Philip Goss IV, Born 1724 in Brookfield, The Province of Massachusetts Bay…

Traveling in Massachusetts is great because you can get to locations in under three hours. I live on the Pacific Coast and locations are a bit farther. My visit to the Brookfields took place in April of 2011.  It was wonderful. I really enjoyed visiting the Brookfields and exploring the area. Brookfield was much bigger back in 1724. It took some time for it to be carved up into the specific areas we know today.*

Here is a summary of the dividing up of the area: Brookfield was first settled in 1660 and officially incorporated in 171. It was settled by men from Ipswich. North Brookfield was first settled 1664 and officially incorporated in 1812. West Brookfield was settled in 1665 and incorporated in 1848. East Brookfield was settled in 1664 then it became a part of the new town of Brookfield in 1673 and incorporated in 1920.  I would say that this area is about the middle of the State of Massachusetts.

Rufus Putnam’s version of Worcester Co. about 1785. Massachusetts Historical Society website. Click on the map and open in another window. Notice Greenwich in the upper left, Brimfield in the lower left. This is a really great map.

Brookfield is a township of excellent land. The surface is somewhat uneven and stony, though there are a number of plains of considerable extent. There are large tracts of meadow and intervale upon Quabaog river, which runs in a westerly direction through the town. The ponds are the Quabaog or Podunk, the South pond, and the Wicabaug. (3) 

Massachusetts Bay Colony was active from 1628 to 1691 when it became the Province of Massachusetts Bay and was called that till 1776 when the Revolutionary War broke out. Meanwhile, Hampshire County was established in 1662 covering most of the western part of what we know as Massachusetts and included the Brookfields and Lancaster. Worcester County was founded in 1731 and carved out of Middlesex and Suffolk. It can be a challenge to find records for the time period you are interested in.

New England by 1776, Sandwich Historical Commission

Our Philip Goss IV was born on 18 November, 1724 in Brookfield, Province of Massachusetts Bay to Philip Goss III (b. circa 1700 in Lancaster) and Keziah Cooley  (b. 1702 in Longmeadow). (1)

Philip grew up in Brookfield, because his grandparents, Philip Goss II (Capt/Lt.) and Judith (Hayward) Goss migrated to Brookfield about 1704-1705 from Lancaster and settled in what we call West Brookfield on the west side of Wickaboag Pond. Capt. Philip Goss II obtained land in Brookfield, became a town leader and helped to defend the town.

Philip’s grandmother, Judith (Hayward) Goss was a descendant of William White and Susannah who were Mayflower Passengers. William and Susannah White had two sons. Resolved White was on the Mayflower when it came to Plymouth in 1630. His brother Peregrine was born on the Mayflower. Later Resolved (you pronounce the ed in his name) married Judith Vassall and one of their children was Anna White. Anna married John Hayward in Concord, MA in 1671. The lineage is Judith to Anna to Resolved to William White.  I had the opportunity to visit Plymouth, Massachusetts in 2003 and tour the area learning about the Mayflower II and the settlement there of these pioneer families. (5)

Of course, Philip, probably knew his lineage or more likely, he knew the stories and names of the people involved.  He didn’t know his great-grandfather Philip Goss I who died in 1698 a whole 26 years before his birth. He might have heard stories about him and his two wives Hannah Hopkins and Mary Prescott, after all, his grandfather’s half-brother John Goss was still living up till the middle 1740’s. In the early 1700’s there was no Mayflower or DAR Societies to join. Societies like that really didn’t get started till the end of the 1800’s and into the early 1900’s.

Philip Goss IV had even more deep lineage than just Mayflower, his mother Keziah (Cooley) Goss was born in 29 October, 1702 in Longmeadow, Massachusetts which is south of Springfield and part of it today.  This is where her great-grandfather Ensign Benjamin Cooley put down his roots along with other old pioneer families. As I drove across the border between Connecticut and Massachusetts, I was very interested in how long it too me to get to the actual central area of Longmeadow. Keziah’s ancestors include surnames of Cooley, Wolcott, Pitkin, Bliss, Stebbins, and Chapin and more.

