a great job.  You will have to click a few links to find Kempton.

Source:  Volume Six of the Franklin County Cemetery Records, by the Franklin County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, had Clinton Township Records and covered Kempton cemetery pages 74-75. I found this at the Columbus Metropolitan Library in Columbus.   Sorry don’t have the publication date but probably about 1980. Oliver Delano is listed:  Delano, Oliver Jan 1822 38y

Source:  Roster of graves in Kempton Cemetery, Clinton Township, Franklin County, Ohio, by Davis, J. Boyd, Mrs., Daughters of the American Revolution, Whetstone Chapter, from the files of Mr. Frank. A. Livingstone. FHL#1329737 Item 3.  Published about September 29, 1961 with the data from the tombstone read in 1933 by Mrs. John J. Rings.

Oliver Delano, Jan. 1822 38 yrs.  Solomon Malbone 9/1/1819 28 yrs. 

Solomon Malbone was a husband to Priscilla Delano a sister of Oliver and Stephen.  His parents may have been Charles Malbone and Jerusha ______.

Oliver left a will:  This source has a listing of Franklin County Wills:  Abstracted Wills & Estate Settlements from Franklin Co., Ohio:  Probate Court Records, with genealogical notes.  FHL#1307619 Item 6.

Oliver Delano's will 1821

Oliver Delano’s will 1820

Oliver Delano's Will 1821

Oliver Delano’s Will 1820

“Clinton, January 2, 1820. The following is the last will and testament of Oliver Delano late of Clinton Township deceased first my debts can be paid and leave a cow and horse for my wife without selling any of the holm farm then and in that case I wish the thirty acres of land that Solomon Mallome formerly lived on to be appropriated for the support of my parents but if any of the farm must be sold to pay the debts I wish the thirty acres sold secondly I wish my wife to have the ___ of the remaining of the holm farm and one horse with cow till the boys become of age and as they come of age to have an equal proportion of the land sell off to each of them reserving _____the use of ___ to my wife her lifetime the foregoing will was declared in the presence of John Soul, Polly Soul, and also John Boot and Sylvia Bull with directions to have it committed to writing within six days. Polly Soul, Thos. Bull and Sylvia Bull.

Unfortunately, Oliver does not name his wife nor mention names of his children.  I get the feeling he was in a hurry writing his will.

Here is a portion of an article about Oliver’s passing found in the Ohio Monitor, Thursday, January 13, 1820, Vol. IV, Issue 26, page 4.

Poetry Communicated. Died, In Clinton township, 2d January inst. after a long and painful sickness of five months which terminated in consumption.  Mr. Oliver Delano, age 39 years; during which time he bore the heavy affliction with much patience and a becoming resignation to the divine will….has left a feeble and disconsolate widow, three young children, aged, afflicted and indigent parents, brothers and sisters, to mourn an almost irreparable loss. From early youth he had been a professor of the Religion of Jesus, and was of the Methodist connection; originated in Vermont, but last from the state of New York; has lived in this vicinity about seven years, with other friends and relatives.  This article continues with a poem.

I was very happy to find this last article because it tells me that the family moved there to Ohio about 1813.

Here is another article selling Oliver’s land in 1825 in the Ohio Monitor, Saturday, April 23, 1825, Vol. IX, Issue 29, page 3.

Vendue, by virtue of an order of the court of common please of Franklin county, I will offer for sale, on the premises on the 4th day of June, next, at ten o’clock A.M. 30 acres of the north side of Lot no. 16 in section 2d in Clinton township formerly owned by Oliver Delano adjoining Dr. Wetmore’s land on north, and adjoining land owned and occupied by widow Hester Delano, on the south.  Stephen Holt. April 23, 1825.   

His wife Esther (Partridge) Delano also had a will.  She gives names and relationships in her will.  I do not know where Esther is buried.

Esther was the daughter of Stephen Partridge (10 July 1746 Medway, Norfolk, MA to 1818) and Esther Emerson (14 Jun 1751 Uxbridge, Worcester, MA and died 10 Feb. 1835 Marysville, Ohio).  They had 10 children: Hannah, Judith, Lewis, Lucretia, Stephen, Esther, Eunice, Reuben, Aprial, and Cyrus.  This family is featured in this article:  “John Partridge and his Descendants,” New England Historic & Genealogical Register, 1903, Vol. 57, pg. 286 covers Esther’s birth and marriage to Oliver a son of Stephen & Mary (Shaw) Delano.  There are many more pages on the Partridge family.

Franklin Co. Pleas, March Term 1839, Jason Bull and Samuel S. Shattuck two of the subscribing witnesses personally appears in my court to the [will] of Esther Delano and being first duly sworn and say that they signed said will in the presence of the [citation] and at her request, and that at the time of executing said will the said Esther Delano [    - as sixty years of age ____of sound mind & memory & not under any authority and that the  paper produced in court as her will in the same they witnessed as such. Subscribed and served to in Open Court March 30th, 1839, A. W. [Manting] Jr. Clrk. Signed Jason Bull and F. L. Shattuck. 

