Daniel Goss a Man of Conviction, Belpre, Ohio!

Belpre Water Towers

Daniel Goss was another son of Solomon Goss and Olive (Scott) Goss. He migrated to Belpre, Ohio to live.  Belpre is about 14 miles south of Marietta.  You follow the highway as it curves south along the Ohio river.  Belpre is tucked in along the north edge of the river as it turns west and then curves south.

Daniel is often confused with a possible younger brother David Goss. Daniel was 10 years older than his younger brother.

Daniel was born 23 September 1790.  The census indicates that he was born in Virginia, which is very interesting.

West Virginia was not established till June 20, 1863 when it seceded from Virginia during the Civil War long after the death of Solomon Goss, the father.  One of the goals I have had is to track Solomon Goss and determine the route he took to get to Ohio from Eastern Pennsylvania. If Daniel was born in Virginia, this means that a search of Virginia records is in order.  I have done some research into deeds in Williamstown, West Virginia looking for his brother-in-law John Andrews Spracklin.  I didn’t have much luck. This is another item for the ToDo list.

Daniel died 18 November 1868 in Belpre, Washington Co., Ohio according to his tombstone (see below).  He is not listed in the death records at the courthouse, which is very curious? He is buried in Rockland Cemetery, Belpre, Washington Co., Ohio.

Daniel Goss 1890 to 1868

It reads:  Daniel Goss, Born Sept 23, 1790, Died Nov. 18, 1868, Ae 75 yrs, 1 mos. and 25 days. There is more wording on the tombstone and so far it escapes me what is written there?

The publication I consulted didn’t give any more detail about what was written on the tombstone.  (Click the photo and it will open to a bigger picture but don’t forget to click the back button to return to this post.)

Source:  Rockland Cemetery Inscriptions, Belpre Twp., Washington Co., Ohio FHL#977.198 V3r, pg. 92, 1982, by the Washington County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society.

FindAGrave has a listing for this cemetery but no Daniel nor Lydia is mentioned. http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=cr&GSln=McCualsky&GSiman=1&GScnty=2123&CRid=42977&pt=Rockland%20Cemetery&

The USGenweb Archives Ohio has more information and photographs and no Daniel or Lydia Goss:   http://www.usgwarchives.net/oh/washington/photos1-index.html

I was so happy to find his tombstone and view it.  There was no stone for his wife Lydia and actually no stones close around him.  It is possible she is there but not identified?

The Belpre Historical Society is updating the cemetery transcriptions and trying to make it easier to find the stones.  I called them before I went to Ohio and they were very helpful.  They gave me the section and lot number so I could find him easily. Rockland is not a small cemetery.

Belpre Historical Society, Belpre, OH

Rockland Cemetery is south of Hwy 32/7 and best reached via Hwy 618 or the James A. Rhodes Appalachian Hwy/Washington Blvd.  The cross street is Victor St.

On July 1, 1815 Daniel Goss applies for a license for the purpose of manufacturing or making leather.  A bond is made for $300.00.  This was signed by Daniel Goss.  Followed by a James Whitney and Wm. Skinner as securities. This document was in the Special Collections at the Marietta College.  It is several pages and very fragile.

License to Make Leather!

Daniel acquires land in a deed on  2 October 1815 from his father Solomon Goss for the land in Knox Co., Ohio.  In this deed Solomon refers to Daniel as his “third son of the Town of Bell-Pree.”  There are two pages for this deed.  Here only one page is featured.

Deed to Daniel Goss 1815

Daniel Goss was very active in Belpre.

pg. 506 Belpre Twp. – Prior to 1815 Daniel Goss, a native of New England, settled near Miles mill. Thos. Burt Hibbard owned the place in 1858 and in 1875 according to maps of those dates. He (Daniel) had a tan-yard. He was a leader in the Methodist Church, and helped organize its first society.”

pg. 519: Belpre Twp. – During the fall and winter of 1820-21 a soc. was organized (Meth Episcopal), there being the first class books thirteen names, as follows: Daniel GOSS and his wife Lydia, Samuel Hooper, Clarissa Ackley, William P. Howe, A. Gridley, Eliz. Howe, Leroy Gridley, Susan Oaks, Susan O’Brien, Chester and Caroline Gridley and Louis Bradford. Daniel Goss, who was one of the most energetic of the early Methodists, was appointed class leader. Among his papers there were found the old subscription paper for the building of the church: – in this list Daniel gave $40.00 in a long list and Solomon Goss gave $2.00.

A log church was built near the forks of the Little Hocking north of Centre Belpre (or Porterfield), of which church there is now (1881) no vestige. The quarterage paid in 1821 and 22 was twelve dollars and 13 1/4 cents, and was subscribed in the following sums: Daniel Goss, cash $2.50 etc.

The Cedarville Church – By the year 1832 the Methodists in Belpre decided to build a house of worship at Cedarville, on the Ohio. Daniel Goss and Daniel Ellenwood were among the first trustees and members of the building committee.