According to the Longmeadow Historical Society, Longmeadow families migrated to Brimfield, Massachusetts which is just south of the Brookfields. Benjamin Cooley and George Colton surveyed the area of Brimfield in 1657 and it looks like Keziah’s parents Benjamin and Margaret (Bliss) Cooley lived in Brimfield.  They must have migrated further north and died in Greenwich about 1745 which was west of Hardwick. (4) These areas are northwest of Brookfield.  The Quabbin Reservoir took many towns when it was created in the 1930’s.  Greenwich was one of them and they had to move the cemeteries to other locations.

The last real skirmish with the Indians was in 1710 in the Brookfield area.  This attack by the Indians is remembered by the monument in the Indian Burial Ground called the Haymakers Marker and it lists the men killed. There was some fear of the Indians in 1721 but nothing came of it. Here is a description of the 1710 incident and the monument.

Haymaker Memorial 2011 Old Indian Cemetery, West Brookfield, MA**

‘The last mischief which was done by the savages, in Brookfield, was about the 20th of July, 1710. Six men, viz. Ebenezer Hayward, John White, Stephen and Benjamin Jennings, John Grosvenor and Joseph Kellog, were making hay in the meadows, when the Indians, who had been watching an opportunity to surprise them, sprung suddenly upon them, dispatched five of them, and took the other, John ‘White. prisoner. While, spying a small company of our people at some distance, jumped from the Indian who held him, and ran to join his friends: but the Indian fired after him, and wounded him in the thigh, by which he fell; but soon recovering and running again, he was again fired at, and received his death wound.’  (3)

So our Philip Goss IV grew up in relative peace in Brookfield. He grew up on a farm and probably went back and forth from his father’s land to his grandfather’s. His parents Philip Goss III and Keziah were married in 25 November, 1723 (2) in Brookfield and began a family:

The children of Philip Goss III and Keziah Cooley, a quick summary (1)

  1. Philip Goss IV was born 18 November, 1724 in Brookfield.
  2. Hannah was born 4 September, 1726 in Brookfield.
  3. Ebenezer born 11 September, 1728 in Brookfield and died 24 April 1729 in Brookfield.
  4. Keziah born 26 February, 1730 in Brookfield.
  5. Judith born 15 November, 1731 in Brookfield
  6. Nathaniel born 7 September 1733, Brookfield and died 23 March 1734 in Brookfield.
  7. Thomas Goss born 6 January, 1734 in Brookfield. He would become of Barkhamsted in his later life.

Ebenezer and Nathaniel did not survive, so Philip IV knew a little about tragedy. Later he would name two of his children with these names. Philip IV’s sister Keziah and brother Thomas would migrate west and end up near several of Philip’s places of settlement like Granville and North Granby which is next door to Barkhamsted.

Life is going to get complicated for Philip Goss IV in the decade of the 1740’s and in the next posts I will discuss the events of his life during 1740 to 1749.


Selected sources for this post – look above for (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 in parentheses)

