Lydia and John Andrews Spracklin Family

John Andrews Spracklin immigrated to the United States in 1817 and two years later he married in 1819 to Lydia Goss, daughter of Solomon Goss and Olive (Scott) Goss.

Lydia and John Andrews Spracklin had nine (9) children.

What follows below is a summary of their family.  I will present more information on what I know of each family in later posts and give sources in more depth.

1.  Alfred Spracklin, no further information or burial site found.  It is possible he was born in Washington Co., Ohio?  I did look for him when I was there but I was unable to locate a grave.  I did not find a record for his burial in Knox County either.

2.  Ida Spracklin is buried in the Green Valley Cemetery, in Knox Co., Ohio next to her parents.  The tombstone information reads:  6/7/18?? a. 10 y.  If we base her birth on the birth of her sister Mary, we might place her death around 1822 or 1823  1832-33?

3.  Mary G. Spracklin was born in 1824 in Knox Co. and died 25 August 1905 in Liberty Twp., Knox Co., Ohio.  She married 20 May 1852 to a Henry Glancy b. 1803 and died 20 May 1891Henry may have been married twice before and one of the wives was named Abigail Mason whom he married on 30 August 1846.  UPDATE:  The Henry Glancy that Mary married was, I believe, born 1828 per some recent research I have been doing on her.  I will be posting soon about this couple.  There were two Henry Glancy’s in the area?  The one that married Abigail was too old for Mary G. Spracklin.

4.  Peter John Spracklin was born 29 January 1826 in Knox Co., Ohio and died 6 May 1899 in Belle Plaine, Benton Co., Iowa.  He is buried in the Wright Cemetery in Belle Plaine.  I had him as Peter D. Spracklin?

He first married Mariah Brokaw (Brocaugh has a variety of spellings) 20 June 1851 in Morrow Co., Ohio.  She was born 21 Feb, 1831 in Ohio and died 29 July 1855 in Belle Plaine, Benton Co., Iowa.  She is also buried in the Wright Cemetery.

Peter married a 2nd time to Catherine Snyder Russell on 25 October 1857 in Benton Co., Iowa.  She was born 27 January 1837 and died on 29 March 1913, Chadron, Dawes Co., Nebraska.  Peter had 2 children with Mariah and 9 children with Catherine.

5.  Solomon Goss Spracklin was born 4 March 1828 in Knox Co., Ohio and died 4 September 1909 in Modale, Harrison Co., Iowa.  He is buried in the Rose Hill Cemetery in Harrison Co., Iowa.  He married Louisa Jane Avetts on 2 April 1857 in Johnson Co., Iowa. She was born 26 May 1839 in Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee and died 14 December 1928 in Missouri Valley, Harrison Co., Iowa.  She is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery.   Solomon and Louisa had nine (9) children.  This family has been thoroughly researched by a cousin who is a descendant.

6.  Daniel D. Spracklin 16 Feb 1830 – my 2nd Great Grandfather.  I have shared about Daniel in my blog:  The Barclays of Pine River in the posts dated November and December 2011.  The Barclay blog is where I discuss the life of his daughter Amarilla Spracklin my great-grandmother.  Some Spracklin researchers spell Daniel’s middle name as “Dair” and others spell it “Dare.”  I have seen it both ways.  I have never seen where by 2nd great grandfather has spelled is middle name.  He always used “D.D. Spracklin” or Daniel D. Spracklin.

Daniel was married twice 1st to Elizabeth Keller in 1852 and they had four children including Amarilla.

 He married again a second time to Sarah Blacketer Allgood in 1863 and they had seven children.  Sarah and Daniel are buried in the Community Cemetery 11 miles west of Millersburg. See  “BJM’s Cemetery Discoveries” blog for the Community Cemetery and for the Titler Cemetery.

7.  Olive Elizabeth Spracklin born 25 July, 1833 probably in Knox Co., Ohio.  She died in Nebraska on 18 March, 1892.  She first married a Samuel McNutt and he probably died sometime before 1876 in Benton Co., Iowa.  She then remarried to a Wm. P. Merrifield who was born about 1829. I believe she is buried in the Table Rock Cemetery in Nebraska.