Esther Delano Will Jacket Case #1304. Signed 3 Apr 1838 Probated 30 Mar 1839

Esther Delano Will Jacket Case #1304. Signed 3 Apr 1838 Probated 30 Mar 1839

I Esther Delano of the County of Franklin in the State of Ohio make and publish this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following that is to say: I give devise and bequeath to my beloved Sister Judith Partridge a Certainn piece or parcel of Land that was conveyed by Fleury Shield and Huluah his wife both of County afforesaid on the ninth day of October in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and Twenty-eight. Said Land to Contain five acres and Eighty four rods and one-third provided always that if Providence should Cull her away by death said (if on it is sold) Land shall revert back equally to Norman Delano, my son, and Abi Delano wife of my Son Marvin Delano.  I give my bed and bedding to my son Norman, I give one sheep and my gold beads to my grand-daughter Esther Caroline.  I appoint Joub Holt my Executor of this my Last Will and Testament to dispose of  personal property and divide the ____ equally between by Son Norman & Abi wife of my son Marvin but in case Marvin should not return to pay a certain for Marvin wherein John Soul is bail and then divide the remainder between the said Norman and Abi.  In Testimony where of I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 3rd day of April 1838.  In the presence of Jason Bull and S.S. Shattuck.  Signed Esther Delano (Seal) 

In August 2007 at the Allen Co. Library they had this index. Index to Chancery Book, Vol. I, 1823-1828 Franklin Co., Ohio, Court of Common Pleas pg. 11

Delano, Esther 1826 pg. 216-217 widow of Oliver Delano 1826 pg. 235-237 (same as Above) Delano, Marvin 1826 pg. 216-217 infant son and heir of Oliver Delano 1826 pg. 235-237 Delano, Norman 1826 pg. 216-217 and pg. 235-237 (same as above) Delano, Oliver 1826 pg. 216-217, pgs. 235-237 (same as above) Delano, Oliver (dec) 1826 pg. 216-217 widow Esther, infant sons & heirs, Marvin, Oliver & Norman Delano.

Returning to the Kempton Cemetery there had to be at some point a tombstone for Oliver Delano a brother to our Stephen Delano.  I was unable to locate it that day in 2011. I walked every stone and tried to read them but they were so worn and faded it was near impossible to make most of them out.  There was evidence of broken stones, buried stones and more. Over towards the cliff side on Knightbridge Road trees and shrubs were choking some of the stones.  At one point it must have been a truly lovely cemetery.  Sigh! Here are my photos of this cemetery which are not much but it gives you an overview. You can see the buildings in the background.  As you can see there is a lot of empty space in between stones and more.

Kempton Sign

Kempton Sign

Kempton Cemetery Ohio

Kempton Cemetery Ohio

The photo below is looking toward the bushes and area where some of the stones are being taken over by the vegetation.   The second one is looking toward the road.



Here I am with the sign and I am smiling but there was a lot of frustration and sadness.  I really had wanted to see Oliver’s tombstone. I had to get moving and make it to Kenton, Ohio before dark.

Me at Kempton Cemetery 2011

Me at Kempton Cemetery 2011

This post has been delayed because I was waiting for some books I ordered.  I wanted to check my information before posting but it is taking a very long time for the books to come.  So I have decided to go ahead and publish this post but want to state that it does need checking and more work to make sure it is correct or as correct as it can be based on the lack of information in Ohio at that time.  So when the books do arrive I will compare the information and make corrections and updates so check back.

So what I have is this, Stephen’s parents were Stephen Delano (Sr.) born 12 May 1748 in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. He died at 1 January 1821, Worthington, Ohio (Franklin Co.).

Mary Shaw was born on 14 September, 1745 in Dartmouth, Massachusetts and she died at Worthington, Ohio on the 15 September, 1821. Mary’s parents are stated to be William Shaw and Sarah Brownell?

Dartmouth, Massachusetts is in Bristol County at this time.  Here is a little about this town and area.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dartmouth,_Massachusetts

New Bedford is just north of Dartmouth and it is also in Bristol County: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Bedford,_Massachusetts

Stephen married Mary Shaw 6 January, 1769 in New Bedford, Massachusetts, some say Dartmouth, Massachusetts.  These two towns are not that far from each other.

Source:  Massachusetts Vital Records, FamilySearch.org database. Massachusetts Marriages 1695-1910, Indexing Project #100794 – FHL #574885. 

Grooms Name: Stephen Delano
Bride’s Name: Mary Shaw
Marriage date: 06 Jan 1769
Marriage Place: New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts

Here are a couple of sources for the death of Stephen Delano and Mary Shaw, please note that some are secondary sources such as indexes and abstracts.  Original documents will need to be consulted to verify these events.

