Time to take a break…A Trip to Scotland…

I have been working pretty diligently on writing the Goss Family history but need to take a break at this time.  I do want to go to England and Ireland at some point and also the maritime provinces in Canada, but first a trip to Scotland.

I will be going to Scotland soon and need to put my concentration into preparing for that trip. Actually, I have been preparing since January but it is time now to put all my efforts into getting ready. We will be going to Scotland and spending three weeks there. It will be an EPIC trip.

Scotland Simplified

We will start in Edinburgh and spend several days there. I have wanted to see the castle that overlooks that city, so that will be a good thing. I will of course, visit some research archives while in Edinburgh which I am looking forward to. From Edinburgh we will travel to Stirling and visit the Falkirk Wheel, The Battle of Bannockburn Visitor Center and Stirling Castle.  My husband’s brother-in-law is supposedly a descendant of Robert the Bruce…yeah I know.

Stirling is not too far from the National William Wallace Monument and climbing the steps should be a challenge. For my hubby I think a stop at the Blair Athol Distillery in Pitlochry might be interesting.  Newtonmore has the Clan MacPherson Society which I want to visit. From there, it is onto Inverness where I will spend time at the site of the Battle of Culloden. A few more archives to visit and then a stop at the Lock Ness Visitor Center to learn about the legend of the Loch Ness Monster.  Click on the map an it will open.

Highlands Map

At Fort Augusta a short stop and then onto the road to the Isle of Skye. Several days on the Isle of Skye ending it with a ferry-boat ride to Mallaig and south to Glenfinnan and then onto Fort William. There is lots to do in Fort William with a visit at Glencoe before driving along the shores of Loch Lomond. Tea in Tarbet and then onto Glasgow, more archives and then back to Edinburgh and leaving for home.  A lot to do, much to see, castles to view, many questions to ask and lovely B&B’s to stay at. Like I said it will be EPIC.  Now I haven’t told you everything so you will have to go to my other blogs to see what is happening.

Hopefully, I will do some posting while on the trip about some of the places I have visited. These posts will appear on The Man Who Lived Airplanes and maybe some on the Barclay’s of Pine River blogs. You can find the links on the right side of this blog as well.

When I return, I will get back to writing about the Goss Family and what happened after the death of Philip Goss IV in the 1780’s and 1790’s in the Wyoming Valley. Unfortunately it was not easy for the Connecticut settlers.  I will also share more detail about the children of Philip Goss IV and Mary (Kendall) Goss.  Each one of their children has interesting stories to tell.

So I won’t be posting for a while because I will be busy preparing and then traveling.

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“My Honoured Father” The Legacy of Philip Goss IV, Connecticut lands in Pennsylvania

Ask yourself, why did Philip Goss IV and Mary migrate to the Wyoming Valley? Well I speculate that all their sons were growing up and becoming young men and Philip needed to find land for them. Becket in the Berkshires just didn’t offer the right kind of land and there was not enough land to support families because it was in a mountainous area.  The Wyoming Valley offered land that was of good quality and in abundance.

In a past post titled: Connecticut’s Pennsylvania Colony – Untangling the Land Records of the Susquehannah Co..December 18, 2017, I gave a description of three booklets compiled by Donna Bingham Munger about the land records in the Wyoming Valley from 1754 to 1810. She put them into three booklets: Proprietors, Settlers and Claimants. Please follow the link below and read the mentioned post for it will help you to understand this post.


The Proprietors Booklet review:

I would like to return to those booklets and discuss the land of Philip Goss IV. When you view a copy of the Proprietors booklet you will find that Philip Goss IV is listed on pages 2-17.

You will probably be confused because the dates say 1796, not 1769.  Well bare with me. Each of these numbers is important so when reading below you will see a reference to these 4(#1, 2, 3, 4) numbers listed here. Here is what is written for Philip Goss IV

  1. page 2-17 Bull David, Goss Philip A378
  2. page 2-42 Goodwin, Samuel. Goss, Philip A376
  3. Goss, Nathaniel, Huntington, Luzerne, PA 1/2 proprietor’s rgt inc. Lot 31, 300A 20£, 6/5/1795;
         Seaward, Enos, Huntington Twp., F122, 11/21/1796
  4. page 2-43 – Philip Goss – Description: 300A* $40, 11/21/1796. Under him is Long, John, amount and account book H284, deed date: 8/26/1799. Notes: out of right of David Bull of Hartford; Long may survey 300A where he now lives, i.e. Huntington Twp.

