Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, San Diego, California

Fort Rosecranz National Cemetery Entry Sign

Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery Entry Sign

Back in 2004 we traveled to San Diego for a convention that my husband attended regularly back then.  I took the time to do research on my cousin Paul H. Goss. Paul did a great deal of research on the Goss Family back in the 1930’s through the 1950’s.

Paul and his wife Gail are buried in the Fort Rosecrans Cemetery in San Diego.  In 2004 they were there alone at that time.  Fast forward to now and their two sons along with a cousin are buried in this cemetery.  There are lots of other Goss surnames buried in this cemetery but I don’t know the connections.

To qualify for burial there you must have an honorable discharge and your spouse and or dependents can also qualify.

On Friday, September 18, 2015 I revisited this cemetery and on this trip my husband joined me.

Depending on where you are coming from you need to find Nimitz Avenue which is over closer to the ocean in San Diego. The address is 1800 Cabrillo Memorial Dr., San Diego, California. It is north of the Cabrillo Monument that is at the tip of a peninsula.  Their hours are 8 am to 4:30 pm.  There is a big gate that closes a good 1/2 mile or more from the cemetery so that is why you cannot visit later in the day.  There are the Point Loma Military Naval Base in the area and that impacts this cemetery for it is about in the middle of it.  So I recommended checking closing times carefully before going to this cemetery.

Office Hours for Fort Rosecranz

Office Hours for Fort Rosecrans

The Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery is split into to two sections by the highway that runs through the area – Catalina Blvd.

To find a burial you go to the National Gravesite Locater at the U.S. Veterans’ website:

I get 21 hits for the surname of Goss and 6 hits for the surname of Yale.  I scrolled to Fort Rosecrans on the drop down box to be specific to that cemetery.  You can search all over the U.S.

They also have a Kiosk in the office lobby where you can search for a burial. I believe the lobby area is open even when the office is closed.

Office Building at Fort Rosecranz National Cemetery

Office Building at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery


Map for the Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery

Map for the Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery

This cemetery is located in a very beautiful area of San Diego on a peninsula. On the west side you have the Pacific Ocean and on the east you see the city of San Diego in the distance and the bay area.

The City and bay of San Diego

The City and bay of San Diego

The graves and the yachts

The graves and the yachts

My goal today was to revisit Paul H. Goss and Gail Bloom’s burial site, find their two sons, a cousin and then look for a Barclay cousin.

I had a map of the cemetery (see above) so that helped me to figure out where the burials are located using the number and letters they give you when you search for the grave.

My first stop was Alfred J. Yale. Alfred is the son of Melissa Ford Yale.  Melissa is the daughter of Mary Anne Barclay Ford and Jerome Ford.  Alfred is my 2nd cousin once removed. All the following burials are located on the west side of the highway in the cemetery.  I posted about Melissa and Alfred on my other blog:  The Barclay’s of Pine River. Here is Alfred’s tombstone.

Alfred J. Yale a cousin

Alfred J. Yale a cousin

It reads:  Alfred J. Yale Connecticut, PVT HO 41 Arty CAC World War I. October 25, 1895 to December 26, 1965, U 1308-C.

Paul H. Goss and me for the 2nd time.

Paul H. Goss and me for the 2nd time. Last time I was here I had a broken foot.

Paul H. Goss Tombstone

Paul H. Goss Tombstone

It reads Paul Henry Goss, Ohio, SGT, US Marine Corps, World War I, Jan 3, 1890 to Mar. 11, 1963.  Paul is a 4th cousin 2x removed from me.

Paul’s wife Gail Bloom is on the back of his tombstone and you can see a little of the Pacific Ocean in the background.

Gail Bloom wife of Paul's tombstone.

Gail Bloom wife of Paul’s tombstone.

Gail Bloom, His wife, Mar. 21, 1896 to May 17, 1964. They share the code Y-803.  I had taken a picture of the location but they have done a lot of renovation so the trees that used to be there are gone and if you look close you can see a big refuge container to the left.

The next burial to find was David D. Goss their son.  He was on the short wall in the W section which is to the left of Y.

David D. Goss son of Paul and Gail Goss.

David D. Goss son of Paul and Gail Goss.

It reads Goss, David D. CPO USN 1928 to 2007, his wife, Esther Nadleman 1916 to 1998.

At this time we crossed over to the east side of the cemetery by going through the gates and crossing the highway.  It was a little confusing but we finally found the road going to the north side of the cemetery.  It is further back than the round-about, so go past that to access more of the cemetery.

We found Paul and Gail’s other son James on another wall up very high.

James F. Goss, son of Paul and Gail Goss.

James F. Goss, son of Paul and Gail Goss and me…

James F. Goss a son of Paul and Gail Goss.

James F. Goss a son of Paul and Gail Goss.

It reads Goss, James F. LTJG USN Korea, 1930 to 2010, Loved by All.

The next was a cousin Nelson Goss.

Nelson Goss a cousin

Nelson Goss a cousin

It reads:  Nelson H. Goss, Indiana, Captain US Navy, World War I & II, April 22, 1882 to March 9, 1965, NC-LM.  His wife and daughter are listed on the back of his tombstone and then next to him on the right is a stone dedicated to Gladys and Beverly.

Gladys and Beverly Goss wife and daughter of Nelson Goss.

Gladys and Beverly Goss wife and daughter of Nelson Goss.

Gladys McClung May 13, 1883 to September 1, 1960 and Beverly April 29, 1950. Wife and Daughter of Captain N.H. Goss USN.

Nelson was a grandson of Cyrus Goss a brother to Lucius Goss, Paul’s grandfather.  Cyrus and Lucius were sons of David and Hannah Ryder.  I have yet to discuss on this blog the Goss family history but will do so in the near future.

