A Celebration, a little review of Philip Goss IV and a little break…!

A Celebration!!!

I am celebrating.  I have come to a resting place in the research on Philip Goss IV 1724 to 1779 and Mary Kendall 1721 to 1821. I started this project on 5 March 2017.

It is almost 3 years from the date that I started writing about Philip Goss IV and Mary Kendall. I am just shy of March 5 by 15 days if you use. I just finished with Paul H. Goss the great-grandson of Ebenezer Goss the youngest child of Philip and Mary and his family as of 18 February 2021.

The title of that first post covering this family was:  Solomon Goss of Fearing Twp. in Ohio: Who were his Ancestors.  I was trying to connect Solomon Goss, my ancestor, to this family and then I could proceed with going back in time and writing about Solomon’s father and siblings. Those siblings are:

  • Sarah Goss who married Enos Seward
  • Philip Goss some call IV who married Hannah Darby
  • Experience Goss who probably died young
  • Nathaniel Goss Sr. who married Hannah Scott, their son John Goss is of great interest.
  • David Goss who married Ann Slater. He was killed in the Wyoming Massacre.
  • Solomon Goss who married Olive Scott. I took him back to his birth in Granville and time in Massachusetts when his family moved to Becket and then to Pennsylvania bringing his life and research to another stopping place.
  • Mary Goss who married three times: Davidson, Gibson, and Santee.
  • Ebenezer Goss who married Bede Blakeslee and his descendant Paul Henry Goss, the compiler of the Goss Family History.

You may notice that Comfort is not included. The reason is that I don’t think he was a son, I think he was a cousin. Of course, he could have died but I am leaning toward cousin.

Before all of this about Philip Goss IV, I had written about Solomon Goss’s life in Ohio on this blog in detail and his descendants including some of my lines: Keller, Spracklin’s, Delanos, and more. I see Ohio as being a convergence state where the Goss family connected to other families of my line. Solomon’s daughter Lydia married John A. Spracklin and they had Daniel who married first to Elizabeth Keller whose parents were John Keller and Mary Ann Delano. Daniel and Elizabeth were Amarilla Spracklin’s parents and she was my great grandmother. Her daughter Grace A. Barclay married Ronald S. McDonald and they had Keith, my father. You can read about these other lines in my other blogs.  There is a table of contents of my posts about Solomon Goss at the top of this blog in drop-down menus and on the side panel under PAGE menu.

Ebenezer’s great-grandson Paul has been one of several individuals that are responsible for this blog and all my research.

What I have done is share with you the research I had collected on Philip Goss IV and Mary Kendall over the years, my travels to find that information, my frustrations, and my triumphs, and my obsessions.

I made a table of contents of the posts I have written about Philip Goss IV and Mary Kendall and you can find that at the top of this blog in what is called PAGES. By rolling your mouse over the drop-down menus at the top of this blog or check out right side panel of this blog under Page Menu. Here is the link:


You can print the table of contents of the Page list off, and use it as a checklist for researching.

Now I also wrote about the times that Philip Goss IV and Mary Kendall lived in and so there are other pages and posts that you may think are not worth your time but I caution you to reconsider. You really need to understand your ancestor in the context of the history of the times. Subjects like the American Revolution, the Wyoming Massacre, the Trenton Decree, and more. The land issues in the Wyoming Valley of Pennsylvania are very complicated and so I did a page and posts about that topic.

While writing about Philip Goss IV and Mary Kendall, I discovered things that needed to be updated:

  1. That Comfort is not a son but a cousin. The reason is he does not appear as an heir in the land claims of the Philip Goss Family.  I will revisit this in a future post. https://sgossfamily.wordpress.com/2019/11/21/philip-goss-iv-and-mary-kendalls-children-comfort-goss-son-or-1st-cousin/
  2. That Philip Goss did not die in 1778 as the history books state. That he died in 1779 and this is because of his Probate file and a deed he wrote in 1779 giving land to his son Nathaniel Goss Sr. This is a very complicated topic. So the link below is to Philip’s death but there are other posts regarding his son David so go check those out they are in the table of contents for Philip Goss IV. I believe it was David Goss the son who died per his estate and military information.  https://sgossfamily.wordpress.com/2018/03/29/the-death-of-philip-goss-iv-1778-or-1780-what-happened/
  3. That Mary Kendall, Philip’s wife is not the son of Deborah and John Kendall. She is the daughter of John Kendall and a Mary (maiden name not yet identified) based on guardianships, this John Kendall’s estate, deeds done after including Mary and her mother and siblings, and Philip Goss IV.  https://sgossfamily.wordpress.com/2017/06/06/mary-kendall-gosss-parents-john-and-mary-_____-kendall-of-lancaster/

I suggest you read posts before and after regarding the above arguments because it is so complicated that I sometimes have to break the topic up into separate posts.

I am not done with Philip Goss IV and Mary Kendall, like figure out for sure who Mary’s parents are; however, I need to write about Philip’s father Philip Goss III, and Mother Keziah Cooley Goss (very interesting pedigree). I also need to write about his grandfather Capt. Philip Goss II and Judith Hayward (to Mayflower) and our favorite curmudgeon Philip Goss I who married Hannah Hopkins (scandal) and then he married Mary Prescott daughter of John Prescott who founded Lancaster, Massachusetts. It will be another big project.

