The Lakes: Rainbow Cemetery, Washington Co., Ohio!

Getting to Rainbow Cemetery is a little confusing.  You have to cross the Muskingum River and that is a little tricky because there are no direct bridges that take you directly to the area where the cemetery is located.

Rainbow Cemetery Sign

Because I was headed for Beverly to the northwest, I took the route from Marietta north and northwest on Hwy 60 to the town of Lowell.  We turned left at New Bridge Street/McClain Street and went up over the bridge  and over the river.  Right after the bridge we turned left again heading southwest on Muskingum River Road.  You are doubling back because you have to follow the Muskingum river which meanderings along.  The road will become Township Road #32 for a couple of miles.  It travels close to the river and follows the railroad tracks which you will cross several times and they are bumpy.

The road will curve around in a big arc taking you and turning you northwest again.  Hmmm…maybe this arc is why they called it Rainbow?  Just when you think you have messed up and missed the cemetery you will find the small white sign to the right next to the railroad tracks.  It is about 4 miles from the bridge. (See photo above.)

The road into Rainbow Cemetery! Go to the right!

You turn right and cross the railroad tracks onto Rainbow Cemetery Road and drive through what looks like people’s driveways.  The cemetery is located back and behind them.  The car is pointing in the opposite direction and leaving the road.  Go right over the railroad tracks!

Rainbow Cemetery off in the distance!

You can actually see it from the road as you start to curve around but it is in the distance to your right.  If you come the other way through Marietta crossing the bridge and up and around remember directions are reversed.

My hubby and I actually visited the cemetery twice.  The first time we could not find the tombstone for Archibald and Mary (Bird) Lake!!!!

Something like the Bermuda Triangle occurred!! I swear it wasn’t there the first time.  Well it was there.  Here is a photo I took on our first visit and you can see it in the distance (see photo below).

Rainbow Cemetery Overview!

Click on the photo to make it larger.  Zero in on the turquoise flowers on the right of the tombstone in the foreground third over, then go diagonally back from that and there is the tombstone for Archibald and Mary in front of a rounded dome-shaped stone in the distance. You can tell because it has all the plaques on it.  Sigh…it pays to be persistent, HA!  (Don’t forget to click the back arrow to get back to this blog!)

Entrance to Rainbow Cemetery

Find A Grave has a nice listing for this cemetery and tombstone photos as well.  Interment has some as well.  If you go to Washington County, I would go to both the Washington Historical Society and the Washington County Public Library Annex which has the genealogical selections and is down the street from the main library.  They have a different mix of records for the cemeteries.  Here is an overview of the Archibald and Mary (Bird) Lake tombstone which has Elizabeth and Andrew’s information as well. See my previous two posts for more detail.  Sorry about the rain spots!

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2 Responses to The Lakes: Rainbow Cemetery, Washington Co., Ohio!

  1. I was looking for town of Rainbow because it was mentioned along with Devola ? Apparently there is no Rainbow , but for some reason it was mentioned in history of Jonathan(1755)Devol. Would you comment or discuss because was very famous.

    • BJ MacDonald says:

      Well that was weird. I thought I had responded. Anyway, Hello. Rainbow did exist at one time and I wrote about it in one of my posts titled “Solomon Goss and an Overview of Washington County, Ohio,” published Nov. 13, 2016. You will have to scroll down in the post till you get to the quotes I presented. Rainbow was located about where the Rainbow Cemetery is situated at this time. I believe I described where that was in the post you were reading. Thanks for stopping by. Bonnie

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