To make sense out of this go to page 1-27 to 1-30 in the booklet and see the listing of the Susquehannah Company Records location table this includes a list of the records and where the records are kept. Most of these sources are with the Connecticut Historical Society (CHS) in original and in microfilm form, some are at the Luzerne Co. Historical Society (LCHS) in Wilkes-Barre in photocopy form and Pennsylvania Archives.

Records Location, this is just a summary of the guide in the booklet and I have highlighted the ones that you would consult as indicated above in the list.

Minute Book – 1753-1774, 1782-1802  (CHS, Compromise Commissioners in PA 2, XVIII 1-123)

Account Books

Liber A Records of Deeds 1773-1778 – Original missing Index in Liber I.

Liber B Records of Deeds with Index 1773-1778 and up to 1798 – CHS & LCHS (WHGS)

Liber C Records of Deeds with Index 1779-1795, 1798, 1799 – CHS & LCH (WHGS)

Liber D Records of Deeds 1795-1798 – CHS

Liber E Record of Deeds 1795-1798  – CHS & LCHS (WHGS), PSA

Liber F Records of Deeds 1795-1803 – CHS, LCHS, PSA

Liber G Record of Conveyances 1766-1778, up to 1786 – CHS

Liber H Record of Deeds 1798-1803 – CHS, LCHS, PSA

Liber I Records of Deeds by John and Billa Franklin 1786-1799 – CHS

Liber A (Volume 2) 1754-1798 – Original CHS

Note: Starting on page 2-100 Donna lists all of the proprietors in the Susq. Co. alphabetically, where they were from, how many shares they had, the source, dates and notes. These proprietors came from Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

Source: Connecticut’s Pennyslvania Colony 1754-1810 Volume I – The Proprietors, Donna Bingham, Heritage Books 2007.

Reviewing the Proprietors Booklet:

I could go to the Connecticut Historical Society and view the deed between David Bull and Philip Goss (#1) but that will not be possible at this time, which means I don’t have a copy of that deed.  However in the records list above it looks like all that exists is an index of the names but then there is Liber A volume 2.

Liber 1 Vol. 8 Roll 3 Westmoreland Records

However, I do have a copy of a deed featuring Samuel Goodwin and Philip Goss (#2) dated 1779 in which Philip sells land to his son Nathaniel Goss and I presented it in a past post.  Donna is not clear as to the date so I am still trying to figure this out. She might be referring to original information and I would need to investigate or look at Liber A.

1779 Deed of Philip Goss to Nathaniel Goss

Jacket – Philip Gofs deed to Nathaniel Gofs Received _____1779 unreadable John Franklin, Clerk

Stamped 17 Cert. Twps. Luzerne

Know All Men by these Prefents that I Philip Gofs of Westmoreland in the County of Westmoreland the State of Connecticut in _____for with in consideration of __________by Nathaniel Gofs of said Westmoreland to my self satisfaction do give grant bargain sell and forever quite claim unto him the said Nathaniel Gofs his heirs and afsigns forever the one half of a whole Proprietors right in the Susquehannah Purchase which Right Originally belonged to Samuel Good…of Harford in the said State one Right of D half Proprietor Right of Land being laid out in said Westmoreland and in that Part called Huntington the first Division Lot being No. 33 Bounded ____ on Undivided lands Northerly on Lands now belonging to sd Nathaniel Gofs and west on a highway Southerly on land belonging to John Franklin of Canaan Said Lot No. 33 being Drawn by said Nathaniel Gofs as may be seen by the Proprietors Records. This with all the Divisions and after Divisions in sd Huntington as well as all the Division and after Divisions in said Purchase which shall belong to the said half Share Right.

To have and to hold the above Granted and Quit Claimed premises with the appurtenances thereunto belonging unto him the said Nathaniel Gofs his heirs and assigns as to his and them ___________of the said Philip Gofs for myself my heirs executors administrators and assigns do warrant and defend against the lawful claim and demands of any person or persons claiming from or under me or my heirs forever. By these presents I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 17 Day of June AD 1779. Signed Philip Goss

In the presence of John Franklin

John Jenkins Jr.

Westmoreland County: June 17 AD 1779 Personally appears Mr. Philip Gofs signer of the above instrument and acknowledge the same to be his free act and deed. Before me John Franklin Justice of the Peace.

Connecticut Patents 1785-1810 FHL#986849  No Index or information on this film. Luzerne Co. the 17th Cert Twps. – Huntington in Westmoreland Co., Litchfield Colony of Connecticut etc.

