The Scott Family: Two Scott Sisters, Hannah & Olive daughters of Obadiah and Hannah Scott.

The Scott family is old and was part of the founding of Waterbury, Connecticut and more. The lineages of the Scott family and their respective spouses is also old and goes back to England. Other associated surnames are:  Bird, Upson, Fuller, Richards, Barnes, Andrews, Andruss, Warner, Howe, Sutliff, and some others.

We, the Goss family, are lucky because two individuals married into the Goss family, or if you prefer, Goss married into Scott.  Hannah Scott married Nathaniel Goss, brother to Solomon Goss in 1774. Solomon married Olive Scott in 1776. Olive and Hannah were sisters.

Their father Obadiah Scott became a presence in Huntington Twp. in the Wyoming Valley in what is now Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. He arrived there about 1774. I have tried to figure out when Obadiah first appeared in the Wyoming Valley, but the best I can do is the marriage of Hannah, his daughter, to Nathaniel Goss on 10 November 1774. So, for Nathaniel to court Hannah it might be a year earlier that the Obadiah Scott family came to the Wyoming Valley.

Old Waterbury

Source: Map is from Waterbury in the 18th Century

Olive and Hannah’s births:

Hannah Scott:  “Hannah, d. [Obadiah & Hannah]. b. Sept. 28, 1755″ Vol. 1 page 367.

Olive Scott: “Olive, d [Obadiah & Hannah], b. Sept. 23, 1757, Vol. 1 page 386.

Source: The Barbour Collection of Connecticut Town Vital Records, Waterbury 1686-1853, pages 317 and 321, Compiled by Jerri Lynn Burket, General Editor Lorraine Cook White, Genealogical Publishing Company. has a database for this book set. Hathi Trustonline has them but the search is limited. If you are looking for originals, you may have to do some digging.

Another source is “The history of Waterbury, Connecticut; the original township embracing present Watertown and Plymouth, and parts of Oxford, Wolcott, Middlebury, Prospect and Nagatuck. With an appendix of biography, genealogy and statistics, by Henry Bronson, 1858. Page 181, and Appendix Page 527 we have the Scott Family featured, starting with Edmund Scott through to page 532. Online at Internet Archive for viewing.

Starting on page 181 we find descriptions of Thomas Scott and then Edmund Scott, Sen. Edmond had these children: Joseph, Edmund, Samuel, Jonathan, George, David, Robert, Elizabeth and Hannah.

In the Appendix on page 527 at the bottom is David. #5 David, son of Edmund, had: Hannah, Hester, David, Ruth, Martha, Mary, Elizabeth, Stephen and IX Obadiah, b. Dec 4, 1714.

You then go to page 529 and scroll to the bottom and find#18 Obadiah, son of David (5) m. Mary, dau. of John Andruss May 20, 1733, they had: Twins died young, Eliphas, Obadiah b. April 12, 1737, Jesse, Barnabas, Abigail, Margaret, Mary, Elizabeth, Ruth. The Scott family covers pages 527 to 532.

On page 582 under Corrections, this appears: Page 181. Erase the paragraph next after “Scott.” Thomas Scott had an only son, Thomas, and 3 daughters, Mary, Sarah, and Elizabeth. I know not whose son Edmund Scott, Sen. was. 

Edmund Scott marries Hannah Bird Upson and Elizabeth Fuller

David Scott b. ____ marries Sarah Richards

Obadiah Scott b. 1714 marries Mary Andruss/Andrews

Obadiah Scott b. 1737 marries Hannah How/Howe and Charity Barber Sutliff

This is a very simplified tree of the Scott Family from Edmund Scott. There is a lot of iffy information and lack of records that have made it very difficult to put this family together. The source given above by Bronson’s is even in question.

The Town and City of Waterbury, Connecticut, Edited by Joseph Anderson, New Haven, Price & Lee Co. 1896, Several Volume I, Chapter XX page 257 Scott Family (Looks like there are 3 volumes of this book series).  This book has a chapter on the Scott Family with interesting comments. If you do a search you get a lot of hits on Scott.

The Upson Family in America, compiled by the Upson Family Association of America, The Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor Co., New Haven, CT, 1940, pg. 4 for the land agreement of Edmund and Elizabeth.

Edmund’s Parentage

The subject of Edmund’s parentage seems to be a controversial issue.  I was at the Connecticut Historical Society in Hartford visiting several times and found in their stacks and manuscripts binders and files about the Scott family and others. A Mr. Edward R. Smith left a very interesting manuscript dated 1996 (The Family of Edmund Scott – CHS Stacks) and 1988 (A Note on the Ancestry of Thomas Scott to Edmund Scott – CHS Stacks) arguing many issues like Edmund’s birth date, marriages, about the parentage of Edmund and which wife had which children of Edmund’s.