  1.  Brookfield Vital Records – Philip and his siblings births – Published version: Vital Records of Brookfield, Massachusetts to the end of the year 1849, Worcester, Massachusetts, Franklin P. Rice, Trustee of the Fund, 1909, Birth, Marriages & Deaths, pages. 106, 211, 324, 492. The Family History Library has Massachusetts vital records online at their website and you can access the original town records.  
  2. Marriage of Philip Goss III to Keziah Cooley in Brookfield:  Vital Records of Brookfield, Massachusetts to the end of the year 1849, Worcester, Massachusetts, Franklin P. Rice, Trustee of the Fund, 1909, Birth, Marriages & Deaths, pages Marriages 324, Deaths 492. Family History Library has vitals records for Massachusetts online at their website.
  3. Quotations from the online given above: Historical Collections Relating to the History and Antiquities of Every town in Massachusetts with Geographical Descriptions, Brookfield page 557 to 561, by John Warner Barber. Worchester, Worcester, Door, Howland and Co., 1840. This book is online at Internet Archive for viewing.
  4. Cooley  family – Historical Celebration of the Town of Brimfield, Hampden County, Mass, by Rev. Charles McEwen Hyde, The Clark W. Bryan Co., 1879, various pages. This book is at Internet Archive and available for viewing. This is only one of many sources for the Cooley family.
  5. Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Volume Thirteen, William White, Compiled by Ruth W. Sherman, Robert M. Sherman, re-edited by Robert S. Wakefield, General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1997. pp 3-4, 10, 23-24, 67-68. These volumes can be found in almost any large genealogical library, Family History Library has sets.

    Mayflower Books at the Family History Library in their reference area – 2014

More indepth detail and sources will be shared in future posts on many of the topics in this post.

*  and ** Note:  In April of 2011, I traveled to Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Connecticut in search of our Goss History.  I called that blog Massachusetts Meanderings. I will be removing the blog from the web and reincorporating the information into this blog where relevant.  Go here for more information: IN PROGRESS

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Philip Goss and Mary (Kendall) Goss’s Children, An Overview:

Solomon Goss’s father, Philip Goss IV, was a very restless man and after leaving Lancaster/Brookfield he migrated to several places and one of them was Granville.

Because there are many individuals with the name “Philip” in our line, I will use numerals and other descriptive words to be clear as to which one I am referring to.  This Philip, father of Solomon, is given the numeral IV. He was born in 1724 and died circa 1778.  He is also called the Philip Goss of Brookfield. So this Philip is the fourth the line:  Philip Goss I b. 1650, d. 1698, Philip Goss II born 1676, died 1747, Philip Goss III born circa 1700, died 1742 and then Philip Goss IV born 1724 and died about 1778.

Let’s take a quick look at Solomon’s siblings. His parents, Philip and Mary (Kendall) Goss had nine (9) children. They were born in different locations. I will go into further detail about each of the children in future posts.

Map circa 1730 Simsbury from Wiki Commons

The first four children were recorded in Simsbury, Connecticut.  Paul H. Goss thought they were recorded there but might not have been born there. Here is his theory:

“It should be noted  that the four children of Philip GOSS, who were recorded in Simsbury, were born between 1745 and 1749.  He did not make his first land purchase there until April 1749, and at that time was “of Simsbury,” apparently on the ground selecting a site for purchase.  The chances are that he brought his family there that spring or summer, after he had erected some sort of dwelling following his purchase in April.  The children recorded in Simsbury were not born there.  In those days when families were moving about a lot it was quite common for them to enter a group of children in the town records when they supposed they had made permanent homeIt was custom and commonly practiced, to pay a small fee to have the entries made and obliging town clerks did not decline fees merely because children had not actually been born in their town.

Now Philip GOSS (4th) after settling in Simsbury entered there the births of his four children 1745-1749, who had been born as indicated before he settled there.  He lived in Simsbury from 1749-1754, but had no other children entered on the birth records, but while shown as residing in Simsbury, a son: SOLOMON was born at Granville, Massachusetts on June 16, 1754, just a few miles north over the Connecticut state line; as was also a son DAVID, born at Granville, Massachusetts, June 14, 1752.”

Source:  GOSS Family, manuscript, by Paul H. Goss, 1940, donated by Mr. A. Glick to the Mayflower Library in Plymouth, Massachusetts, copies made in 2003, page 58 in the typed version by B. J. MacDonald, part of the Goss Manuscript Compilation.  There is a similar but brief comment that can be found in m,anuscript “Philip (4) Goss, “of Brookfield, Mass.,” Pioneer, Proprietor and Patriot of Becket, Mass., by Rev. Paul H. Goss, Presbyterian, USA, 1940’s.” Original copy is part of Family History FHL#0924004 and that is part of the one of the online downloadable versions of Paul’s manuscripts.

