Fredericktown, Ankenytown and OGS, again!

Forest Cemetery Entrance

John Keller and Mary Ann Delano married in Fredericktown.  I had wanted to visit the historical society and tried to contact them but the phone numbers on the website are not correct and out of date or the people did not respond to my inquiry.  I tried email and finally got a message from the President who was not very helpful and told me to Google my names!  I was also told they are only open on the 2nd Sunday so I missed them by a few days.  I reviewed their website and realized that was my error.  Did he offer an appointment, no.  I am sorry, I try to be positive about a repository but this is not a good thing.  Here is the link and I suggest you start real early to see if you can arrange some kind of visitation if you truly wish to dig into their holdings.  The building looked very interesting.

Fredericktown Historical Society

I wanted to see Fredericktown so I went up there and toured around.   I stopped at the Forest Cemetery and found the Keller tombstone I was looking for within minutes.  Sometimes it just works out like that. HA! Fredericktown was not like I had imagined but more industrial.  Of course I did not do much investigating and seemed to be on small hills.  There is another old cemetery in the town and I didn’t stop at the library but I did drive by.

After my visit to Fredericktown I headed up to Ankenytown to see the Owl Creek Cemetery.  Now this is a United Brethren cemetery and not Methodist.  There are Kellers buried there and I wanted to see the graves and stones.  I am trying to separate out Kellers into family groups in Knox and Morrow to see if I cannot break through the deadend on John Keller’s origins. I believe this group of Keller’s had come from Germany and settled about the mid 1820’s. So they are probably not John’s family but you never know! I have other research going but this is one idea.  I expected to drive awhile to get there but I was there in no time from Fredericktown.   In our time, using a car, it is easy to get around but back then it took them much longer to get to a location.  However, Fredericktown was the bigger town back in the early 1800’s with Mount Vernon taking over later on.

Owl Creek Cemetery

I was told by a man at the Morrow County Genealogical Society that it was very hard to find parents in early Knox county or Ohio? I have seen written publications attempting to do just this with the Keller name.  He may be right but I am remaining open. If you have John Keller and Mary Delano origins we need to rally together to figure this out!  Contact me on this blog by leaving a comment or find me through the Compiler information by clicking the tab above.  I am willing to offer you authorship of a post or posts to this blog with your theories and your name for full acknowledgement of your efforts.   I have discussed this issue of John Keller’s origins with a cousin who is equally obsessed as I am about it. She has a sharp eye for details and has studied the early census.  More on they mysteries of John Keller’s origins in future posts.

My next goal was to revisit the Ohio Genealogical Society (OGS).  I decided take the opportunity while still near and in Ohio to visit them a second time.  They are not that far away in Bellville from Mount Vernon.  Just remember to turn left onto Hwy 97 off Hwy 13 in the center of the town of Bellville. If you come by Interstate 71 take exit 165 and turn south and drive past the Dutch Heritage Restaurant. OGS comes up on the right!  This time I grabbed a sandwich and settled in.

Go and visit this archive if you can.  The OGS’s new facilities are wonderful and they have everything organized to make it easy to access.  It kinda reminds me of the DAR library in the arrangement and style.  The staff and volunteers are very helpful and friendly.  My goal was to study First Families to see if I could find any John Keller or other surname information connections.

Ohio Genealogical Society Stacks

About 4 pm I headed south to the Columbus Airport to pick up my hubby who was joining me for the final week in Ohio.  I was not looking forward to driving on the freeways near Columbus.  It was rush hour so the timing was not good and I got off at the Ohio Historical Society (OHS) exit and waited at the McDonald’s there till I heard from my hubby.  The exit was 17th Ave E, making it easy to spot the OHS building if you come by the freeway.

To get to the airport I took a different drive through the eastern streets and it was interesting to see another part of Columbus, Ohio.  Stelzer Avenue is pretty easy to negotiate and goes right by the entrance to the airport.  Car rentals are located in the parking garage with their offices on a lower floor.  I parked in the parking area one floor up – there is long and short-term parking in the garage.  I wanted to sign up my husband so he could drive the rental car.  My timing was not bad and I waited a short time in the baggage claim area.

We left the airport and Columbus by heading east on Hwy 16 back to Granville then north to Mount Vernon.  I had visited the Old Colony Burial Ground cemetery the past Saturday but I was struggling with fatigue.  I felt I had not done a good job and I was helping a cousin with her research.  So I wanted to go back and find a grave I had missed.  Well, we arrived in the dark!!

The Old  Colony Burial cemetery, in Granville in Ohio,  is partially situated on a steep hill and is a good size.  On the side of the shed on the lower area is a map of the tombstones and a list of names encased in glass.  I had trouble with glare and thought I could redo my photos and my hubby could also try.  It was too dark to do anything.  Fortunately, my hubby brought a small flashlight.  He used that to highlight the tombstone I had missed.  He found it using the map and highlighting that with the flashlight and taking a picture.  His Olympus digital camera is very good and in some ways does better than my Sony Cybershot.  He took a picture of the map so he could figure out where the stone was.  Now cemeteries close at dusk, so we were pushing it.   Also it is not safe to walk in a cemetery in the dark (very dark no extra lighting) for you can trip and this was a steep hill to the stones up from the shed.  We took our time and made careful steps.

I was glad to get the stone and location of it but my plan was not that good.  I was pushing the limits here and I am telling you about this as a warning.  When you go on a trip you can get yourself into a “pickle” by pushing too hard!   The center of  Granville was busy with the night activities and couples were walking around.  This is a city not a small town like the one in Massachusetts.

I usually don’t drive in the dark but I am proud of me for doing so.  I took Hwy 661 up to Mount Vernon and because I had experience driving it in the daylight I was okay and I had my hubby with me.  Just remember things do look different in the dark!  We made good time and were soon back in Mount Vernon and headed to the condo in Apple Valley.

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