Online today in 2020, I find that this argument is still going on at, Genie and Wiki Family Trees. Everyone seems to have their theory.

  1. Theory 1: Edmund’s parents are Thomas Scott, b. 1595 Rattlesden, Suffolk, England d.  1654 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass Bay Colony and he married Elizabeth Ann Strutt. They married 20 July 1620 in Rattlesden. Their children are all born after the 1620 date with no Edmund Scott listed. (Ancestry, Wiki etc.)
  2. Theory 2: Edmund was the son of Thomas Scott of Hartford (Dr. Bronson’s Book although he denies it in the corrections) The will does not mention an Edmund as a son.
  3. Theory 3: Edmund’s father is Henry Scott b. 1560 and Martha Whatlock b. 1568, married 25 July 1594 in Rattlesden, Suffolk Co., England.  (Wiki Trees)
  4. Theory 4: Edmund’s father is Thomas Scott of Essex, England with Edmund born 1618.
  5. Theory 5: Edmund Scott born in Chigwell, Essex in 1611 the son of Edmund and Mary (Woodall) Scott. (Mr. Smith’s manuscript.)

There might be more theories about Edmund’s parentage, but that is okay. My understanding of English law is that the oldest son inherits the land in England. The younger sons would migrate to find land. Or just migrated for a better life. The scenarios are endless as to Edmund’s origins and how he might connect to Scotts who are living in the colonies at the same time.

If you have a theory please make a comment, but remember the rules are to be nice.  Please give sources, dates and names.

Edmund’s birth date is in question.  Was he born 1622, 1618 or in 1611.

Birth of Edmund Scott

This Farmington record states that he was 60 odd years old in 1671. This means his birth was in 1611.

The next question is, where did Edmund start out. Apparently, he was in Hartford first, then Farmington and later moved to Waterbury. Who were his contemporaries, friends, neighbors and more?

I am not an expert on English research at this time.  I have tried to buff up and take classes and read books, but there is only so much time in a day.

Therefore, I set this all on a back burner to percolate and to review later.

I have a lot of information to cover about Obadiah Scott Senior b. 1737, his life in Huntington Twp., his marriages, land and children.  I will present that first and return to his and Hannah How(e)’s ancestors before I move on to the two remaining children of Philip Goss IV and Mary Kendall: Mary and Ebenezer. Oh, Ebenezer’s wife Bede’s maiden name is Blakeslee who seems to interact with the Scotts.

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Solomon Goss leaves Luzerne County for Ohio 1790 to 1795

Solomon Goss decided to leave the Huntington Valley for the west. We don’t know exactly what he had in mind, but he did find his way to Ohio by 1795. What possesses a man to decide to pack up and leave is difficult to say. Solomon and Olive had a growing family and they needed good land for the sons and daughters. I have shared about the Bounty Land Warrants in the last post and we have learned that he obtained those warrants up to 400 acres in the U.S. Military Lands of Ohio (Mt. Vernon and Knox County, Ohio) and that could have been a motivating factor. It is fun to speculate.

Solomon Goss sells off his land in Huntington Twp., Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania. The first deed we find is a deed to Stephen Harrison, who was a very important person in Huntington Twp., and he married into one of the prominent families – Franklin. See the Michael Shoemaker book page 668, online at Internet archive.

Claimants: Stephen Harrison
Date Acquired: 6/2/1790
Drawer Elisha Richards
Twp. Huntington
Div 1st
Lot 28
Acres 281A 143p* 14A Pitch adj. 27 & 28, proprietors vote to Harrison 7/3/1802
Chain of title: Asael Atherton 6/8/1776, Philip Goss 1/9/1777, Solomon Goss 4/15/1777
Patentee S. Harrison
Source: CTL:41; MEHung:201
Patent Book P60:210
Survey Book 4:62

Deed, Luzerne Co., Deed Book 3, page 407, Solomon Goss to Stephen Harrison 2 June 1790.