The children of Philip Goss IV and Mary (Kendall) Goss:

—1. Sarah Goss born 4 July, 1745 Simsbury and died 18 April, 1821 in Huntington Twp., Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.  She married Enos Seward (Seaward) on 31 October, 1765 in Granville.  They had 10 children: Enos, Eli, Amos, Gad, David, Levi, Sarah, Titus, Mary and Ebenezer. All were born in Granville, Massachusetts.

—2. Philip Goss (Jr.) born 12 August, 1746 Simsbury died 25 October 25, 1833 in Harveyville, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. He and his wife Hannah Darby had one son names Philip.

—3. Experience Goss born 8 October, 1747 Simsbury, Connecticut.  It was first thought that she died young but then the possibility that she married a Levi Baldwin of Connecticut about 1765 in Becket, Massachusetts was discovered.  Paul H. Goss stated that she died in 1815 in Barnston, Quebec but this has not been verified.

—4. Nathaniel Goss (Sr.) born 26 January, 1749 Simsbury and died 27 September, 1812 in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. He is buried in the Scott/Waterton Cemetery. He married Hannah Scott about 1780. They had 7 children: Experience, Philip (V), Rhoda, Hannah, Polly, John, and Nathaniel Jr.

This next child is a puzzle and not much is known about him:

—5. Comfort Goss born 1751 – There is a Comfort Goss mentioned in the records in the Wyoming Valley.

These children were born in Granville, Massachusetts:

—6. David Goss born 14 June, 1752 in Granville, Massachusetts and died 1 November, 1778 in Nanticoke, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania.  He married Anna Slater about 1777 in Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania a son David Goss was born 1778.

—7. Solomon Goss born 16 June, 1754 in Granville and died 1825. Flora M. Osborn, a Goss Researcher, is of the  line of Solomon and Olive (Scott) Goss through his son Levi Goss.  The compiler is a descendant through the daughter Lydia, a sister of Levi. Flora is closer to the compiler in the ancestry then Paul H. Goss.

—8. Mary Goss born 1757 in Granville and died 1832 in Ohio – Paul H. Goss mentioned a Mary in his manuscripts but he was not sure about her relationship to the family and did not pursue any research on her. Several Cousins working on this line have contacted the compiler and shared their findings. This Mary married a Lemuel Gibbons a William Davidson and a Valentine Santee. Her daughter Mary “Polly” Davidson married John Goss a son of Nathaniel Goss, Sr.  The compiler has also done some of her own research so in a future post that information will be shared.

One child was born in Becket, Massachusetts:

—9. Ebenezer Goss born 8 September, 1760 in Becket, Massachusetts and died 5 August, 1832 in Portage Co., Ohio and he married Bede Blakeslee. Paul Henry Goss is a descendant of this man.

Over the next months, I will go into the life of Philip Goss IV and his wife Mary Kendall and their children. I will present many sources used by Paul, Flora, other researchers and myself, so that you can do your own checking.t will be a big project and complicated project.  What is the saying “feel the fear, and do it anyway!” HA!

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Solomon Goss of Fearing Twp. In Ohio: Who were his Ancestors?

Most family histories start at the oldest ancestor and go forward down through the descendants.  I decided to start with Solomon Goss first, because he was a very important ancestor in my family history.  He was a son of Philip Goss (b.1724 Brookfield) and Mary (Kendall) Goss (b. 1721 Woburn).  On this blog, so far, I presented Solomon’s life in Ohio and followed out his descendants. I have completed publishing the descendants, as far as I can go on this blog.  I have also come to resting places on my other blogs like The Barclay’s of Pine River that covered Amarilla Spracklin (father Daniel D. Spracklin) a granddaughter of Lydia Goss Spracklin who was a daughter of Solomon Goss and Olive (Scott) Goss. The Man Who Lived Airplanes goes further down the descendants line with Amarilla’s daughter Grace Barclay. Grace married Ronald S. McDonald and they had Keith, the compiler’s father.

