Peter and Elizabeth Spracklin – Immigrate 1823…

John Andrews Spracklin, son of Peter and Elizabeth Spracklin, had migrated to the United States in 1817 with his mother’s sister, Anne Rood and her family.  They made their way from New York and settled in Washington County, Ohio and that is where John met Lydia Goss and married her two years later.  I again dedicate this post to my half cousin Janice.

I cannot talk about John Andrews Spracklin and the Rood’s immigration without sharing about Peter and Elizabeth Spracklin who came to the United States 6 years later with most of their children. I wonder what happened to all the letters they wrote back and forth getting ready for this great migration?

Peter and Elizabeth Spracklin followed John to the United States in 1823.  John and the Roods entered the United States at the Port of Philadelphia in 1817, while his parents and siblings arrived in the United States via the Port of New York.  The picture below may be what they saw?  The Statue of Liberty was not yet welcoming immigrants to New York till 1886 a whole 63 years later.

New York from Brooklyn 1824

New York from Brooklyn 1824

I remain you that I was searching for John,  Peter,  and Elizabeth’s immigration in 2004 at the Family History Library and also at the Seattle Public Library trying to pin down the information so I could find the proper NARA (National Archives) film and get a copy of the passenger list showing their names.  Things took a little longer back then and Family Search and didn’t have the passenger lists online at that time.

The creative way that the surname “Spracklin,” was spelled caused some confusion as you will see.

I started with Filby’s very large compilation:

The 0-Z volume 1st Edition of Filby and Meyers compilation.

The 0-Z volume 1st Edition of Filby and Meyers compilation.

P. Wm. Filby’s enormous compilation of passengers coming to America spells the name “Spacklan.”

This multiple volume work found in most major libraries is at now.  A WorldCat search reads 773 libraries for all 38 editions in book form just by typing in the name Filby.

I was curious so I looked at the books which were on the 9th floor of the Seattle Public Library where the genealogical collection is housed.  Looking at this volumes is rather daunting but I persisted:

Passenger & Immigration Lists Index

Passenger & Immigration Lists Index

Passenger and Immigration Lists Index O-Z, Vol. III, Guide to Published Arrival Records of about 500,000 passengers who came to the United States and Canada in the Seventh, Eighteenth and Nineteeth Century, 1st Edition, pg. 1988 Eliza Spacklan and Peter Spacklan, Edited by P. Wm. Filby with Mary K. Meyer, Gale Research Co., 1981.

I found them on pg. 1988, column 1, 9 and 10th from the bottom of the page: 

Spacklan, Eliza 51; New York, N.Y., 1823 9268 p. 288 with 6 children. 

Next line: Spacklan, P 48; New York, N.Y., 1823 9268 p. 288. 

NOTE: When using compilations like Filby’s, you will need to search the codes in the front of the book and more.  The #9268 refers to the following source

United States.  Department of  State.  Passengers Who Arrived in the United States, September 1821-December 1823, from Transcripts Made by the State Department. Baltimore, Magna Carta Book Co., 1969.

At the Seattle Public Library I found this book that follows:

Passenger Arrival Transcriptions Port of NY

Passenger Arrival Transcriptions Port of NY

Passenger Arrivals at the Port of New York 1820-1829 – from Customs Passenger Lists – Transcribed by Elizabeth P. Bentley:  R929-37..472 B446P, Baltimore, Gen. Publi. Co. 1999.  

This book has the abstracts of the passenger lists and gives the following information and now we see the vessel name of  “Earl of Liverpool.”

Peter and Eliza's with children.

Peter and Eliza’s with children.

      • Spracklan, Alpia 11 M, Eng., US, Earl of Liverpool 29 Sept. 1823
      • Ann, 18, F, England, US, Earl of Liverpool 29 Sept. 1823
      • Eliza, 51, F, England, US, Earl of Liverpool 29 Sept 1823
      • George, 9M, England, US, Earl of Liverpool 29 Sept 1823
      • Pamela, 20, F, England, US, Earl of Liverpool 29 Sept 1823
      • Peter 14, M, England, US, Earl of Liverpool 29 Sept 1823
      • Peter, 45 M. Farmer, England, US, Earl of Liverpool, 29  Sep. 1823
      • Sprackling, Mary, age 28, Female from US to US, Aboard the Silvia on 10 Sept. 1827.

NOTE:  I believe that Alpia is Alfred.  The Mary Sprackling listed has a passenger list for New York at coming from Bristol on the “Silvia” for 10 Sept. 1827. Is this Mary?

The next book I consulted was edited by a B.W. Stewart. I was looking for a listing for the ship “Cane,” but instead I kept finding “Earl of Liverpool” for the name of the ship that Peter and Elizabeth came on.

There are several sources by other Spracklin researchers that refer to the ship “Cane,” and ship’s master as “Halliday.”   I was very puzzled as to why this confusion with the name of the ship.  So I took a look at this book which lists the ships coming into New York trying to find a ship with the name “Cane.”

Passenger Ships Arriving in New York Harbor 1820-1850, Vol. I,  Edited by B. W. Steuart and Illustrated by Wayne Cooper, Precision Indexing, 1991,pg. 13, 14, 204 and 225.  Date of Arrival September 1823 – Day: 29th Name: Earl of Liverpool, Route: Newry, Nationality:  English, Roll-List: 4-503.  

pg. 204 – No ship by the name of Cane was listed as arriving in New York.

No ship listed for Cane coming to NY?