Simon Goss to Stephen Harrison))) Know all men by these presents that I Solomon Goss of Huntington in the County of Luzerne in the State of Pennsylvania for and in the Consideration of ninety pounds to me in hand — before the ensealing hereof well and truly paid by Stephen Harrison of said County and State aforesaid. Whereof I do ____acknowledge myself thereof fully satisfied and contented and do by these presents give, grant, bargain, sell and convey and confirm unto him the said Harrison his heirs and assigns forever, One certain tract of land containing about one hundred acres in a place known and called by the name of Huntington on the East Branch of Fishing Creek, One Lot viz. Number twenty eight of the first division. To have and to hold the above bargained premises with all the improvements belonging or in any wise appertaining unto him the said Harrison his heirs and assigns and furthermore the said Goss do warrant and defend the above granted and bargained premises from all claims and demands of all persons except the surveys of Pennsylvania. And I the said (page 408) Goss have good right to bargain and sell the same in manner and form as aforesaid. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this second day of June A.D. 1790.                                Solomon Goss (Seal)

Signed Sealed and delivered in the presence of Jabez Fish, and Christopher Hurlbut

Luzerne Co., ss Solomon Goss personally appeared before me Christopher Hurlbut Esq. One of the Justices of the Court of Common Pleas an acknowledge the above written Instrument to be his free Deed. Witness my hand and seal this second day of June A.D. 1790 (Examd)  Christopher Hurlbut (Seal) Recorded 5 July 1795. 

Solomon Goss left Huntington Twp., Luzerne Co., Ohio about 1792 or thereabouts. This is my best guess as to the time frame for his leaving. Solomon and his family spent a season in West Liberty which is northeast of Wheeling, Virginia or now known as West Virginia.  Wheeling is right on the Ohio River and was a crossroads for pioneers heading west.

Solomon Goss converted from the Congregational Church (First Church of Christ, Becket, Massachusetts) to the Methodist faith when he was enroute to Ohio.

My past post, on this blog, titled: Solomon Goss his ministry...published December 6, 2016, explains the stop in West Liberty and more. Here is a little of what I wrote.

…”In his first tour he (Robert Manley) visited each settlement in the county–found a Presbyterian, a Congregational, and a Baptist minister; but many new and small, but growing neighbourhoods, were totally destitute of all sanctuary opportunities. In the most of those settlements, he found open doors for his reception. He also found Solomon Goss, and two members of his family, who had experienced the blessed effects of Methodism in their own hearts. This family, when on their way from the east to Ohio, stopped a season in West Liberty, where they were awakened and converted to God by the instrumentality of T. Fleming. If others opened their doors through vain curiosity, to hear what the babbler could say, this family opened theirs from the noblest and best feelings of their hearts. As their attachments to the church were early in their beginning, so they have been deep and constant to the present time…”

Source: Methodist Magazine and Quarterly Review, Vol. XII. New Series, Vol. 1, 1830 Article title: Methodism in Washington Co., Ohio, by the Rev. Samuel Hamilton, J. Emory & B. Waugh, J. Collard, Printer, 1830. Chapter XXIV, pg. 407 (404 to 411). Copy available at Google Books.

In 1795 Solomon and Olive sell more of their land in Huntington Twp. to Obadiah Scott Jr., brother to Olive.

I have found a better copy of this deed and was able to clean it up and read it better. This is a court clerk copy, but it is still amazing to see that Olive was involved.  We also have witnesses we know, Jesse Scott, another brother to Olive, and their daughter Elizabeth Gofs.

Deed Bk 4 pg 166 Solomon Goss & Olive to Ob. Scott Jr. 1795 new and improved deed copy.

Solomon Gofs To Obadiah Scott Junr.))) To all people to whom these presents may come Greeting know ye that I Solomon Gofs of the County of Hambleton State of Miamy for good reason and for the consideration of twenty two pounds two half pence (added) Lawful money of Pennsylvania have remised released and  do forever Quit Claim and by those presents do for myself and my heirs fully clearly and absolutely quit claim unto Obadiah Scott Junr of the Town of Huntington County of Luzerne State of Pennsylvania his heirs assigns forever such lands namely No. [29] of second division and Number of 4 of 3rd Division originating from No. 28 of first division. To have and to hold the said Obadiah Scott Jr. his heirs and assigns To have and to hold forever. In Witnefs whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal the thirteenth day of November  one thousand seven hundred and ninety five.           

Signed Solomon Gofs and Olive X Gofs (her mark) Seal. Hamilton ss

In the presence of Jesse Scott and Elizabeth Gofs

Before me Aron Cadwell one of the Justices of the Court of Common Pleas in the said County came personally the within named Solomon Gofs and acknowledged the within Instrument of writing to be his hand and seal his act and Deed for the use and purposes therein mentioned acknowledged before me the 16th day of Nov. 1795, Recorded Apl. 5, 1796.  Exam’d Aron Cadwell.