My father, Keith, and his sister Miriam knew about the Mayflower heritage in the family, but they didn’t seem to know how our family fit in.  On this blog I have presented the Spracklin-Keller-Delano connection to the Revolution (DAR) and Mayflower but now it is time to seek out the Goss connection to DAR and Mayflower.

So the remaining course of this blog, is to go back further in time, and delve into the ancestors of Solomon Goss, and other families that are connected to the Goss Family History?  It is an amazing journey, but it is a hard one because of the destruction and loss of records.  The research gets harder the further back in time you go in any event.

Rufus Putnam's version of Worcester Co. about 1785.

Rufus Putnam’s version of Worcester Co. about 1785. Massachusetts Historical Society

The Map above you will find at:  Good old Rufus Putnam, once again he helps me in the research. Click on the photo and it will open up and be better to read.  We are getting a feel how Brookfield was like for the Goss family.

Solomon Goss’s father was Philip Goss IV born 18 November, 1724 in Brookfield, Massachusetts. He married Mary Kendall 7 June, 1744 (intentions) in Lancaster, Massachusetts. Because of Philip’s migrations the first four children were recorded in Simsbury, Connecticut. They were: Sarah boirn 4 July, 1745, Philip Goss Jr. born 12 August, 1746, Experience born 8 October, 1747 and Nathaniel born 26 January, 1749. The next child Comfort was born about 1751 but the location is unknown. The next three children were born in Granville, Massachusetts. They were David who was born 14 June, 1752, Solomon Goss born 16 June, 1754, and Mary born 6 Mary, 1757. Only one child was born in Becket, Massachusetts and that was Ebenezer Goss 8 September, 1760.

Philip Goss IV born 1724 in Brookfield was the son of Philip Goss III born circa 1700 in Lancaster, Massachusetts. He married on 25 November, 1723 in Brookfield, Massachusetts to Keziah Cooley. They had: Philip b. 1724, Hannah b. 1726, Ebenezer b. 1728 and d. 1729, Keziah Goss b. 1730, Judith b. 1731, Nathanial b. 1733 d. 1734, and Thomas b. 1734 (later of Barkhamsted).  This Philip Goss died 17 September, 1742 in Brookfield, Massachusetts. Keziah remarried to Timothy Brown and died about 1745. Keziah has a rich heritage being a member of the Cooley family and that includes other surnames like Bliss, Wolcott, Stebbins, Chapin and Pitkin.  The burial location of Philip and Keziah is unknown, although I have tried to find evidence both through cemetery publications and my visits to Lancaster and Brookfield cemeteries.

Philip Goss III b. 1700 was the son of Capt. Philip Goss II b. 16 December, 1676 in Roxbury, Massachusetts to Philip Goss and Hannah Hopkins.  On 30 August, 1699 in Concord, he married Judith Hayward. They had the following children: Judith circa 1699, Philip circa 1700, Hannah Goss, circa 1705, Mary Goss circa 1708, John 10 January, 1711 in Brookfield, Thankful 13 December, 1713 in Brookfield, and Thomas Goss 6 July, 1716 in Brookfield. Capt. Philip Goss migrated from Lancaster to Brookfield about 1704-5.

Judith Hayward Goss is the link back to Mayflower through her mother Anna White Hayward to Resolved White and then William White. Capt. Philip Goss II died 13 September, 1747 and on 18 April, 1748 Judith also passed. They are buried in the Old Indian Burial Ground in West Brookfield, Massachusetts which was not incorporated till 1848 so you will find sources and documents under Brookfield.

Map of Lancaster and the Nashua River. From the online Digital Commonwealth Collection of Lancaster, MA. Remember, I love rivers.

