Solomon Goss, a restless son: From Ohio to Iowa!

Let us study the migration of Solomon Goss (Jr.) from Ohio to Iowa.

Why he decided to leave Washington County, Ohio I do not know.  The land of his father’s was in a hilly area and the land in Hardin was much flatter and it was probably much easier to farm.  I have seen and walked both areas (Hardin and Washington Co.) in my travels this past year of 2011, so I know the difference in the land is marked.

Daniel his brother was living in Belpre which is 12 miles south of Marietta.   Elizabeth (Goss) Lake was living in Rainbow 12 miles to the west across the Muskingum River.  Noah was living in Knox County but he died in 1833. Levi was in Kent County, Ontario, Canada.  Lydia was in Knox County, Ohio with her family.  They were busy with their families.  It is fun to speculate!

In 1810 Solomon Goss was made the Executor of his father Solomon Goss Senior’s will.  In 1828 he followed through with this duty.  The only document that is listed in the index for the estate of Solomon Goss is the will.  Usually there are other documents like the appointment of an administrator, appraisement of personal possessions,  inventory, bonds, sale of inventory, settlements and more.  Why there is so little on this estate file is puzzling to me.

Probate Index, Washington Co., Ohio

The son, Solomon is still in Washington County, Ohio in Fearing Township according to the 1830 U.S. Federal Census.  This census is statistical but it does shown him as head of household.   My last post dated January 5, 2012 covers this census.  It is titled  “The Family of Solomon and Polly Goss!”

Executor Notice!

I tried to find an obituary notice on Solomon Goss Senior instead I found this executor notice from the newspapers.  It was in the obituary binders of the Washington County Historical Society in Marietta.  They have alphabetical books filled with obituaries and it is a lot easier to find things than slogging through a newspaper.  See the link to the right to the historical society.  I am now a member and was very impressed with their dedication and enjoyed my visit in September of 2012. They are well worth a visit.

The will of Solomon Goss Senior bequeathed to the son Solomon the land in Fearing Township, Washington County, Ohio and the son lives there till around 1832 when he sells it on April 4, 1832 to John Ludham (Leedham).

In a  future post I will features this deed in more depth for it is truly wonderful and fits in more with the will and land of the father.  You can view this deed at the source below or contact the Register of Deeds at the courthouse in Marietta.

Source:  Washington County, Ohio Deeds, Vol. 22, pg. 324 FHL#941411

Once the land was sold, Solomon Goss (Jr.)  heads north to Hardin County, Ohio and settles on Section 10.

 “Solomon Goss settled on land now owned by Mrs. Nancy McLain, in Section 10, about 1831 or 1832, and after residing here about ten years he moved to Iowa. Mr. Goss was a man of character and integrity, of firm and established religious principles, and one of the organizers of the Pisgah Methodist Episcopal Church.” pg. 602

“Pisgah Episcopal Church – …The first class of this society consisted of Solomon Goss and wife, Uriah Williams, Mary Williams, …..etc.” pg. 611

Source:  History of Hardin County, Ohio pg. 602 and 611, Chicago, Warner & Beers & Co., 1883.

Historic Map Works has an amazing collection of Atlases for many states and counties that you can view.  The 1879 shows where Nancy McLain’s and Alfred Spracklin’s land is located.  He was one of Peter Spracklins sons.  Peter died in 1845.

Solomon Goss appears on various tax lists and records in Hardin County, Ohio.  By 1839 Wesley, his son, appears as well!

1833 Tax Record, Congress District, Blanchard Twp., Chattle Property, Goss, Solomon.

1839 Wesley and Solomon Goss are listed again under Dudley Twp. Chattle List Wesley has 2 horses and 3 cattle while Solomon has 1 horse and 6 cattle.  A note on the tax document states that Wesley had gone to Iowa.

1840 only Solomon is listed under Congress Lands in Dudley R12 T5 S10 and 9 and he has paid.

In 1841 Solomon Goss is listed again under Dudley Twp. Congress Land same land description. 

Source:  Duplicate Tax Records 1821-1850, Hardin Co., Ohio, V. 584, 590, 1821-1833 FHL#506598, and  1838-1842 FHL#945852.

A patent is issued to Solomon Goss on 16 September 1834 for land in Hardin County.

Bucyrus was the land office – #6276 ASN OH 0840__.150, 40 acres. SWSE 3/ Section 5-N Twp. 12 E, Fract Section No, Meridian 1st PM. State of Oh, County of  Hardin, Issue date September 16, 1834. 

Source:  BML – Bureau of Land Management Website see link on right of this blog under Favorite Links – US where you can get  copy of this patent and more.

Actually, Solomon’s land in Hardin County was not that far from Peter Spracklin’s.  See the posted dated August 24, 2011 “Hardin County – Kenton, Ohio,” for the location and photos of Peter Spracklin’s land and Solomon Goss’s.  Please realize that the photographs are approximations of where the lands are located!

Goss, Solomon Jr. R/12E/T58(S)/S3 Vol: U.S. Lands 18 Ranges North & South Vol 3, pg. 297 (Dec 21, 1837)

also R12E/T58(S)/S10 Vol: US Lands 18 Ranges North & South Vol 3, pg. 299 (Aug. 28, 1837)

Source:  Tract Books and Index for U.S. lands in Ohio but not including Virginia Military Dist., Connecticut Western Res., Fire Lands and Symmes Purchase, FHL#1992829 Index, FHL#196230 V3 Ranges 9-15.

While visiting  the Hardin County Genealogical Society in August of 2007, my cousin found in the stacks an account book from a store which lists the purchases made by customers for supplies.  Here I feature Solomon Goss and his son Wesley.  [Gofs is the written version of Goss using the long S.]

Pg. 94, Tuesday April 14, 1840 Solomon Gofs – 3 yrds Linen – 84 cents.

Pg. 109, Tuesday April 28th, 1840 Solomon Gofs – Ball and [ ] for $5.67.

Pg. 378 Saturday Nov. 14, 1840 Solomon Gofs bought indigo and tea for $1.00.

Pg. 504 Monday Feb. 22, 1841 Solomon Gofs bought for his daughter dishes and more for $4.03.  Below him there might be a Daniel Goss buying combs for 22 cents. 

Source:  Merriam & Carey Day Book, circa 1840, Hardin County Genealogical Society, Kenton, Ohio.

Solomon Goss (Jr.) and Polly are still in Hardin County, Ohio in the census for 1840 which again is statistical.  So this means he left Hardin County sometime after 1841 and was in Henry Co., Iowa by 1850.   In the previous post dated January 5, 2012 “The Family of Solomon and Polly Goss,”  I feature the 1830, 1840 and 1850 census for Solomon toward the end of the post.


Additional Notes:  If you seek out the will or any probate/estate files for Solomon Goss Senior you will only find the court clerk’s copy of the will.  The original was removed by some unknown person and never returned back in 1992.  I learned this on my trip to Marietta  in  September of 2011.   This was a terrible disappointment to me.  I was looking forward to seeing it.

Some of the records of the county are housed at the Washington County Historical Society (WCHS), see the link to the right.  The WCHS is doing everything they can to preserve these records.  Please don’t take these precious documents, leave them for others to enjoy!!!

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