Levi Goss and Sophia (Rummerfield) Goss’ Family

Levi Goss, son of Solomon and Olive (Scott) Goss, married Sophia Rummerfield sometime around 1820.  She was born about 1800 in New York State.

His War of 1812 service placed him in Niagara County, New York and it is possible that is where he met and married Sophia.  It would be great to find this marriage, but I have not taken the time to do so.

Sophia was the daughter of Samuel Rummerfield and Nancy [        ].  I have no information on Samuel but Nancy was born about 1775 and died 24 February 1856 in Lenawee Co., Michigan.  She is buried in the Goss Cemetery in Lenawee Co., Michigan. Sophia may have had a brother named John Rummerfield.

The children of Levi and Sophia (Rummerfield) Goss are as follows:

1.  Solomon Goss was born about 1820 and died 20 March 1841 in Lenawee Co., Michigan.  He is buried with his family in the Goss Cemetery.  As far as I know he never married or had children.

2. Mary Goss was born 16 March 1822 in Medina Twp., Lenawee Co., Michigan and died 2 September 1886 in Milan, Washtenaw Co., Michigan.  She married Josephus [Joseph] Rice born 22 October 1815, Phelps, Orleans, New York.  He died 28 November 1900 in Milan Twp., Washtenaw Co., Michigan. They are both buried in the Rice Cemetery, Milan Twp., Monroe Co., Michigan. They married on 18 May 1840 in Medina, Lenawee Co., Michigan.  Josephus and Mary had  seven (7) children.   This is the family line of Flora Montanye Osborn, the Goss researcher I have mentioned.

1.  Charlotte Rice  born 17 August 1843, Milan Twp., Monroe Co., Michigan, died 27 June 1925, York Twp., Washtenaw Co., Michigan.  She married Sidney Montanye born 18 November 1838 in Lenawee Co., Michigan, died 16 November 1874 in York Twp., Washtenaw Co., Michigan.  Both are buried in the Rice Cemetery in Milan Twp., Monroe Co., Michigan.

The Children of Charlotte and Sidney:

1.  Florence Montanye born 9 January 1868, Leslie, Ingham Co., Michigan, died 12 April 1935.  She married a Sidney Sanford.

2.  Flora Etta Montanye, born 26 August 1869 in Leslie, Ingham Co., Michigan, died 1 September 1951 Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co., Michigan. She married Frederick Lester Osborn 23 April 1891.  He was born 3 September 1867 in Ossian, Livingston, New York and died 6 August 1942 in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co., Michigan.  Both are buried in the Rice Cemetery in Milan Twp., Monroe Co., Michigan.  He was a Methodist minister.  They had three children:  Lewis, Etta May and Jesse.

This is the Flora Etta Osborn that contributed so much to the Goss Family history and corresponded with Paul H. Goss and others.

3.  Ida A. Montanye was born 4 October 1871 in Mooreville, Washtenaw Co., Michigan.  She married a Wesley Chester Fuller. She may have married several times and another husband was Fred Forbes.

4.  Marshall C. Montanye born 14 February 1874 in Mooreville, Washtenaw Co., Michigan and died 25 Feb 1941.  He married Nona May Foster and they had 4 children:  Ida I, Forest, Ruth, and John Paul born 1913.

3. Sophia Amanda Goss.  Her birth date is unknown but it was probably somewhere between 1822 and 1827.  Her death was about 1899.  She married a Martin Bullock in April of 1869 but they had no children.  She was probably born in Upper Canada when Levi was living in Kent County near Chatham.

4.  Nancy Goss was born 9 July 1827 and died about 1888.  She married first a Uriah Wright (no information) and then remarried to a Montgomery Ranger (no information).  There may have been 2 children one died about 1894 and the other died 1904.  The only identified child was a Charles M. Ranger.  He lived in Battle Creek, Michigan.

5. Andrew Goss his birth may have been between 1827 and 1830.  He died about 1901 and married a Athelia Smith.  I have no further information on him.

6. Olive Goss was born about 1830 and died 28 April 1861 in Lenawee County, Michigan. She married an Asa Bailey (no information) and had a least one son George L. Bailey who died about 1883. George may have resided in Gorham, Fulton Co., Ohio.

