John A. Spracklin, the son, his Civil War Service..

John A. Spracklin served in the Civil War from Illinois.  He was a son of John and Lydia Spracklin.

John’s Civil War service record was in the possession of a cousin and she shared the information with me.  It is difficult to read the service cards because the writing is very light and patchy.  I did my best and even darkened the cards but it is difficult.

John A. Spracklin served from 6 September 1862 to 19 June, 1863 which is approximately 9 months before he was killed in action.

Below is a summary of his Civil War Service record cards:

J.A.Spracklin First Card

J.A.Spracklin First Card

1. S, 116 Ill. J.A. Spracklin, Priv. Capt. Dobson’s Co. 116 Reg’t Illinois Inf. age 25 years. Decatur, Illinois: Sept 6, 1862 muster-in date Sept 6, 1862. Joined for duty and enrolled When Aug 14, 186[2] Where Shelby Co., period 3 years.

2. S 116 Ill: J.A. Spracklin, Priv. Co. H, 116 Reg’t Illinois Infantry for date Oct. 31, 1862, Absent without pay 8 days.

3. S 116 Ill: J.A. Spracklin, Priv. Co. H., 116 Reg’t Illinois Infantry. for _____& Enrollment Dec. 31, 1862. Absent. Absent without leave Nov. 26, 1862 Memphis.

4. S 116 Ill:  John A Spracklin, Priv. Co. H, 116 Reg’t Illinois Infantry for Jan and Feb 1863. Deserted at Memphis ____Nov. 26, 1863.

5. S 116 Ill:  John A Spracklin, Priv. Co. H, 116 Reg’t Illinois Infantry for Jan & Feb 1863. Deserted at Memphis [Term] Nov. 26, 1863?

6. S 116 Ill:  John A Spracklin, Priv. Co. H, 116 Reg’t Illinois Infantry for April 10, 1863 Present.

7. S 116 Ill:  John A Spracklin, Priv. Co. H, 116 Reg’t Illinois Infantry for Mch and April 1863 Present.  

8. S 116 Ill:  John A Spracklin, Priv. Co. H, 116 Reg’t Illinois Infantry Appears on Co. Muster Roll, dated for Washington D.C. June 1865, Last paid Feb. 28, 1863, Clothing acccount:  drawn since $37.77. Bounty paid $25.00; due $75.00. Died June 19, 1863 from woods recev’d in action at Vicksburg Miss. May 19, 1963.

Summary Card John A. Spracklin

Summary Card John A. Spracklin

9. S 116 Ill:  John A Spracklin, Priv. Co. H, 116 Reg’t Illinois Infantry for May & June, 1863. Died of wound in Inv. Hospl June 19, 1863.

Because of the difficulty in reading the services cards the question of his desertions maybe be suspect.  He was apparently a prisoner of war for a period of time, here is the card with notes:

Prisoner of War Card for J.A. Spracklin

Prisoner of War Card for J.A. Spracklin

So review these with care and copies are available from the compiler upon request.

Below are two casualty sheets for John A. Spracklin:

J.A. Spracklin Casualty Sheet

Casualty Sheet for J.A. Spracklin

Another Casualty Sheet for JA Spracklin

Another Casualty Sheet for John Spracklin

More information about John’s regiment the 116th Illinois Infantry Regiment:

Vicksburg, National Park Service website is very good with lots of information about this battle and the soldiers.

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John and Lydia Spracklin’s Children: John Andrews Spracklin, the Son & Civil War Soldier

John and Lydia (Goss) Spracklin had a son named John Andrews Spracklin and he is frequently confused with the father.

It is not surprising that there is confusion because John A. Spracklin, the father, died in February of 1862 and the son John died of a wound to his head which he received in the Civil War on the 19th of June, 1863 in Vicksburg, Warren, Mississippi. John A. Spracklin, the son, is buried in Walnut Hill Cemetery but where that is located in not indicated and there are many cemeteries with this title throughout the country.

He is not listed in the National Cemetery in Vicksburg:

Probate Index Knox Co. Showing father and son's probate - Spracklin

Probate Index Knox Co. Showing father and son’s probate – Spracklin

This means that when you look at the probate index for Knox County you see two John Spracklins listed for the year 1863. In past posts on this blog, I have shared about the father’s estate and you can find those posts by using the search box or go to the category for John A. Spracklin the father.

Here is a link to the National Park in Vicksburg where the battle of Vicksburg is remembered.  You can read about the cemetery history, the interments and the relocation of many of the soldiers, and the poor record keeping.

“He died at the Division Hospital in Walnut Hills, Mississippi of wounds received to the brain on the 19th of May 1863.

The following letter was included among papers of cousin B. Roufley’s regarding his death:

It reads: “Larkinsville, Ala (Name of city hard to read), Jan. 22, 1864. I certify on honor that John A. Spracklin a member of Co. H, 116th regiment, Illinois Inftry Volunteers was wounded in the head on the 19th day of May 1863 at Vicksburg, Miss. and also that the wound was the cause of his death on the 19th day of June 1863 at Division Hospl. Walnut Hills, Miss. signed by Isom Simmons (first name difficult to read) 2nd Lieut. Co. H, 116th, Ill. Vols.”

 I will share more about John’s Civil War service in a future post.

John Andrews Spracklin, the son, was born about 1835 in Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio. He married Drusila Elizabeth Wolverton on 3 November, 1855, in Knox County, Ohio.

John and Drusila's Marriage

John and Drusila’s Marriage

State of Ohio, Knox Co., Nov. 3, 1855, Mr. John A. Spracklin to Miss Drusella E. Wolverton. This is to certify that on the 3 day of November A.D. 1855 J.W. H. Cochran a Justice of the Peace joined in Matrimony Mr. John A. Spracklin and Miss Druscilla E. Wolverton. Given under my hand this 3 day of Nov. A.D. 1863. W. H. Cochran, J.P. – In Testimony whereof….the seal of the court at Mt. Vernon this 29th day of Aug. A.D. 1863, Thomas V. Parke, Probate Judge. 

Source:  Marriages, Nov. 3, 1855, Probate Court, Knox Co., State of Ohio.