Source: Deed Book #4, Luzerne Co., Courthouse, Wilkes Barre, PA. (There is no Hamilton Co. in Pennsylvania). Hamilton is the 2nd county to be erected in Ohio in the old Northwest Territory (Jan. 2, 1790.) Solomon was living in what we know as Cincinnati, it was pretty rough back then.

We know from this that in 1795 Olive is alive and we also know that daughter Elizabeth is of age to witness a deed.   I am pondering Jesse’s involvement. It looks like he went with them? to Cincinnati? He must have returned to Pennsylvania?

From these two deeds we know the lands that Solomon Goss and Olive owned in Luzerne County. Lots #29 2nd Division #151, #28 1st Division #119, #4 of 3rd Division #136.  Let’s see if we can find them on the Warrant Map for Huntington Twp.

This is part of the Warrant map from the Pennsylvania Archive website. It is the southeast part of Huntington Twp. If you look for the #151 for instance, you will find one of the lots. Be advised this map was done much later so if you go to the website you will find other names on these lots like Stephen Harrison, Obadiah Scott Jr., and Reuben Culver. Solomon Goss left a good 10 years before they started to settle the claims in Luzerne Co.

Solomon Goss’ land in Huntington #119, #151 and #136

Well I find that these lots of Solomon’s were scattered about and this might be another another reason he left.  I am not a farmer, but I would think it would be difficult to manage his farming practices.

This notation about letters at the post office, places Solomon Goss in September 12, 1795 in Cincinnati:

Solomon Goss: “A list of letters left.” at the post office in Cincinnati along with many others individuals. Saturday 12, September 1795.

Source: Pioneer Ohio Newspapers, 1793-1810 Genealogical and Historical Abstracts, the Centinel of the Northwestern Territory, Nov. 1793 to June 1796, The Frontier Press, 1986 by Karen Mauer Green. This was in the Sentinel of the North-Western Territory page 15, Volume II, Number 95, Saturday 12, September 1795.

Solomon Goss went to Cincinnati in order to make his way up the Miami River with the Colonel Newcomb Party which is the area now known as Dayton, Ohio. In a past post I wrote about his involvement in the settlement of Dayton, Ohio. That post is titled: Solomon Goss’s role in the settlement of Dayton, Ohio, published January 29, 2017.

Unfortunately, there was another big land mess and things didn’t work out. Solomon Goss and family then made their way to Marietta, Washington County, Ohio, by and probably before 17 May 1798, when their daughter Elizabeth married Andrew Lake. They remained in Washington County till their deaths, later settling on land in Fearing Twp.

Summary:  I have come full circle with Solomon Goss and Olive (Scott) Goss’s lives and history. For a list of the posts written about Solomon Goss, Olive and their family go to the top of this blog and the drop down menus to this page, there is also a page for the children separate from the parents:

Now it is time to untangle the Scott family of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania and see what I can figure out. I think it is fitting to end the posts of Solomon Goss with a deed of land to his brother-in-law Obadiah Scott Jr. Eventually, they would reunite in Washington Co., Ohio when Obadiah Scott Jr. migrated to Ohio.

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Solomon Goss and Bounty Land Warrants 1790 and later 1800…

When I was touring in Pennsylvania back in 2008, I visited the David Library of the American Revolution. It was located north of Philadelphia near Washington’s Crossing. They will be moving to Philadelphia in 2020.  This is good news for researchers. They are an amazing archive.

While visiting them, I learned of a series of books about Bounty Land Warrants. The source is called:

The Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files, Abstracted by Virgil D. White.  Vol. IV Index.  Four Volumes Vol. I A-E, II F-M, III N-Z

Now, you can find these books in any large library or research archive. Learning about them and finding them at the David Library was just one of those happy discoveries. FamilySearch, Ancestry and Fold3 have parts of these records.

Bounty Land revealed that a Solomon Goss was involved with U.S. War Bounty Land Warrants, 1789-1858 (under Gass). Dated 20 July 1790. There are 5 listed for Solomon Goss.

Army Land Warrants

The interesting fact is that the name Zacchius Biggs is listed on the left with a date of 1800 February 24.  Does the name Biggs mean anything? Well it means a lot. Solomon Goss bought land from him in 1802 that was located in Knox County, Ohio and deeded it to his children in 1815. You can find those deeds for 1815 in past posts about his children: Elizabeth, Noah, Mary, Solomon Jr., Daniel, Levi, and Lydia (my ancestor). When I was visiting Mt. Vernon on one of my trips to Ohio, I stumbled on these deeds in the books. If I had not gone to Ohio, I might not have found them?

This deed was different, it is the source deed where Solomon buys the land from Mr. Biggs.