I have taken pictures of these tombstone and ones with myself as well but it was very windy and they didn’t really turn out that great.  Find A Grave also has a good listing for this cemetery.

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Delano Kindred Reunion 2015, San Diego, California

Hello, well I am back from San Diego and the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim.  Had a fun but exhausting trip.  Unfortunately, my husband got hit by a pedicab and both ankles were hurt. He is recuperating now.

The 2015 Delano Reunion was held at the Handlery Hotel in San Diego.  It is on the north side of what is called Hotel Circle along I-8.  It was a nice hotel and the hotel staff where very kind and helpful to us when my husband got hurt, finding an Urgent Care facility for him to go to and getting us a taxi.

Handlery Hotel Sign

Handlery Hotel Sign

The first day the Delano Kindred met in one of the rooms by the pool for the genealogy session.  Unfortunately Muriel C. Cushing could not make it to this reunion so Terry Delano took the lead.  Terry had George De Lano share about a project to get the land records for the Plymouth Colony published.  Some had been done but nothing had been done since the Civil War.  It would be a big project and would take several project groupings to complete.  He was asking for funds to be allocated to help the Leiden American Pilgrim Museum Foundation (LAMP Foundation) get this completed. Dr. Jeremy Bangs has copies of the deeds.  They need someone to be able to read them and interpret the handwriting.  All this is in waiting for funds to move the project forward.

Sign for the Reunion

Sign for the Reunion

The T-Shirt is nice in dark blue with gold letters and the anchor symbol on the front for $15.00 which is a good price for a T-Shirt. My husband thought their pin was also beautiful.  They had the green books and several of the GHAAHD large genealogy.  I have all of these books so I was good.

Delano Kindred books, T-Shirts and more.

Delano Kindred books, T-Shirts and more.

One of my goals to find out how to pronounce the surname of Delano.  Well it is apparently pronounced as each person wishes or as it has evolved.  They were teasing each other. George is “De Lano” while Terry is formally “Delano.”  There was man there with the last name of Dillinger and he explained that the name evolved to this spelling. The marriage record I have of Lovina Delano reads “Dillinoe” when she married Jonathan Askins after the death of her husband Stephen Delano in 1818.  This means that when you meet a Delano descendant you ask them how they pronounce it and go from there.

I do know one thing, I am not really up on Delano history and I can see that I may need to do more study in this area. They were all very proud of their Delano heritage that is for sure.  The European Educational Research Program was searching for information on the Du Bu family which is apparently Philip Delano’s mother’s family.  I do not have these older families on my Legacy Database and may have to do some updating.

The next topic of the genealogy session was DNA. Terry wants to get more people tested with the yDNA 67 markers and upgrade others because he has had a complete profile on himself done by Family Tree DNA and they have discovered an unusual marker on his profile and he thinks it might open doors.  Currently the European Research is stalled because of a lack of records at Leiden.  Carolyn Clark (Membership) will be helping with this DNA testing.  So funds needed to be allocated to this project.

Delano Kindred Genealogy Symposium

Delano Kindred Genealogy Symposium

There was a new member who was having trouble finding his Margaret Delano in the records.  He had been researching in Maine repositories but was stuck.  He was appealing for help. Unfortunately I don’t remember all that he said.

Later that evening we gathered for the Welcome Dinner and to listen to a speech given by a representative of the San Diego History Center (newly renamed).  He talked about a Henry Delano Fitch and another Delano ancestor.  It was a fun talk and very interesting also including the history of San Diego.  The dinner was delicious and I got to sit next to the speaker and hear his stories of Ireland and more.

Delano Kindred Welcome Dinner

Delano Kindred Welcome Dinner

The next morning was the Delano Kindred Membership and Business Meeting.  I was very impressed with the knowledge and dedication of the officers and members to the study of the Delano heritage using the land deeds, DNA and more.  Elections were held and Terry Delano was voted as President.  All this will be written up in the newsletter sent to members and posted on the website under the Membership only area, I believe. They have ideas about the next reunion, maybe Rhode Island, Colorado for the next and then another location I cannot remember.

Membership is very reasonable in this society and you don’t necessarily have to have a complete genealogy and appeal for help.

Delano Kindred Yearly Business meeting 2015

Delano Kindred Yearly Business meeting 2015

At 12:45 we climbed aboard a shuttle that took us to the tour of the U.S.S. Midway.  An aircraft carrier that was turned into a museum in the San Diego harbor.  It is apparently very popular because there were a lot of people at the site.

U.S.S. Midway Tour - Delano Kindred 2015

U.S.S. Midway Tour – Delano Kindred 2015

Delano Kindred gather on U.S.S. Midway tour

Delano Kindred gather on U.S.S. Midway tour

Here is the link to the online website for the U.S.S. Midway:

You can get a free audio tour guide and walk the entire tour of the ship with it.  It had supplemental information, like stories of the men who served aboard this vessel.  George said it was commissioned about 1945 at the end of World War II.  It was very muggy down inside the ship and quit hot on the flight deck.  I found a bench under a wing of an aircraft and just rested.

The Midways lower area and the doors you have to walk through...

The Midway’s lower area and the doors you have to walk through…

In the photo below is the flight deck which they have exhibits of different aircraft situated.  You can also see other aircraft in the hanger area as well and it is a lot cooler in temperature.

Flight Deck U.S.S. Midway

Flight Deck U.S.S. Midway

My husband took off to go up the tower.  George De Lano said it was a 30 minutes tour with a waiting before because only so many can get up the tour at once.  I walked back to the shuttle pick up with George and we chatted about many things.