Drusila was born about 1834.  She was the daughter of Clement B. Wolverston and [Noah] Louisa Lauderbaugh.  Clement was born about 1801 and died August 1879 in Knox County, Ohio. He is buried in Mound View Cemetery in Mt. Vernon and his tombstone is featured on Find A Grave. There may have been at a sister named Katherine who married  W. C. Culbertson. These names will be important when I write about the estate of John and Drusilla.

I have seen Drusilla’s name spelled many different ways: Drusilla, Drusella, Druzella, Druzilla.  I keep seeing more versions of the spelling.

John appears in the 1850 U.S. Census with his parents.  He is listed as age 15. This census has been featured in past posts about the Spracklin family.

Unfortunately I cannot find John and Drusilla in the 1860 census.  This may mean they were migrating.  I have seen references to Iowa, Nebraska and then Illinois when John mustered into the Civil War.

1870 U.S. Census places Drusila in Mt. Vernon, Ohio with her three sons. She is using Ellen as her name and she is alone.

Line 18, 273, 258, Spracklin, Ellen, 35 F, all White, Keeps house, $700, $4000, all born Ohio, John E. 13, M, Charles 10, M, George 8, M.

Source:  1870 U.S. Federal Census, 5 Ward, Mt. Vernon, enumerated 3 August, 1870 by Geo. W. Steele. 

John and Drusila had three sons – A family tree at Ancestry titled Scheler/Spracklen-2 has sources for these children. You may have to be a member to view or you can use your library card to access the Ancestry Library edition. Here is the link.  There are other family trees but I think this one is one of the better ones for this family.

1. John Clement Spracklin was born 17 October, 1856 probably in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. He died 23 Feb., 1926 in Waterviet, Berrien, Michigan. He first married Barbara Ellen Mutchler in 1879 and then Matilda Evaline Shrader in 1905. There were three children with Barbara:  Matilda, Ida O. and Christina Alice.  He is buried in Century Farm Cemetery in Berrien, Michigan but there is a memorial but no tombstone photo at Find A Grave.

Line 36, 30, 30, Spracklen, John C. Head, W, M, Oct, 1856, 43, Widowed, born Ohio, parents born Ohio, farmer. Matilda L, daughter, W, F, July 1881, 18, Single, born Indiana. Ida O, daughter, F, Oct. 1888, 11, Single, born Indiana, Christina A. daughter, W, F, Jan. 1891, 9, Single, born Indiana. Last two at school.

Source:  1900 U.S. Federal Census, Wayne Twp., Fulton Co., Indiana, Sht#2, SD 13, ED 45, enumerated 2 June, 1900 by Wm. Caton

2. Charles Nathaniel Spracklin was born 1 May, 1860 in Shelby Co., Illinois but it could be Ohio and his death was 21 Aug., 1929 in Ft. Smith, Sebastian, Arkansas. He married a Lucy Ann McGrew and had several children.

Line 65, 79, 79, Spracklin, Charles N., Head, W, M, May 1860, 40, M, 13, born Illinois, parents born Ohio, Carpenter. Lucy, A., wife, F, July 1868, 31, M, 13, 5 children born 5 living, born Indiana, parents born Indiana. Jessie L, Son, M, Oct. 1887, 12, S, born Kansas. Charles A., son, M, July 1891, 8, S, born Kansas
Catherine B, daughter, F, Mch, 1894, 6, S, born Kansas. Gerald F. son, M, Mch 1896, 4, S, born Kansas. Mildred E. daughter, F, Dec. 1898, 1, S, born Kansas.

Source:  1900 U.S. Federal Census, Belvue Twp., Pottawatomie, Kansas,  Sht#Four, SD#85, ED#130, enumerated 13 June 1900, Edwin A. Worthing

3. George Henry Spracklin was born 19 June 1862 in Shelby Co., Illinois  according to my source but it may have been Pana, Illinois and died about 1927 in Montana.  He married in 1882 in Iowa to Willmina Bricker born 1862 in Ohio.  She died about 1901 in Douglas, Converse, Wyoming and is buried there in the cemetery in Poverty Flats known as the Pioneer Cemetery and the tombstone is on Find A Grave.  George may have married two more times to a Ophelia G. and a Luella A. Farnes.

Line 6, 53, 53, Spracklin, Geo. H., Head, W, M, June 1862, 37, M, 18, born Illinois, parents born in Ohio, Farmer. Willimina, wife, W, F, Aug, 1862, 37, M, 18, 9 born 5 living, born in Ohio, parents born Ohio. John, son, W, M, Sept. 1883, 16, S, born Nebraska, Vernon, Son, W, M, June 1886, 13, S, born Wyoming. Frankie, daughter, W, F, Aug. 1891, S, born Wyoming, Willis, Son, W, M, Aug. 1893, born Wyoming. Gerald, Son W, M, Nov. 1896, born Wyoming.

Source:  1900 U.S. Federal Census, Upper Labante precinct, Converse, Wyoming, Sht # 3, SD ___, ED 22, enumerated 8 and 9 June, 1900 Samuel Slaymaker.

George and Willimina married about 1882 in Iowa and had seven children:

1.  John Simon Spracklin born 20 September, 1883, Belle Plaine, Benton Co., Iowa. He died about 1957 in Iaho.  He married Gladis Effie Braae and had 4 children.

2. Charles Vernon Spracklin was born 12 June 1885, Chadron, Dawes Co., Nebraska, he died 31 January 1938 in Douglas, Converse, Wyoming.  Charles married Hulda Margaret Olin.  The children are listed in the following census.

Charles appears in the 1930 U.S. Census.

Line 50, 15, 1, Spracklin, Charles V., Head, O, $10,000, yes, M, W, 45, M, 30, No, Yes, Nebraska, parents born in Iowa, farmer, Hulda M., wife H, F, W, 47, m, 22, no, yes, born Nebraska, parents Sweden, Marvin F, son, m, w, 18, s, no, yes, the children all born in Wyoming, laborer, Mae D., daughter, F, 1, 16, S, yes, yes, Grace L, daughter, F, W, 13, S, yes, yes, Elmer, L, son, m, w, 9, s, yes, yes, Charles B., son, m, w, 7, s, yes, yes, Lester K., son, m, w, 7, s, yes yes.

