Mary Follows Her Brother Solomon Goss to Iowa!

Some time around 1845 Mary Goss moves to Mt. Pleasant, Henry County, Iowa. 

Iowa County Map

Once again Mary gets involved with land transactions on her own.  What follows are two deeds, one in 1845 and another in 1850. I have transcribed them from the film of the court clerk’s books to the best of my ability. 

GM [Teas & wife]
To M. Gofs

This Indenture, made and entered into this twenty fifth day of February in the year of our Lord Eighteen hundred and forty five between George W. Teas and Sarah S. his wife of the County of Henry and Territory of Iowa of the first part and Mary Gofs of the same place of the second part.  Witnesfeth that for an in consideration of the sum of Twenty five dollars to them in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby confessed and acknowledged the said party of the first part has this day bargained and sold and doth by these presents bargain, sell and convey unto the said party of the second part Lot No (5) five in Block No. (13) thirteen in the Town of Mount Pleasant situated in the County and Territory aforesaid. Together with all and singular the hereditainments and appurtenances thereunto belonging to have and to hold unto her the said Mary Gofs her heirs and afsigns forever and the said George W. Teas doth covenant to warrant and will forever defend the title to the above described Lot – In witness whereof the said party of the first part have hereto set their hands & seals. George W. Teas (Seal), Sahar S. Teas (Seal) 

In the presences of John P. Grantham.

Territory of Iowa, Henry County [Sct.] I John P. Grantham, Deputy for E. Killpatrick Clerk of the District Court for said County do hereby certify that George W. Teas & Sarah S. Teas his wife whose names are subscribed to the above deed of conveyance and who are known to me as parties thereto personally appeared before me and acknowledged the execution thereof to be their voluntary act and deed for the uses and purposes therein expressed. And the said Sarah S. Tease having the contents of the said deed explained to her acknowledged apart from her husband that she relinquished her right of dower in the real estate therein described without compulsion or under influences of her said husband.  (Seal) Given under my hand and seal of the Office the 25th day of February A.D. 1845.  John P. Grantham Deputy for E. Killpatrick Clerk. Record 25th February A.D. 1845 John P. Grantham RHC.

Deeds:  Henry Co., Iowa Feb. 15, 1845, Vol. D, pg. 517 FHL#964769.

 Five years pass and Mary is once gain involved with land!


This indenture made this Sixteenth day of October in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and Fifty Between Mary Gofs of the county of Henry and State of Iowa of the first part – And Thomas I. Stockton of the County and State aforesaid of the second part.  Witnefseth, That the said part of the first part for and in consideration of the sum of Four Hundred & Seventy five dollars to her paid by the said part of the second part, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged has granted, bargained, sold, released and conveyed – And by these presents does grant, bargain, sell, release, and convey to the said part of the second part, & to his heirs and assigns.  Forever all of two certain pieces or parcels of Real Estate situate, lying and being in the county of Henry and State of Iowa and known designated and described, as follows, to wit – The East half of the South East quarter of Section 25 – Township [15] North of Range 7 West containing 80 acres, more or lefs.  Also Fifteen acres off of the South side of the North half of the West half o the South East quarter of Section Twenty one, Township 15 north of Range seven West containing in the whole 95 acres be the same more or lefs. Together with all the privileges and appurtenances to the said Real Estate in any were appertaining and belonging; To Have and To Hold the above granted premises: to the said party of the second part and to his heirs and assigns to his other’s use and behoofs Forever – And the said party of the first part for herself & her heirs does convenant with the said part of the second part & to his heirs and assigns that she is lawfully secured in fee of the afore granted premises.  That they are free from all encumbrances – That the said party (page 148) of the first part, has good right to sell and convey the same to the said party of the second part, as aforesaid. And that she will and her heirs & executors, shall Warrant and Defend the same to the said part of the second part and to his heirs and assigns against the lawful demands of all persons, In Testimony whereof the said party of the first part, has hereunto set her hand and seal, the day and year first above written, signed, sealed and delivered in the presences of John P.Grantham N. Lathrop.  Signed Mary Gofs (seal)

State of Iowa, Henry County SS:  On this day personally appeared before me, the undersigned clerk of the District Court for said county Mary Gofs who is personally known to me to be the identical person described in, and who executed the foregoing Deed of conveyance as grantor therein and acknowledges the signing and sealing as the same appear thereto to be her free and voluntary act and deed for the uses and purposes therein expressed.  (Seal) Given under my hand and seal of the court affixed at Mt.Pleasant the Sixteenth day of October A.D. 1850.  John P. Grantham, clerk of said court.  Recorded 16th Oct. A.D.1850.  W.M. Snyder [R….Cl]

 Source:  Deeds Henry Co., Iowa, Book J, pg 147, FHL#964771, Oct. 16, 1850.

UPDATE January 5, 2012 – This is not correct – Mary is not living with her brother Solomon in 1850. 

In the 1850 U.S. Federal Census, Henry County, Iowa we find Mary living with her brother Solomon Goss (Jr.). in Henry County, New London Twp., pg. 164, Roll M432_184,

Solomon Goss, Jr. age 62 born 1787, bp Ohio; Mary Goss, age 51, est by 1798, bp Ohio; Leroy Goss, age 22 est. 1827, bp Ohio; Daniel Goss age 20, est. 1829, bp Ohio; Homer Goss age 13, est. 1836, bp Ohio; Mary Goss age 7, est. 1842 born in Iowa; Mary Goss, age 65, 1784, born Pennsylvania. 