Source:  Abstract Deaths from Franklin County, Ohio Newspapers 1811-1832, 1977, pages 1 and 7, FHL Book US/C 977.156V49(S?) 

pg. 1 – Stephen Delano from Vt. d. 1821 Fr. Co.
pg. 7 – Delano, Judith, consort of Doctor Amasa Delano, Chillicothe, d. Dec. 24, 1828 leaving a very large family. #9, 1-17-1829.
Delano, Cornelius, see Sarah
Delano, Sarah, dau. Cornelius Delano, Belpre, Ohio, d. Columbus, May 21, 1818 ae 25 y. #1, 5-25-1816.
Delano, Stephen “late from state of Vermont,” d. Clinton Twp. Aug. 4, 1821 age about 70. He left a “partner and several children and grandchildren.” #7, 8-18-1821.
Delano, Mrs., relict of late Stephen Delano, d. Clinton Twp., no date #7, 9-15-1821.

Source: NEHGS – Early American Newspapers, Series I 1690-1876 (infoweb.newsbank.com)

Newspaper Article: Woodstock Observer; Date: 01-22-1822; Volume: III; Issue: 3; Page: [3]; Location: Woodstock, Vermont

Died – Clinton Township, near Columbus, Ohio, Mr Stephen Delano, aged 75, formerly from Woodstock VT. He was possessed of a strong mind and brilliant genius. His pen was like that of “a ready writer;” many a fragment both in prose and verse may be found in the several Journals and Newspapers of the day in which he wrote. In the Ohio Monitor, printed at Columbus, nearly one hundred pieces of prose emanated from his pen since he was seventy years of age. He lived and died a zealous advocate for the principles of the revolution and coequal rights of men. Soon after, Mary, his consort followed him to that “narrow house,” destined for mortals. Both died with a malignant fever, which has prevailed in many parts of the Western Country.

The above was also in the Spooner’s Vermont Jrl., (Windsor, VT), Monday, October 29, 1821 pg. 3, Vol. XXXIX,  pg. 3 Issue 1995 (Not the year) at Genealogy.bank.com. 

Another book:  Ohio Source Records Book from the Ohio Gen. Quarterly, 1986, pg. 91 Had this information:

“Clinton Twp. Widow Delano, relict of Stephen Delano whose death was announced a few weeks ago. (*Sept. 15, 1821).

Another Source:  Notices from the Western Intelligencer, Est. Worthington, Ohio 1811. Date following asterisk denotes date of publication. pg. 91.  Under other Ohio Records, Blanche Collins. FHL# Book 977.1 D28. 

Here is a link to Ms. Collins book at Google Books.

I tried the Franklin County Probate Index to Estates 1789-1996 and I also checked the guardianship and wards 1806-1919, FHL# 903763.   These files are now available for viewing at FamilySearch.org, so I did a double-check and Oliver and Esther Delano appear in the index.  I will discuss this couple in a future post.

On my trip to Ohio in 2011, I studied several volumes of books of cemeteries indexes for Franklin county. I was not successful in finding Stephen and Mary’s burial location.  I did take a photocopy of information about Clinton Twp., cemeteries.  It describes the cemeteries in that township as in a general state of disrepair.  It gives information on where to look for records on these cemeteries.  See link below for online Franklin County, Ohio cemetery information.

The town of Worthington is in Sharon Twp. which is north of Clinton Twp. and I did a search of those cemeteries in that township and found only one, Polly Delano, see below.

Townships of Franklin Co., Ohio

Townships of Franklin Co., Ohio

Check out this website for cemeteries in Franklin County, Ohio, I think the person who has created this website has done a great job.


Review pages  426 and 427 of the Genealogy of Delano book I have referenced in a past post because it gives some interesting information about this Stephen Delano.  He was quite the fascinating fellow.  His information is at the top under Jonathan Delano at the Internet Archive link below:


Here are two history books for you to review with information about about Stephen Delano (Sr).

History of Woodstock, Vermont, by Henry Swan Dana, Houghton,Mifflin & Co., 1889, All Delano listings: pg. 12, 28, 48, 56, 120, 141, 222. 253, 373, 375, 378 Society Clerk, 381 – 382, 2-582, Index 2-630.  This book is at Ancestry.com in searchable format.

History of Windsor County, Vermont, edited by Lewis Cass Aldrich and Frank R. Holmes,  D. Mason & Co., 1891, Stephen and an Amasa Delano 233, Revolutionary Period 238-240 giving general information.


1790 U.S. Federal Census for Woodstock, Vermont, lists Delano, Amasa 2, 2, 7, Delano Jonathan 1, 1, 2,  and Delano, Stephen 1, __, __ total 9

Stephen Delano and Mary Shaw’s children are listed below.  Please double-check all information and when those books arrive that I ordered I will also compare what I have posted here and you will need to check back for updates and corrections.

