A Summary of Solomon Goss’s Death, Burial and Estate – 1825

In past posts on this blog, I have written about the death, burial and will of Solomon Goss. Solomon Goss died 1 July, 1825 in Fearing Twp., Washington Co., Ohio.

In my post dated 2 December, 2012 – The Will of Solomon Goss 1810! I shared a copy of Solomon Goss’s will and discussed his estate.  I will not repeat that here.  You can review the post by clicking the title of the blog post.I will state that the will was the only piece of the estate of Solomon Goss that survived.  No other papers are listed in the probate index. The court clerk’s written version survives.  The original will is missing from the files at the Washington County Historical Society where the county donated the court records.  It was not the Historical Societies fault, the will was removed in 1992 and note was left.

If you know what happened to the original will please get it returned to the Washington County Historical Society.  DO NOT REMOVE ORIGINAL RECORDS!

I followed that post about the will with a series of other posts that cover my search for the burial location of Solomon Goss and his wife Olive (Scott) Goss.

Fearing Twp. Cemeteries

Fearing Twp. Cemeteries

I started with the post: In Search of the final resting place of Solomon Goss & Olive Scott Goss, December 23, 2012.

  1.  I visited Mound and Oak Grove Cemeteries in Marietta and wrote posts about these cemeteries and the publications that have been written about the early condition of the cemeteries in Marietta and Washington Co. They have pioneer monuments and Revolutionary war acknowledgements in these two cemeteries.
  2. I followed that with a visit to Harmar Cemetery, one of the oldest cemeteries.
  3. I even went to Waterford Cemetery to see if they might have been buried there and also to try to find Obadiah Scott Jr. tombstone brother to Olive Scott Goss.  I did not.
  4. When seeking the burial of Elizabeth Lake and Andrews, I studied the publications and visited the Rainbow Cemetery as well.  The Lake family is there and their tombstone is still existing.  Other Goss tombstones are not to be found.
  5. Rockland Cemetery in Belpre – Daniel Goss is buried there.
  6. Not only did I visit various cemeteries in Washington County on my trip in 2012, but I also did an extensive cemetery publication searches through as many cemetery books I could get my hands on seeking Goss and other surnames for Washington County, Ohio. The cemeteries in Fearing Twp. were established later than 1825.
  7. I also checked the Tallow Light a publication of the Washington County Historical Society in which cemetery records are published.  I have shared copies of that search on this blog.  I also searched their records.
  8. I visited archives in Washington County, Ohio personally and the Annex of the Genealogical Library in Marietta. I searched their records, maps and more.
  9. I also used online resources like Interment, Find A Grave and more.
  10. The owner of the land in Fearing Twp. denied any knowledge of graves on his land and stated he had been their 80 years. This was back in 2011 when I visited the area.  This places the purchase of the land in about 1932 by his parents.  This leaves 107 years from 1825 in which a grave or graves can disappear. Who owned the land during that time one might be able to follow that by looking at the tract books in the courthouse and then seeking deeds.

NOTE:  The posts I wrote about this cemetery search on this blog are pretty detailed and I suggest you seek them out and review them carefully.

I am sad to report that I was unable to find any trace of Solomon Goss, Olive, David and their burial location.  I was also not able to find Obadiah’s Scott Jr. tombstone in Waterford Cemetery, although the publication of tombstone readings stated he was buried there.

Much to my surprise Paul H. Goss also visited the area many years before and he writes that he was very disappointed in not finding the tombstones of Solomon and others.

Source: Paul H. Goss writes to his cousin Ruby Gearhart 15 August, 1941. She is living in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania.  This letter was written 70 years ago.  I visited Marietta in September of 2011.

Marietta has the most ancient and best preserved records in the State of Ohio and being the beginning of that State is a good place to go to get source materials.  My only regret was that I did not have further time.  I have some new materials for you bearing on the SCOTT FAMILY and the SOLOMON GOSS FAMILY. I came away however greatly disappointed though because I did not locate the graves of SOLOMON & OLIVE (SCOTT) GOSS, nor of OBADIAH , Jr and descendants.  I spent the entire afternoon and evening and days were yet long searching and there are no end of graveyards.  All the old one’s around STANLEYVILLE of FEARING TOWNSHIP, Town of Fearing became STANLEYVILLE, Whipple and Lower Salem, and then up at WATERFORD and the “OLD WHITE CEMETERY”, down where the oldest mill originally stood, but none of our immediate SCOTTS, yet I know they were there because of the old land records in the County Court House at Marietta so indicate, giving the location (letter stops….)