Source:  1930 U.S. Federal Census, Converse, Wyoming, Election District 15 Bear Creek, ED #5-17, SD#3, Sht #1, enumerated April 16, 1930, Mrs. Bessie C. Harnbuckle. 

3.  Frank Marque Spracklin was born 29 August 1890 in Glenrock, Converse, Wyoming and died 20 May 1943 in Redding, Shasta Co., California. He married Ruby Ann Newell and they had the following children: Mable R., Helen C., Francis B., Frank M. and Ruby H.  Frank is buried in the Burney Cemetery in Burney, Shasta County, California but there is a memorial but no tombstone on Find A Grave.

4. Willis Richard Spracklin was born (twin) August 1894 and died 8 September 1975. He married a Mildred Poirot and they had these children: Quentin P., Patricia W., George Emil, Richard C., Douglas G., Willis, A, Charles E.  He remarried in 1945 to Marguerite L. Goodwin.  He is buried in the Douglas Park Cemetery, in Converse Co., Wyoming. See Find A Grave for more details.

5. Williard Ross Spracklin was born (twin) 20, August 1894 in Douglas, Converse, Wyoming and died very soon after his birth in 1894 in Douglas.  He is buried with his mother in the Pioneer Cemetery in Converse, Wyoming.  See Find A Grave for a picture of the tombstone and more information.

6. Guy V. Spracklin was born 15 November 1895/97 and died October 1978 in Nevada. He married a Bessie M. Smith and had three children. He may have been known as “Gerald?”

7. Druzella Belle Spracklin was born 8 April, 1900 in Wyoming and died 22 August 1974 in Montana.  She married several times.

I have not spent a great deal of time researching these descendants of John and Drusilla Spracklin. I am content to refer you to the family tree mentioned above and Find A Grave for more information. There is still a great deal more to do on this family and I urge you to double check my findings for there are some inconsistencies between me and other information and a thorough census search is really in order to get a better feel for the families as well as burial information. My interest is in sharing about the father John’s Civil War experience and about Drusila’s struggles with a guardianship after his death and then her death in 1875.  Be warned that the names of this family are misspelled very badly so try different variations when searching.

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Returning to John & Lydia Spracklin’s Children: Olive Elizabeth Spracklin Merrifield: Iowa to Nebraska

Daniel D. Spracklin, a son of John and Lydia Spracklin, caused a long diversion on this blog. I shared about his connection to the Keller family with his marriage to Elizabeth Keller a daughter of John and Mary Keller in 1852.

Today I am returning to the children of John and Lydia (Goss) Spracklin.  There are three more children of this couple that need to be posted about: 1.) Olive, 2) John the son, and 3.) Lydia.

Olive Elizabeth Spracklin is special to me because she took in little Henry Spracklin, Amarilla’s older brother.  In the 1860 U.S. Census Henry appears with the William Merrifield family.  This was when Daniel was in a transition after the death of Elizabeth Keller Spracklin in February of 1859.

Olive was born 25 July, 1833 in Knox County, Ohio on land that John and Lydia had settled on in Liberty Twp.

Olive married a Samuel McNutt on 11 March, 1851 in Knox Co., Ohio.  They migrated to Iowa by 1854 and there is a Samuel McNutt in the Iowa Twp. of Benton County, Iowa in the 1854 census.

He is the 13th listed person with 2 males, 2 females, 1 votes, 1 militia, total 4. Under him is Peter Spracklin, Olive’s older brother.

Source:  1854 Iowa State Census, Iowa Twp., Benton Co., Iowa, Samuel McNutt family.

Something happened and Samuel disappears by 1855.  I have tried to find out where he was buried from online sources but have not been able to locate him.

Olive and Samuel had one daughter name Lydia born about 1853.

Olive remarried on 4 November, 1855 in Iowa Twp., Benton Co., Iowa to Wm. P. Merrifield/Merryfield.  I found this on an index but the FHL#988202 was listed with the information. He was listed as William Maryfield and she was Olive Elizabeth McNutt.

They are in the 1856 Iowa State Census. This 1856 Census profiles Daniel D. Spracklin, Olive his sister and the Blackater family living in Iowa in 1856 in Maringo Twp., Iowa County.  (In past posts I may have mistakenly put Benton County for 1856).

Page. 80 – House dwelling 136, family 142 – D____(Should be Daniel), Spracklin, age 36, male, married, been in Iowa one year, born in Ohio, trade is carpenter. Spracklin, Elizabeth, 25 years old, female, married, one year in Iowa, born in Ohio. Henry Spracklin, 2 years old, male, 1 years in Iowa and born in Ohio.

Page 78 House 136, family 160 – Henry Blackater, 36 yrs old, Male, married, born in Kentucky, 3 yrs in Iowa, farmer, native, may have done military service. Mary Blackater, age 34, female, married, resident in Iowa 3 yrs., born in Tennessee. James R. Blackater, 14 yrs old, male, 3 yrs in Iowa and born in Indiana. Thomas I (J) Blackater 12 years old, 3 yrs. in Iowa and born in Indiana. Sarah Blackater is 3 yrs old, 3 yrs in Iowa and born in Indiana. Susan Woods? 14 yrs old living with them and in Iowa 7 yrs., born in Ohio (Could be Sarah’s brother? and the Susan Woods the sister?)

Page 80: House #135, Family 161, Wm. Merrifield 26 yrs old, male, married, residing 6 yrs in Iowa, born in Ohio, farmer native, some military service. Olive Merrifield, 32 yrs., female, married, 5 yrs. residence in Iowa, born in Ohio. Lydia Merrifield, 3 yrs. old, female, 3 yrs in Iowa, born in Iowa. John Kelly(Keller – hard to read), 22 yrs old, looks like 4 yrs in Iowa?, born in Ohio and a carpenter by trade. 

Source:  1856 Iowa State Census, Marengo Twp., Iowa Co., Vol. 48, film #1021301, pg. 78 (no info on pg 79) to 80 (81 no info), State Historical Society, Des Moines, Iowa. Also at

William and Lydia appear in the 1860 U.S. Federal census and this is where Henry Spracklin is found, Daniel’s son and Amarilla’s brother. Amarilla is with another family along with her sister Mary.

William and Olive had another daughter named Calista Ellen born 25 September, 1858 in Benton Co., Iowa.

