A Wish Fulfilled: Solomon and Polly Goss’s Graves & sister Mary!

Sometimes I think I have a genealogy angel watching over me.  Recently I have been very blessed.  A cousin found me on this blog and she has been very kind and very helpful.  She went out and found the tombstones of Solomon Goss (Jr.) and Mary (Polly) Coburn Devol Goss!  Next to them was Solomon’s sister Mary Goss!!

Talk about a genealogical happy dance!

The following tombstone photographs were taken by Pat Stoudt a descendant of Virda Huston Spracklin,* a half-brother to my Amarilla Spracklin Barclay.

Solomon and Polly are buried in the Burge Cemetery in New London, Henry Co., Iowa.  The book by Jerry Devol that I featured in my post of January 29, 2012 “A Little About Mary “Polly” Coburn Devol Goss!” is not correct.  It states that they were buried in Oskalooska, Mahaska County, Iowa.

Solomon’s will was probated in Henry Co., Iowa and they are in the 1860 U.S. Census there and it all makes better sense!  See the last post about Solomon Goss (Jr.) estate file.

The Burge Cemetery is west of New London in Henry County off of Main Street and sandwiched between Oasis Avenue and 257th St.  New London is south of Iowa City and located in the southeastern part of Iowa.

A sign for the Burge Cemetery, Henry Co., Iowa!

Burge Cemetery Sign off 260th

Plaque on the pillar for the Burge Cemetery!

Plaque Pillar – Back Entrance

Overview of the Burge Cemetery!

Overview of Burge Cemetery, Goss Stones!

The three stones stand together!

The Goss Stones!

Find A Grave has a listing for Mary Goss d. 1859, Mary S. Goss d. 1865, Solomon Goss d. 1864 and Harriet M. Goss Maynard the daughter who died 1880.  I think some of the listing is not correct?   http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=cr&CRid=685810  There are no photos of the tombstones at this site.

Solomon Goss (Jr.) stone, apparently it had been reattached?  It is difficult to see the dates it is so close to the ground.

Solomon Goss the Son of Solomon & Olive Goss

This is a closer look and you can make out 1864!

Close up of Solomon’s stone

The next stone is of Mary C. Goss wife of S. Goss.  It is definitely a C, not an S as listed at FindAGrave.

Mary C. Goss (Polly Coburn Devol)

Mary Goss, the sister!

Mary Goss, sister to Solomon and daughter of Solomon & Olive Goss

FindAGrave has her years as 24 yrs.  I think it reads 84 which would be more accurate! Here is a close up! (Click on the photographs and they will be made larger.  Remember to click your back button to return to this post!)

This gives a death of April 6, 1859.  See my post dated December 18, 2011, “Mary Follows her Brother Solomon Goss to Iowa!”  I did not have this information when I published that post so this is good news.

Closer Look at Mary Goss’ tombstone

Mary Goss, the top of the stone. The sister!

Here is another overview of the Burge Cemetery, New London, Henry Co., Iowa:

I would like to thank Pat for taking the time to go to this cemetery and take these great pictures.  It is not easy to photograph tombstones!   I am glad she had fair weather.  It looks like it is well-kept and that is good news!  I wish I could have gone!  I so love to find my ancestors graves!

Harriett Goss Maynard is also at the Burge Cemetery, she is a daughter of Solomon and Polly Goss. Here is a link to the Iowa Gravestone Photo Project with a picture of her tombstone:


The main page for the Burge Cemetery but I am not finding anyone other than Harriett. Iowa Gravestones website:


*Virda Huston Spracklin is discussed briefly in the posted dated December 2, 2011 “Sarah and Daniel’s Family, the second Family!  This post is written on my blog: The Barclays of Pine River: The Lives of George and Amarilla Barclay.  I am slowly working my way to revealing more about the full and half siblings of my great-grandmother Amarilla Spracklin Barclay Dawes Urton on the Barclay blog.  A link to this blog is on the right side panel under Blogs I like!


A Tip:  This website “The Families of Dennis W. Brumm” has photographs of some of the Burge Cemetery tombstones and a map showing its location, as far as I can tell no Goss are listed.  It is a very nice and worth checking out there is so much more presented there.  Go to the top of the website  and just above the picture is a Find drop down menus and more:


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