Columbus, Ohio – Short North and More!

      Tuesday, August 16th was a day of travel.  It always takes me one day to get to the other side of the Continental United States.  This time I did the connection in Minneapolis which is very different.  I usually fly to Chicago and then to the final destination.  I walked almost the whole Minneapolis/St. Paul airport to get to my next flight and just handed the attendant my ticket for checking and walked right on.  No waiting at the gate.  My bags also arrived at Columbus, so I was happy.  Obtaining the rental car was unique.  Thrifty let me decide which economy car I wanted to drive so I got to choose.  I took the steel-gray Aveo and I was soon off to downtown Columbus.

Marcella's - Short North, Columbus, OH

     Driving along Broad street west towards the city I found myself viewing wonderful old stately houses with significant front yards on both sides of the street.  Most had porches with columns and several floors and there was a lot of brick and stone.  It took several blocks to get to the downtown area.  I turned north on 4th (23) and headed up to the neighborhood they call Short North!  I was told it means “short of downtown.”  I was also told it used to be scary but now it is filled with shops of clothes and specialty items along with art galleries.  Mostly it is filled with restaurants and lots of them.  They have these metal arches across the roadway.  To get to Short North you pass the rather new looking convention center which goes on for several blocks. 

     I found my B&B easily and proceeded to the parking area in the back and had to stop for a brown furry creature that looked almost like a beaver but was too small and didn’t have the flat tail.  It was contemplating crossing the road but decided to retreat and let me pass. 

50 Lincoln Short North B&B

     The B&B I had selected was 50 Lincoln-Short North.  It had its name slightly altered after being purchased in the past few years.  It is a stately brick building with roses and lovely landscaping surrounding it.  It is situated within walking distance of High Street and the many restaurants.  It took awhile for me to get situated in my room. The reason was the very steep stairs to the 2nd floor where my room was located.  Other than that, it is a lovely home.  There is a large area where the dining room is situated.  The kitchen is in the back.  There is a parlor off the dining room.  There are 2 floors with several rooms on each.  My room was lovely and had a desk!

      Once I had brought the luggage in, I headed out to explore and found Marcella’s.  The waitress seated me at the window and I realized later there was no window.  It was wide open to the street.  The restaurant was noisy and full.  I had a ravioli dish which was interesting.  The sauce was more of an oil than a cream sauce.  The ladies seated across from me were celebrating a birthday of one of their friends and they bought her a triple cream puff.  They also were singing to her quietly “Happy Birthday.” 

     As I sat there enjoying my meal I observed lots of motorcycles driving by, runners out for their exercise, a lady on a pink scouter who zipped by.  Couples were walking along and taxi’s were bringing people into the area.  It was very active.

Wedding Dress Shop

Dog Food and Treats Store Short North, Columbus, Ohio

     The walk back to the B&B was easy even though it was a tad muggy. 

     So Short North is just north of the downtown area where the Columbus Metropolitan Library is located on Grant and State Streets.  North is the Ohio Historical Society on 17th and a little past Velma about two miles maybe slight more.  If you want to go to the State Library that is close and then there are the courts in the downtown area.  Very easy to get around and I did not experience any traffic that wasn’t easy to handle even for a city. 

Short North, Columbus, Ohio

     I settled in for the night ready for my day of research at the Columbus Metropolitan Library.  Oh yes, I ran into my furry friend again on the path next to he B&B but he again decided to retreat to the backyard!

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