This is when my husband was hurrying to run back to get our shuttle and got hit by the pedicab. The young man was very sorry for running into him.  Of course, Alan, did not realize he was hurt till the blood filled his shoe.  I should not have left him.  He always gets hurt when I do. AUGGH!

The situation was a little iffy about whether we could be in the group picture and attend the Delano Kindred Luau Dinner at the hotel in the Garden Room area.  This is outside. However, it worked out.  My husband and I returned after visiting an Urgent Care facility for his wound and were able to go to the remaining Delano Reunion festivities.

Alan, my husband, helped with the group photo for the Delano Reunion.  Several members were drifting into the reunion and so there are many versions of this group photo.  I present only one here with me in it. I gave the rest of the photos to Terry Delano the President and he will take care to disperse them.  I will also be giving George De Lano the photos I took for the newsletter.  I am there on the right in the back behind Dick Wolf in the bright orange top.

Delano Kindred Reunion 2015

Delano Kindred Reunion 2015

The dinner was outside in the Garden area of the hotel and it was a cool and lovely evening.  I sat next to Dick and his wife, Carol Wolf.  His mother was a Delano and he sponsored the first reunion and has been coming every year to these reunions.  He lives in New York near Buffalo and I told him about my trip last September 2014 to Ontario and New York.  It took awhile but I finally remember Herkimer as the town I stopped in to have a lovely breakfast in a train car.  We chatted about Niagara Falls he knows the history of that area. He gave me a tip about the finger lakes but I was on I-90 going west to Buffalo to go home so I missed that area.  We had fun sharing about New York.  Very nice people.

The next photo is not the best but at least it gives you an idea of the dinner at Saturday and the setting.  I don’t think I have ever had a conference dinner outside in a lovely garden.  It was very nice.  The dinner was a buffet and Alan had two huge dinner plates. I guess trauma does that to you.

Saturday nights Dinner of the Delano Reunion 2015

Saturday nights Dinner of the Delano Reunion 2015

The next morning at 8:30 am the Board members would meet to discuss business. I was not a member of the board so I didn’t have to attend.

I am pleased, this was something that I have wanted to do for a long time. I am content.

Muriel was not there and I am a little sad about not meeting her but Terry had her database with him.  I understand that you can contact her and discuss your lineage.  I had a big thick packet to give her of my lineage to Philip Delano of the Fortune.  I will mail it to her now and hope to hear from her.

It was a lot of fun, the Delano Kindred are fun people, happy people and very proud of their lineage to Philip Delano.

Meanwhile, Alan and I had to figure out what to do about his accident wound and how to get our money out of the trip we had been planning to Disneyland for a good couple years.  Fortunately the Paradise Pier Hotel at the Disneyland Resort was able to provide a scooter for my husband to use and he could take it all over the area to Down Town Disney, Disneyland and the California Adventure during the stay. It was $40 a day but totally worth it.  We just went up to the Guest Services at the Paradise Pier and got help.

If you want to know more about this trip which included a visit to SeaWorld, the San Diego Zoo, the Oceanside Pier and the Disneyland Resort you will have to go to my Facebook wall and see what happened.  So I guess that means you will need to friend me on Facebook.

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Keller and Delano Families – The Delano Kindred

The Delano Kindred Logo

The Delano Kindred Logo

In past posts I have mentioned my membership in the Delano Kindred.  I joined them years ago to learn more about the lineage to Philip Delano of the Fortune, and have always wanted to go to one of their yearly reunions.  I almost made it to the one near San Francisco a few years back but it didn’t work out.  They have them yearly in an area of the country where a Delano settled.

Here is their website:

They are also on Facebook with the same title as a public group.

The reunion is scheduled in San Diego this year and I was determined to go.  It will take place in September and I will be there.

Amarilla Spracklin, my great-grandmother and who I have featured on my other blog The Barclays of Pine River is a member of this family through her mother Elizabeth Keller a daughter of John and Mary Anne Delano Keller.

I refer you to the pages at the top of this blog in the drop down menu where you will find a list (table of contents) of the posts I have written about the Delano family and those written about John and Mary Keller’s family.  The title of the post is given with the date so you can access the post on this blog by using the Archive box on the right of this blog and picking the month and year, clicking and it will find the posts written for that time period. It is best to read the posts in sequence by date for it all to make more sense.  Have fun!

Stay tuned for more highlights of the Delano Kindred 2015 Reunion with pictures and happenings.

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John and Lydia Spracklin’s Children: Lydia Spracklin Kenner Ohio to Nebraska

Lydia Sophia Spracklin was a daughter of John Spracklin and Lydia Goss Spracklin. Lydia’s descendants have been giving me a great deal of trouble. Records for the State of Nebraska are very thin online, so finding information about her children and where they eventually ended up has been a bit of a struggle. Here is what I have found.

There is a marriage documented in Knox County, Ohio in which a Lydia Spracklin marries a Samuel Sharpneck in 1855 and then the following year another marriage to a Richard Kenner in 1856.

Sharpneck, Samuel to Spracklin, Lydia, pg. 123, 21 June 1855 by S.O. Beach JP, 482r

Kenner, Richard to Spracklin, Lydia, pg. 129, 9 Sep 1856 by D. Rutledge min 37r, in Knox Co., Ohio. 

Source:  Knox County, Ohio Marriages 1808-1875, Compiled by R. DeLauder and Indexed by Franklin Miller, Knox County Genealogical Society, 1995.  

It is very odd that Lydia would have used her maiden name when she weds Richard Kenner unless something went wrong with the first marriage?

What happened to this Samuel is unclear.  There are Sharpnecks in Knox County especially a Daniel, but I have yet to find anything on a Samuel such as a burial site or a link to a family.  Here is the source for the original marriage records.