I also need to take a little break. I have been having some health issues and need some time to just take it easy and focus on getting myself strong. I was thinking about a month off. This is not really a big deal because I have done genealogical trips that have taken 3 weeks. Of course, knowing me I will probably spend time doing genealogy anyway just not writing about it. I should probably do a little maintenance on my blogs, fix glitches.

Here is a refresher of the Goss Lineage. Our lineage is on the left in the picture below and another Philip Goss who caused a lot of confusion but went to New Hampshire is on the right. This will all be explained in due time.  When I was writing about Philip Goss IV and his life, I tried to present a timeline that showed his involvement in his father’s estate and then his grandparents.  I will revisit that in context to these ancestors.  Just click on the picture and it will open in another window but don’t forget to come back.

Goss Lineage PHG and BJM 2017

You are probably frustrated because I don’t have Pedigrees or descendancy charts on this blog or my other blogs. I do that for a reason. I once had a cousin say to me, I don’t like all the stuff you write I prefer a tree. My response is “tough.” Reading never hurts anyone. Besides, you miss so much and I do have a BA in History. I am not an expert but I try to present the information carefully.

There is a little method here: I usually write a summary post about the specific ancestor, then anything I have about his marriage(s), land, estate, and then I do a summary of the children. If I have further information, I post about each child in more detail.  The Table of Contents at the top of this blog should be a good guide.

I am putting together an Ancestry Tree and currently, it is private. I am in the process of building it. I will not upload everything I have collected to Ancestry so going to my blog is still going to be important. I have placed a link to the blog on the ancestor’s FACT page. The link to this blog does not take you to the exact post on this blog. You will need to do some review of the table of contents of the blogs for a specific family and do searches in the search box on the right side of the page on the blog. If you get stuck ask me, but I expect you to read up. bjmcdonell@gmail

My Ancestry Tree:   MacDonaldBarclaySpracklinGossBoardmanBrownFamilies

Okay, it is time for me to take my break from this blog. I will see you in the not too distant future. I am thinking maybe around my birthday I will be back to share more research on the ancestors of Philip Goss IV.

Meanwhile, be safe, wear a mask (please), and keep distant. Having experienced depression in my life, I have learned the need to set goals for each day and celebrate what you do accomplish each day no matter how small it may seem, it will get you through this strange time of COVID.

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David Ephraim Goss and Virginia Fowler’s son the Rev. Paul Henry Goss, more on his life and family

David Ephraim Goss and Virginia Fowler had a son named Paul Henry Goss born in 1890. Paul would go on to be a Minister of the Presbyterian Church, an Inspector of Immigration in San Diego, help to found the San Diego Genealogical Society, join SAR (Sons of the American Revolution), and Mayflower in the San Diego area. He would assist others in filling out their applications. He was a genealogical researcher and would lecture about topics like Pennsylvania. He would eventually produce many manuscripts, articles, and more on the Goss family lineage that I have collected and compiled into what I call the Goss Compilation.

I refer you to a page at the top of this blog under Researchers of the Past where I have written a biography of Paul H. Goss with pictures and more. You can also find it on the right-side panel under PAGE Menu.

Paul Henry Goss, A Tribute! This will give more details of his life. Here is the link https://sgossfamily.wordpress.com/paul-henry-goss-a-tribute/

In this post, I will write more about his family, wife Gail, and children.

PAUL HENRY GOSS was born on 3 January 1890 at the “Fowler Farm,” in Nelson Twp., Portage County, Ohio.

He was a graduate of Garrettsville Grammar School in 1906. He graduated from Berkeley High School in Berkeley, California in June 1916. He is the 2nd person in the photo below.

Paul H. Goss Berkeley High School 1916

Paul appears in the 1900 U.S. Census with his parents living in Green, Mahoning Co., Ohio. David and Virginia and his siblings:

In the 1900 U.S. Census David E, Goss is now living in Green, Mahoning Co., Ohio (southeast of Portage Co.). He is 33 years old born May 1867 in Ohio. Married in 1889, years married 11, Occupation Section Foreman R.R., rents. With him are Virginia age 28 born Nov. 1871 Married 11 yrs., Paul H. Goss age 10 son, born Jan 1890, Carl Goss age 7 son, born Aug 1892. and Rena M. Goss age 6, daughter, born May 1894. Paul and Carl are at school. They can all read and write and are born in Ohio.

Paul lost his mother Virginia on 20 June 1907, she is buried in Park Cemetery near Garrettsville, Ohio.

The interesting thing is that Paul does not appear in the 1910 U.S. Census with his father and new step-mother Hilda. Here is that census again.

In the 1910 U.S. Census, David E. Goss is living in Dist. 0124, Akron Ward 1, Summit Co., Ohio. He is listed as head, age 42, M2, married 2 years, born Ohio, He is a track fireman on the railroad. With David is Hilda S. wife age 30 M2, 1 child born 1 living, born in Sweden, parents born in Sweden. Immigrated 1894. Rena M. daughter age 16 single born Ohio, Hildiny G. son age 2 born 1908, single, born Pennsylvania. Delbert E. son age 2/12 born in Ohio.

We find Paul on his own in the 1910 U.S. Federal Census living in Vallejo Ward 2, Solano, California. He is age 20, born 1890 in Ohio, a soldier with the USMC along with a lot of other individuals.

