A Visit – Knox, Morrow and Licking County, Ohio

My goal in 2007 was to visit Knox County which was also close to Morrow County and I could pay my respects to several of my Spracklin and Keller ancestors.  To see their graves and be in the area where they lived and walk on the earth and wonder about their lives is pretty awesome.  It seems to me that since 2007 Mt. Vernon has grown a bit.  There is much more traffic than I recall and she seems to be growing in the form of a star with spokes.  As I came down Hwy 13 I started to remember and spotted the turn off on Green Valley Road to the cemetery.  

It was rush hour traffic in Mt. Vernon and there were big trucks trying to maneuver the tight streets so it took a little time to get to the center round-about of Mt. Vernon and I remembered that it was sort of fun to go through that intersection.  Hwy 36 has little jogs in it so you do have to pay attention but after a while you get with the program.  HA!  They were having a fair in the center part of the town round-about on Saturday which was gone by the mid-afternoon.  I didn’t dally to figure it out. 

Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

I was so happy to find Fiesta Mexicano and learned there are two of them.  We had eaten there the last visit.  A very popular restaurant in Mt. Vernon and tasty.  It is to the west of the center of town just look for the bright orange building.  You do have to go down the stairs into this older version to get to the restaurant.  There is angle parking out on the street or in the parking lot to the east of the building.  It was crowded for lunch both times I went there.   Good food is essential to doing genealogical research and I had been having challenges in finding good restaurants.  They are closed on Monday.   There are other restaurants that I have been discovering Bob Evans was okay, Jake’s was really good apparently they have 1/2 price hamburger night.  Several locals had gathered to take advantage of it.  I did try the Friendly’s and their fish and chips was not bad.   There is a Krogers and Walmart as well.

Mount Vernon the eastern side

My plan was to spend a week in the Mount Vernon area so I used my condo points for the Apple Valley Resort to the east of town about ten minutes on Hwy 36.  I didn’t have a problem finding them although the streets are a bit tricky.  I later learned that you go north on Monroe Miller Road  (up and down) and drive a couple of miles to Floralwood Road and turn right onto it till you get to Apple Valley Road and turn right again and in about a mile the resort comes up on your right.  My condo was huge with two bedrooms and great big living room. 

Apple Valley Units

I did try to encourage a couple of cousins to come and join me but they opted out.  Apparently it is popular for it has a golf course, pool, a lake and is really set up for families.  It is not fancy as a resort goes compared to our Hawaiian condo but it works and it is peaceful.  I had them turn the gas fireplace on and it was cozy!  I have two TV’s one in the living room and one in the master bedroom.  It has a full kitchen but they give you minimal stuff.  I have WiFi and cell phone reception which I was not sure I would.   I believe anyone can rent one of the units which are all on one floor but they do have rules.  My hubby and I own a time share in Princeville, Kauai that we can turn to points and stay in other places so it doesn’t cost us as much and our investment is starting to pay for itself?  I share these tips with my readers because it isn’t always easy to find descent lodging.  I did spot a Motel 8, a Holiday Inn Express on Hwy 36 on the east side of town in the business area.   There is the Mt. Vernon Lodge on 229 and the Curtis Inn on the round-about which both look promising.  There are other places as well in Mt. Vernon.

Apple Valley Sign

The Knox County Historical Society is open on Saturday 2-4 pm but when I arrived they were having a speaker and it went on for some time.  I wandered through the museum and most of what I saw was probably late 1800’s and to the present.  Paul Lynde the comedian had a section of the museum.  I really liked him and enjoyed his performances.  He was born in Mt. Vernon and they were celebrating his life.  They had his Thunderbird and you could climb in and sit in it.  I took a quick look at their family history files but didn’t find anything.  As far as I could tell they had cleaned up a bit but let’s just say that this society is not as organized as the Portage County Historical Society. Now they probably know their county history and since I have not spent a great deal of time at the KCHS I am only giving my first impressions.  They have updated their website so you might give a look.  My advice, call ahead and make an appointment.  Since I had already visited them back in 2007 I figured I was good.  

Knox County Historical Society


Paul Lynde's Thunderbird

I was helping a cousin so I headed down to Granville, Licking County, Ohio to the Old Colony Burial Ground.  It turned out to be quite a little side trip.  It was Saturday and they were having a fair in the middle of the town so that caused a major traffic problem.  I did find the Old Colony Burial Ground down Main Street.  They have on the side of the shed the list of names of those buried in the cemetery and then next to the list a burial map with names and numbers.  Very cool.  There is a published reading of this cemetery as well.  I will talk about this cemetery in a future post for I was on the trail of Mary Santee and Messingers.  Oh, this Granville in Ohio is huge compared to the Granville in Massachusetts that I visited in April of 2011.  There is a history of this Ohio Granville and it talks about the Granville, MA people who went there.  I may have an opportunity to return this week because I was not happy with my visit.    Because of the fair I missed the Granville Historical Society and didn’t visit it but it does exist.  I did get lost on the way back to Mt. Vernon and ended up in Newark.  Gee, I thought that was in New Jersey?  Ah the fun of travel!

Old Colony Burying Ground, Granville, Ohio

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