Source: Original marriage certificates for these marriages can be found in Marriage Certificates 1809-1950, FHL#2243679, #1690 for Lydia and Samuel and #2140 for Richard and Lydia. 

Lydia’s husband Richard Kenner, was born 16 February, 1829 in Devonshire, England, and he died 6 May 1901 in Table Rock, Pawnee, Nebraska. Lydia Sophia Spracklin was born 24 January 1838 and died 7 November 1902 in Table Rock, Pawnee, Nebraska. Both are buried in the Table Rock Cemetery in Pawnee County. Find A Grave as a picture of the tombstone.

Before Lydia and Richard left for Iowa, they took care of her father, John Spracklin, in his later years.  He is living with them in the 1860 Census.

#1264, #1277 Line 26: Richd Kenner, age 30, male, farmer, born in Eng.; Lydia age 22, female, born in Ohio; Charles age 3, male born in Ohio, George age 8 male born in Ohio; Jno. Spracklin age 66, male, value of real estate is 6000, personal is 964 born in England; Wm. McKay age 23, male, born in Ohio; ____ McKay age 29, female born in Maryland.

Source:  1860 U.S. Federal Census, Liberty Twp., Knox Co., Ohio, Roll M653_995, pg. 312. 

Here is Richard’s obituary:

Richard “Dick” Kenner came from Devonshire, England in 1851 and settled at Mt. Vernon, Ohio at the trade of blacksmith. He met the daughter of John and Lydia Goss Spracklin and they married on the 9th of September, 1856. They lived in Mt. Vernon until 1862 when they moved to Benton Co., Iowa where they remained until 1881 when they then moved to Table Rock, Pawnee, Nebraska and here they lived till their deaths. Both Richard and Lydia are buried in the Table Rock Cemetery at Table Rock, Nebraska. They left three children and grandchildren to mourn them. By B. Roufley. 

Source: Table Rock Argus, Nebraska State Historical Society, Dated 5/23/1901, pg. 5, column 2.

Lydia followed the next year.

“Died – Lydia Spracklen was born in Knox County, Ohio, January 24, 1838, and died in this city Friday Nov. 7, 1902. In 1856, deceased was united in marriage with Richard Kenner at Mount Vernon, Ohio, who died in this place May 16, 1901. Two sons and one daughter remain to mourn the death of a mother. Funeral services were conducted by Elder H.J. Kennedy at the home of her daughter Mrs. Chambers in Table Rock, Nov. 8th, at 4 o’clock p.m. The remains were afterwards buried beside those of her husband. Rev. Shamel of the M.E. church and the choir of that denomination assisted Mr. Kennedy in the funeral services.

Another article in another paper reads: …….Saturday afternoon to attend the funeral. Other relatives and friends attending the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. A. Cooper of Humboldt, Mesdames Merrifield, Bates, Frederick, Perkins, ..iffith, Whitaker and Elder and Mrs. J. Kennedy of Pawnee. Elder Kennedy had charge of the funeral services. Mrs. Kenner was in her 60th year and had lived in this county for about 22 years……

Source: Pawnee Republic Newspaper, Nebraska, Dated 11/13/1902 pg 8, col. 4, Nebraska Historical Society, Lincoln, Nebraska.  B. Roufley, Miles City, MT shared these obituaries with me. 

A careful study of the 1870 U.S. Federal census has not revealed where Richard and Lydia were at that time.

Moving ahead to the 1880 census we find Richard and Lydia in Tama County, Iowa. They are listed together with no other children present yet there is a G.W. Kenner living next door to them.  This county is to the west of Benton County, Iowa where the Spracklin brothers settled when the headed to Iowa in the 1850’s. Please note that the G.W. initials are probably a mistake and it should read C.W.

Tama County, Kinyon Digital Library

Tama County, Kinyon Digital Library

Line 6, 13, 14 Kenner Richard, W, M, 57, M, retired farmer, born England, parents born England. Kenner, L.S., W, F, 42, wife, Married, born Ohio, father born England, mother born Ohio. 

Line 8, 14, 15, Kenner, [G].W.,W, M, 22, married, farm labourer, born Ohio, father born England, mother born Ohio.  

1880 Tama Iowa - It looks like a G but I think it should be a C.

1880 Tama Iowa – It looks like a G but I think it should be a C.

Kenner, Kittie, W, F, 22, Wife, married, born Canada, father born England, mother Ohio, keeping house.

Kenner, Myrtle, W, F, 1, daughter, single, born Iowa, father born Ohio, mother born Canada.

Source: 1880 U.S. Federal Census, Richard Kenner family, page 19, SD #2, ED #332, the unincorporated village of Irving, Salt Creek Township, Tama County, State of Iowa. Enumerated 1 June, 1880, by Fred Plaach.

By 1885 they have migrated to Pawnee City, Pawnee Co., Nebraska.  Richard and Lydia appear in the Nebraska State Census. Pawnee County is in the southeastern part of the state on the border with Kansas.

1859 Map of Nebraska

1859 Map of Nebraska from the US GenWeb

Line 35, 60, 62, Kenner, Richard, W, M, 53, born England, parents born in England. Kenner, Lydia, W, F, 48, married, he is a retired farmer, she is keeping house, born Ohio, father born England, mother Ohio. 

Source:  1885 Nebraska State Census, Richard and Lydia Kenner, page 6, ED#601, Pawnee City, Pawnee Co., Nebraska, enumerated 3 day of June 1885, by Samuel Little. 

They are still in Nebraska in the 1900 U.S. Federal Census. This would be the last census for Richard and Lydia Kenner.

Line 32, 49, 53, Central Street, Kenner, Richard, head, W, M, Jan. 1829, 71, M, 44, born England, parents born England. Immigrated 1850 49, NA, yes, yes, yes, O, F, H. Kenner, Lydia, wife, W, F, Feb. 1838, 62, M, 44, 3 children born, 3 living, born Ohio, father born England, mother born Ohio, yes, yes, yes. 