1.  Stephen Delano born 1775 and died 1818. He was born 30 March 1775 in Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont and died 1818 in Marion Co., Ohio per my calculations see the previous post about his death.  He married Anna Markam in Essex Co., New York and then married (Corina O/Lavina) Lovina Smith in Knox Co., Ohio about 1810.  (I had no luck in finding a marriage for them in Knox County.)  She is stated to have been born in 1790 in New York. Others state that they married in Woodstock, Windsor, VT not in Knox Co., Ohio?

Vermont, Vital Records, 1720-1908 at Ancestry.com has Stephen Delano, born 30 March, 1775.  Name of mother Molly and father Stephen Delano in Woodstock.  This is a picture of a card file with no other information.  Oliver, Molly twice, Elisha, Elizabeth, Ransom, Priscilla, Philip, Sally, Abigail all have cards listed with varying amounts of data on them and all with Molly and Stephen as father?

2.  Jonathan Delano 10 May 1777, Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont.

3.  Oliver Delano was born 26 May 1781 in Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont. (Birth month may be April per Vermont Births and Christenings, 1765-1908 FamilySearch.)  He died January 1820/22 in Clinton Twp., Ohio.  He married Esther Partridge born 12 Nov 1782 in Rochester, Windsor Co., Vermont and died about 3 Apr 1838 in Franklin Co., Ohio. Her parents were Stephen Partridge born 10 July 1746 Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts and died about 14 Jun 1818.  Her mother was Esther Emerson born 14 Jun 1751 Uxbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts and died 10 Feb 1835 in Marysville, Ohio.  Some descendants of Stephen Delano and Mary Shaw:


Oliver is buried in Kempton Cemetery in Franklin Co., Ohio.  I visited this cemetery in 2011 and will share my findings in the next post. Their children were Marvin Delano, Oliver Delano Jr. and Norman Delano.

4. Polly Delano was born 9 April, 1783 in Richmond, Cheshire, New Hampshire and died 10 Jan 1871 in Worthington, Franklin Co., Ohio.  She married John Soule Jr. who died about 1865 in Worthington, Clinton Twp., Ohio. She is in Walnut Grove Cemetery in Worthington.  Apparently Polly and Oliver are the only Delanos listed at Find A Grave to be buried in Franklin Co., Ohio.

There is a John Soule living in Woodstock, Windsor, VT in the U.S. Federal Census: Males under 10 – 1, 10-15 – 1, 45+ 1, Females 10-15 – 1, 16-25 – 1.

5. Elisha Delano was born 1 March 1785 in Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont and died probably in Kentucky.

6. Elizabeth Delano was born 25 Apr 1787 in Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont and died 28 Jun 1876 in Watkins, Union Co., Ohio.  She married twice 1st to Aaron Soule in 1807 in Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont and second to Aaron Tossey in 1814 in Jay, Essex Co., New York.  Elizabeth was the ancestor that is on file at the DAR library with an application under Stephen Delano.

Aaron Soule is living in Jay, Essex, New York in the 1810 U.S. Federal Census.  Males: under 10 – 1, 26 to 44 – 1, Females: 16-25 – 1. Total 3.

There is an Elizabeth Tossey age 85 living in Millcreek, Union, Ohio with an Aaron Tossey age 77.  It states that her birth was about 1785 in Vermont. This is from the 1870 U.S. Federal Census.

If Mary Shaw was born in 1745, then in 1789 she would 44 years old.  I am not sure about the following children because she is getting too old?  So I again state that I need to do some more investigating.

7.  Ransom Delano was born 10 March, 1789 in Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont and died 1826 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio. He married Mahala Welch probably in Woodstock, Champaign Co., Ohio.  He and Mahala had: Amasa 1815, Ransom Delano 22 Sept 1817, Mary Delano 25 July 1820, John Delano 18 Sep 1824.

8.  Priscilla Delano was born about 1791 in Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont and died about 1853.  She married three times: 1) Vinal Soule in Wilmington, Essex Co., New York. She married second 2) Solomon Malbone on 30 Apr 1818 in Worthington, Franklin Co., Ohio. Solomon was born about 1794 and died 9 Sep 1819 in Clinton Twp., Franklin Co., Ohio.  He is buried in the Kempton Cemetery.  She next married a 3) Tracy Wilcox in Worthington.

Try this for Priscilla – Revised Michelotti Database:  http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?Pop=GET&db=dominiccharles&id=I540486

or go here and explore:


9.  Philip Delano was born about 1794 in Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont and died 1855 in Delaware, Delaware Co., Ohio.  He married an Esther Tinkham.

There is a 1850 U.S. Federal Census with a Philip 55 and Esther Delano 53 living in Genoa, Delaware Co., Ohio with a Arrilla S. Delano, F, age 7.  Phillip was born in Vermont.

10. Sally Delano was born about 1796 in Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont.  She married an Alvin Randall.  She may have married a 2nd time.