“Paul write about himself: He was a farm laborer and Erie Railroad Fireman and a U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant, from 1909-1913. He was also a student and a World War I Veteran serving as a Private in 1918. He was a schoolteacher in Alberta Canada from 1917 to 1918. Paul served as a Home Missionary for the Presbyterian Church, USA, and Canada from 1917 to 1921.

In November of 1916, Paul lost his father David to a car accident. David is also buried in Park Cemetery near Garrettsville, Ohio.

On the 8th of August 1917, Paul Henry Goss filled out a WWI Draft Registration Card: age 27, 2407 _____Berkeley, California, born January 3, 1890, a natural-born citizen, born in Nelson, Ohio, Home missionary Canadian Presbyterian Church, employed Woolford, Alberta, Canada, Single, Rank Sergeant US Marine Corp four years, Claiming exemption Minister of the Gospel. Signed Paul H. Goss. Note: Woolford is almost near the Canadian US border in the province of Alberta.

In the 1920 U.S. Census, he is listed as Paul H. Goss age 28 born 1892 in Ohio, living in Berkeley, Alameda, California on Regent Street, he is single and a boarder with several others living in the family of Harvey Chapman. Harry and a son are missionaries and another son is a Preacher.

Paul was attending the University of California and graduating with the Class of 1920 at this time.

You have seen the Reverend attached to his name. Paul attended the San Francisco Theological Seminary and graduated in 1922. I contact them and they were very helpful. You will find that information on his Tribute page.

Sometime during his religious studies, Paul married on 15 June 1921 at the Portage Silica U.B. Church in Nelson and Windham Twp. by Pres. Miner Lee Bates, D.D., of Hiram College, Hancock County, Ohio, to Gail Bloom.

Gail was the only daughter of William Frederick Bloom, former Recorder of Hancock County, and his wife: Mary Fox, natives of Hancock County, Ohio; Gail graduated at Hiram College, receiving a BA Degree in June 1921. According to Paul: She was by profession music and schoolteacher. Gail also was a member of the San Diego Chapter D.A.R. #283116. Note: Gail’s ancestor for the DAR was Jacob Fox A041343 you can purchase a copy.

Gail’s parents William and Mary are buried in Park Cemetery near Garrettsville, Portage Co., Ohio. William was born 13 November 1864 in Hancock Co. and died 7 June 1958 in Findlay, Hancock, Ohio. Mary (Fox) Bloom shares a tombstone with William. She was born in 1869 and died in 1953.

The city directory of Stockton, California has Rev. Paul H. Goss living there in 1926 as Pastor, spouse Gail B. Goss. To support his family he served as a Presbyterian Minister in Stockton, California from 1921 to 1926.

We see in the 1930 U.S. Census that Paul and Gail migrated to Chula Vista, San Diego, California. In this census, Paul is listed as age 40, born 1890 in Ohio. His occupation is an Inspector Immigration. He writes that he took a position with the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization from 1924 to 1955. With him in this 1930 census is Gail age 34 wife and son David age 1 born in California.

Sometime around 1938 Paul’s half-brother Hilding G. Goss came to live with them according to the California Voter’s lists. I wrote about Hilding in the last post.

In the 1940 U.S. Census Paul H. Goss is now 50 years old, born in 1890, in Ohio. He is living in Chula Vista, San Diego, California, occupation is Inspector. With him are Gail B. wife age 44, son David age 11 born in California, son James F. age 9 born in California, and Mary Virginia daughter age 5 born in California. They had been living in Calexico, Imperial, California in 1935.

In 1942, Paul filled out a WWII Draft Registration Card: Paul Henry Goss, 163 Cypress, Chula Vista, San Diego, California, age 52, born Nelson, Portage Co., Ohio, January 3, 1890, he names is brother Carl L. Goss 10739 Leuer, Cleveland, Ohio. Employer: Dept of Justice U.S. Immigration & Nat’l Service, Washington D.C., San Ysidro, San Diego, California. Signed Paul H. Goss.

Much to my delight, I have found a wonderful obituary about Gail Bloom Goss, from the Chula Vista Star-News 20 May 1984 Sun, pg 23. I only had a small notice of her death. This is so much better and we see that she was also a force of nature.

Gail Bloom Goss, 88, died Thursday at Chula Vista Community Hospital. A native of Ohio, she was in Chula Vista for 58 years. A retired teacher, she taught in the National School District for 45 years. She was a member of the California Teachers Association; was a Worthy Matron and member of the Order of Eastern Star Chapter no. 485; a member and past president of the Chula Vista Woman’s Club and was a member of the First Presbyterian Church of San Diego. She is survived by two sons, David D. Goss, James F. Goss, and Virginia G. Cushman…A memorial service will take place Monday at 11:30 am at the First Presbyterian Church of San Diego. Burial will be at Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery under the direction of Hubbard Mortuary. Contributions to the Gail B. Goss Memorial Fund at the First Presbyterian Church of San Diego are requested. 

Paul and his wife Gail share the same tombstone at Fort Rosecrans. He is on the front and she is inscribed on the backside of the stone. I visited twice to Ft. Rosecrans. Once in 2004 and again in 2015. In 2015, I had more relatives to find. Paul and Gail’s sons David and James, and a Barclay cousin. I wrote about that 2015 visit in a post on this blog: Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, San Diego, California, September 29, 2015: https://sgossfamily.wordpress.com/2015/09/29/fort-rosecrans-national-cemetery-san-diego-california/

In that post, I explain how to find your ancestors using their kiosk or asking at the cemetery office for help and directions. With all the tombstones being the same style it can be very confusing. They have a map which you can use to plan your visit.