Nathaniel Goss and Enos Seward (#3 above) would mean looking at Liber F which I did at The David Library of the American Revolution north of Philadelphia.  Here is that deed:

Deed between Nath’l Goss and Enos Seward 1795 and 1796 F122.

Here is a transcriptions: 122 Enos Seward from Nath Gofs Liber F Reel #2 David Library of the American Revolution

Know all Men by these Presents that I Nathaniel Gofs of Huntington in the County of Luzerne and State of Pennsylvania in America for an in consideration of the sum of twenty pounds lawful money of this State in hand paid by Enos Seward of Huntington in said County to my full satisfaction. Do give grant Bargain sell and forever quite claim unto him the said Enos Seaward his heirs and assigns forever the one half of a whole Proprietor right in Susquehannah purchase which Right I bought of my Honoured Father Philip Gofs Deceas excepting what is laid out in the town of Huntington which is three Hundred acres which I Convey, Not all the rest of the half Right I convey unto him the s’d Enos Seaward to have and to hold unto the above premises and quit claimed Premises with the appurtenances there unto Belonging unto him the said Enos Seaward his Heirs and assigns to him and their own proper  ____Behoof – And also I the said Nathaniel Gofs for myself my Heirs Executors Administrators and assigns Do Warrant and Defend against the lawful claiming from or under Me or my Heirs forever by these presents I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 5th day of June A.D. 1795. In the presence of us Phillip Gofs, Solon Trescott. Signed Nathaniel Gofs (Seal).

SS Luzerne County ss on the 26th day of Nov. 1795 Came before me Nathan Beach one of the Justices for said County Nathaniel Gofs the Grantor within the named and acknowledged the within writing to be his free act and deed this Desiring the same may be recorder as such witness my hand and seal the day and Date first above written, Nathan Beach.

The fourth Proprietor listing is Philip Goss and John Long (#4) and I have that deed as well from The David Library of the American Revolution.

Philip Goss and John Long Liber H284

John Long from Phillip Gofs Liber H. Roll (#4)

Know all men by these Presents that I Phillip Gofs of Pennsylvania in the county of Luzerne and town of Huntington ____the consideration of Forty Dollars have to me in hand by John Long of said Huntington which to my full satisfaction forgive, grant bargain and great claim unto the said John Long and to his heirs and assigns forever three hundred acres of Land out of a certain Right or half Right of land originally belonging to David Bull of Hartford and furthermore ____I forever ___all claim or Demand to a ____of said Right above mentioned. The Right being one of the Connecticut Proprietors Purchased to him and to their proper use – To have to hold the above mentioned and bargained _______and furthermore I who for myself _______the Right of the Right  _____the Connecticut Proprietor Company Signed, Sealed and Delivered in the presence of Elnathan Jennings and _____Long – Signed Phillip Gofs (seal)

Luzerne County ss – Before me Lawrence ____of the Justice of the Peace in and for Said County ______appeared Phillip Gofs the grant to the written instrument acknowledged the ____to be his free act and Deed. Witness my hand and Seal the twenty ninth day of November 1796?

The above Deed rec’d to rec’d August 26, 1799. 

There is more but it is too hard to read……..

This is a very interesting deed, the dates are 1796 and 1799 which means that this is not Philip Goss IV Senior who died before 1780, this is his son Philip Goss Jr. doing business. We also note that Elnathan Jennings is listed as a witness. Elnathan married Polly Goss a daughter of Nathaniel Goss and Hannah Scott. The other interesting point is that it refers to the original deed of David Bull, which I do not have a copy of at this time.

The Settlers Booklet reviewed: 

The following are the listings found in the second Volume titled The Settlers of Donna’s compilation. We see that the dates make more sense. These are not deeds but more a listing of this person’s involvement and appearance in the records of the Susquehanna Company.

Philip Goss has 14 listings on pg. 2-57.  I list one source below, but there may be others so if you really want to see them you will have to read the booklet for them.

Here is the list of 14:

1769, June 2 Wyoming #5 – “Settlers listed on 2d of June, 1769, see pages 497-98 in the History of Wilkes-Barre.

1769, August 29 Wilkes-Barre, Susquehanna River #6 – Petition of John Durkee and Others for a County on Susquehanna River August 29, 1769…see The History of Wilkes Barrie – page 509-10.

