Welcome to this blog about my 4th great-grandfather Solomon Goss.

Solomon was born near Granville, Massachusetts on June 16, 1754.  He died in Fearing Township, Washington County, Ohio on July 1, 1825.  This blog will cover his ancestors and his descendants.

Granville Town Circle and Public Library 2011

I have been studying and researching Solomon his descendants and ancestors for over 12 years.  That may not seem like a lot, but I have worked on this almost every day during that 10 years.  I left my job at the end of 2000 and recently officially retired.  It has been an intense 12 years.

As you known genealogy is a never-ending quest and one is never done.  You finally find that one clue and it answers some questions and then opens up a whole set of new ones.  So I will do my best to share what I do know and what I don’t know and hopefully it will open a door for someone else.

Solomon Goss is a pivotal ancestor.  By that I mean, if he had not come from Pennsylvania to Ohio my family lines might have been very different.  He left his family and friends in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.  His mother and father were Philip Goss and Mary Kendall Goss.  Mary is buried in the Scott/Waterton Cemetery in Huntington Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.  Philip’s parents were Philip and Keziah Cooley Goss and they lived in Brookfield, Massachusetts.  Going back another generation we have Capt. Philip and Judith Hayward Goss who are buried in the Old Indian Cemetery in West Brookfield, Massachusetts.  The next generation back is Philip Goss of Roxbury and Lancaster who married first Hannah Hopkins and second Mary Prescott.

I visited in April 2011 the towns and the cemeteries where Solomon’s ancestor lived and died and wrote about that in my Massachusetts Meanderings and More blog at:


Moved to WordPress:  massmeanderings.wordpress.com

Solomon and Olive (Scott) Goss had eight children of which their youngest daughter Lydia married John Andrews Spracklin.  They moved up to Knox County, Ohio and lived on land that her father deeded to her in 1815.

John and Lydia had Daniel, along with 8 other children, and Daniel married Elizabeth Keller whose parents were John Keller and Mary Anne Delano.

We now have a Spracklin marrying into the Goss family and a son of a Spracklin marrying into the Keller and Delano family.  The Goss and Delano families go back to the American Revolution and to Mayflower.  Keller is still a mystery and hopefully one day John’s parents will be discovered.

Daniel D. Spracklin and Elizabeth Keller had four children and their youngest daughter Amarilla is my great-grandmother.  Amarilla’s life is being featured in my blog:  The Barclay’s of Pine River, The Life of George and Amarilla Barclay:


There will be some cross posting and a little duplication with my other blogs but I have decided that it works better if I separate out the different family grouping and target them in separate blogs. It makes more sense to me.

Where is Fearing Township?  It is in Washington County, Ohio.  It is north of  Marietta which is located on the Ohio river in the southeastern part of Ohio on the border with West Virginia.   I turn to Wikipedia for a little help in defining this township:


This blog will be a big undertaking and hopefully I will be able to do justice to the families of  Goss, Spracklin, Keller and Delano.

Come join me!

Hint: Please understand when using a source like Wikipedia, or any source for that matter, it is always good to seek out additional information to verify.

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