Ohio Genealogical Society, Bellville, Ohio

When I visited Ohio back in 2007, my cousin and I went to the Ohio Genealogical Society in Mansfield.  I dropped her off and went off to Mt. Gilead to do research at the Morrow County Genealogical Society.  Later I returned and did several hours of research.  I was on the trail of John Andrews Spracklin’s second wife Miriam McWilliams and found their marriage in Delaware County.  Yes, John remarried after Lydia died.  I will discuss this find in future post.

This time I was going to schedule a full day there and get to see their brand new facility off Exit 165 of Interstate 71.  Take the Bellville Lexington Exist and not the Bellville Mansfield Exit which is Exist 169.  

Ohio Genealogical Society Sign

The Ohio Genealogical Society is located just south of the business area where there are restaurants like McDonald’s and the Dutch Heritage which was advertising Amish cooking?  Since it was right next door to my motel, I decided to give it a try.  You can order food off the menu or try the buffet which was tasty but getting up their in price. There are several motels in this area so you do have a choice.  I stayed in the Comfort Inn.  So the OGS  it well situated.  The land they are on was donated to them by a prominent family whose name escapes me at present.  They are almost in a cornfield. 

Ohio Genealogical Society, Bellville, Ohio

The building is wonderful and I was totally impressed with the way it was arranged and it even smelled new after one year.  It was time, so I sign up and filled out a membership form and paid up.  It will be awhile before I get my membership packet, darn!

I soon set to work studying their surname/family history files and didn’t solve all my puzzles but found some interesting information.  I looked at their card catalog and some charts, studied their stacks of books for Knox, Licking, Lucas and Washington County.  I was helping other cousins with cemeteries so that is why I was looking at Licking and Lucas. 

Everyone was pleasant and friendly.  A nice lady by the name of Marlene sat down and we chatted. She was happy I brought some Washington State Genealogical Society Newsletters of which I am editor.  She does volunteer work there and helps people with their brickwalls.  There were other volunteers throughout the day who were equally friendly and helpful. Ask for a tour if you have the time, it helps.  Their table area reminds of the DAR Library???

Interior of OGS

They have a lunch room in the back down one of the hallways to the right before the bathrooms.  So if you want to bring some food you can put it into the refrigerator.  They have limited snacks and pop but that is still a good thing because you do have to drive to get food about 5 minutes up the road or down to Bellville.  Bellville has the Stoodt Market where you can get food as well.  I didn’t want to lose a minute of research time so I managed okay.  I recommend bringing a sandwich because researching takes a lot of energy and getting real hungry and tired is not a good idea for you can make mistakes and loose things. 

They do have online databases and members only databases and I was shown how to access them.  I was interested in First Families of Ohio and other categories that they have and discovered someone had already done John Andrews and Lydia Spracklin.  It is another line of one of their children than mine.  These applications are prepared and submitted by OGS members.   Ebenezer Goss, Solomon Goss, Lydia and some other Goss families were also on the list.

It was a good day at the Ohio Genealogical Society and I only did a tip of the iceberg of what they have in their library and I headed south through Bellville (a very nice town with lovely homes) to Mount Vernon in Knox County, Ohio which is only about 10 minutes or so away.

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