The End Comes: Solomon & Polly Goss Rest Peacefully!

The son of Solomon and Olive (Scott) Goss left his childhood home and headed for greener pastures.  He left Washington County, Ohio about 1832 and headed for Hardin County, Ohio.  He lived there till after 1841 and followed his son Wesley to Iowa.

In 1860 we find Solomon living in Henry County, Iowa.

Line 1, 2184/88, 1995/95, Sol Gofs, 72, M, Farmer, $4000, $800, PA. Mary Gofs, 65, F, born Ohio. Homer Gofs, 21, M, Farmer, 150, 200, born Ohio.

Line 4, Family 1924/96/ Mary Davis, 36, F, not known. Wilber Davis, 4, M, Iowa.

Source:  1860 U.S. Federal Census, New London Twp., Henry Co., Iowa, pg. 279, July 23, 1860, John S. Bartneff, enumerator, P.O. New London,   I do not know what relationship the Davis family if any to the Goss family.

The IA GenWeb for Henry County, Iowa has a transcription of a directory for some of the areas of Henry Co., Iowa for 1859-1860, by Watson Brown Publisher, transcribed by Pat Ryan White.  If you scroll down to New London and then a little further down you will find Solomon Goss listed in the township.

Solomon Goss (Jr.)  died 1 November 1864 and Polly passed about April 1865.  The Devol book by Jerry Devol featured in the last post, has him passing in Oskaloosa, Mahasaka Co., Iowa?  I have tried to verify the burials but with little success checking both Henry County and Mahaska County online sources.  Published records have yet to be searched.

Update:  The tombstones of Solomon & Polly Goss have been found. They were buried in the Burge Cemetery in New London!  See the post to follow for the details. 

The interesting fact is that Solomon’s  probate and will are in Henry Co., Iowa?

The estate file for Solomon Goss (Jr.) consists of the following documents:

  • Vol. G, pg. 560-561 – Proving of Will FHL#964924, Friday Dec. 8, 1865 December term.
  • Vol. G, pg. 401 Notice of Publication ,
  • Vol. G, pg. 485 Appt. of Administrator and Bond, FHL#964924:  Administration was granted to Charles F. Devol as Special Administrator on Nov. 11, 1865 November term.
  • Probate Journal Vol. I, pgs. 8 to 12 Report of Sale of Real Estate, Full Record, Notice Proven FHL#964925;
  • Probate Journal Vol. J, pg. 576 to 579 Report of Administrator;
  • Vol. H, pg. 286-291 Inventory, Report of Appraisers, Report of Sale, Appt. of Regular Executor FHL#964924; March Term 1866, March 19th.  March 10, 1866 by C.E. Devol.
  • Record of Heirs FHL#964934 Item 2;  W. Gofs, Daniel Goss, Homer Gofs, Eliza Sawtell, Harriet Maynard, Mary Adaline’s son Solomon B. Hare.  His wife Mary C. Gofs is mentioned in the will.
  • Will Record Vol. B, pg. 124-125 FHL#965935.
  • Deed of Conveyance by Executor to George Van Beck dated 12 of July 1866, sale of real estate.

Source:  Probate Records 1847-1868, Henry Co., Iowa, FHL films.  V. G-H 1865-1866, #964924; V. I 1866-1867 #964925; V. J-K 1867-1868 #964926 and Indexes to probate papers disposed of, no 1 964934 Item 1 and v. 2 1920-1937 Item 5964935.

The Will of Solomon Goss (Jr.)

Regular December Term 1865 Friday December 8th page 561

Will of Solomon Gofs dec’d

Know all men by the following that I Solomon Gofs of New London Henry County State of Iowa feeling many infirmities and old age coming on do desire to arrange my worldly businesf in the fear of God so as to give my wife and family as little trouble as possible when life shall cease I wish my body to be buried in a plain and Humble manner and after my funeral expenses and debts are all paid I wish my wife Mary C. Gofs – to have and to hold one third of my property personal and real estate what I may leave then wish Twenty dollars to be given to the Missionary Society of the M.E. Church – I then wish any remaining property to be equally divided between my remaining children with this consideration that Wesley Gofs has had one hundred Dollars the receipt is among my papers. And I wish it to be so arranged as to give my grand son Solomon Beverly Ware one half as much as one of my own children. Solomon Gofs –

The foregoing will of Solomon Gofs was this day Signed and acknowledged by the Testation in our presence and we at his request in his presence & into the presence of each other do sign the same as witnesfes – John P. Grantham, G. Thompson.

I Solomon Gofs of Henry County Iowa being as heretofore of sound mind & memory do hereby make the following change or alteration in my will within made by me on the 13th day of February 1860 to wit I hereby change the item of twenty five Dollars give to the Missionary Society of the M.E. Church so as to make it read Fifty Dollars instead of Twenty five. Witnefs my name the 29th of Jany 1861. Solomon Gofs.

The above change or alteration of the written will is this day subscribed in one presence by Solomon Gofs and we in his presence and at his request sign the same as witnefses date above. John P. Grantham, Francis White.

Notes:  Please understand that they use the spelling with the elongated “S” that looks like an “f” in this court clerk version of the original will.  The name is spelled “Goss.”  I try to write it as they did back then.

Summary page of the heirs (click on the photo to make it larger, remember to hit the back button to return to this post – see the list of films above and realize there is more detail in the films.  I am only showing a small portion of the estate file.  I started with the index and worked through the films at the Family History Library.

Record of Heirs Nov 1, 1864


Additional Information:

Suggestions:  Here are two great sources for graves in Iowa.  One is from the WPA Work Project which was very helpful to me in the published version when I visited Iowa in 2003 and I am glad to see it is now on line:

The other is the Iowa Gravestone Photo Project:

A wish:  If someone has a picture of Solomon and Mary’s tombstone(s) and location I would be very happy to receive a copy and if they wish, post it here on this blog with their name as contributor.  

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