Source:  1900 U.S. Federal Census, Richard and Lydia Kenner, State of Nebraska, County Pawnee, Pawnee City Precinct, Pawnee City City, Ward of city #1,  SD #156, ED #130, sht #3, enumerated on the 2nd and 4th day of June, 1900, by Hugh L. Dodge. 

Lydia and Richard Kenner had the following children:

There seems to be a lot of confusion with the families of Charles and George Kenner.  I have taken my time and hopefully I have cleared up the confusion.

1.  Charles W. Kenner born about 1857. I have a notation that he was living in Waldo, Nebraska after the death of his father. Waldo does not appear to exist anymore.

There is a marriage of a Charles W. Kenner to a Catherine Ede on 17 March 1878 in Tama Co., Iowa but it is index only and would have to be followed up on to verify the information.  The name Kitty is more likely to be a nickname for Catharine.

Here is Charles in the 1885 Nebraska state census he is in Brown County.

Line 9, 114, 126, Kenner, Charles W., W, M, 28, Married, farmer, born Ohio, father born Eng. mother born Ohio 

Kenner, Catherine, W, F, 27, wife, married, keeping house, born Canada, father born England mother born Canada. 

Kenner, Myrtle E., W, F, 6, daughter, single, at home, born Iowa, father Ohio, mother Canada. 

Kenner, Dixon W., W, M, 3, son, single, at home, born Nebraska, father born Ohio, mother born Canada. 

Source: 1885 Nebraska State Census, page 4, ED#44A, Thatch Precinct, Brown Co., Nebraska, enumerated 10 and 11th of June 1885, by J.C. Pettyjohn. 

I find in the 1900 U.S. Federal Census a Mirta and Walter Kenner living in Wisner Twp., Cumming Co., Nebraska:

Line 97, 88, 90 Kenner, Mirta, Head, W, ?F, Apr 1879, 21, S, born Iowa, father born Ohio, mother Canada, housekeeper, yes, yes, yes, R, H. 

Kenner, Walter, brother, Wm, M, Jan 1888, 12, S, born Nebraska, father born Ohio, mother Canada, at school, 9, yes, yes, yes

Source: 1900 U.S. Federal Census, State of Nebraska, County of Cumming, Wisner Twp. SD#3, ED#66, Sht #5, 13 June 1900, by Charles E. Hill.  

So what happened to Charles.  A Charles Kenner is living as a boarder in Neligh, Antelope, Nebraska. This man was born June 1857 in Ohio, age 42, widowed, father born in England mother in Ohio. He is with a Peter N. Lawson family and many others. Charles is listed as a miller with a flour mill. I think this is him probably working while Mirta an Walter are on their own.

We find in the 1910 census Charles is living with his son Walter L. in Stone County, Missouri.

Line 45, 115, 117, Kenner, C.W. head, M, W, 52, Wd. born Ohio, English, father born Ohio, English, Farmer, own farm, oa, yes, yes, O, F, F, 24

Kenner, Walter L., son, M, W, 22, S, born Nebraska, father born Ohio, mother Canada English, English, laborer, farm. 

Source: 1910 U.S. Federal Census, State of Missouri, County of Stone, Washington Twp., SD#12, ED#200, Sht, 6, enumerated 19 day of April 1910, Rufz Scott. 

In the 1920 U.S. Census, Walter L. and family are living in Clear Creek, Pawnee Co., Nebraska.

Line 57, FM, 35, 35, Kenner, Walter L. Head, M, W, 31, M. yes, yes, born Nebraska, father born Ohio, mother born Canada. English, yes, laborer, own farm, W, 012.

Kenner, Cora, Wife, F, W, 31, M, yes, yes, born Missouri, father born Missouri, mother born Texas, yes, none. 

Kenner, Harold W, son, M, W, 6, S, yes, born Missouri, father born Nebraska, mother born Missouri, yes, none.

Kenner, Earl Dixon, son, M,W, 4 S, born Missouri, father born Nebraska, mother born Missouri, none. 

Source: 1920 U.S. Federal Census, State of Nebraska, County of Pawnee, Clear Creek, enumerated on 16-17-19 day of Jan. 1920 by Henry H. Bauer, SD#1, ED#144, Sht#2, ward of city 9 St.

Charles is in Box Butte Co., Nebraska in 1920 living with his son W. Dixon Kenner and his wife:

Line 23, Farm, 18, 19, Kenner, W. Dixon, Head, M, W, 39, married, no, yes, yes, born Nebraska, English, father born in Ohio, English, mother born in Canada, English, yes, Farmer, Home, OA 18.

Kenner, B. Anna, wife, F, W, 30, married, no yes, yes, born Nebraska, English, father born in England, English, mother born in Indiana, English, yes.

Kenner, W. Charles, father, M,W, 63 S, no, yes, yes, born Ohio, English, father born in England, English, mother born in Ohio, English, yes. 

Source: 1920 U.S. Federal Census, Dorsey Precinct, Box Butte Co. Nebraska, SD#6, ED#14, Sht 2A, outside of town, 17 day of Jan, 1920, by Jose W. Jelinek.

In 1930 Charles is living with his son Walter in Pawnee County, Nebraska

Line 61? 14, 14, Kenner, Walter, R. head, R, R, M, W, 42, M, 24, No, yes, born Nebraska, father born Ohio, mother born Canada. 

Kenner, Cora V., wife, H, F, W, 41, M, 24, No, no, born Missouri, father born Missouri, mother born Texas.

