Lydia Goss marries an Englishman from Somerset!

I return to my third great grandmother and her story.

Lydia Goss  married on 19 July 1819 in Washington County, Ohio to John Andrews Spracklin an Englishman from Somerset County, England.

John and Lydia’s Marriage Record 1819

Source:  Washington County, Ohio Marriage Records, V1-3, pg. 111, Marietta, Ohio FHL#0941958.   As you see John’s last name is spelled “Spraklin.”

There are other sources of compiled marriages indexes for Ohio that I have consulted and you might run into them:

1.  Washington County, Ohio Marriages 1789-1840 pg. 36 for Delano, pg. 37-38 Devol., pg. 56 Goss, pg. 119-120 for Scott, pg. 128 Spraklin.  Compiled by Bernice Graham & Elizabeth Cottle and sponsored by the Marietta Chapter of the DAR and the Washington Co. Historical Society, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1976.   This book is pretty widely distributed.

2.  Washington Co., Ohio Marriages 1789-1822, by Robert D. Craig.  I found a copy at the Fiske Genealogical Library in Seattle.  He spells John’s last name “Spranklin.”

3.  Ohio Marriages, Recorded in County Courts Through 1820: An Index, by Jean Nathan, Chairman, Ohio Genealogical Society, 1996.  On page 278 you will find Delano and Dillinse, pages 405-406 Goss, and Rood is on page 889.

Arminda’s Pedigree Outline

The above pedigree outline was featured in a past post.  I repeat a portion of it here specifically showing John and Lydia’s information.  This is the document that started me on my quest to learn more about this family.  It was given to me by my Aunt Miriam, my dad, Keith’s sister.  The complete full outline is featured in the post dated August 5, 2011 – see Archive list on the right of this blog.

Washington County Courthouse, Ohio

On my trip to Ohio in 2011, I stopped at the Washington County Courthouse in Marietta to look at the records.  I shared that experience in a past post.  I feature the same photo of me checking out the probate records in their special record room.

These are not original journals but copies of the originals.   They had probate, marriage and a lot more in this room.  They took me to the room and left me to do my work.  The advantage is that you have the opportunity to look at a variety of records and search out more individuals, which I did.  They had finding aid books by name that helped to locate the records.  The Washington Co. Historical Society has many original court records. So check both the courthouse and the historical Society.

I did look up John and Lydia’s marriage record and others and it was a photocopy of the original journal and also looked just like the microfilm I listed above.

Marriage records Washington Co., Ohio

So where did the actual marriage take place?  Solomon Goss her father was on the land in Fearing Twp. by 1819.  Did she marry there or did she marry in Marietta?  This would imply that they married so John could be close to his relatives the Roods?  Did she marry at her sister Elizabeth Lake’s home in the Rainbow area northwest of Marietta?  Fun to speculate?


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4 Responses to Lydia Goss marries an Englishman from Somerset!

  1. Dave Anderson says:

    This is a great post! Thank you!!

    Dave Anderson … g-g-g-great grandson of John and Lydia.

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Pat Stoudt says:

    Hi Bonnie.. Wonderful post. Love learning more about my family. I’m curious about how John Spracklin is related to the Rood family. Could you help me on this one? I have never heard this name mentioned by my Grandmother nor in any of my searchings. Thanks. Pat

    • bonmac says:

      Pat: How are you? Good to hear from you. I will be posting about that family relationship very soon. So keep and eye out. Does the surname Andrews mean anything to you? John’s aunt was Anne Andrews Rood. Bonnie

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