Capt. Philip Goss II’s father was Philip Goss I born circa 1650. He settled in Roxbury, Massachusetts (Muddy River) first and married about 1675 to Hannah Hopkins. This couple had the following children: Philip Goss 16 December, 1676, Hannah Goss born and died 1679, Mary Goss born 1680 and died before 1687, William Goss born 6 October, 1682 in Boston, baptized in Roxbury. In 1687 this Philip Goss purchased the “Nights Pasture” estate in Lancaster and moved there. He divorced Hannah Hopkins Goss who had fled to Jamaica. Philip remarried 29 March, 1690 in Concord to Mary Prescott, granddaughter of John Prescott who founded the town of Lancaster. Philip and Mary Goss had Mary born 31 May, 1691 in Lancaster followed by John Goss born 20 June, 1693 in Lancaster. Philip died in 1698 and is buried in the Old Settlers Burial Ground behind the Middle Cemetery and over the railroad tracks in Lancaster.  In brief:

Solomon Goss son of Philip Goss IV and Mary Kendall

Philip Goss IV son of Philip Goss III and Keziah Cooley

Philip Goss III son of Philip Goss II and Judith Hayward

Philip Goss I of Roxbury and Lancaster – 1st marriage Hannah Hopkins

The above is just a summary of these families, and over the course of the following months I will try to tell their story on this blog. Meanwhile, you need to do some homework and study the works of the persons listed below.

I would like to encourage you to study the PAGES at the top of this blog covering Paul H. Goss and Flora M. Osborn.  Paul and Flora did their research in the 1930 through to 1963. Here is the link to Paul’s PAGE:

Other researchers have discussed the descendants of the 2nd marriage of Philip Goss to Mary Prescott focusing on John Goss who married Mary Woods. One of their sons Philip Goss married Hannah Ball and migrated first to Warwick, Massachusetts (Roxbury, Canada) and then to Winchester, New Hampshire.

In 2011, David P. Goss published this book titled: Abel Goss of Lower Waterford that discusses the John Goss line to his son Philip Goss and Hannah Ball. This book is available at the Family History Library but it is not downloadable at this time.  You can purchase a copy from the author. Go to this PAGE on this blog and you will learn more about this source:

Elbert Garrett Goss – Descendants of Philip Goss of Lancaster, MA 1650 , 1995. This discusses the descendants of John Goss the son of Philip Goss and Mary (Prescott) Goss. Elbert descends from John Goss and Mary Woods son John born in 1717 and who married Abigail Ball. Their son Joseph Goss married Sarah Wilder and they had Asa Goss. Asa Goss’s son Darius married Sophia Blackstone. They had Percy Darius Goss and Elbert was his grandson. This is also available at the Family History website to download. Elbert did a great job finding original sources. See my PAGE for Elbert at this link:

These sources are compiled manuscripts written with love and care by the people who are responsible for them, however, please study them carefully for mistakes can be made. They are not all the sources for this Goss family line.  They are just the beginning. I have spent some time studying those sources given by Paul and Flora. It is now over 55 years later, the publications have been republished and some have been a challenge to find. I think I didn’t find about 3-5 of the sources they used.


A little bit of information:

This project of mine to write about the Goss Family will be a BIG undertaking. I ask your patience.

Please by all means comment, but if you do, give your sources and be very clear. I want to understand how you came about the information. Commenting on the blog is good because others can read your comments.  I have set this blog to tell me when a new comment appears and then I go and reply and approve it before it is published on the blog.

Also remember commenting on a blog is not email so keep your comments to the subject and not too personal. I am the only one who sees your email which is not published on the blog, and we can always email off-line.

Make sure you are on the correct blog an at the correct post before you comment.  I do have other blogs and sometimes people end up in the wrong place.

If you don’t agree with what I have written, you can always contact me at this email and let’s discuss the issue:

Remember genealogy is always evolving and new information is found, mistakes can be made. I am always willing to do updates to a post or page.

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