No ship listed for Cane coming to NY?

pg. 225 – List of ship named Earl of Liverpool – Ship, 29 Sep 1823,  Holladay, Frank 4-503 then goes on to list other sailings for 1824 for this vessel.  Found at the Seattle Public Library.

Use WorldCat to find libraries were the above books are located, if you are curious and want to check them out.

In this information that follows we find the FHL film number to seek out and study:

Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving in New York, 1820-1897, #503, Immigration and Naturalization Passenger List #M237 #4-3, April 1823 – 17 Nov. 1823. Ship Earl of Liverpool, Port of Embarkation: Bristol, Date of Arrival Sept. 29, 1823, FHL#2249. 

District of New York – Port of New York, J. Halladay, Earl of Liverpool: List or Manifest of all passengers taken on at Bristol.  Here I am targeting Spracklin. 

            • Peter Spracklan, 45, age,
            • Eliza 51,
            • Eliza 22,
            • Pamela 20,
            • Ann 18,
            • Peter 14,
            • Alfred 11,
            • George 9.  

So we see that the ship was named “Earl of Liverpool” and that the Capt was J. Halladay or Holladay as written on the top of the ships passenger list.

Halladay vs. Holladay, Ship Earl of Liverpool

Halladay vs. Holladay, Ship Earl of Liverpool

You can now find the complete manifest for this ship which features Peter and Elizabeth Spracklin’s migration to the United States in 1823 with the names of some of their children by going to either or FamilySearch.  Here are my results:

Here is the link to FamilySearch: try New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1891 – 004 – 3 April 1823 – 17 Nov. 1823 image 899 and 900.  Image 900 is the actual manifest of the Earl of Liverpool.  Image 899 is the cover sheet.   I browsed to find it and it took me a while because the search engine would not recognize Peter Spracklin or Spacklan at all. 

This will bring up image 899 so so to the top and click to go to 900.

At, I just went right there and had the manifest in about one minute.  I also studied the other names on the manifest, but at this point I do not know if there are other family that came with them.

Peter and Elizabeth Spracklin eventually settled in Hardin County, Ohio on land in Dudley Township.  I have visited that area of Ohio on two occasions one in 2007 and again in 2011.  I will share what I know about these two very brave people and their children in future posts.

The inspiration and credit for this research goes to David Spracklin (a descendant of Rev. Alfred Spracklin brother to John and son of Peter and Elizabeth).  David shared his findings on The International Spracklin website years ago that crashed in 2004.

David writes:  “I have been to the National Archives and copied the following information. It was difficult to read so I may have copied it incorrectly. Peter Spracklen arrived in New York, NY on September 29, 1823 aboard the Earl of Liverpool (388 tons). On the ships manifest, Peter is listed as a farmer…

NOTE:  This information that I have given above is the same that David found at the National Archives in Washington D.C. (NARA).

David goes on to say:  Notice the absence of John (arrived 1817), Sarah and Mary (did they marry? remain in England? or emigrate to the US?).  

NOTE:  I have answered the immigration of John Andrews Spracklin in 1817 in the post just before this one.  As for Sarah and Mary, well I have tried to pin them down in the passenger lists and in census, but I have not had much success. See above for a possible Mary under the name of Sprackling?  I have her marrying an unknown “Matthews” but I have not been able to connect to her to her in the U.S. Sarah was supposed to have married a “Bannard and may have ended up in Trenton, Mercer, New Jersey.  I have not confirmed any of this information about Sarah or Mary Spracklin.

David continues:  Peter’s 22 year old Daughter Elizabeth – got married on 1823 04 Aug and the family set sail on Aug 13, 1823 – 9 days later – need to look on the shop’s manifest for Elizabeth and Samuel Laurence. – Why is she still listed with her family in the manifest?  

NOTE:  I have that Samuel and Elizabeth were married on 9 August 1823 in Pitney Phillimore, Somerset County, England but I have not confirmed that date.  I have attempted to pin down when he arrived but there are too many selections to choose from at  The bible of Anna Spracklin does give the date of Aug 13, 1823 as the date they left Pitney for America.  (Copies of the bible page is at under Stories and Publications.)

Then he makes this statement about the ship “Cane” in the command of Halliday which does not fit with the information that I have given above.

On Aug.,13,1823 Peter and wife Elizabeth came from Pitney England (Somerset Co.) on the schooner Cane under the command of Halliday to the New York port. Pitney is in Somerset Shire,which lies south of Bristol Channel in the southwest portion of England. On those passenger records, Peter was listed as 48 years old and his occupation listed as tanner. Included with Peter were his wife Elizabeth, 51 years old, and the number of children 6.”

So why this confusion about the name of the ship that Peter and Elizabeth Spracklin immigrated to the United States? Let’s speculate?

1.  They sailed on two ships first the Cane and then the Earl of Liverpool.  Frequently ships had to turn back to port after leaving because of some problem like leaking.  This means there might be ships lists in England to search.

2.  It was a mistake or written down wrong.

3.  It was a story told by one of the Spracklin children and passed down to younger generations.

4.  Your theory…

If you know the story of why other Spracklin researchers list the ship that Peter and Elizabeth Spracklin came on as “Cane” and not “Earl of Liverpool.”  I would like to know.

If they did leave on August 13, 1823 from Pitney arriving in New York on 29 September 1823 would be about 7.5 weeks?

I  am not an expert on all lines of the Spracklin family that descends from Peter and Elizabeth so please be kind.  I am seeking clarification and am mostly curious.

Please leave a comment or contact me by finding me under the  tab “Items of Interest” at the top of this blog.


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