Paul H. Goss Tombstone in Ft. Rosecrans, San Diego, California

Gail Bloom’s inscription on the backside of Paul’s stone in Ft. Rosecrans in San Diego, CA

Me with Paul H. Goss in 2015, my 2nd and my last visit. It was hot and windy

Genealogical Research on the Goss Family:

When Paul started to work on the Goss history is not clear to me. He may have been compiling notes as early as 1905 when he visited with his Uncle Sidney Goss in Ohio. In any event, he seriously did genealogical research and worked on the Goss History for years. Based on what I learned at the San Diego Genealogical Society he was a founding member and lectured on topics that covered Pennsylvania genealogy. His goal was Mayflower and he succeeded in about 1951. He was just about to become president of the San Diego Genealogical Society in 1953 when he declined that position and the best I can determine is because he was in Mayflower and that was taking up his time.

I have copies of the Society of Mayflower Descendants bulletin in the State of California and in July of 1951 Paul H. Goss is listed as Treasurer in the San Diego Colony. In October of that year, he is listed as the Chaplain. In 1954 the Rev. Paul H. Goss is Vice-Regent. In August of 1958 and 1959, Paul H. Goss is listed as Regent of the San Diego Colony of Mayflower.

In the 1963 Bulletin, we find Paul in the In Memoriam section. Rev. Paul H. Goss, California No. 1796, General No. 15777. Elected to membership June 30, 1951. He was born in Nelson, Ohio on January 3, 1890, and died in San Diego, California on March 11, 1963. A descendant of William White. 

He achieved his dream to be in Mayflower and more.

I tried to get a copy of Paul’s and Flora Osborns Mayflower applications but did not succeed. They might be in the deep archives because they had died and were not active. I may still try once I become Mayflower, hopefully, this year?  I did walk away with another application that was a Spracklin descendant. This was when I was visiting at the Mayflower Library in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 2003. The library was behind the lovely museum for Mayflower. I highly recommend visiting both if you go to Plymouth. It was wonderful even though I had a cold at the time.

Bonnie in 2003 at the Mayflower Society Museum

Mayflower Library behind the Museum

Mayflower Library behind the Mayflower Museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts 2003

In my Pages at the top of this blog in the drop-down menu, you will find two other pages featuring Paul’s work. You can also find them on the right panel under the Page Menu.

Paul H. Goss and the Goss Family History…This explains two of his manuscripts.

Donald Lines Jacobus helps Paul H. Goss to break through the Goss Lineage…just added recently. There will be more pages coming.

The Children of Paul Henry Goss and Gail Bloom:

Paul Henry Goss, Jr. born 29 July 1924, “Dameron Hospital,” Stockton, San Joaquin County, California; died of a malformed heart on 24 February 1926 in Stockton, California. Buried in the children’s lots of the Parkview Cemetery, Stockton, California. This is just south of Stockton.

David Dameron Goss, born 16 December 1928, “Chula Vista Hospital, Chula Vista, San Diego County, California. He was named in honor of his paternal grandfather and Dr. John Dameron Physician and Surgeon, Stockton, California. He was a student at Chula Vista Junior High School when Paul wrote this.

David filled out a WWII Draft Card: David Dameron Goss, living at 163 Cypress St. in Chula Vista, San Diego, California. Age 18, born Chula Vista on Dec. 16, 1928. His father Paul H. Goss is his informant at the same address. This was probably done about 1942.

David married Esther Nadalman sometime after 1942. They were living in San Diego per a City Directory for 1973. They are at 6779 Beadnell Way Apt 122. Occupation United States Navy. Spouse Esther N. Goss.

David D. Goss died on 22 August 2007 in San Diego. He is buried in the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego Row 2, Plot 429. He is listed as a Korean and Vietnam veteran in, US Navy. Rank Chief Petty Officer. He was 78 when he died.

David G. Goss and Esther on the wall at Ft Rosecrans National Cemetery

James Fowler Goss was born on 6 May 1930; “Chula Vista Hospital”, Chula Vista, San Diego County, California. Paul writes that James was named in honor of his paternal great grandfather James Fowler of Sunbury and Williamsport, Pennsylvania who operated the first locomotive engine between Sunbury and Williamsport. Student Chula Vista Grammar school.

James appears in the 1940 U.S. Census with his parents and siblings, see above.

On 6 November 1954, James married Margaret Ann Falk in San Diego. There is a great picture of the couple in the Chula Vista Start-News, 25 Nov 1954, Thu page 3. The caption under the wedding photo reads: Newlyweds – Ens James F. Goss USNR, and his bride, the former Margaret Ann Falk of Pasadena, are pictured following their marriage Nov. 6 at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, San Diego. The newlyweds honeymooned in Palm Springs and Las Vegas and are making their home in San Francisco. Engs. Goss is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Goss of this city. 

The City Directory for San Diego 1973 has a James E. Goss and Ann Goss living at 8584 Cliffridge Ave. La Jolla in San Diego County. His occupation is Director of the National Alliance of Businessmen.