These cemeteries he mentions in Fearing Twp. – Stanleyville etc. were established after Solomon Goss death.  Unfortunately Paul does not give details that could be helpful.  I was not aware of a mill.  Unfortunately I only have a portion of this letter and will have to try to obtain a full copy.

For information about Paul H. Goss, go to the top of this blog and seek out his biography that I have written–hover your mouse they are drop down.  His research is vital in our Goss Family History.

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Finding Land in Fearing Twp. 1803 to 1832: Still on the trail of Solomon Goss…

We know that Solomon Goss was listed as being in Marietta Township in 1800 per the Northwest Territorial census. We also know that he eventually settled on land in Fearing Twp. and was there by at least 1810.

I tried to find a deed in the deed index in the Washington County Courthouse showing Solomon Goss buying land in Fearing Twp.  I did not find anything for him except the purchase of the land in Knox Co., Ohio from Zacheus Biggs.  If you see a notation that Solomon purchased land in Ross County, well, Knox was carved out of Ross.  The land in Knox County, Ohio is the land that Solomon Goss sold in deeds to his children in 1815.  I have thoroughly discussed this land purchase on this blog in several published posts.  This is the land that his daughter Lydia Goss and her husband John A. Spracklin settled on.

I did find a deed of Ichabod Nye selling land to Solomon Goss in 1803.  Mr. Nye was an original proprietor of land in the Ohio Land Company, this is Section 18 of the third in the 8th Range, not the land we are looking for but still very interesting.

12 Ichabod Nye Deed to Solomon Goss: This Indenture made the 8th day of March in the year of our Lord One Thousand eight hundred and three between Ichabod Nye of Marietta in the County of Washington, State of Ohio, gentlemen and Minerva Nye, wife to the said Ichabod Nye of the one fact, and Solomon Goss of Adams in said County of Washington, yeoman of the other fact.  Witnessth, that the said Ichabod & Minerva Nye for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred dollars to as in hand paid, the receipt which is hereby acknowledged have granted, bargained, sold, assigned referred to and _______  by then presence do grant, bargain, sell and alien _________& confirm unto the said Solomon Goss a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the County of Washington aforesaid and in the township of Salem. ____________Ichabod as follows ___ lying in Section number eighteen of the Third in the Eighth Range, beginning at the NW corner at a stake where a hickory eight inches diameter bears ______one No. fifteen lks ____a Beech 8 inches diameter bearing S 78 and 33 lks, Thence running south 25 chains to a stake where a Beech sixteen inches diameter bears S eighty W forty two links and a Sugar Tree twenty inches diameter bears A Thirty W twenty-two links, thence running East forty chains to a stake where a White Oak fifteen inches diameter bears S thirty one E five links and a Dogwood Sapling five inches in diameters bears N thirty __________, thence  running North 25 chains to a stake where a White Oak thirteen inches in diameter bears ___ Thirty seven E. Six links ___a hickory five inches diameter bears S Forty five W twenty five links, thence running West to the place of beginning is lot number 82 ________________containing one hundred acres together with all ______ hereunto belonging or in any ways ____ containing all appurtenances.

To have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land with all its appurtenances unto the said Solomon Goss his heirs and assigns forever _____the said Ichabod and Minerva Nye for ________do convenient that they will forever _______________said tract ____________said Solomon Goss ___________.

In witness whereof the said Ichabod & Minerva Nye have herewith ______________

Signed by Ichabod Nye and Minerva Nye

The booklet: A Listing of Entrymen on Lands in Washington Co., Ohio, FHL Book #977.198 R2K.  This booklet lists the original entrymen and on page 74 we find a Moses Williamson listed for: Duck Cr. Allotment, 100 acres, Range DL, Township DC Section number #82 Portion/Location: Donation Lands. 

The librarian at the Special Collections at the Marietta College, found the following Allotment for Moses Williamson in the records book that are housed in their Ohio Company Collection.

Special Collections at the Marietta College in Marietta, Ohio

Special Collections at the Marietta College in Marietta, Ohio

No. 2 100 acres – Granted to Moses Williamson March 21, 1794 – Lying in the Mile Lot No. 107 in the third Township and Eighth Range surveyed agreeably to the Ordinance of Congress of the Twentieth of  May 1785. Beginning at the northwest corner at a stake whence a Hickory 8 inch diam. bears S41 Degrees W 15 links and a Beech 8 inch diam S20 Degrees E 33 links & thence ______South 25 chains to a stake whence a Beech 16 inch diam ________S 80 Degrees W 42 Lks. and a Sugar Tree 20 inch diam N 30 degrees W 22 lks. Thence running East 40 chains to a stake whence a White Oak 15 inches diam bears S31 degrees E 5 lks and a Dogwood sapling 5 inch diam N 30 degrees W 7 lks. Thence running North 25 chains to a stake whence a White Oak 10 inches diam N37 Degrees E 6 links and a Hickory 10 inches diam S45 degrees W 22 links. Thence running West 40 Chains to the place of beginning and is No. 072 in the plan of Survey bounded North on Lot N0. 70 South on 076 East on & West 113 on No. 071.