Kenner, Harold, W, son, M, W, 16, S, yes, yes, born Missouri, father born Nebraska, mother born Missouri, 

Kenner, E. Dixon, son, M,W, 15, S, yes, yes, born Missouri, father born Nebraska, mother born Missouri. 

Kenner, Charles W, father, M,W, 73, widowed, 21, no, yes, born Ohio.

Source: 1930 U.S. Federal Census, State of Nebraska, County of Pawnee, Twp. Sheridan Precinct, ED#76-81, SD#11, Sht#1B, enumerated April 3, 1930, by Mrs. J.W. Gabby. 

Reviewing what we have learned about Charles is that he married Catherine and had Myrtle, E. Dixon W. Dixon and Walter L.  She died sometime before 1900.  I have attempted to find her burial site but so far no luck. Charles may be buried in Toledo, Pawnee Co., Nebraska. I have not followed Myrtle nor Harmon out to see what happened to them.

2. George M. Kenner born about 1860 in Ohio. George has given me trouble because there is a mistake in the 1880 U.S. Federal Census that has the initials G.W. so it reads G.W. Kenner.  This should read C.W. Kenner and is the older brother, see above under Charles for more information.

Using the initial of George M. and Kenner we find some interesting information.

I had a notation that he was living in 1901 in Webster, Texas.  Let’s take a look at the census.

In the 1880 Census of Iowa we find a George M. Kenner:

Line 5, Kenner, George, M, W, M, 20, Boarder, Single, physician, born in Ohio, father born in England, mother born in Ohio.  He is living in a Aldus M. Coate’s home. 

Source: 1880 U.S. Federal Census, State of Iowa, County of Marshall, LeGrand Twp., Quarry, page 37, SD#2, ED#283, enumerated 1 of June 1880 by a L.B. McGren. 

We find a George Kenner living in Harris, Texas in 1910 as a physician at the age of 50.

Line 42, 504, 517, Kenner, George M., Head, W, 50, S, born Ohio, father born England English, mother born Ohio, English, Physician, OA, O, F, H.

Source: 1910 U.S. Federal Census, Justice Precinct, Harris, Texas, SD#8, ED#110, Sht#28A, enumerated on 6 May, 1910 by Chester A. Williams. 

In 1920 he is in Justice Precinct in Harris Co., Texas and he is 60 years old but now he is a laborer on a farm?

Line 57, Fm chk, Kenner, George M., head, R, M, W, 60, S, yes, yes, born Ohio, father born England, English, mother born Ohio, yes, laborer, General Work, W, 196. 

Source: 1920 US Federal Census, State of Texas, County of Harris, Webster Voting Precinct, Justice Precinct, ward 2, SD#8, ED#109, Sht#14B, enumerated 6-7 February 1920 by Sam McDonald. 

There is a tombstone at Find A Grave in the Fairview Cemetery in League City, Galveston Co., Texas with the inscription of: Geo. M. Kenner, 1859 to 1929. This grave might be him and would explain why I could not find him in the 1930 census. There is no indication that George ever married.

3. Ida J. Kenner born about 1863. She married a Charles W. Chambers on the 21st of January 1880 in Irving, Tama Co., Iowa (Iowa Selected Marriages #1022734 Richard Kenner as father, index only.)

Ida and Charles Chambers had the following children based on the census below.

  1. Ruth C. born Nov. 1880 in Nebraska
  2. Ward M. born Feb. 1883
  3. Harmon A. born Marc 1888
  4. James R. born Sept 1895

In 1900 Charles and Ida are living in Table Rock Precinct, Pawnee Co., Nebraska:

Line 55, 348, 350, Chambers, Charles, W, Head, W, M, Jan, 1852, 48, M, 20, born Pennsylvania, father born Connecticut, mother born Pennsylvania.  All read and write English. O, F, F, 138

Chambers, Ida J., wife, W, F, April 1862, 38, M, 20, four children born, 4 living, born Ohio, father born England, mother born Ohio. 

Chambers, Ruth, C, daughter, W, F, Nov. 1880, 19, Single, born Nebraska, father PA, mother OH.

Chambers, Ward M, Son, W, M, Feb. 1883, 17, S, born Nebraska, father born PA, mother OH. 

Chambers, Harmon A, Son, W, M, March 1888, 12, S, born Nebraska, father born PA, mother OH, at school 

Chambers, James R, Son W, M, Sept. 1895, 4, S, born Nebraska, father born PA, mother born OH. 

Source: 1900 U.S. Federal Census, State of Nebraska, County of Pawnee, Table Rock Precinct, SD#156, ED#135, Sht#16, enumerated 27th of June, 1900 by E.C. Phillips. 

There is a marriage of Ruth C. Chambers to a Louis C. Wolfe on 27 June 1906 in Pawnee. He was born 1880 in Missouri and she was born in 1881 in Nebraska. This from Family Search Nebraska Marriages 1855-1995 GS#1986940.

In the 1910 census Ruth is living in Iowa with her husband Louis.  They are in Council Bluffs Ward 1 in Pottawatomie County.  Sadly she listed one child born and none living.

In the 1910 U.S. census there is a Harmon Chambers born in 1889 in Nebraska boarder in Beatrice Ward 2, Gage, Nebraska. He is living with a Joseph Wheaton family. This Joseph is a Manager-Auto in a garage.  I am thinking Harmon is probably learning to be a mechanic? What relationship he is to the Wheaton’s is unknown.

We find Charles and Ida living still in Pawnee Co., Nebraska in 1910:

Line 54, 324, 322, Chambers, Charles, Head, M,W, 57, M2, 30, born Pennsylvania, father born Connecticut, mother born Pennsylvania, English, Farmer, General Farm, OA, yes, yes, 6, 7, 7, 117.