7. Levi Goss was born about 1833 and died 23 July 1850 in Lenawee County, Michigan.  He is buried near his parents in the Goss Cemetery, Morenci, Lenawee County, Michigan.

8. Louisa Goss was born after 1833 and died between 1875-1880.  She married to a man by the name of Powell and had about 6 children:  Alexander, Amanda, Nancy J., Aden, George, and Edwin who may have died 1906.  Edwin may have had son named Rosco.

9.  Daniel Goss was born after 1833 and died about 1899.  He married a Mariah and may have had one children who died in 1895 and another named Arden Goss.  Arden may have been residing in Washington D.C. by 1911?

10.  Marcus M. Goss was born 17 March 1841 and died 4 February 1910.  He doesn’t appear to have married.  He was a Civil War Veteran and apparently it created some problems for him and he was confined in an insane asylum in Washington D.C.  More on this when I discuss his father’s will.

Note:  Sophia, the mother, is getting up in age by this time.  In 1841 she was about 41 years old if she was born in 1800?  So I am not sure about these two children?

11.  Elizabeth Goss no information.

12.  Thomas Goss no information.

Most of the credit for this information comes from Flora Montanye Osborn and the Keziah Cooley Goss D.A.R. Yearbooks of 1941-45, FHL#927452 Item 5.  This source has a very detailed description of the Montanye line.  It also has a version of Flora’s Goss Family History and a listing of the Revolutionary War Service of Goss family members.

Front Cover the DAR Yearbooks

As you can see there is a lot of missing information on the children of Levi and Sophia Rummerfield.  If I had more time I would do research on this line especially in census, deeds, land records, marriage, death and more.  Remember Flora did not have access to the census like we do.  If she wanted to obtain census information she would have had to write to the National Archives and then be content with a transcription.  If she wanted to obtain vital records she would have to write a letter to the appropriate courthouse.  Her goal was to apply to the D.A.R. and Mayflower so she concentrated on her direct line.

There is a letter by a C.M. Ranger that I present here which sheds more light on this family line of Flora’s.  C.M. Ranger was Charles M. Ranger, Nancy Goss Ranger’s son.

Copy of the Original Letter loaned me by Mrs. Fred Osborn, 1339 S. State St., Ann Arbor, Mich.

Mar. 30, 1911, – Hon. H.L. Larwell, Judge of Prob., Adrian, M.

Dear Sir: In response to your letter of the 27, I am pleased to give the following record of the des. of Levi Goss:

1. Andrew Goss, son, died about 1901 without issue;

2. Daniel Goss son, died about 1899. There was a son and dau. in the family. The dau died about 15 years ago. Son Arden Goss lives in Wash. D.C., Address Mailing Division of Post office.

3. Mark Goss, son- died in 1910 without issue;

4. Nancy Ranger, died 1888. There were three sons in the family one in 1894, one in 1904, the remaining son is Chars. A. Ranger, Battle Creek, Mich.;

5. Mary Rice dau. died about 1885 (1887). Some children (3 dau) died in childhood. Three surv. are Charlotte (Charlotte Rice Montayne; Ratzel Saline (Daline), Florence B. Miller Milan, Nelson, R. Milan;

6. Sophia A. (Amanda?) Bullock dau, died 1899 without issue;

7. Olive Bailey, dau. Died 1860 leaving 1 son George L. who died. He left one daug. Mrs. Florence Hayden Kalamazoo, C/O, Rev. J.A. Sprague (Note: Florence Hayden is the wife of Judge Hayden now living Lansing Mich. — 1942 — PHG);

8. Louisa Powell, dau. died between 1875-1880. Sev. children died in infancy: Survivors are: Alexander A. Powell Ulee Ind., Amanda Ray, Belmont, Tenn., Nancy J. Robinson, Camden, Mich.; Aden Powell, Hillsboro Tenn; George Powell Belmont, Tenn. This is G.N. Powell, business address. Mail will be forwarded to him. Edwin Powell son of Louisa F. died in 1906; left three child who live in Seneca, Mich. A letter to the son Roscoe at P.O. will get you the names of the other two.

The older children of Levi Goss, were Elizabeth, Thomas, Solomon and Levi. All of these died before the death of Levi Goss.

