Mary Goss, School Teacher!

Mary Goss was a school teacher.  She is mentioned in the History of Washington County.

“Mary Goss taught a small school of young children in an old log barn.”  History of Washington Co., Ohio, pg. 688,  C. Williams & Bros, 1881.

She was a daughter of Solomon and Olive (Scott) Goss and was born 4 March 1785 probably in the area that Connecticut claimed ownership of which we know as Luzerne County.  The area eventually went under the ownership of Pennsylvania in 1786.

Again for Mary Goss, the actual date of birth comes from the manuscripts of Flora Montanye Osborn, a cousin of mine.  Flora is a descendant of Levi Goss, a younger brother.

1.   “Additions to the Cooley Family,” The Detroit Society for Genealogical Research Magazine, Vol. VII, No. 1, Sept-Oct, 1943.  This magazine can actually be found in a large public library, or the Family History Library.  You can contact the Burton Historical Collection at the Detroit Public Library.

2.  “Keziah Cooley Goss Chapter of the D.A.R., May 3, 1942, Yearbook 1943-1944, FHL#940938 Items 4-5.”

3.  Notes of Flora Montanye Osborn DAR Goss Family File: Flora writes: “I have a song book which states “From Mary Goss of Washington Co, Ohio to Mary Goss of Lenawee Co., Mich.”) 

Note:  The Mary Goss of Lenawee Co., Michigan is a daughter of Levi and Sophia Rummersfield who married Joseph Rice Flora’s grandparents.

Mary’s father, Solomon Goss, deeded land to her just like he did to her brother Noah and her sister Elizabeth (Goss) Lake.  Date of deed 19 April 1815:

Deed of Solomon Goss of Fearing Twp., Washington Co., Ohio to his second daughter Mary Goss (Gofs) for $100 (50 acres). Witnesses were Simon Porter and Solomon Goss, Jr. and Joel Tuttle JP. Description of the land: ” …certain tract or parcel of Land, Situate and being in said State of Ohio in the Fourteenth Range and Sixth Township of the United States Military land so called, containing fifty acres being part of a tract of four hundred and fifty acres of Land deeded to me by Zaccheus Biggs the 28th July 1802, Refference thereto being had, butted and bounded as follows beginning at the South East corner of a Tract of land this (day) deeded to Elizabeth Lake, Thence West Twenty Four Chains to Lands this day deeded by me to Levi Goss, Thence South Twenty Chains 83 1/3 Links, Thence East Twenty four Chains, Thence North Twenty Chains 83 1/3 links to the place of beginning….”

Source:  Knox County, Ohio Deeds, Vol. B-C, pg. 274-275, FHL#314037.

Not too many years later Elizabeth Lake husband Andrew decided to sell their share of the land in Knox County to Mary.  Here is a transcription of that deed to the best of my ability in being able to read the interesting spellings and legalese.

Andrew Lake
Deed to
Mary Goss
Rec’d for Record
Jany 5th 1818

To all people to where these Presents shall come.  Greetings:  Know ye, That we, Andrew Lake and Elizabeth his wife of Washington County and State of Ohio, for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred Dollars, lawful money to use in hand  before the ensealing hereof  well and truly paid by Mary Goss of the same County and State.  The receipt whereof we do hereby acknowledge, and ourselves therewith fully satisfied and contented. Have given, granted, bargained, sold, alien, conveyed & confirmed and by these Presents do freely fully and absolutely give, grant, bargain, sell, alien, convey and confirm unto her the said Mary Goss, her heirs and assigns forever, a (page 6 ) certain tract or parcel of land situate and being  in the said [County] of Ohio, in the fourteeth range and tenth Township of the United States Military land (so called) containing fifty acres being part of the tract of land containing four hundred and fifty acres, deeded to Solomon Goss on the 28th of July 1802 by Zaccheus Biggs.  The land hereby conveyed abutted and bounded as follows:  Beginning at the north east corner of said tract of four hundred and fifty acres running thence West four chains to lands belonging to Noah Goss.  Thence south twenty chains 33 1/3 links: thence East 24 chains; thence North 20 chains 33 1/3 links to the place of beginning, being the said land conveyed to said Elizabeth Lake by Solomon Goss, April 19, 1815. 

