Ohio Bound: The Goss Family Story Continues!

My trip to Ohio is almost here!   Here is a bit of a quick review of why I am off to Ohio!

The story of the Goss family started in Boston or what was called Muddy River (Roxbury) in the mid 1600’s.   Philip Goss settled there and married 1st Hannah Hopkins and 2nd Mary Prescott.  He migrated to Lancaster purchased land from Joseph Rowlandson 1687 and settled there.  He is buried in the Old Settler’s Burial Ground in Lancaster.

Philip Goss of Roxbury & Lancaster

His son Capt. Philip Goss and wife Judith Hayward Goss moved to Brookfield and lived their lives in that area.  They are buried in the Old Indian Burial Ground in West Brookfield.

Capt. Philip and Judith Goss 2011

Philip and Judith’s son Philip (III) married Keziah Cooley and it is not clear how or where he is buried but there is an estate file for him in 1742 in the Worcester County Records as well as for the Philip Gosses mentioned above I & II.  Keziah and Philip (III) had a son name Philip which I call number 4 (IV) in order to keep him straight from other Philips.  He migrated to Simsbury or rather North Granby, then to Granville and next to Becket.  He didn’t stop there heading for the area around Wilkes-Barre which we know as Lucerne County, Pennsylvania.  It is a long and sad story what happened in Pennsylvania because it was considered part of Connecticut for a long time.  Many of the descendants of Philip Goss IV stayed in Pennsylvania but several of them did not and they migrated to Ohio.

My up and coming trip to Ohio next week will delve into the history of those Goss ancestors that migrated to Ohio.  So basically I started with Pennsylvania and wrote about my trip there in Pennsylvania Wanderings and then I went to Massachusetts Meanderings and wrote about my travels there (see side bar Blogs I like).

Ebenezer Goss went to Portage County, Ohio about 1804.  Ebenezer is a younger brother to my Solomon Goss, my 4th great-grandfather, who migrated to Ohio first to what is now the Dayton, Ohio (1796) area and then to Marietta, Ohio in Washington County and was there about 1798.  Nathaniel Goss another brother to Solomon and Ebenezer had a son name John who migrated to Ohio and settled near Ebenezer.  Just recently someone emailed me about Sewards (Seawards) in Ohio and I realized that some of the Enos and Sarah Goss Seward family migrated to Ohio and beyond.

Here are two sources that you need to read if you are not familiar with this line of the Goss family.  They are downloadable from the Family History Library and more.

Paul H. Goss – Goss Family

The chart below is based on one of Paul H. Goss’ (Rev. Paul H. Goss or Paul Henry Goss) manuscript in which he discusses sources.

First Generation:

PHILIP (1) GOSS, the Immigrant Ancestor of

Roxbury and Lancaster, Massachusetts 1652 to 1698

Married 1st, Hannah Hopkins about 1675 Married 2nd Mary Prescott m 29 March 1690

2nd Generation

PHILIP (2) GOSS 1676 to 1747 Married Judith Hayward m 30 Aug. 1699 JOHN (2) GOSS b. 1/20/1693, died about 1745 Married Mary Woods m 9 Nov. 1711

3rd Generation

PHILIP (3) GOSS b about 1700 and died 1742 Brookfield, MA Married Keziah Cooley m 25 Nov. 1723 PHILIP (3) GOSS, b. circa 1720 at Lancaster,MA. Died 17 Apr. 1804 in Winchester, NH Married Hannah Ball m 12 May 1748

4th Generation

**PHILIP (4) GOSS, “of BROOKFIELD” b. 18 Nov. 1724 died 9 Nov. 1778 Married Mary Kendall of Lancaster 7 Jun 1744 Left Brookfield for Simsbury (North Granby), Granville, Becket and then to Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania. PHILIP (4) GOSS, of Montague,Massachusetts. b. 17 Oct 1757, died 23 Jun 1840 in Montague, Franklin, Massachusetts Married Esther Gale 23 Sep 1779 Winchester, NH
5th Generation
PHILIP (5) GOSS, Jr., Harveyville, Pennsylvania b. 12 Aug 1746 died 25 Oct. 1833 in PA Married Hannah Darby unknown PHILIP (5) LAMPSON GOSS of Brighton,Ohio married twice died in 1878.