James Fowler Goss died on 1 September 2010. He is also buried in the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, section Cbi, row 5, plot 46. He served in Korea US Navy, Lt. Junior Grade. He was 80 when he passed. Margaret Ann died on 22 March 2019 and is also buried in Fort Rosecrans. They did have one daughter. There is a very nice obituary for Margaret on Find A Grave. I am assuming she is included with her husband at this time. I was there in 2015 and she was not inscribed.

James F. Goss on the wall at Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery. Way at the top. It was windy and I was getting blown around.

Mary Virginia Goss was born on 28 December 1934 at “Griffen Hospital,” Calexico, Imperial County, California. Paul writes that she was named in honor of her two grandmothers, Mary (Fox) Bloom and Virginia (Fowler) Goss. Student of the Chula Vista Grammar School. Mary married John C. Cushman in 1955.


Paul Henry Goss has a SAR application #78121, application date 8 March 1954. This is featured on Ancestry.com “U.S. Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications 1889-1970.” I would caution you that some of the applications may not be correct so be careful. You can go to the SAR Sons of the American Revolution website and click the genealogy section to learn more. https://www.sar.org/

His wife Gail is DAR as I indicated above. San Diego Chapter D.A.R. #283116 Patriot of was Jacob Fox A041343 on her mother’s side.  Go to the DAR website at https://www.dar.org/ Click on the Library label and it will open to reveal many places to investigate.

Here is my page at the top of this blog under HOME about DAR and SAR with more information: https://sgossfamily.wordpress.com/dar-and-sar-membership-for-goss-family/

Paul became Mayflower in 1951 as I shared above and he brought his sons and daughter into Mayflower. Parents #14821. Rev. Paul H. Goss, California No. 1796, General No. 15777. Elected to membership June 30, 1951.

  • David Dameron Goss – Mayflower Index: #14799 pg. 265
  • James Fowler Goss – Mayflower Index: #14787 pg. 265
  • Mary Virginia Goss – Mayflower Index: #14817 pg. 265

Mayflower Index Ancestral Index, Vol. 1, 1981, published by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants. This is the published version that I have to find members information. This issue covers the families of Brewster, Chilton, Eaton, Samuel Fuller, More, Rogers, Soule, and White.

Then there are the Silver books which are the lineage. For Goss, we have the “Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Vol. 13, William White, 1997.” Watch the publication date, they do reprint and update and add new information. The books can be in major libraries, genealogical societies, and more. You can also buy them at the store on the Mayflower website.

Mayflower Book in the Family History Library

You cannot go to the Mayflower website and search the membership like you can with the DAR site. Maybe as a member, you can obtain copies of inactive applications (those who have passed).  They are more concerned about privacy. When they handed me the one I received at the Mayflower Library in Plymouth, they had blacked out information, but I knew who it was. I did a happy dance.

American Ancestors (New England Historical and Genealogical Society website) has Mayflower applications in a database from 1620 to 1920. I think you might have to be a member to access them. https://mayflower.americanancestors.org/mayflower-research-databases

The Massachusetts Mayflower Descendants has indexes: https://www.massmayflower.org/index.php/store/mayflower-descendant-magazine-pdfs-2

I, myself, am waiting to get into Mayflower. I submitted my application a year ago. Yes, they are swamped and COVID has not helped. I am also preparing a page at the top of this blog under Home about my Mayflower Journey. It will be coming soon.

Ebenezer Goss was the youngest child of Philip Goss IV and Mary Kendal. Ebenezer’s great-grandson Paul Henry Goss is responsible for a great deal of this blog. It is only fitting that I come to a stopping place about Philip Goss IV 1724 to 1779 and Mary Kendal from 1721 to 1821 and close it with Paul. As I always say genealogical research is never done so this is a stopping place or holding place. If more information comes to my attention. I will let you know.

I will now go back further in time to Philip Goss IV’s father who was also a Philip. I call him Philip Goss III. Philip Goss III married Keziah Cooley. They have very interesting lives and she, Keziah has quite the pedigree.

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David Ephraim Goss’s second marriage to Hilda and a look at her life…

David Ephraim Goss remarried on 28 March 1909 to Hilda Sophia Nelson in New York.

Paul H. Goss the son of David writes “David married (2nd) again in 1909 in New York to Hilda Sophia Nelson born in Sweden on 18 April 1880. It was her 2nd marriage and by her former husband (dead) Charles Johnson she had: Harry (dead), Maria, Frank, Charles, and Hilding. She married a 3rd time in September 1918 to Earl Hobart of Chagrin Falls, he died in Cleveland on 9 October 1939. There were no children from this 2nd marriage.” 

1910 US Census with David and Hilda together

We find them in the 1910 U.S. Census. David E. Goss is living in Dist. 0124, Akron Ward 1, Summit Co., Ohio. He is head, age 42, M2, married 2 years, born Ohio, He is a track fireman on the railroad. With David is Hilda S. wife age 30 M2, 1 child born 1 living, born in Sweden, parents born in Sweden. Immigrated 1894. Rena M. Goss daughter age 16 single born in Ohio, Hildiny G. Goss son age 2 born 1908, single, born Pennsylvania. Delbert E. Goss son age 2/12 born in Ohio.

You can see from this census that other sons of David, Paul, and Carl are not living with their father and stepmother. Paul is in California and Carl is living in Garrettsville in 1910.  You also will notice that the children of Hilda except for Hildiny are not with her: Ann, Frank, and Charles, Harry had died.

