Ancestor Outline by Armindo Spracklin

My Aunt Miriam sent to me three pages of an ancestor outline about 1987 with surnames of Spracklin and Goss written on it.  I do not remember how many times I studied it but it was with me for a long time before I jumped in and starting looking for the family.  Survival and life intervened and kept me busy.  I waited too long and started about the end of 1998. The last of my father’s family had passed and I realized I needed to get busy and start the search for family.

Who is Armindo?  She is the wife of Charles Edward Spracklin.  Charles is a half-brother to my great-grandmother Amarilla Spracklin.

Aunt Miriam didn’t know who Armindo was, she thought it was Amarilla using another version of her name?

The formal name I have is Arminda Victoria Ward Spracklin born on 17 June 1883 in New York Mills, Otter Tail, Minnesota and died on 26 July 1955 in Bozeman, Gallatin Co., Montana. She wanted to be buried in the mountains according to a cousin, so her son took her there.  I visited her grave and it is there in the Sunset Hills Cemetery in Bozeman (2010)  but she has no stone!  The cemetery office verified her burial and the caretaker even took us to the gravesite.

Armindo copied these records from some source but I do not know from whom? I do have a theory?  Charles Edward (Ed) and Armindo lived north of Pine River near my great-grandmother Amarilla.  There will be future posts about this couple along with sources.

Page one places the surnames of Spracklin and Goss together in the marriage of John Andrews Spracklin to Lydia Goss.  They married the 19th of July, 1819 in Washington Co., Ohio.

Source:  Marriage Records of Washington County, Ohio, Probate Court, V1-3, FHL#0941958.   There are other marriages of the family in this film.   (FHL – Family History Library in Salt Lake City.)

Ancestor Outline page 1

Page 2 is slightly cut off on the left side.  It came to be in this cutoff version.

Ancestor Outline page 2

Page 3 covers the surname of Allgood.  Daniel married twice and his second wife was Sarah Blacketer Allgood.  Emily was the only child that survived in this family and she lived to adulthood, married and had children.  Where Edward, Sarah’s first husband, and the other children are buried I do not know but wonder if they are in unmarked graves in the Titler Cemetery near Marengo, Iowa along with other family.   A lot of the stones in that cemetery are broken and piled under trees and not situated on the graves.  I almost fell when I stepped into a depression in the ground, which was probably a grave. It is mowed but the tombstones are in bad shape.

See my blog “BJM’s Cemetery Discoveries,”  I have pictures of the some of the stones from Titler Cemetery featured on that blog. 

Ancestor Outline page 3

I share these three pages with you and ask that you give credit to my Aunt Miriam McDonald for preserving them all these years and to Armindo Spracklin for taking an interest in our family.

In future posts I will delve into more detail on these families, what I know and don’t know and the connection to the Goss family in Ohio.

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6 Responses to Ancestor Outline by Armindo Spracklin

  1. Patricia (Pat) Randerson Stoudt says:

    I am the great great grand-daughter of Daniel Dare Spracklin. Virda, his some is my great gradnfather and his daughter Lola is my grandmother. I made a trip to Maerengo, IA and Titler cemetery in Nov of 2011. While there, I found the marriage reccord of DD Spracklin and Sarah Allgood, along with the death records for both of them.. There was also a local listing from many different cemeteries in the area. For Titler Cemetery, I found three names under Spracklen — May E, Oliver, and Allgood. The Allgood referenced is a child of Charles and Sarah Allgood and died May 18, 1862, although the book says November, the tombstone says 1862. (of which I have a picture). I also found the gravesite of Elizabeth Spracklin and Oliver S. Spracklen. Have you found the cemetery where Daniel and Sarah are buried??? I believe that I have found them in the Communityy Cemetery near Millersburg, IA. I am planning on making a trip out there some week-end to verify and get pictures.

    I have so enjoyed reading your writings regarding the Sprackline, Goss, Keller, etc. I look forward to each new one to read more.

    I am very new at the genealogy research and am really enjoying all the interesting information that I find…. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your next posting on Solomon Goss.

    • bonmac says:

      Pat: I am so happy to meet you. I have an obssession about your great grandfather Virda. I have wanted so bad to visit his gravesite in Woonsocket, but trying to negotiate a trip there has been a challenge. The Spracklins, Goss and my mom’s side are dominating my time right now. Fortunately someone posted a photo of the tombstone on FindAGrave and that was really wonderful. When I visited Iowa in 2003 I discoverered the reason it was so difficult to find Spracklins was because they all left after Daniel died in 1915. You need to go to my other blog The Barclay’s of Pine River where you will find more on Daniel’s family. His daughter Amarilla was my great grandmother and she is a half sister of your Virda. My other blog BJM’s Cemetery Discoveries has pictures of the Titler Cemetery in detail. You can get to them by going to the right side of this blog and finding Blogs I Like and clicking or to the Compiler page at the top of the blog. I was new a while back and I am still learning. Genealogy means you have to be a continuous student. I started at the end of 1998 but I would say I know a little more now than I did back then, HA! Daniel’s first wife Elizabeth Keller was buried in Titler along with Oliver and Mary. It is not in great shape. The my cemetery blog should help you find them for both Titler and I also posted for the Community Cemetery so you should find Daniel’s and Sarah’s stone along with Alfred and that cemetery is in much better shape so that should help you alot on planning your trip. I found the publications for Titler to be incomplete and frustrating. I have a lot more on Daniel but that will come later. Sarah died in 1907 as you know and Daniel in 1915. I will discuss them when I get there on The Barclay’s of Pine River blog. Thanks for the praise. This blog is tough. It takes me a week to do one post and I recently discovered I did not source my census correctly so I had to fix the post and do an update and warning. This is so wonderful. You need to meet some cousins so I will get that info to you. You have made my day!

      • Pat Stoudt says:


        YOU have made my day…. This is great. I have such a longing to find all the information I can about all my family. I have worked on my mom’s father’s side and have finally got a printable layout for the family.. There is still alot of information to get, but that will come. Many of my Mom’s family are her cousins and they are elderly and really wanted this update. Last update, which was done by typewriter, was in 1985. So it took my about 2 years to get it all in the computer and to the point of printing them all copies… My gift of love to them.

        I have been working on the Spracklin/Amsdens, which is my father’s mother’s side of the family. I find it very intriging. I have been to Titler’s Cemetery and it really is in bad condition. I took pictures while I was there. Also have copy of Daniel and Sarah’s death record along with thier marriage record. I found Community Cemetery and can’t wait to go and take pictures there. I also have pictures of VIrda and Lillie May’s gravesites that I took in 2010 when my grand-daughters and I were out there gathering information. The girls really enjoy going with me and have started talking about all of their great and greatgreat, etc. It’s fun wathcing them learn about their family history.

        I am trying to get both the Spracklin and the Amsdens into Family Tree so I can sync them to Ancetery…As I said this is all new to me and sometimes I’m not sure where to turn in my looking. But I just plug away and get sided tracked by other information that comes

        Thanks again for the reply. You really did make my day. I have checked out the Barcley Blog and enjoy it as well.


      • bonmac says:

        Pat: This is pretty amazing. I wish there was more time and money but I can only go so far. So I do not know anything except that Lillie’s father was Joel and mother was Isabella Kirkpatrick. I hope I got that right? I am glad your grand-daughters are enjoying it. I do not have descendants so that is why I am doing this. There are obituaries for Daniel and Sarah but they are in the other county next to Iowa County called Poweshiek in the Deep River Record at the State Historical Society in Des Moines. I will feature them in a post but that is awhile from now. Don’t forget go here to see Daniel and Sarah’s stone and Alfred. There is a map and how to get to it and references. Enjoy.

      • Patricia Stoudt says:

        Bonnie: You are correct about Lillie May’s parents…. Isabella was born in Adams County, Indiana. Did you know that Isabella’s mother’s name is Issabella Edgar (spelled differently) and that she was died in Marion Cty, IN? My hubby and I are going to Indianapolis and I plan on making a visit to the county courthouse to see if I can fine both of their birth certificates.

        As for Daniel and Sarah, are the obits in Poweshiek Cty or are they in Des Moines? Do you have the contact information for the Historical Society in the county, or the address for Des Moines??? I want to find Daniel and Sarah’s grave some week-end and if I can make arrangements with the local Society, that would work out just great. Thanks for the link to the cemetary.

        Joel Amsden’s father, Lyman and his second wife both died in Osterdock, IA, just north of Dubuque, in Clayton Cty. I plan on visiting the area and searching records and then find the cemetery.

        I believe that Isaac (Isake) Isreal Amsden, my 9th great grandfather, is buried in the Harvard Cemetery in Cambridge, MA… There is so much to do and find that I fear I won’t have enough time to get it done….

        If there is any more information you need about the Spracklin’s or Amsdens’ please ask. If I have it, I will be glad to pass it on.

        Much luck with your research. Looking forward to the next installment…

      • bonmac says:

        Pat: Thanks for all the good info. I am happy to see your enthusiam for genealogy. If I may be so bold I would like to suggest that you get involved with your local genealogical society and learn about how to research and source what you find. It is well worth it. I try to put links to the various important research archives and genealogical societies on the right of the blog and hopefully the links work. I was at the State Historical Society and they have two offices one in Des Moines near the capital and one in Iowa City near the college there. Both excellent and well worth a visit. The Iowa Genealogical Society is the state society and it is near the State Historical Society in Des Moines and also excellent. My Cemetery blog which has a link on the right of this blog should help you in finding Daniel and Sarah’s tombstone. Let me contact you via email and we can chat more.

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