Waterford Cemetery, Washington Co., Ohio

Obadiah Scott, Jr., the brother of Olive Scott Goss, wife of Solomon Goss, moved to Washington County, Ohio from the Wyoming Valley and raised a family there.

According to online records, he is buried in Waterford Cemetery just south and across the Muskingum River from Beverly.  Beverly is northwest of Marietta.  It is about a 20 minute drive out in the country along a two lane highway.  State Route 60 passes may other cemetery like Greenlawn, and the Old German Cemetery near Lowell.  I only had so much time so I targeted only so many cemeteries.

Waterford Cemetery, Beverly, OH

Waterford Cemetery, Beverly, OH

According to Find A Grave there are 9 Scott’s listed in this cemetery but no Obadiah Scott.  They have 1761 listings for Find A Grave.  The cemetery has the older section and then the newer one that is back and behind a grouping of houses.  It was a good size and was well-kept.

More Waterford Cemetery

More Waterford Cemetery

In one of the cemetery transcription books I found a listing on page 47 and 48 for a Waterford Landing Cemetery (Waterford Cemetery).   Obadiah Scott was listed 3 up from the bottom:

Scott, Obadiah died 30 Nov. 1827 in 57th y

He was near a John and Margaret Pope and Jasper Stone Marsh.   I spent a good 30 minutes or more and so did my husband trying to locate his stone, NO LUCK.  I was hoping that there might be a clue of his sister Olive’s burial but she was no where in the lists that I read online and that are published.  I will post more about Obadiah Scott (Jr.) and his family in a future posts.

As you can see there is a lot of open space with no tombstones in this older area of the cemetery.

The Older section - Waterford cemetery

The Older section – Waterford cemetery


This completes my tour of the cemeteries of Washington County, Ohio.  The tour included: Berg, Waterford south of Beverly, Rainbow across the Muskingum river to the west, Oak Grove, Mound and Harmar in Marietta and the Berg cemetery in Fearing Twp. and a visit with the current owner of Solomon’s land who denied any burials on his land.

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