Merifield, W.P. 29 farmer 800, 300, born in Ohio
Olive 27 yrs. born in Ohio
Lydia 7 yrs. born in Iowa
Corista 2 yrs born in Iowa
Spracklin, Henry 7, born in Ohio

Source:  1860 U.S. Federal Census, W. P. Merifield Family, 1860 U.S. Federal Census, Leroy Twp., Benton County, Iowa, Reel No M653, # 311, Page 162.

In 1863 Peter and Daniel, Olive sign a Power of Attorney regarding the estate of their father John A. Spracklin.  I have featured this document in the past but will repeat it hear because it shows the family connections:

Spracklin & Merrifield)
To Power of Atts.)
Peter Spracklin)
No. [50] March 24, 1863
Stamp $1.10)

Know all men by these presents. That whereas heretofore, towit, upon the 6 day of February A.D. 1863 and John Spracklin late of Knox County State of Ohio, died intestate, and leaving a large amount of Personal property and real estate in Knox county State of Ohio and where as said John Spracklin, deceased, as aforesaid, left several heirs some of whom reside in the State of Iowa. To wit. Peter Spracklin, Daniel D. Spracklin and Olive E. Merrifield. Therefore Know ye all that we the said Daniel D. Spracklin of Iowa County and State of Iowa and the said Olive E. Merrifield, and Wm. P. Merrifield husband of the said Olive E. both of the County of Benton & State of Iowa do by these presents constitute and appoint Peter Spracklin of Benton County State of Iowa our true and lawful attorney in fact, for us and in our place and stead to enter into and with possession of all our rights title and interest in and to a certain farm in Liberty Township in Knox County State of Ohio which the said John Spracklin died seized of. Also town property in the town of Mt. Vernon in Knox County State of Ohio and any and all real estate that the said John Spracklin died seized of and to which he was in any wise entitled, and hereby authorizing our said attorney to grant and sell our interest therein for such price and upon such terms as will to him seem meets, and for us to make and deliver good and sufficient deed for the same and until the sale thereof to let the said real estate for the best rent that can be procured for the same and to collect all moneys that may be due us from said sale or lease, giving him full power and authority to receipt for the same. Also to collect and receipt for all moneys that may be due from the administration of the said estate, of the said John Spracklin, deceased as aforesaid. And any and all moneys that may be due us from the sale of this said personal estate, of the deceased, giving unto our said attorney full power to do any and every act in the settlement and adjustment of said estate and to do every act and thing whatsoever requisite to be done in the premises as fully as we might or could do if personally present; with power of substitution and revocation, hereby satisfying all that our said attorney Peter Spracklin, or his substitute, shall lawfully do or cause to be done by virtue hereof. Witness our hands this 12th day of March A.D. 1863.
Signed Daniel D. Spracklin, Olive Merrifield, W. P. Merrifield
State of Iowa
County of Iowa

I, A. S. Morrison, Clerk of the District Court in & for Iowa County & State of Iowa, do hereby certify that before me personally appeared Daniel D. Spracklin and Olive E. Merrifield and W.P. Merrifield her husband, all of [ ] are personally known to me to be this identical persons who signed the foregoing power of attorney as grantors and they acknowledged the execution of the same to be their voluntary acts and deeds for the purposes therein mentioned. Given under my hand and affixed seal this 12th day of March A.D. 1863. A.S. Morrison, Clerk of the District Courts for Iowa Co., Iowa.

Source: Power of Attorney, Spracklin & Merrifield to Peter Spracklin, Benton Co., Iowa, No. [50] March 24, 1863, written the 6th Day of Feb. 1863 for the Estate of John Spracklin of Knox County.Knox Co., Deeds, Book 51 pg. 317, FHL#0314062, Certified March 12, 1863 by A.S. Morrison, Clerk of the District Courts for Iowa Co., Iowa.

Calista, their daughter, marries on 4 July, 1875 in Table Rock, Pawnee, Nebraska to an Orrin Alonzo Cooper.  He was born 18 November, 1849 in Conquest, Cayuga County, New York.  His parents were Henry Cooper  and Phoebe Jane Wendover.  Henry was born 23 May, 1827 in New York and Phoebe was born 5 April, 1829 in Cayuga Co. They had at least 6 children: Clara, William, Bernard H, Lafayette, Sadie and last Orrin.

The Cooper family appear in the follow excerpt from the History of Muscatine County, Iowa. You see that Orrin marries again to Minne Akers a daughter of Solomon Goss Spracklin and his wife Louisa, after the death of Calista. Solomon is a brother of Olive, Daniel and Peter.

Source: The History of Muscatine County Iowa Containing A History of the County , its Cities, Towns, & etc. Western Historical Company Chicago Illinois 1879

COOPER, Guy L. Recognized as being one of the most representative business men of Humboldt, Guy L. Cooper has made a record of honorable achievement that stands to his credit, and affords an example that can not help but stimulate others to do likewise. He was born July 3, 1880, a son of Orrin Alonzo Cooper, whose death occurred March 23, 1923, and whose passing was regarded as a calamity by the people of Humboldt, with whom he had been connected for so many useful years, and in so many different ways.

Orrin Alonzo Cooper, former miller and grain buyer of Humboldt, was a resident of Richardson County from 1869 until his demise, and was regarded as one of the pioneers of his community. He was born at Conquest, Cayuga County , New York, November 18, 1849, and was of German descent. His father, Henry Cooper, was born in New York, May 23, 1827, a son of German parents, but lately established in this country when he came into the world. They moved from Branch County , Michigan, in 1869, settling on a farm north and west of Table Rock, Nebraska, and there Henry Cooper died April 18, 1900. His wife, mother of Orrin Alonzo Cooper, and grandmother of Guy L. Cooper, was Phoebe Jane Wendover before her marriage with him. She was born in Cayuga County , New York, April 5, 1829, and died September 15, 1912. Henry and Phoebe Cooper were the parents of the following children: Orrin Alonzo, who was the first born; Mrs. Clara Lane, who resides in Table Rock; William, who is a resident of Wymore, Nebraska; Bernard H., who resides in Beaver City, Nebraska; Lafayette, who is a resident of Saint Joseph Missouri; and Mrs. Sadie Redman, who is a resident of Denver, Colorado.
Orrin Alonzo Cooper attended the public schools of Branch County , Michigan, and after the removal of the family to Nebraska in 1869 he attended school in his home neighborhood in Pawnee County for a time, and also assisted his father in developing the homestead for four years, after which he was engaged in the grain business on his own account. The first grain and stock buyer at Table Rock after the completion of the Atchison & Nebraska Railroad was built to that city, he was in the employ of Mr. Norton for about two years, and then bought the business and conducted it for a year under the firm name of Cooper & Norton. For another year he was alone, and then formed a partnership with J. L. Linn, under the name of Cooper & Linn, and established a lumber yard in Table Rock, adding the handling of lumber to the grain interests.