There is an Alvin Randle living in Concord, Delaware, Ohio in the 1830 U.S. Census. Males under 5 – 1, 5 to 9 – 3, 10 to 14 – 1, 40 to 49 – 1, Females: under 5 – 3, 5 to 9 – 1, 10-14 – 1, 30 to 39 -1.

11. Abigail Delano was born about 1798 in Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont.  She married a Moses Sampson.  She may have remarried.

In the 1820 U.S. Census there is a Moses Sampson living in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio with 5 people living with him.  Males: 26 to 44 – 1,  Females: under 10 – 3, 16-25 – 1.

12. Molly Delano born 1800 in Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont another Molloy was born 9 Apr 1783 per Vermont Births, Christenings 1765-1908 at FamilySearch.

The above needs more work, as usual.  I use family trees to get started and usually go to Rootsweb which is the same as Ancestry but free.  I go for the ones that have descendants, hopefully sources and see what I find.  These trees are only beginnings of the research and after studying them I am a little concerned that the above information is not quite right; therefore, more census work, probate, deeds and other sources need to be consulted.  I did do some searches in the census and I used the U.S. Federal census for Ohio.  It is possible that some of these children didn’t come to Ohio with the family, staying in Vermont or migrating elsewhere.  My calculations have the Delano family migrating to Ohio about 1812-1814 based on information from Oliver Delano a son and I will share about Oliver in the next post.

As a descendant of the Delano Family you will need to know about the volumes that I referenced in the post dated February 20, 2014 “The Keller and Delano Family Connections.”  You can find it by scrolling down or going to the Archives list.

I am repeating them here so that you can find them easily.

In that post I mentioned the Delano Kindred a hereditary society that you need to know about.  http://delanokindred.us/Wordpress/

The Genealogy, History and Alliances of the American House of Delano, 1621-1899

Here is Internet Archives version:  https://archive.org/details/genealogyhistory13dela

Another link at Internet Archive under Genealogy, History and Alliances of the American House of Delano – On openlibrary.org.  The title is on two pages:   “Genealogy of Delano 1621-1899 pt. 4-6, Part 4 Lt. Jonathan Delano (the 4th son) and his descendants.”  It has typed written additions as well.


Now the Delano Kindred and Mayflower are also updating the above volumes and they are doing that in what are called green books or DIFP.

These green books that are titled Philip Delano of the “Fortune” 1621 and his Descendants for Four Generations compiled by Muriel Curtis Cushing and others and published by General Society of Mayflower Descendants, (my copy 1999) in several volumes.  The Delano Kindred has a list of these books unfortunately they are not real clear about what numbers of families are covered.

In the Delano Kindred’s newsletter, “Bonnes Nouvelles, Nov-Dec 2013 #73, they give a description of the books they list at their website.

The term DIFP means “Delano Family in Progress.”  This is a very shortened description from the newsletter.  You will want to target number one and four in this list for the Stephen Delano lineage.

1.  Philip Delano book was published in 1999 and is in its 2nd edition.  It starts with Family number 1 and goes to 197, four generations.  The first on their order form and they are in order.

2.  Philip Delano book, part one, published 2004 covers the 5th, 6th generations from Family number #197 to #367.

3.  Philip Delano book, part, two, published in 2011, 5th and 6th, Family number 368 to 499.

4.  Philip Delano book, part three, published 2012, 5th, 6th, and 7th, Family number 500 to 561.

5.  Philip Delano book, part four, published 2012, 5th, 6th and 7th, Family number 562 to 562a to 636

Another option is the information in the SHOP at the General Society of Mayflower Descendants to be a little more helpful. Just hover over the book picture and it give the family numbers you want family #528 for the next book you will need.  I was not successful in ordering from this website and not sure why.

Philip Delano of the “Fortune”, Part 3, 5th, 6th and 7th Generations. 


The first book 1-4 generations book will outline the lineage from Philip Delano to Stephen Delano of 1748. It stops there. So you will need the part 3 to continue for the Stephen Delano line, number 4 above.

When I was in Washington D.C. in 2007, I went to the DAR Library (my third visit) and went into their computer room and found a DAR application that was of the Stephen Delano line.  It is the only one of that line I could find.

Elizabeth Delano a daughter of Stephen and Mary Shaw Delano is the line that this application is referencing.  In a future post I will write about the children of Stephen and Mary Shaw Delano in more detail.

Clarice Tossey Beck DAR Application #584060 at the DAR is the one application that has been submitted on Stephen Delano and his Revolutionary War service.  This application is very interesting because the lineage to Richard Warren is crossed out.  Remember this is a DAR application not a submission to Mayflower two very different organizations with different focus.

Briefly it goes:

  • Stephen Delano son of Jonathan Delano and his wife Abigail (Mary) Hammond m. 14 November 1734.
  • Jonathan Delano son of Jabez Delano and his wife Mary Delano (cousin) m. 8 February, 1710
  • Jabez Delano child of Lt. Jonathan Delano who married Mercy Warren 28 February, 1678.
  • Mercy Warren Delano a daughter of Nathaniel Warren who married Sarah Walker 24 November, 1700
  • Nathaniel Warren was the son of Richard Warren (Mayflower Passenger) who married Elizabeth [Juatt] Marsh on 22 October, 1673.