Source:  1788-1881 History of Washington County, Ohio with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches, published by H.O. Williams & Bros in 1881 and reprinted in 1976.  Sponsored by the Washington Co. Historical Society. Please note that there are several history books on Washington Co., Ohio and it can get confusing.  Porterville and Cedarville do not show on current maps having become part of Belpre.   Historic Map Works has a great Belpre Township map for 1875.  You can find Cedarville on the Ohio just as it turns west and across from Blennerhassett’s Island.  Further west by the “Belpre Middle Settlment” is the name T. Hibbard.  This was the former land own by Daniel Goss. Apparently the use of Porterville was gone by 1875 and it was known as Centre Belpre.

Daniel appears in another history that covers Belpre:

pg. 112: The Temperance Reform – Daniel Goss, Perley and Wm. P. Howe, Geo. Dana Sen. and O.R. Loring…prompt in this work. It was the custom in earlier years when neighbors gathered for a “Raising Bee’ to lubricate them freely with whiskey, but the sentiment of the Christian men in Belpre was so far advanced that when the frame of the Methodist Meeting House in Rockland was raised in 1832, no ardent spirits were provided. This is said to have been the first frame so raised in Washington County…”



pg. 121: Chapter XII, Slavery and the Underground Railroad: “There were in Belpre — people gloried in the name of “Abolitionists’ though it was given to them by both Whigs and Loco Focos, as a term of reproach. Among these were Capt. John and Mr. Jonathan Stone, Perley Howe, Daniel GOSS, Joseph Smith, T. B. Hibbard and others in different parts of the town.”

Underground Railroad in Belpre, OH

More on the underground railroad in Southeastern Ohio   Just try Google and you will find a lot.

I can’t help myself but Wikipedia gives this explanation for the term Loco Focos:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Locofocos

Pages 183-185 – Methodist Churches – there were occasional services held by itinerating Methodist ministers from Virginia in various homes in the township but the commencement of this part of the history was in 1820 when a class of thirteen members was organized with Daniel GOSS as leader. Of this number two soon withdrew and two were expelled leaving nine. About this time a log meeting house was erected near the Little Hocking about one mile north of Porterfield Station, and in the vicinity of the home of Daniel Goss. All traces of this building have disappeared….

About April 1st, 1832 work was commenced on the proposed meeting house and the 9th of June following, the third quarterly meeting was held in the building. The work was greatly facilitated by the memorable flood of 1832 on which the lumber was floated by Daniel Ellenwood from the mill on Little Hocking. This is memorable as being the first building in Belpre Twp. that was raised without liquor and at which there was neither accident nor want of help. In 1842, Daniel Goss was leader of Class No. 2 which met in the church.”

Source:  A History of Belpre, Washington Co., by C.E. Dickinson D.D., Ohio, Globe Printing & Binding Co., 1920. This book is online at the Internet Archive.

In still another history book:  History of Marietta and Washington Co., Ohio

pg. 390 – Barlow Methodist Episcopal Church…

pg. 391: The Barlow Methodist Episcopal Church. The site of the present (1902) church was selected and deeded by Jesse Lawton and John M. Proctor to John Houghland, Luman Richards, David Ormiston, Daniel Goss, and Jacob Bridges, trustees (1836).”

Source:  History of Marietta and Washington Co., Ohio and Representative Citizens, Edited and compiled by Martin R. Andrews, M.A., Biographical Publishing Co., 1902.

I was unable to locate an estate file for Daniel but I did find a deed. This deed was dated July 10, 1867 and recorded a year later July 13, 1868.  It is in FHL#935960 Vol. 68 pg. 343 of Washington Co., deeds.  Daniel Goss, Gilbert O’Neal, Samuel Barkley, Thomas McFarland and Jesse Pride are the Grantors and they are selling land to Grantee John Edswick for $5.00, in Cedarville, Ohio.  This is a quit claim deed. The men listed as Grantors are the Trustees of the ME Church. The description is very detailed regarding the land being sold. It is interesting that this was recorded just months before Daniel’s death.

Daniel was listed as an heir in the estate file of his sister Mary Goss.  See the post on this blog dated:  December 18, 2011 “Mary Follows Her Brother Solomon Goss to Iowa!”

Daniel Goss was apparently a man of conviction and faith.  In the next post Daniel’s marriage to Lydia Ackley will be discussed.


Notes:  I was surprised to find the sign (see above) regarding the Underground Railroad in Southeastern Ohio outside the Belpre Historical Society.  Later we were returning to Columbus to fly home, my husband and I drove up Hwy 77 and turned west on Hwy 70 and we stopped in Zanesville.

We went to the Pioneer & Historical Society of Muskingum County, Ohio and learned about the town being divided in half on the issue of slavery and that if was very dangerous to assist runaway slaves.  In the house was a hiding place for the runaway slaves under the floor.  It looked very small and cramped.  If you click the link to this society you will find another name mentioned.  Does the name Rufus Putnam mean anything to you?

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