8.  John Andrews Spracklin (Jr.) was born 1835 in Knox Co., Ohio.  This son of John and Lydia is usually confused with his father.  To make it even more confusing they died within months of each other.  John is not called “Jr.” to my knowledge but I am using this to separate him from his father.  John Andrews Spracklin (Jr.) died on the 19th of June 1863 at Vicksburg (Walnut Hills), Warren, Mississippi.  He was a soldier in the Civil War and died of a head wound.  I have a great deal of information on John and his wife Drusila (Drucilla) Elizabeth Wolverton.  John and Drusila married 3 November 1855 in Knox. Co., Ohio.  Drusila died 26 September 1875 in Knox. Co., Ohio but I have not been able to find a burial site for her.  She is said to have been buried in Green Valley Cemetery near Mt. Vernon, Ohio where John and Lydia are buried, but I have not found a publication that lists a tombstone for her.  I walked the cemetery on my visit in 2011 but came up with no burial for her.  John and Drusila had three children.

9.  Lydia Spracklin was born 24 January 1838 and died 7 November 1902 in Table Rock, Pawnee Co., Nebraska.  She is buried in the Table Rock Cemetery.  She might have married first to Samuel Sharpneck on 21 June 1855 in Knox. Co., but I have not found anything else out about him.  She married for the 2nd time to Richard Kenner, an Englishman, on 9 September 1856 in Knox. Co.  He was born 16 February 1829 (Jan. 20, 1829 per his tombstone) in Devonshire, England and died 6 May 1901 in Table Rock and is buried in Table Rock Cemetery.  They had three children.  Lydia and Richard took care of the senior John Andrews Spracklin at the end of his life per the 1860 census.

In future posts I will share further information on these children of John and Lydia (Goss) Spracklin.

Trying to pin down John and Lydia’s movements in the early 1820’s in Ohio has not been easy. So far this is the earliest that I can place them in Knox County, Ohio.

1825 Ohio Duplicate Tax Records – Index of the Ohio 1825 Tax Duplicate, pgs. 35-36 Cook, pg. 44 Delano, pg. 64 Goss, pg. 89 Keller, pg. 155 Spraelin, FHL#977.1 R 42 p. Petty’s Press, Columbia, Ohio 1981.  The originals are at the Ohio Historical Society.

Finding John in the 1820 Ohio census or other locations has failed, my theory is that he living with Wine Rood, his uncle by marriage, at the time. The possibility that John was in Virginia has been suggested by an online researcher at one of the message boards.

I did a little poking around but did not find anything on John in the deeds and tax records for Wood Co., Virginia, the area right across from Marietta.  It does suggest that it might be a good idea to study Virginia for more information.

Here are the sources I studied and my findings so far for John Andrews Spracklin in Virginia:

Results for  John Spracklin on films searched in Wood Co. for John Spracklin. Does not mean he wasn’t there just did not find him in these sources.

Personal Property Tax Lists 1801-1850 for Wood Co., West Virginia and found no trace of John Spracklin in FHL#2026409.  I looked at 1823.

Also checked deeds for Wood Co. West Virginia FHLs #577161 and 577167 – Grantee and Grantor Indexes 1798-1935. 

We do find John in the 1830 U.S. Federal Census in  Liberty Twp.  There is a woman between the ages of 30-40 living with him.

John Spracklin is listed as head 4th down from top. This is a statistical census and does not give the names of the family members living with him but it does give age ranges for male and female.

under age of 5 – lists 3 
10-15 – lists 1
20-30 – lists 1 
40-50 – lists 1 – John himself?
5 to 10 – lists 1
30-40 – lists 1 – This is probably Lydia 

Source:  1830 U.S. Federal Census, Liberty Twp., Knox Co., Ohio, pg. 251, Roll #M19_134, Image 505,

1840 Census, Liberty Twp., Knox Co., Ohio. Again this is statistical and only shows males and females living in the house, John is the 9th from the bottom of the page.

5-10 lists 1
10-15 lists 2
30-40 lists 1
40-50 lists 1

under 5 – lists 1
5-10 lists 1
15-20 lists 1
40-50 lists 1

There is also listed below John Spracklin a John Kellar (spelling is different).

Source:  John Spracklin, 1840 U.S. Federal Census, Liberty Township, Knox Co., Ohio, Roll 406, Page 241, Image 486, FHL#0029169,

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