Other Family Lines – A Temporary Hiatus!

Sometimes I think the Goss, Spracklin, Delano, Keller and other families of my dad’s mother’s family are always taking up my time, after all they had very large families and married into other old New England lines.

Alas, it is not totally true.  I do spend time on other lines.

I am going to have to take a break with this blog while I put my energies in to finding ancestors on my parents’ other family lines.   I was looking at some future planned posts for this blog and I really want to make sure I do them justice.  So I think it would be best to take a break and focus on my pending adventures.

You see my father’s father’s side of the family came from Canada and it was that side that married into the Barclays of Pine River which features Amarilla my dad’s grandmother.  She is the link to the Spracklins, Goss, Kellers and Delanos and all the other old families of New England.

My mother’s has deep roots in Canada.  The Boardman’s came from England after 1850. The McMurray’s came from Scotland to England a little before and then both families settled in New Brunswick.   The Brown side, my mother’s mother’s family, came from Ireland about 1830 and settled in Ontario.

Yes, I am aware that there are Spracklins in New Foundland and other parts of Canada.  The Goss name shows up in records.  Lately I have seen tons of the Keller name and “Barkleys” in Ontario.  “So much to do so little time!”

Actually the trip to Canada will be in three parts.  The first part will take place soon.  I will visit British Columbia to learn about my mother’s mother’s Brown family.  Later I will travel to eastern Ontario and western Quebec to try to find the origins of my McDonald’s. I will visit Hastings County where the Browns had settled in the early years.  The third part is in the works.

Someday I will map all this migration out.  It will be my own “Great Migration.”  It follows the history of the settlement of both the United States and Canada, from the Atlantic all the way to the Pacific Ocean.  So I have been researching in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, oh yes a little on the Yukon for over ten years.

This trip will cover my Macdonell, MacDonell, McDonald, McDonnald, McDonell, MacDonald side, and all its variations.  My dad said it was “MacDonald.”   His siblings and father used “McDonald.”

I will write about my journey mainly in this blog:

The Man Who Lived Airplanes: http://macdonellfamily.wordpress.com

The following blog is my mom’s side and it will cover my visit to British Columbia and Hastings County, Ontario and the time I will spend there digging into the Brown family.

Boardman’s and Browns of Winnipeg, A Canadian Storyhttp://boardmanbrown.wordpress.com/

I will let you know which blog to go to so you can follow along.  I want to keep the research and travel with the appropriate line and blog.

Come and join me even though they may not be your family, I would love to have you along!

There are several choices to participate and contact me, either on this blog or the others, now and in the future.

  1. You can click “follow” and it will send you a notice of any updates.  It usually shows up on the right side of a post sort of like a hover link.
  2. You can make a comment on a post.  Just click on “Leave a comment.”  I will try to get back as quick as I can but when I travel it can be a challenge.  All comments are approved by me first.
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There will be a surprise that is of some interest to the subject of this blog.  One country’s hero is another’s villain?  Hint:  I suggest you buff up on your Wyoming Massacre history.

NOTE:  I will return to resume posting to finish up the children of Solomon and Olive Goss, after my trips. I have Levi, Lydia and David left to do.  After the children, I will start digging deeper into the Goss, Spracklin, Keller and Delano lines.

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