Abigail Hammond is supposed to be daughter of Samuel Hammond and Priscilla Samson.  The Francis Cooke and Henry Samson Silver Mayflower books disagree about Abigail being a daughter of this couple?  Do we have a controversy…HA!

Francis Cooke of the Mayflower The First Five Generations by Ralph V. Wood, Jr. published 1996. On page 306 there is a #321 Samuel Hammond marrying a Priscilla Sampson before 1712.   On page 307 there is no listing for Abigail Hammond or Mary Hammond?  I am confused about this part.

Mayflower Families Through Five Generations Volume Twenty part 1, Family of Henry Samson, 2000. On page 26 #27 Priscilla Samson (James 2, Henry 1) before 1712 marries Samuel Hammond Jr.  On page 27 they give #109 Abigail b. prob. 1714.

Samuel’s parents are Samuel Hammond and Mary Hathaway. Her parents are Arthur Hathaway and Sarah Cooke. Sarah’s parents are John Cooke and Sarah Warren and John’s parents are Francis Cooke and Hester Le Mahieu.  On page 26 of the Henry Samson Family book they mention he is a descendant of Francis Cooke. I am leaning toward this Henry Samson book’s findings because it was published in 2000 when the other book about Francis Cooke was published in 1996.

Priscilla is a daughter of James Samson and Hannah Whitman.  James is a son of Henry Samson and Ann Plummer.

Cousin Jan mentioned this to me in a recent comment and I have tried to untangle the lineage to Mayflower but I need to do more studying of this topic which is very interesting.  Mayflower is not like DAR and you cannot get applications easily from them.  I have done so in the past but I was there in their library in Plymouth.  I am willing to make corrections and additions to the above, so please leave a comment.

In 1818 Lovina was left with 3 baby girls to support after the murder of her husband Stephen Delano in 1818.

There is a marriage of a Lovina Dillinse to a Jonathan Askins 21 October 1819 in Knox Co., Ohio. I cannot claim credit for finding this marriage, someone on a message board mentioned it and I just verified the event with sources.

Dillinse, Lovina to Askins, Jonathan Nov. Oct 21, 1819 KNOX 00A 045

Source:  Ohio Marriages Recorded in County Courts through 1820, Ohio Genealogical Society, 1996.  This book is an index.

The actual record is

Source:  Marriage Records 1808-1851, Probate Court, Knox Co., Ohio, FHL#1294304 – 1808-1853.

1819 Dillinse & J. Askins Marriage.
1819 Dillinse & J. Askins Marriage.

This marriage of Lovina Smith Delano Askins has been no end of trouble.  I was hoping that in finding Lovina with Jonathan Askins we would learn of her past and her origins.  We would also learn more about Stephen Delano but so far I have not had too much success.  

Here is a link to a family tree on Rootsweb that I think has at least some sources that might help.  It looks like this person has been really seriously studying the Askins family.  They have certainly done far better than myself.  There are other choices at Rootsweb for family trees regarding the Askin family.


In the above tree they refer to the 1820 U.S. Federal Census for Knox County, Ohio and 1840 U.S. Federal Census for Shelby Co., Illinois.  They believe that Jonathan Askins took some of the family to Illinois around 1840.  Mary and the sisters Almira and Alvira probably didn’t go with him because they had married.  See my posted dated February 20, 2014 “The Keller and Delano Connection.”

The tree further references a marriage to Addoccia Hill on 24 June 1844.  It then goes on to cite the 1850 and 1860 Effingham Co., Illinois census.  This implies that Lovina or Lavina died before 1844.

If Jonathan and Lovina had the following, children based on the above referenced tree, and if we study where these children were buried if we might find Lovina/Lavina?  Of course the above tree relied a lot on census and you do need to get relationships.  So more work needs to be done.

  • John D. Akins – Buried in the Agney Cemetery in Effingham Co., Illinois he died about 1855.
  • Nancy Askins is in Spring Creek Cemetery, Chautauqua, Kansas 1899 her married name is Henson.
  • Charlotte Askins unknown where she died.  She married a Warren.
  • Permelia Askins 1851 in Moultrie Co., Illinois with a married name of Ward.
  • George Washington Askins is in Mt. Olive Cemetery in Whitman Co., Washington and he died about 1903.

I have reviewed the census from 1820 to 1840 and found the same information that the above referenced family tree so nicely abstracts, so, I will not revisit here in this post.

With this information it looks like Jonathan Askins went to Illinois and it also looks like he did it with other family like his brothers and his father Reuben leaving Knox County, Ohio about 1840.

