Reflecting On My Travels!

It has been a busy year.  I have traveled to Massachusetts and Connecticut in search of Goss history and just recently finished the trip to Ohio again in search of more Goss history.  I am very pleased that my trips have been of great help to others and I hope that it will open doors to their research. I have made several friends and contacts along the way and I am grateful for their help and their willingness to share that knowledge.

My trip binders for Ohio are organized and I can now get the research sourced.  I had accumulated too much and had to make two binders for this trip.  As I work my way through it will be consolidated.

Ohio Trip Binders

I enjoyed both my adventures and really like Massachusetts.  I also like Connecticut but find some aspects of it a bit odd like their genealogical rules about accessing records.  I like being able to get someplace quickly and these two states qualify.  I found Ohio very different from my concept of that state.  It was pretty and reminded me of home.  It was not as industrial as I had expected but then I was not really in the bigger towns except Columbus and only brushing by Cleveland and Akron.

The goal of this blog is to discuss the genealogy of Solomon Goss and his ancestors in the Goss family and the allied families that my line connects to such as Spracklin, Delano, Keller, Barclay and more.  It is now time to turn to a more involved and detail study of these families which covers what I do know, what I have learned from my travels and what I still don’t know!  I have more cemetery photographs to share from both trips and will be getting to that soon.

Come join me!  There are several ways to contribute.  You can subscribe to this blog and receive copies of the newly published posts, leave a comment, and click the “like” for this post. If you have a great deal of information to share I am open to having you being a contributing author.  You can also contact me is through the Compiler page at the top of this blog.

If you would like to visit other blogs of mine check out the right side of this blog and the “Blogs I Like” section.  There is method to the madness of several blogs and there will be some cross posting and references to my other blogs.  The Goss connect to the Spracklins and the Spracklins connect to the Kellers which leads to the Delanos.  The Spracklins also connect to the Barclays and the Barclay’s connect to the McDonald/MacDonalds.

The header photograph is of the Ohio River in Marietta and every time I look at it my heart jumps with joy or I pause and marvel that I finally visited that area of Ohio.

As an end to my trip to Ohio but the beginning of more posts to follow, I leave you with a few more visions of Ohio!


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