Marietta Special Collections, Allotments

Marietta Special Collections, Allotments

Source: Description of Allotments (Ohio Company Records), Moses Williamson, March 2, 1794, Special Collection, Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio. Transcribed as best a possible, was difficult to read.

The above information regarding Moses Williamson is a bit confusing and does not mention Lot #82.

The Washington County Historical Society has in its collection a great many court documents.  I found a very interesting court case that took place in 1803 in which Solomon Goss was involved.  It looks like Solomon Goss obtained land by an ejectment suit that took place.  The documents were very difficult to read, being faded and stained, but here is what I could make out:

Geoffry Goodtitle on the Demise of Richards & wife, Vs. Solomon Goss, Joel Bowen and Ichabod Nye —-Declaration of Ejectment — State of Ohio, Washington County, Court of Common Pleas – Dec Term 1803 – Solomon Goss, Joel Bowen & Ichabod Nye.

Ejectment Suit

Ejectment Suit

Geoffrey Goodtitle complains of  X X X is custody VC; For that whereas on the first day of January anno domini, one thousand eight hundred and three. At the County of Washington aforesaid Thomas Richards and Nancy Richards, his wife, which said Nancy is heir-at-law of Moses Williamson deceased had demised granted and to farm let to the said Geoffrey Goodtitle a certain Lott or message of land containing six acres of arable land and ninety four acres of wood land situate lying and being in the County of Washington aforesaid in mile Lott number eighteen in the third Township, and eight range. Surveyed agreeable to ordinance of Congress of the twentieth of May One Thousand Seven hundred and Eighty five and which is numbered eighty two on the plan of survey, to have and to hold the said premises with the appurtenances from the said first day of January in the year aforesaid for and unto the full end and term of five years then next ensuing and fully to be complete and ended by virtue of which said Demise he the said Geoffrey Goodtitle entered into the said premises and was ______________there of until the said Solomon Goss, Joel Bowen & Ichabod Nye afterwards to wit on the first day of April in the year aforesaid with force and arms entered the premises aforesaid with the appurtenances in the possession of Geoffrey Goodtitle so ejected drove out and removed the said Geoffrey Goodtitle from his said farm his said term herein being not yet ended; and him the said Geoffrey Goodtitle so ejected drove out and amoved, hath kept out, and still does keep from his possession thereof and other __________to him then and there did against the peace of the State and to the damage of the land Geoffrey Goodtitle of one hundred dollars and thereupon be brings suit etc. Pledges _______John Jacobson and Samuel ______________ Edward W. Cupper, Clerk 

To Solomon Goss 

Sir – I am informed that you are in possession or claim title to the premises in this declaration ejectment mentioned on the same part thereof and I being sued in this action as a casual ejection and having no claim on title to the said premises do advise you to appear on the first day of the next December Term at the Court of Common Pleas for Washington County at Marietta by ___attorney of that court or in your own proper person and then and there by ____of the same Court cause yourself to be made defendant in my stead otherwise I shall suffer judgement to ___against me by and you will be termed out of possession. Your loving Friend Dick Democrat. 1st day of October 1803.  

Apparently the case went to the Supreme Court for ruling:

Washington Supreme Court Aug Term 1804, Geoffrey Goodtitle vs. Gofs and Bowen. In the case the Jury find that the defendants are not guilty in manner & form as the Plaintiff in his declaration hath alledged & therefore find for them defendants th___ costs. John _____Foreman. 

Filled in form:  Another Goss and Bowen are not guilty and put themselves on their Country for Trial…..

Very badly faded and stained document – Geoffrey Goodtitle — Solomon Goss Joe Bowen are written on it.  To hard to figure out what it says.

Source: Geoffrey Goodtitle vs. Gofs, Bowen and Nye – Box 27 Court Documents 6125 to 6377 – 6322, and 6327, Washington County Historical Society, Marietta, Ohio.

As far as I can tell an ejectment was done when the person failed to improve the land they were on within a period of time like 5 years was the usual amount of time.