David Ephraim Goss was killed in a car accident on his way back from visiting a sister. He was with his brother Charles and his wife. David died 13 November 1916 in the St. Alexis Hospital. He is buried in Park Cemetery near Garrettsville.

Paul writes: “This 2nd marriage of David’s to Hilda Sophia produced one son.”

Delbert Ephraim Goss was born on 6 February 1910, Akron, Summit County, Ohio. Delbert was a student and salesman. He graduated from East Cleveland High School. He also attended Geneva College (Presbyterian) in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. There are pictures of Delbert in the Geneva student yearbooks. He was President in 1932.

Delbert married on 8 June 1938 Evalyn Adele Robinson. They were married by Rev. McLeod M. Pierce, President of Geneva College in the President’s home at Beaver Falls. Evalyn was the only daughter of the late John D. Robinson of Monaca, Pennsylvania a graduate of Carnegie Technical College. 

Evalyn was born on 24 February 1911 in Monaca, Beaver Co., Pennsylvania. She died on 11 October 1997 in Indian River, Florida.

Delbert and Evalyn resided in Akron, Beaver Falls, Poland, Mahoning County, Ohio, and Florida. Delbert and Evalyn had two children.

Delbert and Evalyn Goss died in Vero Beach, Indian River Co., Florida but are buried in Park Cemetery, northeast of Garrettsville in the row of tombstones that include his father and mother Hilda.

Tombstone of Delbert Ephraim Goss in Park Cemetery, Garrettsville, Ohio 2011

Evalyn’s tombstone, wife of Delbert in Park Cemetery 2011

1900 U.S. Census and life with Charles O. Johnson:

Eastern Pennsylvania Counties, Beaver Co. is near Allegheny which houses Pittsburg

Going back in time to see what was happening with Hilda, we find her living in Dist 0016, Beaver Falls, Ward 06, Beaver Co., Pennsylvania in the 1900 U.S. Census. She is listed as Hilda S. Johnston. Charles O. Johnston is listed as head, born Dec 1864 age 35, M3 yrs. born in Sweden. Immigrated 1880 here 20 years Naturalized, occupation a Rougher in Rod Mill. Hilda, the wife, born Apr 1879 M3 years 2 children born 2 living, she was born Sweden. Harry O. son born Dec 1897 age 2, Anna M. daughter May 1899 age 1, August F, brother, Apr 1867 age 32 born Sweden.

Per the 1900 U.S. census, Charles O. Johnson was born December 1864 in Sweden. He immigrated in 1880 and has been in the U.S. for 20 years. He was naturalized. This means the records are probably in the courthouse. The immigration laws changed about 1906 and the records were handled differently.

There is a City Directory for Beaver Falls for 1902 placing Charles with Hilda: Johnson, Charles O. [Hilda S] wks Axe works, res 1701 4th ave. Then the city directories skip to 1910. I did not find anything of value in the 1910-1911 City Directory for Beaver Falls. There are many Charles Johnsons listed but no Hilda. I was hoping to find a Charles Johnson widowed or Hilda widowed.

I have tried but have not been able to find the death of Charles O. Johnson. He is proving to be very difficult. He does appear in Lutheran records so that might be a possibility and I have studied those online at this time. He did have a brother who stayed with him in 1900 August F. Johnson but I am also having trouble locating him.

Hilda’s third marriage in 1918:

Hilda remarried a 3rd time after the death of David on 19 September 1918 to Earl Hobart of Chagrin Falls. Earl was born on 2 March 1885 in So. Newbury, Geauga Co., Ohio. He died in Cleveland on 9 October 1939. He is buried in the Shadyside Cemetery in Auburn Twp., Geauga Co., Ohio. There were no children from his marriage to Hilda.

Earl’s parents were Edwin/Edward F. Hobart and Dolly Dunwell. Earl had been married before in 1905 to a Mattie (Maida) E. Hoffman 1884 to 1934. They were divorced in 1911 in Geauga Co., Ohio.

In the 1920 U.S. Census, we find Hilda Hobart age 40, born 1880 in Sweden immigrated in 1900, Na. 1904, living in Cleveland Ward 16, Cuyahoga, Ohio. With her, are Earl Hobart age 37 Head, born Ohio, parents born in Russia, occupation moulder in a Foundry. Anna Johnson age 20 (born 4 May 1899), single step-daughter, telephone operator, Frank Johnson, age 18 step-son, single, machinist auto company, Charles Johnson age 16, step-son, machinist auto company. Hilding Goss age 11 step-sons and Delbert Goss age 9, step-son. All the step-children are born in Pennsylvania except Delbert who was born in Ohio.

In the 1930 U.S. Census we find Earl F. Hobart head living in Cleveland (Dists 501-533, Dist 408, Cuyahoga, Ohio. Owns home and value $7000, he is age 47, born in Ohio, he is a millworker in Woolen Mill. With him is Hilda wife of H, age 50, born Sweden, parents born Sweden. Immigrated 1894, Na. Anna M. Finau, step-daughter, age 30 Wd. born Pennsylvania, operator, telephone co. Ralph Finau, grandson age 9, born in Ohio. Goss, Hilding S. step-son age 22, born Pennsylvania father born Ohio, Mother Sweden. Albebert, stepson age 19 born Ohio. Note: I think it should read Delbert, not Albebert.