She is on her own living in Mt. Pleasant, Henry Co., Iowa. 

Line 14, 342, 342, Goss Mary, 65, F, 300,  Pennsylvania,

Source:  1850 U.S. Census, Mt. Pleasant, Henry Co., Iowa, NARA Film M432_184, page 183A, Image 109, 27th Day of August 1850, A. B. Porter, Asst Marshall,

The 1854 Iowa State Census for Henry County shows statistics and I believe it is Mary Goss.  She is living in Mt. Pleasant, Henry Co., Iowa and is listed as head of household (Line 30, Roll IA_121,

We follow with the 1856 Iowa Census for Mary Goss and find her at 70 years old.

pg. 476 – Salmon C. Rodgers age 20 M. married, 0 yrs in state, Born Ohio, Farmer, Voters, Militia. Sarah L. age 19 Female married, 0 years in state, born Ohio, Mary Goss age 70, Female in state 10 years, born PA.  Roll IA_56 Family #182,

The Rodger or Roger family may be a link back to Ebenezer Goss, younger brother to Solomon Goss and his descendants but at this time I do not know that link for I have not studied the Roger’s family that closely. 

Getting old is never easy and on the 12 September 1857, Solomon Goss (Jr.) was made the guardian for Mary Goss in a document titled:  Inquest of Insanity

Upon satisfactory proof being made to the court that Mary Goss is incapable of taking care of herself or her property and by reason of her physical debility could not be brought to the court ordered that Solomon Goss, by appointed guardian of the said Mary.  Whereupon the said Solomon Goss gave Bond in the penal sum of sixteen hundred dollars with [ ] Maynard as security approved by the court, and was duly sworn and confirmed according to law. Ordered that said guardian, give notice of his appointment in the courthouse and other public places in the county.  

Source:  Probate Records, Henry County, Iowa, Vol. D, pg. 311 FHL#964922

Not long after on April 13, 1859 a brief note appears in the court books regarding the estate of Mary Goss.

On application to that effect and cause therefor being shown, it is ordered by the court that Solomon Goss be and he is hereby appointed administrator of Mary Goss deceased.  Therefrom the said Solomon Goss gave bond in the penal sum of eight hundred dollars with H. W. Maynard as security, which was approved by the court and he was duly sworn according to law.  It is also ordered by the court that the said administor give notice of his appointment by posting up notices, at the courthouse and two other public places in the county.  And said Administrator is authorized to sell so much of the said personal property as he may deem proper, and in said terms as to him may seem best.  It is further ordered by the court that Isaac P. [Cove], Francis Alter & James H. Stephens be and they are hereby appointed appraisers of the personal property of said estate.

There was only 3 pieces of paper regarding the estate of Mary Goss, there are no dates on these next two pieces. 

Estate of Mary Goss dec.  On this day Solomon Goss administor of the Estate of Mary Goss dec’d filed his report of the condition of said Estate showing a balance of in his hands subject to order of distribution of $26.88 which report is approved by the court. 

Followed by the Inventory and report:

Solomon Goss administor of the Estate of Mary Goss dec’d and makes the following report which is filed same [        ].

To Cash left by the deceased $25.00. To cash for personal property as the appraisement $76.13, Total $104.13.  One note given by [Chas A of W. Viney] dated June 25, 1858 given the day after date drawing [oper cent Int.]  $200.00.  One note given by Daniel Goss dated Jan 26, 1857 due one year after date with 10 per cent int from date for $200.00.  Jany. 29th 1861 Probate fees paid $3.00, 5 percent commission $19.20.  My share of the Estate being 1/5th $19.20.  Bal. cash in my hands $76.73. 

Said balance [  ] due to the following heirs as follows:  Daniel Goss (brother of Deceased) 1 share $19.19.  Heirs of Lake Deceased 1 share $19.19.  Levi Goss 1 share $19.19.  Heirs of Lydia Spracklin deceased 1 share $19.19.    Source:  Henry Co., Probate Records, Vol. D pg. 395, 528, 602, FHL#964922.

If we study the dates we can determine that Mary passed sometime between September of 1857 and 1859.  She outlived her two sisters and we know from this probate file that Daniel and Levi are still living.  Again there is no mention of David. 

Where Mary is buried in Henry County is unclear.  I cannot find her at this time, but I assume she is buried there because Solomon (Jr.) and his wife Mary are still living there according to the 1860 census for Henry County, Iowa. 

Update:  Mary’s tombstone and burial location has been found.  She is buried next to her brother Solomon Goss and sister-in-law Mary C. Goss in the Burge Cemetery in New London, Henry Co., Iowa.  Find the Cemetery category and click on Burge Cemetery on the right side of this blog.

I ponder what Mary would have been like.  Finding her in the records is very unusual for a woman, but very rewarding.  Her bond with her brother Solomon must have been strong for what would have compelled her to leave her home in Washington County to travel to Hardin County and then onto Iowa?


Note:  When I visited Iowa in April of 2003 I traveled to and did research in several repositories like the State Historical Society for Iowa which has two offices, one in Iowa City and the main one in Des Moines.  I was at both for several days.  The Iowa Genealogical Society is also excellent and located in Des Moines near the Archives.  I traveled mostly through the southern part of Benton County and the north part of Iowa County my emphasis was on finding Daniel Spracklin, Lydia’s son.  Another stop was the Iowa County Genealogical Society which was in the basement in the tiniest room I have ever seen at that time, but they have moved since.  See the links on the sidebar.

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