During the two years that this firm was in existence….(covers his business interests)

Twice married, Orrin Alonzo Cooper’s first wife was Calista Ellen Merrifield, to whom he was united at Table Rock, July 4, 1875. They had the following children born to their marriage: Mrs. Grace MacMurray, who is deceased; Cary K., who resides in San Bernardino, California; Mrs. Eva Stanley, who resides in Norfolk, Virginia; Guy L., whose name heads this review; and Mrs. Ena Seabury, who resides in Omaha, Nebraska. The first Mrs. Cooper was born in Benton County , Iowa, September 25, 1858, a daughter of W. P. and Olive ( Spracklin ) Merrifield, and she and her sister, Lydia, were the only children of their parents. The death of Mrs. Cooper occurred October 20, 1905. On June 18, 1907, Mr. Cooper married Mrs. Minnie Akers, a daughter of Solomon G. and Louisa J. (Avitts) Spracklin .

Very active in the Republican party, he served Humboldt as mayor for seven years. In 1877 he was made a Mason, and for nearly fifty years he belonged to that fraternity. He affiliated with the Presbyterian Church. During the World war he had charge of the drives for the American Red Cross in Richardson County…etc. 

The 1880 Census suggest that they migrated to Nebraska sometime before Calista was married.  I have not been able to find them in the 1870 U.S. Census.

Line #’s cut off – 22, Merrifield, W. P. male, white, age 51, married, Butcher, born Ohio. Parents births left blank. Merrifield, Olive E., female, white, age 48, born about 1832, birthplace Ohio, wife of head, fathr born in England, mother in Ohio, keeping house, married. Miller, Lydia, white age 29, servant, widowed, born in Wisconsin, parents born in New York.

Source: 1880 U.S. Federal Census, Table Rock, Pawnee Co, Nebraska, Pg. 8, SD 1, ED 25, 2 June, 1880.

1885 Nebraska Census William and Olive are on their own in Table Rock.

O.E. Merryfield, age 55, born in Ohio, Merryfield, W. P. age 36(?) born in Oho,

Source: O.E. Merryfield Family, 1885 Nebraska State Census Index, Table Rock Precinct, Pawnee Co., Nebraska, June 1, 1885, ED 605, pg. 1, Locality Midway Borough.

Olive and William Merryfield are buried in the Table Rock Cemetery in Pawnee Co., Nebraska. Find A Grave has photos to their shared tombstone.  Olive’s sister Lydia Kenner is also buried there.

Calista Ellen Merrifield Cooper died 20 October, 1905 in Humboldt, Richardson County, Nebraska.  She and Orrin are buried in the Humboldt Cemetery.  Find A Grave has a picture of their very large tombstone.


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The Keller Family of Morrow County, Ohio..

Knox county and those around it...

Knox county and those around it…

When I started to post about the Keller family of Knox and Morrow County, Ohio, I did not realize that the whole process would take me over a year to do. I started in January 2014 and have now reached the end of my posts for this family. This does not mean I am done, just means it is time to move on to another family and finish up the Spracklins.

To make it easy for Keller family descendants, I have created a Page at the top of this blog listing the posts written covering my study of John Keller’s origins. This will make it easy to review and find them by either using the search box (topic) or the archives box (month and year) on the right side of this blog.

Here is the title of the PAGE:

Seeking the Origins of John Keller, Possibilities…

In the post I wrote on February 22, 2015, I did a summary of the written posts about the children of John and Mary Keller.  In reviewing the children’s lives I saw a trend to the United Brethren church and starting looking for sources and this opened the door to my finding the obituary notice for John Keller in the United Brethren Newspaper. So the children might yet open the door to John’s origins.

Here is that post:

The End of Mary (Delano) Keller’s life and a Summary of their Children, written on February 22, 2015.

I am a little hesitant to write any conclusions about my study of John Keller’s origins. I don’t want to say something and then get that stuck in someone’s brain thinking I am right or taking my theories as the truth. I encourage you all to study what I have written.

At this point the research on John Keller’s origins is still open to all kinds of possibilities and the research continues.

I like to encourage Keller descendants to review and read past Keller posts and come to their own conclusions and give some thoughts to possible research goals.

Please feel free to make a comment or a suggestion but do so at the comments section of the PAGE on Keller that I have created above. This way, all can see your thoughts.  Here is the page title which is at the top of this blog.

Seeking the Origins of John Keller, Possibilities…..June 6, 2015

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John Keller and Washington County, Pennsylvania Research!

Western PA 1876  PA County US Geological Survey Maps

Western PA 1876
PA County US Geological Survey Maps

The the map above (portion of it) is from this website:

I have not traveled to the southwestern area of Pennsylvania. So my research on this area of Pennsylvania has been done visiting repositories like the Pennsylvania Archives, the State Library of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg, the Historical Society of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  I have studied the holdings of the Family History Library for Washington Co. Pennsylvania.  I have also used Family Search and to research the area.  I have even tried the DAR Library in Washington D.C.

I have visited these archives and studied their records on the Keller surname. The research was difficult because I did not have any hints as to who John Keller’s parents or siblings might be, and what is his background his ethnicity:  German, Swiss, Irish, English or other.

I have looked at a variety of sources:  census, county history books, deeds, estates records, land records, cemetery compilations, family histories, written compilations, and marriage records. Most of these records have been secondary sources and not a lot in original records which means they may not as reliable; however the farther back you go in time, you may have to rely on these sources seeking as many as you can. I have studied some of the counties around Washington, like Beaver County, Greene and Allegheny County where Pittsburgh is located.