Very interesting developments don’t you think?  Still have not figured out how Solomon Goss obtained title to Lot 82.  Well we can see that a lot more research would need to be done.  There are many puzzles here to try to find out the full story.  A return to the deed records and court records would be in order. Maybe a little photo manipulation is in order to see if I can’t make out more in the documents I had found.  Some of the names could be searched for more information on the nams such as Ichabod Nye, who shows up in the listings for the original proprietors in the Ohio Co. and the Richards mentioned above. Who is Democrat and Goodtitle? Probate records might be of value. Studying Moses Williamson who was very busy in the area buying land.  I can see that this requires a great deal more research than I have time for at this time.  

We do know that Solomon Goss has the land in Fearing Twp. based on the deed of his son Solomon Goss Jr. who sold that land in 1832.  Perhaps someday I will revisit this and see if I can’t figure out more.  We also know about the Knox Co., Ohio land which in the long run is the most important because it shows Solomon’s relationships to his children.  We also have his will which also explains his wishes and his children and his land.  I think we are good.  

It is time to move on and seek out other details of Solomon’s life.

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Finding the Land in Fearing Twp. 1803 to 1832 for Solomon Goss…

Trying to pin down your ancestors land in Ohio is not an easy task.  I attended a lecture on land years ago at the Seattle Genealogical Society and the instructor declined to discuss Ohio because it was very complicated.

Ohio was the first state to move to the Federal Land system.  So your first step is to identify whether the land was Federal or State land. In this case, Ohio is Federal, however, before all that happened there were State land states laying claim to land, Revolutionary War soldiers claims and various Companies/Individuals that took over control of the land sales in the State of Ohio. See the Map below that shows Ohio all divided up, it is not detailed as you will need but it is a start.

When I was discussing Solomon Goss (Jr.) and Polly Devol Goss’s migration to Hardin County in the posts I have written on the son on this blog, I mentioned that Solomon, the son, sold the land he inherited from his father’s will.  He sold this land in 1832 in Fearing Twp. and migrated to Hardin Co., Ohio.

Here is the deed of that sale:

Solomon Goss & [wife]  Deed to To John Leedham )        

This Indenture made the 4th day of April in the Year   of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty two between Solomon Goss of Fearing Township, in the county of Washington and State of Ohio, and Mary C. Goss, wife to the said Solomon Goss of the one part, and John Leedham of township, County and State aforesaid of the other part Withnefsth.  That we the said Solomon and Mary C. Gofs, fore and in consideration of the sum of five hundred dollars to us in hand paid, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, have granted, bargained, sold, alien, _____and confirmed, and by these presents do grant, bargain, sell, alien, ______and confirm to the said John Leedham are certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the County of Washington aforesaid and in the township of Fearing, butted and bounded as follows, viz., lying in section number eighteen of the third township and eighth range, beginning at the Northwest corner at a stake were a hickory 8 inches in diameter bears S 41o W 15 lks. and a bush 8 inches diameter bears S 28 o  E 33 links, thence running south twenty five chains to a stake where a beach 16 inches diameter bears S 80 o W forty two links and a Suzan tree 20 inches diameter bears N 30 o  W twenty-two links, thence running East forty chains to where a White Oak 15 inches diameter bears S 31 o  E five links, and a dog wood Saphlen 5 inches diameter bears N 30 o W 7 links, thence running north twenty-five chains to a stake where a white oak bears N 37 o E six links and a hickory 10 inches diameter bears S 44 o  W 22 lks., thence running west to the place of beginning, and is lot No. 82 in the plan of survey, containing one hundred acres: and is the same land bequeathed to the aforesaid Solomon Gofs by the last will and testament of Solomon Gofs, his father, which will and testament bears date in the year of our Lord of one thousand eight hundred and ten, twenty-sixth day of March.  Together with all profits and commodities, hereto belonging and in any wise appurtaining and with all its appurtenances:  To have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land with all its appurtenances unto unto the said John Leedham, his heirs and assigns forever, and we Solomon Gofs and Mary C. Gofs, for ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators do covenant that they will forever warrant and defend the said trait or parcel of land unto the said John Leedham his heirs and assigns.  In witnesfs whereof, we the said Solomon Gofs and Mary C. have hereunto set our hands and affixed our seals the day and year first above written.