Zacch* Biggs) Deed)

Sol. Gofs) 

Know all men by these presents that I Zaccheus Biggs of Jefferson County in the Northwest Territory, Esquire. For and in consideration of the sum of Four hundred and fifty dollars to me paid in hand before the ensealing hereof, by Solomon Gofs of the County of Washington in said Territory, husbandmen, the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge and myself therewith contented and satisfied, I do hereby give grant bargain sell and convey unto the said Solomon Gofs his heirs and asfsigns forever a certain tract or parcel of land lying and situate in the County of Fairfield in the Territory aforesaid containing four hundred and Fifty acres, bounded and butted as follows viz:  beginning at a post at the Northeast corner of Section Number Two in the Sixth Township of the Fourtheenth range of the United States, Military Lands ___ called, thence [west ] Seventy two chains [courfing a small branch of Owl Creek  thirty Links upside of a post, thence south sixty two chains & thirty links to a post Thence east Seventy two chains to a post thence North Sixty ___ chains __________to place of beginning.  To have and to hold the gr____and bargain premises with the privileges and appurtenances thereof to him the said Solomon Gofs, his heirs and asfigns forever as of Fee Simple and ____ said Zaccheus Biggs _____any heirs, executors and administrators.  Covenant with the said Solomon Gofs his heirs and asfigns that I ____lawfully Seized is fee of the premises that they are free from all impediments _____ that I will so warrant and _____the same.  To the said Solomon Gofs his heirs and and asfigns forever, against the lawful claims and _______of all persons claiming __________________.

In witnefs whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal the 28th day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & two.  Signed and sealed by Zac’hs Biggs

Singed Sealed & delivered in the present of ___Rufus Putnam and So____Putnam

Washington County __ Personally appeared this twenty eight day of July, Eighteen hundred & two Z___ Biggs signer and sealer to the witnessed Instrument and acknowledged it to be his act & deed Before me.

____Rufus Putnam Justice of the Peace.

412 Washington County __ January 15, 1803 __________is a true copy and text Dudley Headbridge Rec’d

Source: Washington County Deeds, Volume 8, pages 1-259, page 18 and 19. These deeds are in the possession of the Washington County Historical Society in Marietta in their back room and are taken from the books on their shelves. It is a great archive to visit if you can.  Don’t be thrown by the mention of Fairfield County things were changing rapidly back in the early 1800’s for Ohio and Knox Co. came out of that county in 1808.

So the Bounty Land Warrants of Solomon Goss where the beginning of that transaction that helped his children.

At the front of the following is a National Archives Microfilm page with US Revolutionary War Bounty Land Warrants used in the US Military District of Ohio and Related Papers (Acts of 1788, 1803, 1806) War Office Destroyed Nov. 8, 1800 to 1801.

Army Warrant Indexes

Solomon Gofs reads: Regulary Army Lands

#5365 Acres 100 #328 Ohio – Benajah Abro, Private, Connecticut

#5617 Acres 100 #328 Ohio – John Coon, Private, Connecticut

#6251 Acres 100 #328 Ohio – Amos Ormsby, Private, Connecticut

#5840 Acres 100 #328 Ohio – George Griswold, Private Connecticut

#6568 Acres 100 #328 Ohio William Tupper, Quartermaster Sergeant, Connecticut.

Source: US War Bounty Land Warrants, 1789-1858 for Solomon Goss – Indexes and Registers to the Revolutionary War Military Bounty Land Warrants 1788-1848,

I found these at Footnote now called Fold3: It gives the date of Feb. 20, 1790 and reads  “issued to Solomon Goss.” Notice that the number is #5840 which corresponds to one of the numbers listed above in the list.  There are more of these cards for each of the numbers above with the names as I have indicated.

I am wondering if I will find anything in this series of files:  M829, U.S. Revolutionary War Bounty-Land Warrants Used in the U.S. Military District of Ohio and Related Papers (Acts of 1788, 1803, and 1806), 1788–1806. 16 rolls. DP. Arranged numerically
by warrant number. Roll 1 contains indexes and registers.  There is a National Archives Branch here in Seattle? If I learn more I will come back and share it.

How Solomon Goss obtained these warrants is interesting. Did he buy them from the soldiers? I have been working on this whole subject of the land that Solomon Goss bought his children in Knox Co., Ohio for years. It is good to know that it is him on these bounty land warrants and that makes me very happy to see how this all connects together.

Be advised that this is not the land Solomon Goss lived on in Fearing Twp., that is a whole other story that I have shared in past posts on this blog.

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