Because of time constraints I was studying multiple surnames, not just Keller and I was also doing client research at the time.  This can make it confusing and very difficult to keep tract of what you are doing.

I have done research in West Virginia focusing on John A. Spracklin who might have been in the area across from Marietta in West Virginia sometime from 1817 to 1820.  I was unsuccessful. Any Virginia research I have done has been done for clients covering 1700 to 1800.  This means I do have some idea of the research challenges there but I have not specifically studied the surname of Keller.  I have been to Virginia and West Virginia mostly for fun with very little actual research there on the ground.

I have studied migration through Pennsylvania into Ohio with maps, books and other sources to learn what routes our ancestors took to migrate into Ohio. Not just for the Keller’s but for the Goss surname.  This link shows the trails but don’t forget they settled next to the rivers, used canals and used the Ohio river to travel on.

Below is  a little of what I have found on the Keller surname, which is not much considering that settlers came through the western part of Pennsylvania and poured into Ohio.  This may mean that they came, stayed for a short time and then left for their intended destination and therefore they didn’t leave records.

Because it has been suggested that our John Keller was born in Washington Co., Pennsylvania, here is a few things I found that are of some interest to our quest for John Keller’s origins and we should at least know about them.

Washington County, PA

Washington County, PA

Let’s take a look at the census for Washington Co., PA and confine ourselves to that county only.

1. Census:  Kellar/Keller Census Study –  1800 Pennsylvania, Washington Co., PA

1800 Washington Co., PA Census study

1800 Washington Co., PA Census study

Here is the information for 1810 Census in Washington County, Pennsylvania.

1810 Washington Co. PA Census Study

1810 Washington Co. PA Census Study

There is only one listed Keller in 1820 by the name of George Keller and he is in Fallowfield Twp., Washington County, PA.  Here is George’s family: Males 16 to 25 – 1, Males 26 to 44 – 1, Females under 10 – 4, Females 10 to 15 – 1, Female 26 to 44 – 1.

2. Newspaper accounts:  The Family History Library had a copy of “Abstracts of the Washington Reporter, January 1, 1817 to February 6, 1820″, by Bonnie Malmat, Closson Press, Vol. I. FHL#974.882 B38m.

Three dollars reward. Strayed away from the subscriber, in Washington County, Sunday the 7th October, a dark brown mare. Whoever takes up said mare brings her home, shall have the above reward and reasonable charges. /s/ Joseph Keller. Washington, Nov. 19, 1810. page 48. 

Stray horse. taken up, by the subscriber, adjoining the borough of Washington County on the 15th instant a dark brown horse. The owner is desired to come, prove the ownership, pay charges, and take him away. /s/ Joseph Keller, page 80. 

3. Estates – will book abstracts:  Family History Library had a copy of this book:  Abstracts of Washington County, Pennsylvania Will books 1-5 (1776-1841) recompiled by Bob and Mary Closson, The Citizens Library Washington, PA, FHL#974.882 P28c

Will book #1 1776-1803: Moore, John, farmer, “New Virginia” (page 36), Dated 21 Oct. 1776, Probated 30, June 1784. Exec. none listed, Witnesses: Ezekiel Dewitt; Peter Keller. Beneficiary: Wife: Mary (received land adjoining Ezekiel Dewitt); Sons: Andrews, John, Steffele (eldest). page 14.

Keller/Kellar, Jacob, Yohogania County, (now Peters Twp., Washington Co., ) Page 68, Dated 29 June 1781, Probated 30 March 1787. Executor: Brother, Abraham Kellar, James Frye and James Warth, Witnesses: Henry Crabbs, Christian Willson and John Kellar. Beneficiaries: wife (not name); Son: Abraham to receive carpenter tools, rifle -” lands in Kentucky and the lands whereon I now dwell” (not of age): daughter: Agness (not of age). Acct#: None filed. , page 22. 

4.  List of Inhabitants in Washington County, Pennsylvania 1800 or before, by Raymond Martin Bell. This is typed and a compilation but it has a really interesting listing of sources for original records. This source is available at Heritage Quest on-line and is a typed manuscript, also at Family Search and other sites.

page 11 Names on 1776-1780 Petitions – Keller, Francis and Keller Peter appear on page. 16.  

page 63 1800 County census of taxables – Jacob Keller appears. 

5.  Tax Lists: 1783 Fallowfield Twp., Washington Co., PA Francis Kellar Acres 125, Horses 3, Cows 2, Sheep 3, Value 97. From the 1783 Tax Lists and the 1790 Federal Census, Washington Co., PA by Bell & Zinsser in 1988.  Fallowfield is east of the city of Washington in Washington County, PA.

6.  Deeds:  Index of Deeds for Washington Co. Pennsylvania for Keller, FHL#0852994. It has been a while since I looked at these pages in any event, here are the earliest deeds I found in the index.

This is the indexes only:

Keller, Francis, ux James Fulton Aug 30, 1791 1-I, 154, Kings Cr. 

Keller, Francis, William Caldwell, Dec. 24, 1791, 1-I 231, Release

Keller, Francis al Joseph Chester, May 28, 1793, 1-I 603, Monon R. 

Kellar, Nancy al Joseph Chester, May 28, 1793, 1-I 603, Monon R.

I pulled a deed of a Nicholas Simon & wife (Susanna) to Jacob Keller dated 15 April, 1807. A certain tract of land situate in the waters of the Ten Mile Creek in county….etc.  #910 Grantee Jacob Keller, Grantor Nicholas Simon ux June 2, 1807, Vol. 1 T 700 Ten Mile Creek FHL#862514.

Another deed was Jacob Keller buying from George Frank and Margaret al, Oct. 11, 1811, 1W, 115, Strab FHL# 862518.

I am not up on Tenmile County but here are some links of interest:

Tenmile County and its Pioneer Families, A Genealogical History of the Upper Monogahela Valley. 


8.  Rangers:  Washington County, PA. Frontier Rangers 1781-1782 Rangers, Rev. War Burials of Green Co. and Washington Co. compiled by Paul. W. Myers, a manuscript by Closson Press 1987 at FHL#929.37488 M992W.  This books as some very interesting information about Rangers and their participation in the Revolutionary War.  There are also some interesting sources suggested.