Hilda Hobart after Earl and a 3rd marriage:

In the 1940 U.S. Census, Hilda Hobart is now 60 years old, born in Sweden. She is widowed. She is living in Cleveland on East 123rd Street House #3315. She is naturalized. Owns a home had an 8th-grade education, 4 children born, she does not have an occupation. With her is William Hobart, brother-in-law age 50, William is widowed, born in Ohio. He is a moulder in Moulding Foundry, $1500 income.

Earl F. Hobart Hilda’s 2nd husband had a brother named William E. Hobart. William married Rena Mae Goss daughter of David and Virginia Goss on 29 April 1912 in Cuyahoga, Ohio and they divorced before 1920.

William filled out a WWII Draft card and put Hilda Hobart as his contact living at the same address in 1942.

Hilda S. Hobart (Hilda S. Peterson) age 63 born about 1879 married William E. Hobart on 11 September 1942 in Henry Co., Ohio. She lists her parents as Nils J. Peterson and Marie Pearson. William was born about 1879 and died 13 June 1959 in Cuyahoga Co., Ohio. He might be buried in Shadyside Cemetery in Auburn Twp near his brother but that would need to be verified.

Hilda Sophia Hobart died on 10 January 1946. She is buried in Park Cemetery and included in the row of Goss buried there. She is listed as Hilda Johnson Goss on her stone.

Hilda Johnson Goss Tombstone in Park Cemetery 2011

Hilda Sophia’s children: 

Hilda Sophia had the following children. In the picture below we find birth and baptisms of Harry, Anna, Frank, and Charles listed but no Hilding G.

Birth&Bapts of the children of Charles O. Johnson and Hilda S. Nelson

Source: Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Church and Town Records, 1669 to 2013.

Hilda and Charles Johnson’s children: Something happened in or around 1910 because 3 of Hilda’s children are not with her and David. I have tried to find them in the census, but if they were divided up that would make it very difficult to find them. Harry had died by 1910. In 1910 Anna was 11, Frank was 8 years old, Charles was 7 years old in 1910. In 1920 Hilda has her children with her.

Court records regarding guardianship would be a good place to start in Beaver Co., Pennsylvania. I did do a little digging online but was unable to find anything of value.  It is possible Hilda lost guardianship of the three children after the death of Charles and didn’t get them back till 1920.

Harry Oscar Johnson was born 12 December 1897 and baptized on 30 March 1907 in Beaver Falls, Beaver, Pennsylvania. He died on 6 May 1908 in Beaver Falls. He is buried in Grand View Cemetery. There is a Grandview Cemetery in Beaver Falls and one in Allegheny Co. which is next door to Beaver County. On his death certificate, it reads Father Charles O. Johnson, Mother Hilda Nilson. Harry O. appeared in the 1900 U.S. Census with his parents, see above. In the birth record shown above, we see that Hilda is using the name, Hilda Sophia Nelson. This took place at Christ Lutheran Church in Beaver Falls.

Anna Marie Johnson was born on 4 May 1899 in Beaver Falls, Beaver, Pennsylvania. Anna married Walter C. Finau on 26 Feb 1920 in Cuyahoga Co., Ohio. Walter was born on 5 August 1899 in Cleveland and died on 7 October 1926 in Cleveland. Anna and Walter had one son Ralph Frederick Finau who was born 24 February 1921 and died 5 March 1989 in Cleveland. Ralph married 1st to Jean Kasson and 2nd to Mary Patricia Obenchain and they had Andrea.

Using information from brother Frank’s obituary, I did a little digging and found a marriage of Anna Marie Finau to a Henry Ochs on 14 May 1942 in Henry Co., Ohio. She lists her place of birth in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, Father Charley Johnson, and mother’s maiden name Nelson. Henry Ochs is 47 on 13 Sept 1941, which means he was born about 1894. He works in a factory, his father was Henry, and his mother C. Miller. He was married before to Myrtie H. Nank, but now a widower with several children from that previous marriage.

Henry J. Ochs and Anna Marie Johnson Ochs are buried in Acacia Masonic Memorial Park, Mayfield Heights, Cuyahoga, Ohio. They are in sec B lot 474, N/W, and she the same info except she is S/W.

Frank Albert Johnson was born 23 March 1902 in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, and died 16 August 1997 in Akron, Summit, Ohio. Frank appears in the 1920 U.S. Census with Hilda and Earl Hobart, see above. He married Gertrude E. Marty on 30 Jun 1928 in Cuyahoga Co., Ohio. On the marriage record parents are Charles O. and Hilda S. Nelson. Gertrude’s parents are Claude M. and Myrtle Green. There is an obituary for Frank A. Johnson age 96 born in 1901 in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, living in Tallmadge (Summit & Portage Counties). Spouse is Gertrude E., daughter Kay Sonneborn, and son-in-law Irv Sonneborn. Siblings Hilding Goss, Delbert Goss, Chick Johnson, and Marie Ocks. Source: Akron Beacon Journal, 18 Aug 1997 Mon. pg 16. They are both buried in the Tallmadge Cemetery in Talmadge, Summit Co., Ohio.

Charles Herbert Johnson was born on 17 February 1903 in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, and died 23 October 1980 in Parma, Cuyahoga, Ohio. Charles married on 12 September 1928 to a Mary Ineman. On the marriage record, his parents are listed as Chas Johnson and Hilda S. Nelson. Mary’s parents are John Ineman and Barbara. He appears in the 1920 U.S. Census with his parents, see above. I think his nickname was Chick. Charles Herbert Johnson filled out a WWII draft card in 1942: born 17 Feb 1903 in Beaver Falls, works for the Ohio Forge & Machine Co.