In the Shelby County, Illinois Probate Jrl I, 1839-1849, by the Shelby Co. Historical Society, I found this estate of a John Potts. Listed in the Names of the Purchasers is a Jonathan Askins.  Now if he was in the 1840 census for Shelby Co. which was enumerated on 1 June, 1840, this could well be our Jonathan and it places him there in Shelby Co., Illinois around January 1840. In the index of this book on estates there is no mention of Lovina nor Jonathan as estates.

Jonathan Askins as a purchaser in John Potts Estate, Shelby Co., Illinois

Jonathan Askins as a purchaser in John Potts Estate, Shelby Co., Illinois

Under Askins in the index in the back of the book:  Abraham, Abram, Ann, Betsy, Drusilla, Elmiry, George, James, Jonathan (page 6 the photos above is all that is listed), John, Mary, Nancy, Phebe, Reuben and Samuel.

Reuben Askins and Elizabeth Harris are given as the parents of Jonathan Askins at the above family tree.  Other trees also list this relationship.  I suggest that you click on the links at Rootsweb and do more studying for yourself there is a lot of work done on this family.  These family trees are a starting place but you still need probate, deeds, court documents and more to really make your case.

In my studies of the records of Knox Co., Ohio, I have not found any guardianship papers for Mary, Almira nor Alvira to a  Jonathan Askins.  Now I am not up on Ohio laws regarding children but have seen in Ohio where guardianship proceedings have taken place where the widow has to deal with the court regarding her children. This was much later in the 1860′s but may in 1818 they didn’t do this type of thing formally.  Morrow County, Ohio was not formed till 1848 and by that time Jonathan and Lovina were in Shelby Co., Illinois.

I can say that I have found no probate file and or land deeds for Jonathan Askins in Knox Co., Ohio for the years 1818 to 1840.  I also did not find any cemetery records listing for either Jonathan nor Lovina/Lavina in Knox Co., Ohio.  I did find a Reuben Askins probate in Knox Co., Ohio but his wife is Mary so he is probably of another line? I will not present this information here; however, if you are a Askins researcher I would be happy to share, so leave a comment and turn all my findings over to you.

Reuben and Elizabeth’s children are listed in the family tree I referenced above and they are:

  • Jonathan
  • George
  • John
  • Jesse
  • Robert
  • William
  • Nancy
  • Abraham W.
  • Rebecca

Turning to the Tax Records for Ohio, I did find Jonathan Askins in the records for Knox Co., Ohio as well as a Reuben, Abraham and George. They appear in the Tax Records for Knox County, Ohio for 1833-1834 on FHL#545108.  FamilySearch has some of these tax records online but not Knox County.  Hopefully they will add more in time.

Tax Record 1833 Knox Co., Ohio

Tax Record 1833 Knox Co., Ohio page 1

1833 No. 23 Bloomfield we find Ruben, Abraham, Jonathan and George listed in the records. These are the personal taxes.  The second number is value.

Askins, Ruben: horses 2, 80, cattle, 2, 16 total 096. page 2 – State & Canal 28, 8, Co. School 45, 6, Road 19, 2, Total 93, 6

Askins, Abraham: Horses 1, 40, cattle 1, 8, total 048, page 2 -State & Canal 14, 4, Co. Home, 22, 8, Road, 09, 6 Total 66, 8

Askins, Jonathan: no horses, cattle 3, 24, total 026, page 2 – State & Canal 07, 2, Co. School: 11, 4, Road 04, 8, total 23, 6. 

Askins, George: horses 1, 40, cattle 2, 16, total 056, page 2 – State & Canal 16 8, Co. School 26, 6, Road 11, 2 total 56, 6

1834 pag. 123 Bloomfield, I find Reuben Askins listed and a couple of pages later, I find Reuben, Abraham and Jonathan. These are very difficult to read, dark, blurry etc.

Askins, Ruben:  Land? 15, 6, 21, SE, 160, 238 page 2 07, 6, 69, 0, 64, 6, 0, 14, 21.  He is the only one listed. 

A few pages over are personal taxes.

Askins, Reuben 2, 80, 2, 16 page 2 19, 2, 48, 0, 19, 2, 86, 4

Askins, Abraham 2, 80, 1, 8 page 2 17, 6, 44, 0 , 17, 6, 79, 2

Askins, Jonathan __, __, 2, 16, 03, 2, 80, 01, 03, 2, 14, 4

I had searched the tax records from 1816 to 1838 for Knox and these were the only times that the Askins appeared. I was pretty happy to find Jonathan in these records because I had not been able to find anything in the records in Knox County about him.   By the way, these films are extremely difficult to read.  I have actually tried reading them at the Ohio Historical Society and again at the Family History Library.  It is very difficult to know when it moves from one time period to another and they are dark and fuzzy.

If we take 15, 6, 21 from the above record we have Range/Township/Section.  According to my Kocher map this land would be in the southeast corner of  the township and it is 160 acres?  The land would border on Hilliar on the south and Liberty on the east.