Introduction The following are men who are listed in this reference aid served during the American Revolution as Frontier Rangers from Washington County, Pennsylvania being employed against the Indians of the Seneca tribe, and the western tribes of the Ohio country…. 

Keller Jacob and Keller, Michael, Cemetery, Washington Old, page 407, 2. 

9. State Archives of Pennsylvania digital records are found at the link below.  I did my looking in 2008, so more may be online now.


West Side Applications Name Index online and I took a look at it and found Keller’s listed but they were in Cumberland Co. and York. I was not finding Washington Co. but then I cannot say that I knew what I was doing.

#1999 Keller David, Guilford Township Cumberland Co.

#2377 Keller Jacob Godorus Twp, York Co.

#7076? Keller George, Godorus Twp., York Co.

#5129 Keller Samuel, Windsor Twp., York Co. 

10.  Allen County Library in Fort Wayne, PA – Family Histories:  I studied as many Keller family histories as I could get my hands on that were in their stacks and in their files. Here is a PDF of the titles I studied. The final one #9 is very difficult to follow but focusing on the western part of Ohio. On the whole I found it very frustrating that the farther back one goes the harder it gets to make connections in these family histories.


Summary of this post:  John Keller ‘s death registration for Knox Co., Ohio states that he was born in Washington Co., PA; however, we don’t know who was the informant?  Most of the other sources I have found state he was born in Pennsylvania.  See the post on this blog for more information:  John Keller’s Birth and Death, March 1, 2015.

There is no primary source that states the exact birth of John Keller and where. The idea of searching church records in Western Pennsylvania is of merit, but they are difficult to find when researching from afar and I am not up on this aspect of Western Pennsylvania research.  John Keller converted to the United Brethren religion in 1833, per his obituary notice which I have shared in a past post, but his former religion is unknown.  Speculating  as to what religion he was could be difficult.

As you can see I am not totally satisfied with my research on the Keller surname in Washington County, PA because I did not know enough about John Keller’s origins. I was researching in excellent archives but they were not in the actual geographical area of Washington Co., PA so I was relying heavily on secondary sources and the limitations of those archives and my time constraints.  This research on Washington Co., PA was done in 2007 and 2008 so it has been a while and more might be available.

So based on the slim pickings above, I turned my attention to studying John Keller in Knox and Morrow County, Ohio looking for that one piece of information or several that could link him to his family.  Take those hints and pieces and maybe they will lead back to Pennsylvania or some where else.

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John Keller and his land in Morrow County, Ohio….1848 and 1849

John Keller and Mary Delano Keller purchased land in So. Bloomfield, Morrow County, Ohio and settled there.

The earliest atlas that I have been able to get my hands on is of Knox County, Ohio for 1847. It was on sale for $5.00 at the Knox County Annex in Mt. Vernon in the Register of Deeds office.  It was huge in size so I had to break it down into the individual townships. There is no index for this atlas so you have to read the names.  This is no easy task for some are just initials and the quality of print is not great.

Below is the 1847 atlas/map of Wayne Twp., Knox County, Ohio.  As far as I can tell there is no Keller name listed.

1847 Wayne Twp., Knox County, Ohio

1847 Wayne Twp., Knox County, Ohio

This map below is 1847 Liberty Twp., Knox County, Ohio.  You can see that I am able to find John Spracklin’s land.  I cannot find a Keller name.

1847 Liberty Twp., Knox Co., Ohio

1847 Liberty Twp., Knox Co., Ohio

This next map is 1847 Bloomfield Twp., Knox Co., Ohio. Again I find no Keller names.

Bloomfield in 1847, Knox Co., Ohio before it became South Bloomfield.

Bloomfield in 1847, Knox Co., Ohio before it became South Bloomfield.

Here is a side by side of Liberty Twp. with Bloomfield Twp. in 1847.

Liberty next to Bloomfield in 1847

Liberty next to Bloomfield in 1847

The next Atlas for Morrow County was published in 1857 but there is no John Keller listed.  Find the town of Sparta and go to the right to where So. Bloomfield and Liberty meet each other. There is  J. Kelley listed on what I believe to be John Keller’s land.  It is my belief this is a misprint because John had purchased his land in Morrow County in July 1848 and early 1849. Why he is not appearing is very puzzling because the atlas is 10 years later.

Bloomfield Twp. 1857

Bloomfield Twp. 1857

Source:  1857 Map of Morrow Co., Ohio, From Actual Surveys by Harwood and Watson, Woodford & Bartlett, Philadelphia, 1857. 

Here again is So. Bloomfield Twp. as it was divided into by sections.

So. Bloomfield Twp.

So. Bloomfield Twp.

Here are the two deeds of John Keller:

Deed # 1: July 1848

Jerome Terrill & Wife, And Elijah Terrell  Deed to

John Keller, Recorded Aug 2, 1848 by Sam’l Poland, Recorder

This Indenture made this twenty-fourth day of July 1848 in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight Hundred and forty eight between Jerome P. Terrell and Aia Anne Terrill his wife and Elijah Terrill of the County of Knox and State of Ohio party of the first part and John Keller of the County of Knox and State of Ohio party of the second part Witnesseth that the said party of the first part for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred and seventy dollars to them in hand well and truly paid by the said party of the second part the receipt of whereof is herby acknowledged do by the those presents give grant bargain sell alien release convey and confirm unto the said party of the second part his heirs and assigns forever, all that lot or parcel of land lying and being in the County of Morrow formerly in Knox County, Ohio and being part and parcel of the east half of the northwest quarter of Section Eleven (11) in Township Six (6) and Range fifteen United State Military lands in the Chillicothe district of lands bounded as follows.

Beginning at a post at the north-west corner of said lot and running thence south Eighty rods or half the length of said Eighty acres lot thence East Eighty rods to Samuel Tuckers West line thence north along said Tucker West line Eighty roads to the section corner being half of the se’d Eighty acre lot estimated to Contain forty acres more or less being the same conveyed by Allen Barr & wife to Snyder & Drake and by then to Elijah Terrell and by Elijah Terrell to the above grantor by deed dated November the third 1845 The above named Elijah Terrell hereby relinquished all his right title interest and claim to or in any wise acquiring from a life Estate heretofore held in the premises.