Chambers, Ida, wife, F, W, 48, M1, 30, 4 children born 4 living, born Ohio, father born England, mother born Ohio, English, ______, yes, yes.

Chambers, Ward, son, M, W, 26, S, born Nebraska, father born PA, mother OH, English, laborer, brick yard, yes, yes. 

Chambers, Jimmie, Son, M, W, 14, S, born Nebraska, father born PA, mother born OH, English, none, yes, yes, yes.  

Source: 1910 U.S. Federal Census, State of Nebraska, County of Pawnee, Table Rock Precinct, SD#1, ED#158, Sht#14B, enumerated 5-9 of May, 1910 by Charles H. Mitchell. 

Moving ahead to 1920 we find them still in Table Rock in Pawnee Co., Nebraska:

Line 98, X 111, 115, Chambers, Charles, Head 1, Q, F, M, W, 67, Married, born PA, father born Connecticut, mother born PA, no occupation. 

Chambers, Ida J, Wife, F, W, 57, Married, born Ohio, father born England – English, mother born Ohio, housekeeper, home.

Chambers, Ward, son, M, W, 36, S, born Nebraska, father PA, mother Ohio, no occupation none. 

Source: 1920 U.S. Federal Census, State of Nebraska, County of Pawnee, Table Rock Precinct, Table Rock Village, Upper, SD#1, ED#15, Sht 12B, enumerated on 2 February 1920, William Vondrasket. 

In 1930 it looks like they may have moved to Clear Creek Twp. in the County of Pawnee, Nebraska.  This is in the northern part of the county and to the west of Table Rock. Charles and Ida are both aging, their son Ward is still with them.

Line 32, 53, 53 Chambers Charles, W, Head, O, 1500 R, yes, M, W, 77, M 20, No, Yes, born PA, father born CT, mother PA., yes, no occupation

Chambers, Ida J., Wife, H, F, W, 61, M, 17, No, yes, born Ohio, father England, mother Ohio, no occupation. 

Chambers, Ward M, Son, M, W, 47, S, No, Yes, born Nebraska, farther PA, mother OH, no occupation. 

Source: 1930 U.S. Federal Census, State of Nebraska, County of Pawnee, [Clear Creek Twp.], ED#67-3, SD#11, Sht #3A, enumerated April 12, 1930, by Franklin D. Bennett. 

Something very interesting happens in the 1940 census to Ida. She moves to California to live with her son James and his family in Fresno County, California.

Fresno County, California

Fresno County, California

Line 13, 1200, 257, O, 2.5 no, Chambers, James R, Head, M, W, 44, M, No H-3, born Nebraska, Glendale, Los Angeles, Linotype operator, newspaper etc. 

Chambers, Lorena, wife, F, W, 50, M, No, H-4, Nebraska, Glendale, Los Angeles. 

Chambers, Marjorie, Daughter, F, W, 19, S, No C1 Nebraska, Glendale, Los Angeles. 

Chambers, Ida J, Mother, F, W, 83, Wd., Ohio, Table Rock, Pawnee. 

Dodd, Carrie, mother-in-law, F, W, 83, Wd., Iowa, Glendale, Los Angeles.

Source: 1940 U.S. Federal Census, State of California, County of Fresno, Inc. place Kingsbury City, 9th Judicial Twp., SD#9, ED No. 10-126, Sht#11-A, enumerated April 16, 1940, by Clementine Olson. 

It looks like Ida was taken back to Table Rock to be interred with her husband Charles Chambers in the cemetery there. This would need to be confirmed. Apparently Ward Chambers died on June 21, 1938 in Table Rock so with the death of her husband in 1939 she must have decided to head west.  Find A Grave has their graves listed with tombstone photos.

Well, I am much happier with the results of the above information and once I figured out there was a mistake in the census it started to make sense, but, there is so much more work to be done on Lydia and Richard’s family, please check the above for accuracy and be careful of the family trees they are all mixed up because of similar names.  Time is limited and I feel I must move on.


This concludes the posting on the children of John A. Spracklin and Lydia Goss Spracklin.  I refer you to the post “Lydia and John Andews Spracklin’s Family,” dated March 6, 2013 for a summary of their children.

In the next posts I will share what I know about John’s parents, Peter and Elizabeth Spracklin and family, who came from England and settled in Hardin Co., Ohio.

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Drusilla E. Spracklin’s Death and Estate, 1876

Things settled down for Drusilla after 1866, she had custody of her children, the estate of her husband, John A. Spracklin, was finalized and she was receiving his Civil War pension. Drusilla is found living in Mt. Vernon in 1870 with her three children.

Line 18, 273, 258, Spracklin, Ellen, 35 F, all White, Keeps house, $700, $4000, all born Ohio, John E. 13, M, Charles 10, M, George 8, M.

Source: 1870 U.S. Federal Census, Mt. Vernon, Knox Co., Ohio, 5 Ward, enumerated on 3 August, 1870 by Geo. W. Steele. 

So from 1863 to 1875 Drusilla was doing well and able to care for her sons, unfortunately Drusilla E. Spracklin passed away on the 26 of September 1876 in Mt. Vernon. She had lived 13 years beyond the death of her husband John.

She left a will and her two boys Charles and George were placed under a Culbertson’s care because they were still minors.  John C. was old enough now to be on his own.

When I first did this research it was using the films at the Family History Library and now they have the probates for Ohio online at FamilySearch so it is a little different and hard to figure out where the film versions are located in the listing for Knox County, Ohio.  The titles are all alpha and do not list the film number so you have to do some real guessing as to where Family Search has listed it and at the beginning the film number will show up so that can help sometimes.

