The Family of Daniel Goss and Lydia (Ackley) Goss

Daniel Goss  married on 13 August 1813 in Washington County, Ohio to Lydia Ackley born about 1795 in Connecticut.  She died 20 October 1873 in Belpre, Washington Co., Ohio per the death records there.

Source:  Probate Court, Washington County, Ohio, Washington Co. Marriage Records, V1-3, FHL #0941958.  Or you can go to the courthouse and view the books which are copies of the index.

I cannot determine where Lydia is buried.  It is possible she is with Daniel in an unmarked grave in Rockland Cemetery.  She may have had a sister named Clarissa. I do not know anything about Lydia’s parents.

The 1820, 1830 and 1840 U.S. Federal Census for Belpre are statistical.  Only Daniel Goss appears as the head.  The rest is in numbers.  I have tried to present here a table of those three census for Daniel Goss to get an idea of how his family looked during those years.  It is a summary not the complete census.

We see that Daniel was consistent at 5 members to the family during those years.  A next step would be to compare the family names from the other census years to see how they might fit with these statistics. I will let others take a crack at it.

Note:  To view the table click on it to open in a larger page and then hit the back arrow to return to this blog.

Census 1820-1840

Daniel and Lydia are in the 1850 census for Belpre, Washington Co., Ohio:

Line 6 – 168/175 Daniel Gofs (Goss) age 59, Farmer $2,000, born in Virginia, Lydia Gofs, age 54 born in Conn., Thomas B. Hibbard, 28, Farmer, born in NY, Sarah H.P., 25 born in Ohio, Santha I. Rosencrans, age 11, born in Ohio, Lucy D. Rosencrans age 9, born in Ohio, [Lawrence] Linn age 9 born in Ohio.

Source:  1850 U.S. Federal Census, Belpre Township, Washington Co., Ohio, pg. 325, FHL# M653_1049.

They are still listed in the 1860 Census but a Thomas Hibbard is the head of household.

1109/916 Thomas Hibbard 38 yrs. $4000/$2095, Born New York. Hibbard, Sarah M. 36 born Ohio, Edna 9, born Ohio, Sarah, 5 born Ohio, Daniel Goss 70, laborer, born Virginia, Lydia age 65, born Conn., Lucy P. Rosecrans age 17 born Ohio

Source:  1860 U.S. Federal Census, Belpre Twp., Washington Co., Ohio, pg. 282 FHL# M423_738.

In the 1870 Census Lydia is still alive.

Line 1, 1, 1, Hibbard, Thos. 49, M, w, Farmer, $6000, $1100. Born NY.  Hibbard, Sarah M, 44, F, W. keeping house, born Ohio. Hibbard, Edna A, 19, F, W. teaching school, born Ohio.  Hibbard, Sarah A., 15, F, W. assisted at home, born Ohio. Goss, Lydia, 74, F, W. aid in house keeping, Connecticut. Rosecrans, Lucy 28, F, W. aid in house keeping, born in Ohio

Source:  1870 U.S. Federal Census, Belpre Twp., Washington Co., Ohio, M593=1278, Pg. 50A FHL#552777.

Line 33, 475, 486, Hibbard, Thomas B. w, m. 59. farmer. NY, Vermont, NY.  Hibbard, Sarah M, W, F, 54, wife, Ohio, VA, Conn. Hibbard, Ada S., W, h, 25, daughter, Ohio, NY, Ohio. Rosecrans, Lucy D., w, h, 36 adopted daughter, Ohio, VA, VA.

Source:  1880 U.S. Federal Census, Belpre Township, Washington Co., Ohio, FHL#1255075, pg. 66B, Roll #1075.

More about this family is featured in the book:  History of Marietta and Washington County on pages 1134 to 1135: The Thomas Birt Hibbard family sketch which gives a great deal of detail about Thomas.  It is very long so I will only emphasize certain parts:

Thomas Birt Hibbard deceased who spent half a century of his active life in Belpre township, was born near Sacket Harbor, New York, December 1, 1821 and died April 26, 1902.  He is the son of James S. Hibbard, a former resident of Sacket Harbor, who located in Athens County, Ohio, when the subject of these lines was but eighteen months old…

He married (James the father) Lucy Blanchard, whose mother’s maiden name was Birt, which was adopted by the subject of this sketch as his middle name….

Mr. Hibbard was the eldest of nine children who grew to maturity:  Sophia, Henry, Joliette, Clark, Louisa, Mary, Rudolph and Lucy…

He was joined in marriage with Sarah Porter, a daughter of Samuel Porter, who was a native of Massachusetts, but went west and settled in Ohio, near Little Hocking, in the early part of the history of Washington County. 

Mr. Hibbard and his wife reared two daughters, Edna A. and Sarah A., both of whom are deceased.  Edna married Prof. Guthrie and their union was blessed with two children – Frank H. and Hattie A., wife of William Ellwood.  Sarah A. married William Richards and five children were born to them, as follows:  Birth H, Ruby, Garnet, Victor and Emerald.  

Mrs. Hibbard crossed the river of death to the life beyond, September 16, 1894 aged seventy-seven years.  She was a devout member of the Congregational Church.

The foregoing notes were furnished to the publishers of this book by Lucy D. Rosecrans, or Lucy Goss, as she is more commonly known, as a tribute to the memory of Mr. Hibbard. Lucy D. Rosecrans is a niece of the illustrious Gen. (Wm. Stark) Rosecrans and also of Bishop (S.H.) Rosecrans, formerly of Cincinnati. When but two weeks old, she was adopted by Daniel Goss and his wife (of Belpre Township). She has two brothers, Columbus and Eli, both residents of California (1902).”

On line family trees at Ancestry have her name as Sarah M. Goss Parker giving her a totally different set of parents other than Daniel or Lydia? Unfortunately the trees at Ancestry do not give sources.  I have not contacted the individuals of those trees.

The above information states Thomas Birt Hibbard married a Sarah Parker.  They had Edna A. and Sarah A.

I can see that there will need to be some serious digging into Daniel and Lydia’s family connections in order to sort out the family relationships.  Studying the Rosecranz family and also Thomas Birt Hibbard’s life in Belpre and the Parker family.

The 1900 Census shows that Thomas is alone except for Lucy Rosecranz who is living with him.  Besides the fac that his name is creatively spelled we see that her relationship to him is not indicated? The wd is crossed off and a 2 is next to it and that is very puzzling?

line 20, 232, 232 Hitlard, Thomas, Head, w, m, Dec 1821, 77, wd 2, 2 born 1 living, New York, father born Vermont, mother born New York,  Farmer, 0, yes, yes, yes, O, F, F, 127.  Rosrecrans, Lucy, w. F, Feb 1841, 59, S, 0, 0, born Ohio, father born Germany, mother born Virginia, yes, yes, yes, O, F, F, 128.

I leave Daniel with many questions yet to ask about his and Lydia’s life in Belpre.  In the photo below you are looking southeast. Rockland is a big cemetery with many sections.  The small stone with the person laying next to it is Daniel’s.  My hubby was trying for more details.

Rockland Cemetery Overview

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