To have and to hold the premises hereby conveyed with all the privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging unto the said party of the second part his heirs and assigns forever, and the said party of the first part their heirs Executors and administrators do covenant to and with the party of the second part their heirs and assigns that they are well seized of the premises hereby granted and have good right and lawful authority to sell and convey the same in [manor] and from aforesaid and that the same are free and clear of all incumbrances, and the said party of the first their heirs Executors and Administrators will forever warrant and defend the aforesaid premises with the appurtenances, and every part and parcel thereof unto the said party of the second his heirs and assigns, against all persons claiming or to claim by from or under them or by from or under any other person or persons whomsoever.

In witness whereof the said party of the first part have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written.

Signed sealed and acknowledged, And delivered in presence of witness to E. Terrell, Signature

Witness to Jerome Terrell & his wife, Signature, W. Cotton, Daniel McFarland, Christopher Wolfe, Louisa Brokaw

 Signed Jerome P. Terrell (seal), [Aia] Terrell (Seal), Elijah Terrell (Seal

 State of Ohio Knox County ) ss

On the twenty-fourth day of July A.D. 1848 before the subscriber a Christopher Wolfe within and for said County personally appeared the above named grantors who signed sealed the foregoing deed and acknowledged the signing and sealing thereof to be their voluntary act and deed and the said [Ayardnn] Terrill wife of the said Jerome Terrell being by me examined separate and apart from her said husband and the contents of said deed being fully made known to her according to law did declare upon such separate examination that she did voluntarily sign seal and acknowledge the same and that she is still satisfied therewith.  Given under my hand and seal the day and year aforesaid.  Christopher Wolfe J.P. (Seal).

Source:  Registrar of Deeds, Morrow Co., Ohio, John Keller from Jerome Terrell, FHL# 3886941, pg. 111 and 112.

Deed No. 2 – 15 January 1849:

Grantor Thomas Hulse & Wife To

John Keller 

(Recorded April 7, 1849 by Samuel Poland, Recorder)

Know all men by these presents that we, Thomas Hulse and Catherine Hulse wife of said Thomas Hulse of the County of Morrow and State of Ohio in consideration of the sum of four hundred and thirty dollars in hand paid by John Keller of the County of Knox and State of Ohio have bargained and sold and do hereby grant, bargain, sell and convey unto the said John Keller his heirs and assigns forever, the [full] owing premises situate in the County of Morrow and State of Ohio and in the Township of South Bloomsfield, and bounded and described as follows. 

It being part and parcel of the East half of the north East Quarter of Section number eleven 11, Township number Six (6) of Range number Fifteen beginning at the south-east corner of said tract and running north on said line to the center of said tract thence west through the middle of said lot to the west line thence south on said line to the south line of said lot, thence on said south line, east to the place of beginning containing forty acres more of less, and being the same lot or parcel of land which John HELT and wife by their deed dated the fifth day of October [    ] one thousand eight hundred and forty-one and recorded in the office of the recording of deeds at Mt. Vernon in the State of Ohio in deed Book [Y] page [162 to 163] sold and conveyed unto Jacob [Huntillford] 

To have and to hold said premise with the appurtenances unto the said John Keller his heirs and assigns forever and the said Thomas Hulse and Catherine  his wife for themselves and heirs do hereby covenant with said John Keller his heirs and assigns that they are lawfully seized of the premises aforesaid that the premises and clear from all incumbrances whatsoever except a certain __________Israel Hamilton dated December fourteenth 1848 which the said John Keller __________after and that he will forever warrant and defend the same with the appurtenances with the said John Keller his heirs and assigns against _____________claims of all persons whomsoever.

______________________where of the said Thomas Hulse and Catherine Hulse have hereunto signed with their hands and seals, this fifteenth day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty-nine.

Executed in presence of M. Eaton, Wm. Hulse, Signed by Thomas (his mark) Hulse (seal) and Katherine W. Hulse (seal)

State of Ohio Morrow County is

Before me C.M. Eaton, a justice of the Peace in and for said County personally appeared the above name Thomas Hulse and Katherine his wife and acknowledged the signing and sealing of the above deed to be their voluntary act and deed; and the said Katherine being of the same time examined by me separate and apart from her said husband and the contents of said deed being made known to her by me she then declared that she did voluntarily sign seal and acknowledge the same and that she is still satisfied therewith this fifteenth day of January A.D. 1849.   Signed E.M. Eaton, J.P.

Source:  Registrar of Deeds, Morrow Co., Ohio, Thomas Hulse to John Keller, FHL#388694 Vol. 1 pg. 427 and 428.

Finally, in the Atlas of 1871 for Morrow County we do find John Keller listed along with his son.

1871 Atlas for Morrow County - So. Bloomfield Twp.

1871 Atlas for Morrow County – So. Bloomfield Twp.

Source:  Atlas of Morrow Co., Ohio, From actual Surveys by and under the directions of D.J. Lake CE, Published C.O., Titus, Philadelphia, PA, 1871.

In 1901 Wm. F. Keller and Henry Keller are in possession of the land in Morrow Co., Ohio.

1901 Atlas Morrow Co. with Keller names

1901 Atlas Morrow Co. with Keller names

Summary of this post:  As you can see I am a little frustrated because John Keller is not showing up anywhere in Knox County.  The two deeds above indicated that he is a resident of Knox County in 1848 and early 1849.  Morrow County had been established in early 1848.

I am also a little disappointed that he does not show in the 1857 Morrow County Atlas and ponder why it reads J. Kelley and not J. Keller.  We know from the 1850 U.S. Census that John Keller is living in South Bloomfield, Morrow Co., Ohio. See the post on John Keller and the Census.  So by 1850 he is definitely in Morrow County.

Who are Thomas Hulse and Elijah Terrell.  Is there any family connection to John Keller? I do not know at this time.  There are other names in the deeds that could be of interest as well.  The township maps also reveal names that we have seen before.

I do not have a copy of the deed of John Helt mentioned in Deed #2.  It might be interesting to read. Who is this John Helt and what relationship does he have to William G. Helt husband of Lovina Keller.  UPDATE:  This John Helt might be William’s father?

So we know when John Keller purchased his land and where it was in South Bloomfield Twp.  There is one other possibility and that is to find the tract books for John’s land and see what names show up. It still may not go back far enough. This will require some digging but I have done tract books before.

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