1770, June 17 One of five settling towns #9 – A List of the Proprietors of the Five Townships 17 June 1770, Zebulon Butler Papers LCHS or The History of Wilkes-Barrie pgs 658-59.

1771, July 8 Wyoming #10.1 – List of Settlers 1771, 15 July to August 19th, Zebulon Butler Papers, LCHS or The History of Wilkes Barre pgs 694, 696 and 702, 10.1 arriving July 8 [65 names].

1771, September 5 on Susquehanna River #11 – A list of Settlers on Susquehanna river 5th Sept, 1771 Ledger A Westmoreland Town Record, LCHS, PSA or The History of Wilkes-Barre pg. 714.

1771, October 1 Wilkes-Barre #12 Note: Home 18th, Ret. Dec 20 – The History of Wilkes-Barre 714-15.

1772, May 1 at Susquehanna #13.1 – A list of Settlers at Susquehanna, Zebulon Butler papers, LCHS, The History of Wilkes-Barre pg. 732-3 (213 names) June 1772.

1772, October 3 at Wyoming #14 – The Petition of the Inhabitants of Wyoming to the Connecticut General Assembly, 10/3/1772.  The History of Wilkes-Barre – pg. 750-52.

1773, April 3 Wilkes-Barre #15 – The Petition of John Durkee and others 4/3/1773 The History of Wilkes-Barre pg. 760 comment only.

These next 3 notations are the Taxables of Westmoreland for 1776, 1777 and 1778.

1776, August 1 Plymouth District #16
1777, August 1 Plymouth District #17
1778, August 1 Plymouth District #18

1783 Westmoreland #25 Note: Nathaniel Goss adm. – The Records of the Probate Court of Westmoreland in the County of Litchfield….

Source: Connecticut’s Pennsylvania Colony 1754-1810 Volume II – The Settlers, Donna Bingham Munger, Heritage Books 2007. In the 14 listings for Philip Goss IV, I have presented some of them in past posts about Philip Goss and his time and involvement in the events in the Wyoming Valley.

Here, in addition, is a list of Westmoreland documents in the Luzerne Co. Historical Society.  I looked at some of these documents when I visited the society. You can also find Westmoreland information at the Pennsylvania Archive under RG48 Westmoreland “Town” in their holdings in Harrisburg.

Westmoreland Records, include deeds, lists of lot owners, town minutes & copies of miscellaneous documents:

Roll 1 M107 – Deed Book 1772-1778 actually has Westmoreland Town Record (Ledger A), pp. 1-170 ca. 1769 to 1794 not in chrono order.

Probate Records circa 1775 the town book and actually covers Westmoreland Town Book pp. 607-1003 (c. 1770-1778, 1787 and not in chrono order).

Roll 2 – M107

Westmoreland Records Folder 1, contents miscellaneous court document 1779 to 1788.

Westmoreland Records Folder 2, contents miscellaneous court papers, lists of lot holders, town minutes c. 1770-1782; town book pp. 1034-1396) (c. 1763-1774 no in chrono order).

Westmoreland Records Folder 3, contents miscellaneous legal and probate papers c. 1772 to 1782.

Westmoreland Records Folder 4, contents miscellaneous court documents 1773-1783, 1793.

Westmoreland Records Folder 5, contents miscellaneous legal papers c. 1772-1782.

After Luzerne County was established you will find deeds at FamilySearch online at their website for Luzerne County: Deeds, 1787-1901; indexes to deeds, 1780-1907.  

I started this post with “My Honored Father…” and I hope you noticed the line in one of the deeds above.  It is good to see that Philip Goss IV was held in esteem.

The story about the life of Philip Goss IV is pretty much completed; however, he will be discussed further as he is intertwined with the history of his sons and heirs. The 3rd booklet, The Claimants booklet, is complicated and covers not only Philip Goss IV but his heirs and other family like the Seawards and Scotts.  So I will present each of the children of Philip Goss and Mary (Kendall) Goss and share about the resolution of the land issues in the Wyoming Valley, their lives in Huntington Twp. and their families to the best of my ability.  It will be complicated and it will take some time. Those children are: Sarah, Philip Jr., Experience, Nathaniel, Comfort, David, Solomon, Mary and Ebenezer.

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The Estate of Philip Goss IV…1780

The letters of administration for the estate of Philip Goss IV were granted to his son Nathaniel Goss in January of 1780. In the index for the Westmoreland Records, only two names are listed under Goss: Nathaniel pg. 55 and Philip Pg. 55, and 56.

