John and Lydia Spracklin settle on Solomon Goss Land in Knox Co., Ohio

John and Lydia settled on the land in Knox County, Ohio, purchased by Solomon Goss, Lydia’s father, from Zaccheus Biggs on 28 July 1802.

Mr. Biggs has a patent for land for Knox County at the BLM Land website as well as many others. On the patent it states that he obtained the land, “4000 acres, appropriated for satisfying Warrant for Military Service.”  The Biggs family was very busy in Ohio buying and selling land.  They were not the only ones.

The link below to the BLM will take you to the search page.  I used in my search, Ohio, Knox Co., and “Biggs.”  This search will get you to the patent Biggs had for Knox County.  It showed up at the bottom of the search page.  If you just search for Zaccheus Biggs you might not get the one you want.  Also be aware that they spell the name most creatively especially the first name in many abstracts and documents.

The Biggs Patent before Solomon Goss

The Biggs Patent before Solomon Goss

Title Transfer:  3/20/1800

Land Office:  Ohio,

Authority:  June 1, 1796 United Brethren Warrant (1 Stat.480)

Survey:  Ohio

Acres:  4000

Accession/Serial Nr.: OH2100

BLM Serial Nr.: OH No S/N

Sec. 2, Twp. 6-N, Range 14-W, US Military Survey, OH, Knox 2nd quarter of Township

There is a deed at the Washington County Historical Society in Marietta in the stacks in books. It is down the hall and around the corner.  This society was given a great many records from their county courthouse so you may have to check with them for older records.

Zaccheus Biggs is selling 450 acres of land to Solomon Goss in 1802.  The deed is very hard to read and of course the book contained only a copy of the original deed handwritten by the court clerk. It was very faint in certain parts of the document where the ink had faded.

Zacch* Biggs)


Sol. Gofs) 

Know all men by these presents that I Zaccheus Biggs of Jefferson County in the Northwest Territory, Esquire. For and in consideration of the sum of Four hundred and fifty dollars to me paid in hand before the ensealing hereof, by Solomon Gofs of the County of Washington in said Territory, husbandmen, the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge and myself therewith contented and satisfied, I do hereby give grant bargain sell and convey unto the said Solomon Gofs his heirs and asfsigns forever a certain tract or parcel of land lying and situate in the County of Fairfield in the Territory aforesaid containing four hundred and Fifty acres, bounded and butted as follows viz:  beginning at a post at the Northeast corner of Section Number Two in the Sixth Township of the fourteenth range of the United States, Military Lands ___ called, thence [west ] Seventy two chains [courfing a small branch of Owl Creek  thirty Links upside of a post, thence south sixty two chains & thirty links to a post Thence east Seventy two chains to a post thence North Sixty ___ chains __________to place of beginning.  To have and to hold the gr____and bargain premises with the privileges and appurtenances thereof to him the said Solomon Gofs, his heirs and asfigns forever as of Fee Simple and ____ said Zaccheus Biggs _____any heirs, executors and administrators.  Covenant with the said Solomon Gofs his heirs and asfigns that I ____lawfully Seized is free of the premises that they are free from all impediments _____ that I will so warrant and _____the same.  To the said Solomon Gofs his heirs and asfigns forever, against the lawful claims and _______of all persons claiming __________________.

In witnefs whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal the 28th day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & two.  Signed and sealed by Zac’hs Biggs

Singed Sealed & delivered in the present of ___Rufus Putnam and So____Putnam

Washington County __ Personally appeared this twenty eight day of July, Eighteen hundred & two Z___ Biggs signer and sealer to the witnessed Instrument and acknowledged it to be his act & deed Before me.

____Rufus Putnam Justice of the Peace.

412 Washington County __ January 15, 1803 __________is a true copy and text Dudley [Headbridge] Rec’d

Page 1 of the Zaccheus Biggs deed of Land to Solomon Goss 1802

Page 1 of the Zaccheus Biggs deed of Land to Solomon Goss 1802

In 2007, I was traveling in the northern part of Ohio.  I had attended the FGS (Federation of Genealogical Societies) conference in Fort Wayne were the Allen County Library is located.  After that conference I headed east to Ohio which is about two hours to get to Kenton, Ohio and then another hour to Mt. Vernon, Ohio.  I couldn’t pass it up.  Knox County was part of Fairfield County till it broke off after this deed was written and recorded in March 1, 1808.

The Recorder of Deeds in Knox County is in the Records Center and they had this huge map of Knox County dated 1847.  Yes, before three of the townships were annexed to Morrow County which was established in 1848.  I purchased the large map for $5.00.  I do not know if they are still selling them?

The Knox County Genealogical Society is in the basement.  If you visit stop by.  Their hours are limited so check their website.

The deeds are on the main floor and the court records are in the basement of the Records Center near the genealogical society.

This website is for all government offices in Ohio so be careful if you start exploring, they do have a map to the location, I have identified Knox for you:

Knox County Records Center, Ohio

Knox County Records Center, Ohio, Go here for the Records for Knox Co, Ohio

Lovely Courthouse but it is not where the records are!

Lovely Courthouse but it is not where the records are!

Here is a portion of that map featuring the townships of Liberty and Bloomfield Twps. Remember South Bloomfield was part of Knox in 1847 but became part of Morrow County in 1848.  The area in yellow highlights the Spracklin land and a little more.

Knox County before Morrow is formed 1847

Knox County before Morrow is formed 1847

NOTE:  This map is not only important for Spracklin Research but for anyone who had family in Knox Co., Ohio in 1847.  This is also important to me for my John and Mary Keller research. The parents of Elizabeth Keller who married Daniel D. Spracklin a son of John and Lydia Spracklin.

Interesting stuff:  In the past I have mentioned Rufus Putnam and the deed above is signed by a Rufus Putnam. He was a Justice of the Peace in Washington County.  I visited his land in North Brookfield, Massachusetts where he lived before he left for Marietta, Ohio.  I visited Campus Martius and viewed the house that he lived in.  They had it indoors inside the museum to preserve it.  The land office building is outside this museum.  He knew the Goss family.  He knew Capt. Philip Goss and Judith and probably Philip Goss and Keziah Cooley.

Try the Marietta College Library Special Collections.  Who knows you might get luckier than me and find something about your family.  Click on the finding aid to see all the people he interacted with in his life.  Does the name Timothy Pickering mean anything to Goss researchers.  Also try the search engine.  Enjoy.

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