Note:  The name of Lovina Smith has several possible spellings.  I have seen “Lavina” and “O. Corina.”  There is very little about Lovina/Lavina Smith.  In the records at Ancestry she is listed as Corina. The 1880 U.S. Federal Census for Morrow Co. states that Mary Delano Keller’s mother was born in Vermont. Another family tree has her birth about 1790 in New York and still another has 1778 in Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont.  I thought my surname of Brown was hard to study, Smith is not going to be easy.

In summary, there is so much more I would like to do regarding the Askins family but time and money are at a premium and since there are other researchers out there trying to piece this together, I will defer to them.  I am willing to make corrections and additions, as well as share what I have found.

Tragedy struck and Stephen Delano the father of Mary, Alvira and Almira Delano was found dead in 1818.  They were just babies when their father was killed. He would have been about 43 years old at the time of his death.

There was an article about his death on the internet at the Inquisitor & Cincinnati Advertiser. This was retyped and not the actual newspaper.  It does not appear to be there anymore and this link doesn’t work.  I downloaded this on 11/14/2004:


14 July 1818
As Mr. Lewis Bland of Columbus, (says the Ohio Monitor of the 2d inst.) was seeking his horse in the Indian lands, on the Norton Road, leading from Delaware to Sandusky, at the crossing of the Little Scioto, on Wednesday the 24th .. he discovered a dead body in the water, lying face downward, less than twenty yards from the bridge; which, on examination, proved to be the body of Stephen Delano, Jr. son of Mr. Stephen Delano, of Clinton township, in this county, as was ascertained by his papers. His head on the right side was lacerated with a wound, which one of the spectators said had fractured his skull, and the eye on the left side was started from the socket; his throat was cut, although the gash had not affected the wind pipe. His clothes were found in the much the same state as when he was last seen. It is conjectured that this murder was perpetrated by the Indians, though not certain.

GenealogyBank.com (subscription) has several other newspapers in Ohio that report this murder, much to my delight.

The Canton Repository (Canton,Ohio), Friday, July 17, 1818, pg 3, under The Repository has a version of this article which was cut off on the left side, therefore, the missing words:

As Mr. Lewis Bland of Columbus seeking horses on the Indian lands at the crossing ____ at the Little Scioto, on 24th ult …discovered the dead body of a man…proved to be the body of Stephen Delano, Jr.  His scull was fractured and throat was cut, besides which there were other wounds.  It is supposed was murdered by the Indians, as it ______that Mr. Delano had been accused ____some who were in a drunken frolick of ____their property a day or two previous. 

The Weekly Recorder (Chillicothe, Ohio) July 24, 1818,  Volume IV, Issue 51, Page 406, Horrid Deeds – here is additional information.

“On the 24th ult. the body of a Mr. Stephen Delano, jun. was found in the Little Scioto…He was supposed to be murder by the Indians, who had accused him of stealing.”

Genealogy.bank’s holdings for northeastern Ohio are just not there yet.  So who knows if they keep adding we might find more information in time.

At the Columbia Metropolitan Library in Columbus, Ohio, genealogical section, the librarian and I poured over atlas’, old and new maps to see if we could figure out from the location in the first news article where they found Stephen Delano’s body. The librarian a resident of Ohio and having a better knowledge of the area than myself pulled old maps to try to help me.

He found a website, HMdb.org The Historical Marker Database, that talked about the Harrison Military Road Makers and a description of the Norton Road was there, just scroll down to side B.  So we used US 23 and 423 as markers.


We transferred our findings to a modern map.  Using a Marion Co. Ohio Highway Map, 2008 we decided that this was about were the murder took place.  See the arrow pointing to Hwy 23 in Grand Prairie Twp., Marion Co., Ohio. Remember this is 1818 in Ohio and this area was very wild and the river could have changed course.

2008 Highway Map - Marion Co., Ohio - Site of Stephen Delano Murder 1818
2008 Highway Map – Marion Co., Ohio – Site of Stephen Delano Murder 1818

Armed with this information I tried to locate an obituary notice in the newspapers and/or mention of a coroner’s inquest on my trip to Ohio in 2011. The newspapers in the early years of Ohio are very spotty with the issues of the newspaper and I did the initial research at the Ohio Historical Society. I did find mention of another coroner’s inquest about the same time of 1818 in the Franklin newspaper that confirmed for me that there might have been more information about Stephen’s death, but I was not finding it.

I had been studying Franklin County cemeteries but added Marion County now that I had some idea of where he may have died. No luck. Please realize that the area we are discussing was very wild back in 1818 and was considered Indian land. It is possible he is buried at the place he fell?  I will share more about the cemeteries in Franklin County in a later post.

The other fact is that Marion County was not established until 1820 and its parent county was Delaware County. I have not done research in Delaware County, Ohio. To date, my searches have been Knox, and Franklin County, Ohio, perhaps a wider net is needed. In those searches for more information on Stephen Delano (Jr.) I did not find any deeds, patents, court records, probate and very little in newspapers.


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