Archibald and Mary (Bird) Lake, Andrew’s Parents!

Andrew Lake’s parents were Archibald Lake and Mary Bird.  They came from England to Newfoundland and from there they move to New York staying there for some time.  Archibald decided to migrate and settled in Washington County about 1789.  They lived at Campus Martius because the Indian issue had not yet been settled until about 1795 when they moved to Rainbow north of Marietta.

There was a  town and area called Rainbow north of Marietta and still is but there isn’t much there today according to the President of the Washington County Historical Society.  I came upon this very interesting blog called “Historical Marietta: and the article was about the settlement of Rainbow apparently taken from the newspapers.

Archibald and Mary had the following children:  1) George, 2) James, 3) Thomas (1760-1854), 4) Andrew, 5) William, 6) Sally, 7) Margarette.

One of the history books about Washington County states there were 8 children?  The plaque on the tombstone makes this claim as well?

“Among the first settlers of Rainbow were Archibald and Mary Lake, who located on the place now owned by Israel Devol. Archibald Lake married Mary Bird, of London, and being a seafaring man, removed to New Foundland, where he was employed in the fisheries, which at that time were very profitable, as the strict observance of Lent in Catholic Europe caused a great demand for fish. When that place came into the possession of the French he moved his family to New York and worked in the ship-yards. During the Revolution, when General Washington evacuated the city of New York, the Lake family followed the army up North river, where Mrs. Lake served as matron, first at Fishkill, and then at New Windsor hospital. Mr. Lake was appointed a deputy commissary to the hospital, and ranged the adjacent country in search of provisions for the sick. More than once did Mrs. Lake receive the personal thanks of General Washington in recognition of her valuable services. After the army was disbanded Mr. and Mrs. Lake returned to New York. After the war, shipbuilding being a poor business, and Mr. Lake accidentally hearing of the Marietta colony, decided to emigrate to the west. Accordingly, in 1789, he removed to Marietta. His family consisted of eight children, of whom three sons, James, Thomas and Andrew, were young men. The spring after their arrival the small-pox broke out, and during the terrible pestilence Mrs. Lake heroically served as nurse, and her superior knowledge of the art of nursing, in all probability, saved many a valuable life. Probably one of the first Sunday-schools in America was taught by her, in 1791, at the Campus Martius. Being early converted she felt it to be her duty to care for the souls, as well as the bodies, of those with whom she was wont to be associated. She collected in her little room on Sabbath afternoons the children who were wont to indulge in all sorts of amusements upon the holy day. After the conclusion of the service by Rev. Mr. Story she held Sunday-school, giving the youth instruction from the Bible and the Westminster catechism. She was peculiarly adapted to impart religious instruction to the children, and hence her work was crowned with merited success. April 27, 1795, the Lake family became residents of Rainbow. Mrs. Lake died the next year after her settlement, and her husband did not long survive.” History of Washington County, Ohio, H.C. Williams & Bros., 1881, pg. 609.

Archibald was born 1 July 1720 and Mary Bird was born 1728 in England.

There is a tombstone with a plaque in the Rainbow Cemetery in Muskingum Township north of Marietta which I visited. This plaque was provided by the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Marietta Chapter.  See the Marietta Times article of Wednesday October 22, 1975 ” Mary Lake’s name was a household word,” for more information. (I found a copy at the Washington County Library Annex in the cemetery records.)

Mary (Bird) Lake and Archibald Lake – DAR Plaque

Mary died a couple of years before her husband 27 April 1796.  Archibald died on 1 July 1798. It is interesting that his name is spelled using  “Archibold” in some places.

Archibald is also on the base!

I suggest that if you are a descendant of this family go directly to the DAR Library Online Research and click on the membership tab and type in this National number #263167.  From there you can do other searches.  You will have to pay if you decide to make a selection.  I have visited the DAR Library on several occasions and conducted these searches in person.  Yes, I have paid for the results for other surnames but not Lake.  I have found it very worthwhile.

Another link about Mary Bird Lake:

Another plaque for Archibald!

Andrew was appointed the administrator of his father, Archibald’s, estate on 25 June, 1800 and the Inventory was completed 7 October 1800.   All that was contained in the file for the estate was the granting of the Administration to Andrew and a short  inventory of the personal possessions of Archibald Lake.  Apparently Archibald had no will.  I have not studied deeds for this family there is always the possibility of partition deeds (selling the land) and gift deeds to the children.

“At a Special Court of Probate held at Marietta in & for the County of Washington on the 25th Day of June 1800, came Andrew Lake & prayed that Administration should be committed to him on the Estate of Archibald Lake late of said County deceased.  Administration was then upon committed to him of Bonds taken for 1,000 dollars. Bondsmen Joseph Wood and William Stacey. Appraisers Joseph Barker & [Sardins] Stone.”

 Source:  Probate Index FHL#946211, Administration Granted Vol. 1, pg. 38, Inventory Vol. 1, pg. 41-42 FHL#946211. 


Note:  When I was planning my trip to Ohio I discovered that Union Twp. was missing from the Washington County maps of the townships of today.  It was dissolved in 1877. Here is a link to a Washington County Blog that might help with the History of the Townships.  This will cause confusion with land research and pinning down a location.

Try Wikipedia for a current crude map of the townships as of today:,_Ohio

Historic Mapworks has more detail with their maps.

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