Elizabeth Goss Marries into the Lake Family!

Elizabeth Goss, daughter of Solomon and Olive (Scott) Goss, did well in life.  She married into the Lake family who had established themselves in Washington County by 1789, well before Solomon Goss settled there.

Elizabeth was born 9 December 1777/1778 and she died 20 April 1845.  Elizabeth is my 3rd Great-Great aunt.  She is the older sister of Lydia (Goss) Spracklin my 3rd Great Grandmother.

Elizabeth (Goss) Lake 1788 – 1845

Elizabeth married Andrew Lake on the 17th of May 1798 in Washington County, Ohio.  The tombstone inscription above has 1797 for their marriage year?  I did not find any obituary notice for Elizabeth in the files of the Washington County History Society in Marietta.

Source: Ohio Marriages, Recorded in County Courts Through 1820: An Index, pg. 405, Jean Nathan, Chairman, compiled by the Ohio Genealogical Society, 1996.  Another source is:  Gateway to the West, Vol. II, Number I, January-March 1969, Washington County, Ohio Marriage 1789-1798.  “Lake, Andrew to Elizabeth Goss – both of Adams, 5-17-1798.

This marriage is a very important event because it gives an estimate of the date that Solomon and Olive (Scott) Goss, Elizabeth’s parents, settled in the Washington County area.  Solomon when he left Pennsylvania, did not go directly to the area north of Marietta.  He first headed to what was later called Cincinnati and went up the Mad River to the area to become Dayton.  More on that in a later post.

I had hoped that Elizabeth and Andrew would give more clues regarding Solomon Goss and Olive but so far that has not happened, instead there is more information about Andrew’s parents Archibald and Mary (Bird) Lake.

Andrew Lake was born 22 August 1764 probably in New York?  He died several years after Elizabeth on 5 January 1849.  Both are buried in Rainbow Cemetery, Washington County, Ohio.   Their plaques are at the base of Andrew’s parent’s tombstone.

Andrew Lake 1764 to 1849

Please realize that I am not an expert on the Lake Family and I have not taken time to really dig into their history.  So doublecheck the information you find here.This is an excerpt taken from the  History of Washington County, Ohio, H.C. Williams & Bros., 1881, Muskingum Township, pg. 609. 

 “…Their son Andrew was a carpenter by trade, at which business he worked whenever an opportunity was afforded, and during the remainder of the time he was an honest tiller of the soil. In 1797 he married Miss Elizabeth Goss, whose parents resided on Duck creek. The marriage ceremony was performed at the bride’s house by ‘Squire Monroe, and the young couple at once came to Rainbow, where the young people treated them to a genuine, old-fashioned house warming. They had nine children, of whom William, Tirzah, Jane, Mary and Dauphin are dead; Hannah is the wife of Courtland Sheppard, of Harmar; Sarah is the widow of Isaac Monett, and resides with her son in Marietta; Preston and Daniel are in Iowa, and Solomon is living in Kansas.”

If you stop and count, the quotation above has 10 children.  The last being “Solomon?”

I refer you to a Genforum messages dated approximately October 23, 2002, regarding “iNFO ON FAMILY”  in which a descendant gives a very nice genealogy of the Lake family.  The author was Gary Linn.  You might have to dig around a little to find this:    http://genforum.genealogy.com/oh/washington/messages/819.html

The children of Andrew and Elizabeth (Goss) Lake are as follows based mostly on Mr. Linn’s findings:

1)  William Lake born 30 January 1799 in Washington County, Ohio and died 23 November 1820 in Washington County.

2)  Tirza Lake born 20 April 1802 in Washington County, Ohio.

3) Hannah Lake born 6 February 1806 in Washington County and died 2 August 1883 in Washington County and is buried in Rainbow Cemetery under the name of Shepard.  She married a Courtland Briggs Shepard (1801 to 9 Nov. 1883).  Apparently they had 10 children:  Jane, Thomas, Andrew, Elizabeth, Mary, Frances, Cinderella, Courtland, Daniel and William.  Find A Grave has a picture of Hannah’s tombstone under their Rainbow Cemetery section.

4) Jane Lake born about Jan 1804 in Washington County and died 20 March 1853 in Washington County.  She married an Asa Davis and had two children:  Asa Gorton and Elizabeth.

5) Mary Amanda Lake born 17 April 1808 and died 23 July 1820 in Washington County, Ohio.

6) Sarah Lake was born 13 July 1810, married an Isaac Monet who died about 1838.  They had 3 children: Jacob, Andrew and Moses.

7) Dauphin McKendrie Lake was born 29 January 1813 and died about November 1847 in Washington County, Ohio.

8) Preston Lake born 25 November 1815, and married Julia S. Harrington.  He may have been a doctor.

9)  Daniel Goss Lake born 23 September 1817 and died about 1894. He married Abagail Sniff Cole and they had Preston Boardman Lake and Ulysses Cole Lake.

10) Solomon Lake (added per the Washington County History).

Andrew and Elizabeth (Goss) Lake had lands in Washington County.  To find those lands records, I suggest that you go to the Marietta College, Special Collections, Digital Collections – Manuscripts and Documents of the Ohio Company Associates.

Andrew Lake will be appointed the Administrator of his father’s estate in June of 1800.  I will share more about that in the next post.

The early census are statistical and some where lost.  However, Andrew Lake appears in the August 1803, Adams, Washington County, US Territorial Census on Ancestry.com.  He again appears in the 1820, 1830 and 1840 U.S. Federal, Washington Co., Ohio Census.  Although his name might have been interpreted as “Anderson” Lake in the 1830.

Andrew Lake is found in the  tax records for Washington County, Ohio starting with the year 1801 to about 1845.   These are on Family Search under “Ohio Tax Records, 1800-1850.”  You can access the online index but you might have to view them at a Family Search Center or sign in to the site.

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