To Have and to Hold the said granted and bargained premises, and all the appurtenances, privileges and commodities to same ___ anywise belonging to her the said Mary Goss, her heirs and assigns forever to her and their only proper use, benefit, and behoof forever in fee simple and we the said Andrews and Elizabeth Lake for ourselves, heirs, executors and administrators, do convenant to and with the same Mary Goss her heirs and assigns that before the ensealing hereof ___ she true sole and lawful owners of the above bargained premises and are lawfully seized and possed of the same in their own proper as a good perfect and absolute estate of Inheritance in fee simple have full forever and authority to sell and convey the said bargained premises, in manner as aforesaid, and furthermore do convey and engage the above demised premises to the said Mary Goss___  and assigned against the lawful claim or demands and persons or persons whatsoever forever hereafter to Warrant, secure and defend by these presents.

In Witness thereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this 26th day of December, in the year of our Lord one hundred and sixteenth.  Signed, Sealed and Delivered in the presences of Geo. Dunlevy, Elizabeth Cogswell.  Signed Andrew Lake (Seal) Elizabeth Lake (Seal)

The State of Ohio Washington County ss.  At Marietta, Dec. 26 A.D. 1816.  The above named Andrew Lake and Elizabeth Lake his wife the signers and sealers of the above instrument personally appeared and acknowledged the same to be their free and voluntary act and deed before me and the said Elizabeth being examined freely and apart from her said husband relinquished all right to dower and other estate in the fee conveyed by said Deed.  Certified mg. Aug 28th, 1817 Sardius …….. State of Ohio Washington County ss.  I George Dunlevy Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas within and said County do hereby certify and make know that Sardius…who hath signed his name to the annexed certification was at the —– his signing and certifying the matters and things in the same certification and was act this being is an acting Justice of the Peace within and forever duly elected, commissioned and qualifying agreeable to the said State and that full faith and credit is and ought to be given to all things by him, this certificate – as well in Courts of Justice as Elsewheres.

In testimony Whereof I do hereunto set hand and affix my official seal at Marietta in said County this first day of December A.D. one thousand eight hundred and seventeen.  Geo. Dunlevy, Clerk. (Seal).

Source:  Deed Book 1, 1843 Recorders Office, Knox County Annex, Mt. Vernon, Ohio, 2011.

Mary appears years later as a witness on a deed in 1835 involving land being sold to Peter Spracklin.  Her brother Solomon Goss (Jr.) is also a witness.

Wine Rood. Grantor, to sell land in Dudley Twp. to Peter Sprantlen Grantee of Hardin Co., Ohio. Description: “…The east half of the south east quarter of section No. Twelve (12), in Township No. (5) Five, south of Range No. 12 Twelve in the District of Delaware containing 80 acres more or less…(Signed by Wine Rood and witnessed by Solomon Goss and Mary C. Goss 1834).

Note:  Peter Sprantlen’s name is spelling very different here but it is still the Peter Spracklin who is the father-in-law of Lydia (Goss) Spracklin sister to Mary Goss.

Source:  Hardin County, Ohio Deeds, Vol. A, pg. 366-368 (373-375), FHL# 913819,

Jump ahead two more years to 1837 and Mary Goss appears in the deed records.   This time it is in Knox County, Ohio.  In this deed she is the grantor and she is selling land to John Spracklin of Knox County.

Deed: Mary Gofs of Union Twp., Washington Co., sold land to John Spracklin of Knox Co. on Jan. 24, 1837 and recorded in August 12, 1837. The deed was for $250. Witnesses were S. Bartlett and Andrew Lake. Description of Land: ” …following described lots a parcel of land to wit, one tract situate in said State of Ohio, in the fourteenth Range and Sixth Township of the United States Military lands, so called, containing fifty acres, bounded as follows beginning at the South East corner of a tract of land deeded the 19 of April 1815 by Solomon Gofs to Elizabeth Lake, hence that 24 chains to lands deeded to same day by Solomon Gofs to Levi Gofs, hence South 20 chs 38 1/3 links, thence East 24 chains, then North 20 chs 83 1/3 links to the place of Beginning, likewise one other tract of fifty acres deeded by Elizabeth and Andrew Lake to me 26th Dec 1816 situate in the aforesaid Military lands in Range 14, Township Sixth, both of these tracts were conveyed to Solomon Goss by Zacheus Biggs on the 28th of July 1802, being a part of four hundred and fifty acres conveyed by said Biggs to the said Solomon Gofs on that day.” 

Source:  Knox County, Ohio Deeds, Vol. R. pg. 354, FHL #314044.

Mary will follow her brother Solomon Goss (Jr.) and his family to Iowa.

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