Levi Goss, youngest son receives land from his Father!

Levi Goss received land from his father, Solomon Goss, in 1815, just like his other siblings.  A piece of the same land in Knox Co., Ohio.  In this deed, Solomon, refers to Levi as his youngest son.

Solomon Goss’ deed to Levi, my youngest son

Source:  Deeds, Knox Co., Ohio, FHL #314037, Vol. B-C pg. 273.

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Fast forward 15 years and we have a deed with Levi Goss as the Grantor and John Spracklin, his brother-in-law, as the Grantee. 

Deed Levi Goss to John Spracklin 1830

On 20 September 1830 Deed of Levi Goss, a resident of Upper Canada, selling land to John Spracklin of Knox Co., Ohio for $200. Witnesses were Alexr. Elliott and Wm. Bevans JP. Description of Land:

Description of Land: “…piece or parcel of land lying and being in the County of Knox and State of Ohio and more particularly described as follows; to wit, Situate, lying and being in the fourteenth Range, sixth township and second quarter of the United States Military Lands in the County of Knox and containing one hundred acres be the same more or less; bounded as follows, Beginning at the northwest corner of said lot and on the line of William Hoggs land, thence east forty-eight chains; thence south twenty chains 83 1/3 links, thence west forty-eight chains; thence north twenty chains 83 1/3 links to the place of beginning and is bounded on the north by lands of Bartholomew and Cyrus Hewitts and to the east by lands owned by Courtland Sheppeard…”

 Source:  Deeds Knox Co., Ohio, FHL #314039, Vol. H, pg. 622-623.


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