U.S. Military Lands: Land Deeded to his Children!

All of Solomon Goss and Olive’s children received land, not as you would think in Washington County, Ohio where he settled after about 1797 but rather in Knox County, Ohio.  Knox County is in the middle of Ohio, about 1 hour north of Columbus, Franklin County,  and south of Mansfield, Richland County.  The county seat is Mount Vernon.  Apparently, the Ohio Company Associates had some of this land in their holdings?  I discovered this when I was studying the holdings of the Special Collections of the Marietta College, Digital Collections, Ohio Company Associates.   Another website has the Donation Lands http://www.washogs.org/donation_lands.html   Solomon Goss (Jr.) inherited the land in Fearing Twp., Washington County, Ohio at his father’s death and therefore, he did not get any land in Knox County.  You will see that he is a witness in some of these deeds of his siblings.

Somehow, Solomon Goss secured this land from Zaccheus Biggs on July 28th, 1802.  On April 19, 1815 he deeded the land to Elizabeth Lake and her siblings.  These deeds that are in the Knox County Recorders office state his relationship to his children “eldest daughter Elizabeth Lake, wife of Andrew Lake of Union Twp., Washington County.”  This is a wonderful find and a dream, most deeds are not that specific regarding the relationship of the children.   The land is west of Mount Vernon, in Knox County.  Knox County Deed Index Book

Deed in which Solomon Goss of Fearing Twp., Washington Co., sold land in Knox. Co., Ohio to his eldest daughter Elizabeth Lake, wife of Andrew Lake of Union Twp. of Washington Co., on April 19, 1815 and recorded Oct. 2, 1815. Witnessed by Joel Tuttle JP, Simon Porter and Signed by Solomon Goss Sr. Description of the land: ” …certain tract or parcel of Land, Situate and being in said State of Ohio, in the Fourteenth Range and Sixth Township of the United States Military Lands so-called, containing fifty acres being part of a tract of four hundred and fifty acres Deeded to me the said Solomon Goss by Zaccheus Biggs which is dated July 28th 1802, Refference thereunto being had and is butted and bounded as follows, beginning on the North East corner, Thence West Twenty four chains to Land this day deeded to Noah Goss, Thence South South Twenty chains 83 1/2 links, Thence East twenty four Chains, Thence North twenty chains 83 1/3 links to the place of beginning…” Source:  Knox County, Ohio Deeds, FHL#314037, Vol. B-C, pg. 273-274.

I will go into more detail in later posts about this land Solomon Goss, the father purchased.

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