There are usually more papers associated with a probate of an estate. This estate was intestate, which means there was no will.

What you see shared below is all that there is of Philip’s personal estate.  For any land we would have to refer to deeds, some I have already featured in past posts and others will be in future posts.

Westmoreland Probates Liber A

Page 187 of the compiled source listed below:

Pg. 55 – At a Court of Probate holden in Weftmoreland within and for the deftrict of weftmoreland on the 18th day of January 1780 prefent Nathan Denifon Efq Judge then Administraction was Granted to Nathaniel Gofs upon the Sftate of Phillip Goss late of Weftmoreland Deceafed who became bound in a bond of one thousand pound Lawfull money with John Franklin Efqr. for the faithfull performance of that Truft.

Att a Court of Probate holden in weftmoreland within and for the deftrict of Weftmoreland on the 28th day of January 1780 Prefent Nathan Dension Efqr Judge then was Exhibited the Inventory of the Efstate of Philip Gofs late of Weftmoreland Deceafed and Order to be recorded and is as follows:

An INVENTORY of part of the Eftate of Phillip Gofs of Weftmoreland Decasfed (viz)

  • one grey mare 187/10/0
  • one saddle 50/0/0
  • one great coat 62/10/0
  • Two coats at 12 – 10 each 25/0/0
  • one brown Jackcoat 10 one blue D f3-15 13/15/0
  • one check flannel shirt 7/10/0
  • one pr leather breeches 7/10/0
  • three pr linnen breeches 5/0/0
  • wo pr yard Stockings 10/0/0
  • one Linnen Shirt 7/10/0
  • one old black barclonia henkerf 1/5/0
  • one bagg 3/15/0
  • one old coverlid 2/10/0
  • one old bed sack 2/10/0
  • one Flafs bottle 0/16/8
  • Cafh 110 dollars 33/0/0
  • one Note of hand againit Philip Gofs Jnr. 27/0/0
  • Turn Over 519/11/8

Page 56:

Philip Gofs Inventory Continued.

  • One Note of hand againit Dan Downing 40/10/0,
  • one note againit Cp Stephen Fuler 15/9/9,

NB the above Inventory is made Counting Twenty five Continental Dollars for One Silver Dollar

Obadiah Gore and John Jenkins (apprifer under oath) Westermoreland, 18 Jan 1780.

An Inventory of Philip Gofs Eftstate

One Red Cow 100, Jan. 21, 1780

NB Counting the above Inventory Twenty five Continental Dollars Equal to one Silver Dollar

Stephen Fuller and Afa Chapman (apprifers under Oath).

Source: Westmoreland in the County of Litchfield In the Colony of Connecticut, The Wyoming Valley Probate Records Liber A. from January 6,  1777 to June 16, 1783.  “Copied verbatim…alpha index of all names mentioned therein.” 1923. Reprinted in Vol. 18 of the Proceedings and Collections of the Wyoming Historical and Geological Society (now called the Luzerne County Historical Society). 

Unfortunately, there is no heirs-at-law form in which all of his heirs would be listed nor any other documents that would help us to learn more about Philip Goss IV.  I have not seen the originals and that might be interesting; however, I assume this is pretty much all that survived.

The above transcribed reference to his estate is also at Ancestry.com under Connecticut Wills and Probate Records 1609 to 1999. It is searchable although I could not find Philip & Nathaniel Goss because they are under Connecticut, not Pennsylvania. I did proceed to find the listing for Westmoreland Co. in the Browse feature of the Collection under Litchfield. You will have to scroll to the bottom of the list to find it, open it and search for the pages and check the index.  It is the same source as I list below at the DAR and under the FHL number.

Other options for this source for probates for Westmoreland:

  1. DAR Library – The Records of the probate court of Westmoreland in the county of Litchfield in the Colony of Connecticut, liber A., from January 6 1777 to June 16, 1783, copied by S. Judson Stark.
  2. Family History Library: Westmoreland District in the County of Litchfield in the Colony of Connecticut: the Wyoming Valley probate records Liber A, from January 6 1777 to June 16, 1783, copied by S. Judson Stark, FHL#5943

None of these are the original journals but published transcripts.


Mary, wife of Philip, continued to live till 1821 and is buried in the Scott Cemetery in Huntington Twp., Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania, next to her son Nathaniel. I will share about Mary when I post about her son Nathaniel in the future. Please be careful with Find A Grave, the Goss family is not necessarily correct and the new website has caused some problems.

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