The question of Hilding G. who is he the son of?

Hilding G. Goss may have been born on 19 February 1908 in Pennsylvania. I have not been able to find a birth record for him at this time. He does appear in the 1910 U.S. Census with David Goss and Hilda S. Goss – see above for more information. He is listed as Hildiny G. Goss, son, age 2, father born in Ohio mother in Sweden.

In the 1920 U.S. Census Hilding Goss, age 11 is with his mother Hilda and her 3rd husband Earl Hobart. Hilding is listed under the name of Goss, not Johnson. In this census, his father born Ohio mother Ohio.

Hilding appears again in the 1930 U.S. Census with his mother Hilda and Earl Hobart. He is also with his sister Anna and her son Ralph Finau. Adelbert is on the list but we think that is Delbert his brother. Again he is listed as Hilding G. Goss age 22. In this census, father is born in Ohio, mother in Sweden.

Hilding G. Goss appears in the 1938 California Voter Registrations living at 163 Cypress, in San Diego, California. He states he is Republican and works as a Meeli. He is living with his half brother Paul Goss and wife Gail in San Diego. I recognized the address as Paul’s from his letters that I have collected.

Voter Registration Hilding G. Goss living with Gail and Paul Goss in San Diego

He appears on the Social Security Death Index birth 19 February 1908 and death date of 22 April 1999 which is not the same as the Find A Grave memorial. Issued before 1951 and in California. It does give a Social Security number which could be used to seek the application for a fee to see who he lists as his parents. I am wondering if the 1999 death is actually Valeria’s.

Hilding Goss appears in the 1940 U.S. Census living in San Diego, San Diego, California age 32 born 1908 in Pennsylvania, Single. He is living at 3005 28th St. General Mechanic Metal Smith. High school 4th year. In 1935 he was living in Cleveland. Income $1200. He is living with Murel D. Rodes head age 31, born in Oregon, Accountant State tax Agency. Joseph Santry partner age 26 Div., born Calif. salesman neon signs. Arthur Fiebig, partner age 34 single, born Germany, watchmaker jewelry store. Listed last as Goss, Hilding Goss partner, single age 32, born Pennsylvania general mechanic & metalsmith in an aircraft factory, $1200.

There is a Hilding Gustav Goss buried in the East Lawn Elk Grove Memorial Park in Elk Grove, Sacramento, California. Born 1908, died 1986 age 77-78 years old. There is a photo of a tombstone but it is so badly focused I cannot read it. There is a Valeria Esther Goss also buried in Elk Grove birth 1914, death 1999 occupying the same tombstone which cannot be read. Valeria was born on 18 September 1914. A new photo either has to be taken or a call to the cemetery is in order to verify Hilding’s information. Some cemeteries will give you information others will not.

The California Death Index has the death as 21 Nov. 1986 in Sacramento, Hilding Gustav Goss, mother’s maiden name Nelson, birth 19 February 1908 in Pennsylvania.

A 1982 City Directory of Sacramento, California lists a Hilding G and Valeria E. Goss retd h 5740 63rd St.

In my opinion, Hilding’s research is not done. I think what information I have presented for Hilding is correct, but it could use verification. Hilding consistently uses the Goss surname throughout his life.  If his birth date is  19 February 1908 then it is a year before David and Hilda’s marriage in March of 1909. I have not been able to verify their marriage. I have also not been able to find a death date for Charles Johnson, Hilda’s first husband. I still think court documents about Hilda’s children would be a good idea. I would expand the search to included other counties near Beaver Co.

Hilda’s early years:

I have a lot of questions about Hilda.

I don’t understand why she used Nelson/Nilson as her maiden name if her parents are named Peterson. I am not up on Swedish traditions or naming patterns. If they are like Norwegian, maybe she is taking the farm name? She does not indicate she was married before she married Charles Johnson.

According to the census, Hilda was born in Sweden on about 18 April 1879, she immigrated in 1894. This is the information given in two censuses. In the 1920 census, we find she was born 1880 in Sweden, immigrated in 1900, Na. 1904, Paul gives the birth date of 18 April 1880 for Hilda. I have tried finding her in the records, both immigration, and naturalization, that are online at this time but no luck.

In her marriage license to Earl F. Hobart in 1918, Hilda is listed as Hilda S. Goss, born 1879 in Sweden, Father N.J. Peterson, mother Marie Person. In her marriage to William E. Hobart in 1942, she names her parents as Nils J. Peterson and her Mother as Marie Pearson.

It looks like there is a Social Security claim using the name of Hilda Peterson Hobart and the names parents were given as N. J. Peterson and Marie Pearson.

Well, Hilda Sophia is definitely a puzzle. There are still many questions to be answered and more done in obituaries, cemetery searches, burial information, social security information, immigration and naturalization records, estates/probate, maybe deeds. However, I feel that I have exhausted the records at this time. It would have been interesting to see what happened if David had not been killed in 1916.

In the next post, I will write about Paul Henry Goss. I have already done a Paul H. Goss Tribute page for him on this blog that you can find at the top of this blog under Researchers of the Past, or on the side panel under Page Menu. This next post will be more about his family with Gail his wife.

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