Signed, sealed and delivered                                                  Solomon Goss (LS)

In presence of                                                                             Mary C. Gofs (LS)

Robert Legat, Randolph Fearing

State of Ohio              )  Before me the subscriber a Justice of the peace

Washington County    )  in and for said County personally appeared Solomon Gofs

and acknowledge the signing (LS) to be his free and voluntary act and deed.  Also Mary C. Gofs, who being examined separate from her said husband, and being by me made acquainted of the contents acknowledges that she signed the same of her own will and accord without any fear or coertion of her said husband, and by pursonal knowledge I am satisfied that Solomon Gofs and Mary his wife are the pursons set forth in said deed.  Given under my hand and seal this 16 day of April 1832, Robert Leget Justice Peace

State of Ohio              )           Marietta April 20th Anno Domina 1832

Washington County    )           the foregoing is a true record from the original

                                                                        [Attest], Dale H. Buell, Recording

Source: Recorder of Deeds, Washington County, Ohio, Grantor Solomon Goss and wife Mary C. Goss to John Leedham 4th April, 1832, FHL#941411, Vol. 22, page 324. 

This deed is also featured in the book: The Leedham Letters, written by John Leedham from Washington Co., Ohio in 1818 to 1838 page 75 to 77, compiled and transcribed by Marilyn Handell Horton, a copy at the Special Collections, Marietta College. 

Leedham Letters Book

I took the description of the land of Solomon Goss as written up in the above deed and using the information in that and other information I was able to pin down where in the township of Fearing his land was to be found.  I also had other help from a man of the Marietta, Ohio Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution. He paved the way for me by find a copy of the deed and contacted the owner in 2011.

In 1832, Washington County, Ohio was pretty much established in its present borders but it did under go some township changes to get where it is today.  You might want to review my post on an overview of Washington county just to get and idea of what was happening. It is a couple of posts back from the date of this post.

Current Washington County map

Current Washington County map

So Fearing Township is north of Marietta Township and sort of in the middle of the county. (Click on the map above with your mouse, right-click and make a choice just be careful when you close the window that you return to this blog.)

Washington County was pretty much dominated by the Ohio Land Company. You can see by this map that they had a big chuck in the southeastern part of Ohio.  Open the map up to get a view and see just how carved up Ohio was.  It was the first state where the federal lands were established.

Ohio Land Company

The dividing up of Ohio – Ohio Land Company in Southeastern Ohio, among other divisions.

There is a booklet: Donation Lands in the Ohio Company Purchase, Settlers Receiving allotments in the Donation Tract as Listed in the Ohio Company Records, Dawes Memorial Library, Marietta College, Transcribed by Gena Bucher. It has a list of the first proprietors which you can search at their online Marietta College Special Collection. It also has maps which attempt to explain this very confusing land settlement.

Land in Washington County

Land in Washington County

Source:  Washington County, Ohio Map, Seven Ranges Survey, Congressional Lands, Ohio River Survey, Congressional Lands, Donation Tract of April 21, 1792, by L. R. Kocher, Woolkoch Publishing. These are a series of land survey maps with ranges and townships and more detail that you could purchase for individual counties unfortunately it looks like it has closed for I cannot get a fix on it online.

In the above map photo you can see that there are all these squares with numbers in Twp. 3. but in the northern part there are diagonal lines these represent the Donation Tract.

The Donation Trace in Washington Co., Ohio - Washington Co. Gen. Society

The Donation Trace in Washington Co., Ohio – Washington Co. Gen. Society

You can find this map at the Washington County Genealogical Society website but beware some of the links are broken.  You can do searches. You can also find information at the Marietta College Special Collections website.

The 1875 Atlas of Washington County, features a good version of Fearing Township. http://www.historicmapworks.com/Atlas/US/7575/Washington+County+1875/ You might find this atlas in a large library with a good genealogical selection.  Look for lot 82.

Fearing Twp 1875 a partial of the northern section.

Fearing Twp 1875 a partial of the northern section

Allotment map Fearing Twp - Marietta College Special Collections

Allotment map Fearing Twp – Marietta College Special Collections – an older map

To get to Lot 82 in Fearing Twp. you will drive the highway almost to the town of Whipple, and then turn right onto Whipple Road. (Because is it private land you will need to ask me for more details to the land.) You will go off the highway onto black top or gravel roads. Some of the roads are rutted and the area is hilly so be ready and careful.


I visited with the owner back in 2011 and he was thinking of selling. He had been on the land about 80 years  along with his parents. He had a dairy farm for years but now was raising cattle.  He had lost his wife several years past. His children had land around him.  I did call him before I visited.


dsc01520 dsc01521 dsc01524dsc01677dsc01679dsc01528

The problem is, I cannot find a deed showing Solomon Goss’s purchase of this land.  I have found bits and pieces and will share those with you in the next post.  Again if you want more information and would like to visit the land of Solomon Goss, please leave a comment and I will find you.

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