Elbert Garrett Goss – Descendants of Philip Goss of Lancaster, MA 1650  This discusses the descendants of John Goss the 1/2 brother and son of Philip Goss and Mary (Prescott) Goss.  His family is featured in the 2nd column.

There is another recently published book by David Goss – Abel Goss of Lower Waterford, that further digs into the John Goss line and where the descendants that went to New Hampshire migrated too.  See my Massachusetts Meanderings blog for more information. It was moved to WordPress by going to the right side of this blog for the link.

These sources are not all the sources for these Goss family lines.  They are just the beginning.  It is confusing for there are a  lot of “Philip Goss” names in the family lines.  Be advised that there are other Goss lines in New Hampshire, Vermont, Pennsylvania and in the southern states that are not our line.  I refer you to Paul H. Goss’ manuscript cited above for clues and a start.

**My interest and focus on the family of Philip Goss and Mary Kendall Goss who died in Huntington Township, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania.  See the chart above 1st column Philip #4.  Philip and Mary had:  Sarah m. Enos Seward, Philip Goss Jr. m. Hannah Darby, Experience Goss, Nathaniel Goss married Hannah Scott, Comfort Goss, David Goss, Solomon Goss m. Olive Scott,  Mary Goss, Ebenezer Goss who marred Bede Blakeslee.

The Spracklins married into the Solomon Goss family.  I will visit those family history sites near Mount Vernon and Kenton, Ohio where the Spracklin’s settled.   Daniel D. Spracklin (son of John and Lydia Spracklin a daughter of Solomon and Olive) married Elizabeth Keller in 1853.  Elizabeth’s mother was a Delano.   I will visit Morrow, Franklin and Knox County again and see if I cannot learn more about the Delano and Keller families.

As I stated, this blog will cover the highlights of my trip to Ohio this August (wow it is almost here!) and not be a travelogue – day-to-day!  I will however, as I always do, journal the trip and take lots of pictures.   Information from this trip will be discussed in future posts.


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2 Responses to Ohio Bound: The Goss Family Story Continues!

  1. pam says:

    What relations if any to william goss 1606 England and his son Capt John Goss 1628 Va (Virginia) through his sons William Goss through Thomas Goss Sr T Goss Jr. Francis Sherman Elizabeth Dixon so on. I am from that line and not alot of info on William 1606. We know he came from England and settled in Virgina some point in time.

    • bonmac says:

      Pam: Thanks for stopping by. My line was Philip Goss who came first to Roxbury, Massachusetts by 1670 and married Hannah Hopkins and later Mary Prescott. Anything prior to that is very suspect. It is assumed he was born about 1654-1655 but probably in England. It is usually said that he is a son of John Goss who was in Boston but that John died in 1642 so you can see it is not possible that my Philip was a son of his. What relationship they are is still unknown if any. I will eventually post on this Goss family as I build this blog. It will be a big job. I have not jumped the pond (Atlantic Ocean) to England to dig there at this time. I am planning to do so after this coming Fall 2012 when I complete my trips to Canada for my other lines. It is suspected by myself and cousins that this Philip Goss 1654 to 1698 came to the colonies via the West Indies (Caribbean) because he had a slave? A lot of younger sons would go to Jamaica to make a fortune and fail. There was a lot of going back and forth from New England to Jamaica. Philip was a merchant and sailor? The fact that documentation appears all of a sudden makes me believe he was not born in America? As to who his siblings might be that is also a mystery. I am hoping to go back to Boston and dig some more. So his origins are very obscure unless a cousin(s) has done digging that I do not know about and that is possible. Actually his first wife Hannah Hopkins deserted him and went to Jamaica and a divorce followed. You have a problem with Virginia. It was still and English colony so they thought of it as English soil and the records are though to find. The Civil War didn’t help either with a lot of destruction of records. You are probably going to have to go the the Virginia archive in Richmond and then to England. Paul H. Goss, a cousin, did a lot of research on our family in the 1930s to the 1960’s and wrote many manuscripts on the subject of which one is at the Family History Library online and you can get a copy from your home – Goss Family History. He talks about the different Goss lines in the beginning of the manuscript including Southern Goss. I reviewed it and it is pretty thin but maybe you will recognize something. Good Luck!

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