Very Truly yours C. M. Ranger (Chas. M. Ranger, Battle Creek, Mich.)

Copied June 4, 1942.

I had the opportunity to travel to the Goss Cemetery near Morenci, Lenawee Co., Michigan when I attended the Federation of Genealogical Society Conference (FGS) in Fort Wayne in 2007. Fort Wayne is in Indiana on the eastern side close to Michigan and Ohio borders.  I decided to take a tour of Michigan, before the conference, so I drove up to Lenawee County and then further up to Monroe County.  I wanted to visit the Goss and Rice Cemeteries and view the graves of Levi and Flora herself.  I will share this visit in a future post.

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5 Responses to Levi Goss and Sophia (Rummerfield) Goss’ Family

  1. Pat Lowery says:

    Is there an actual record indicating that Sophia Rummerfield’s father was named Samuel? If it’s a best guess based on circumstantial evidence, I find other evidence to suggest that she could have been the daughter of my 3rd great-grandparents, Solomon and Nancy Rummerfield. (Coincidentally, Solomon’s brother Samuel married more than one woman named Nancy.) I’ll await an answer to the question before bothering to add details.

    • bonmac says:

      Pat: Thanks for stopping by. The only information I have on Samuel is from a letter written by Flora Montanye Osborn a descendant of Levi & Sophia Goss probably dated about Dec. 1946. She was corresponding with Paul H. Goss about the family. She mentions an S. Rummerfield. She mentions that he might have an Revolutionary War or 1812 Military record? That she found a deed of Levi Goss to a John Rummerfield at Adrian the county seat of Lenawee Co., MI. I have tried to find a marriage record of Levi to Sophia but have not had much success. I have not done any research on the Rummerfield family. All that I have is from the articles and research I have collected of Flora’s.
      So I do not have any really solid information about S. Rummerfield. I do know that Levi was living in Chatham, Kent Co., Ontario before he headed to Lenawee Co., Michigan. Sorry I cannot be of more help. Bonnie

  2. Pat Lowery says:

    Thanks Bonnie … It seems to me that the connection to Samuel was, indeed, a best guess. Solomon’s brother Samuel was in the War of 1812. From his pension file it’s clear that he was first involved in the war while the family was living in Canada; that he was captured by the British and pressed into their service, from which he later escaped. After that he joined the NY Militia under the alias Samuel Waterfield at the advice of his Captain. That was to protect him from British persecution should be be captured again.

    Solomon and Samuel’s brother John did leave Canada for Ohio for a time. I believe he was the John Rummerfield found in the 1828 Tax records of Harrison Co., and then in the 1830 Census of Ruggles Twp., Huron Co. Didn’t find him in 1840, but by the time of the 1851 census he was back in Canada. These three brother’s were the sons of Anthony Rummerfield, for whom the village of Rummerfield, and Rummerfield Creek in Pennsylvania are named.

    Do you know the date of that deed between John and Levi? If not, I’ll have to see if I can find it.

    I could go on about all this, but it’s not clear to me whether you are connected to this family. In any case, for those who are interested, I have an Ancestry tree online in which I strive to cite all of my sources. And I’ve written a lengthy story about Anthony Rummerfield who was quite the pioneer. Also a story about Samuel. Here’s the link to my tree:


    Thanks again … Pat

    • bonmac says:

      Pat: Thanks for this information. I will go and check out your tree. I can’t help you much. Let me contact you by email and we can chat some more. Thanks Bonnie

  3. Pat Lowery says:

    Bonnie … About John Rummerfield — his daughter Mary was born 25 Dec 1829 in Ohio (I don’t know in what county). It’s what makes me believe he’s the John Rummerfield found in the 1828 tax records of Harrison County and in the 1830 census of Huron County. By 1832 he was back in Ontario, Canada, where his next four children were born. Mary’s sister, Julia Ann, who was born in Canada, married Adrian J. C. Shourds in Ontario County, New York, on 1 Sep 1858. By 1880, latest, they had moved to Palmyra, Lenawee Co., Ohio, where they both died, he in 1887 and she in 1915. They are buried in Palmyra Village Cemetery. … Pat

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