Here is a summary of her estate papers, first the clerks journal books:

Online at Ohio Probate Records 1789-1996 Knox, Indexes 1808-1928 Vol. 1 (Q-Z) Image 61  of 136.  The film version: Probate Records, Knox Co., Mt. Vernon, Ohio. General Index V. 1 1852-1914 LDS Film Oct. 12, 1875 #1299062.

Online at Ohio Probate Records 1789-1996 Knox, Indexes 1852-1914 Vol. 1, Image 176 of 224. Oct. 27, 1875  Wm. McClelland. 

Journal F 425, Online found proof of will Image 215, Vol. F-G. Journals 1874-1878,  Jrls, FHL#2130106.

Record of Wills, Vol. F page 483 found at Image 286 to 287, Ohio Probate Records 1789-1996, Knox, Wills 1870-1882 vol. F-G, FHL#1294299.

Druscilla's will court version

Drusilla’s will court version and proof

Page 2 of the court version of Drusilla's will

Page 2 of the court version of Drusilla’s will and proof.

Appointment of Executor F 425. The Executor/Admin. was William McClelland, appointed, Oct. 27, 1875. 

Final Settlement H 30. 

This is the packet location not the court clerk books which house the original documents.

Wills: Box 73, File #1136, found under Ohio Probate Records, 1789-1996, Knox, Wills 1870-1877 Box 72 no 911 to Box 73 no. 225 and beyond, Image 1237 to 1242.

Appointments: Box 99, File 1056,

Bonds Box 210, File 4280,

Notice of Appointments, Box 97, file 115,

Inventories: Box 107, File 1962, found under Ohio Probate Records 1789-1996, Knox, Inventories 1873-1878 Box 107-110 into 1921-1380, Image starts 718 end 726 of 3169 – There was not much personal property so they gave $100 in cash for the care of the minor children and paid $550 for the lot?

Final Settlement Box 121, File 3614, is at Family Search Ohio Probate Records 1789-1996, Settlements 1877 Box 120 no 3590 to Box 123 no. 3735 Image 774 to 836 of 3292. There are expenses tickets lots of them, court fees, taxes paid, ads to sell the land, funeral expenses, insurance policy, medical expenses, maybe rent of the house? There is no overall document listing the final distribution in this grouping. 

Affidavit of Jonathan P. Hunt, Death of Drusilla Spracklin, June 15, 1876, Knox Co., Ohio. In this affidavit Mr. Hunt was witness to the death of Drusila E. Spracklin on the 26th day of Sept. 1875. He was an employee of the undertaking firm of McCormack, Willis G. Banning. He was present at her funeral and also took part in transporting her body to the grave yard in Green Valley, Knox Co., Ohio.

When I was looking at Iowa probates and estates in Benton Co., Iowa, I stumbled onto an entry in the probate index. I have not searched for the records in the Iowa Probates but present it here as a possibility for further research.

#3157 Spracklin, Druzilla [E] Estate Vol. 13, page 5, September 11, 1914.

There is another document about the Civil War pension being continued for the care of the two minor children Charles and George.

Affidavit of W.C. Culbertson for Charles and George her sons, 15 June 1876, Mt. Vernon, Ohio.


Affidavit to continue the Civil War pension payments for the minor children of John and Drusilla

Affidavit to continue the Civil War pension payments for the minor children of John and Drusilla

I have not been able to find a tombstone for Drusilla in Green Valley Cemetery. In 2011 when I visited Ohio, I walked the whole cemetery looking for her stone. I studied published cemetery records seeking her name but I was unsuccessful.  The online website at this link has a listing of the tombstones in the cemetery but she is not included.

So this means that her stone never was installed or has disappeared.  I am not aware of any burial records for this cemetery, only cemetery tombstone listings.

I also have not been able to find John A. Spracklin’s burial location in the Vicksburg area of Mississippi where he died from a head wound received in service in the Civil War. If you are a descendant of this family I am willing to share documents just leave a comment and I will find you.

We are now at the end of what I know about John A. Spracklin, the son of John and Lydia Spracklin and his wife Drusilla.  A little about what happened to their children has also been presented in a past post.

I know turn to the last child of John and Lydia Spracklin, their daughter Lydia who cared for her father till his death in 1862 and then migrated to Iowa and Nebraska.

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Drusilla Spracklin and a Guardianship, 1866.

Drusilla Spracklin, wife of John A. Spracklin, was involved with a guardianship in 1866. There is not much information about this guardianship, just a bond being paid. I do not understand why she was compelled to be appointed their guardian but a thorough search of Court records like the Court of Common pleas might be in order to learn more.

Guardians Bond partial

Guardians Bond partial

General Index to Guardians, 1852 to 1922, Knox Co., Ohio, Probate Court.

J.C. Spraklin et al (wards)

D.E. Spracklin guardian

Appointed 25 June 1866

Journal C: 351

Bonds: 1, 417

Bond: $300 dated 25 June 1866

Drusella was appointed guardian to John C., Charles S. and George H. Spracklin, all minors (under 21).

Here is the journal entry in the Probate court books reflecting the information above.

June 25, AD 1866

John C. Spracklin, Charles S.

Spracklin and Geo. H. Spracklin

Guardian Appointed

Court of Probate Knox County, Ohio, June 25, AD 1866. This day the court on motion appointed Drusella E. Spracklin, guardian of John C. Spracklin aged nine years, Charles S. Spracklin aged 6 years and George H. Spracklin aged 4 years, minors heirs at law of John A. Spracklin de’d residents of said county open court entering into bond the sum of Three Hundred Dollars with Clement B. Wolverton and Noah S. Wolverton, who are approved of as bail, whereupon the said Drusilla E. Spracklin appeared in open court, accepted said trust and gave bond as requested by the Court and the law was duly qualified and letters issued to her accordingly.

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