John & Lydia (Goss) Spracklin Rest Peacefully in Green Valley

John and Lydia are both buried in Knox County, Ohio.  They rest peacefully in the Green Valley Cemetery situated a little northeast of Mount Vernon. It is a very lovely setting and well cared for.  It is not too far from their land.

I have had the good fortune to visit the cemetery twice once in 2007 and again in 2011.

There is a transcript online at this link:  scroll down to ROW 14 and you will find Goss and Spracklen/lin names.

  • Goss, Noah d. 7-18-1833 a. 51y
  • Spracklen, Lydia d. 1-19-1851 a. 57y-7m-11d (wife of John Spracklen)
  • Spracklen, John d. 2-6-1862 a. 67y-27d
  • Spracklen, Ida d. 6-7-18?? a. 10 y. (dau. of J.A. & L. Spracklen. 

We see that Lydia died January 19, 1851.  If you take her age and calculate the date with the Ancestry calculator it gives the birth date for Lydia as 8 June 1793.

The date I have for Lydia’s birth is 19 Jan 1796 in Dayton, Ohio.  There seems to be a difference of 3 years in her age?

The Ancestor Outline I have featured on this blog by Armindo Spracklin (wife of Charles E. Spracklin) gives her birth date as 8 June 1796.  This, of course, is not a  primary sources, so I am leaning toward her tombstone as the best source.

So far I have not been able to find any birth record for Lydia.  According to an article about  Solomon Goss Spracklin, a son,  Lydia was the first child born in Dayton, Ohio.  The other history books of Dayton and Montgomery County do not agree, they list a boy.

See posted dated August 5, 2011, Ancestor Outline by Armindo Spracklin

The Knox County Genealogical Society published a cemetery transcription book:

Cemetery Records of Knox County, Ohio Vol. 1, Green Valley Cemetery pg. 730, by Richard DeLauder, Editor, 1991: 

This publications lists the following information:

Green Valley Methodist:
page 727: Goss, Noah, d. 18 July 1833 age 51 yr.
page 730 Spracklen, James B. d. 2 June 1862 age 10 y.
page 730 Spracklen, John d. 6 Feb 1862 age 67 yr 27d
page 730 Spracklen, Lydia w/o John Spracklen d. 19 Jan. 1851 age 54 y 7 m. 11d

Partial listing of Green Valley from the DeLauder book for Spracklin/Goss

Partial listing of Green Valley from the DeLauder book for Spracklin/Goss

As you can see if you compare the two publications there is a bit of a difference in the information.  Who is James?

Find A Grave has a listing for Green Valley Cemetery in Knox Co. and a map to show you where it is located.  There are pictures of the tombstones.

Let’s take a look at my photographs of the tombstones and see what they reveal.  I have written about my travels in 2011 and Mt. Vernon in this blog.  See the posted dated September 11, 2011: Mt. Vernon County Seat – Knox Co., Ohio.

I did not blog about the trip in 2007.  I did mention it when I was starting to write the posts for the 2011 trip.  See the post dated July 13, 2011:  Remembering Ohio 2007. 

The drive from Mt. Vernon to the cemetery is lovely and very easy along a two lane road.  It is not too hard to find the cemetery it is right across from the white church.

Noah Goss, Lydia, John and Ida Spracklin tombstones

Noah Goss, Lydia, John and Ida Spracklen tombstones 2007

The first time I visited this cemetery in 2007, I was with a cousin and it was pouring rain.  We returned the next day so we could enjoy the time there.  The second time I was there in 2011, the weather was wonderful and I was able to dally and walk the cemetery reading more of the tombstones.  Here is a little different perspective and you can see the blue sky:

A Little different view of Noah Goss, Lydia, John and Ida's tombstones

A Little different view of Noah Goss, Lydia, John and Ida’s tombstones 2011

Let’s start with Lydia’s stone which is not easy to read:

Lydia Spracklins tombstone

Lydia Spracklen’s tombstone

Let’s get closer to see if we can figure out the dates and information on Lydia’s stone.  I believe it is January and not June for the month of her death.

Lydia's stone up close

Lydia’s stone up close

Next, John Spracklen’s stone a little easier to figure out:

John Spracklin's tombstone

John Spracklen’s tombstone

Ida has the little stone that I believe, was mistaken as James in the publication above?

Ida Spracklen dau. of Lydia and John.

Ida Spracklen dau. of Lydia and John.

Last is the tombstone of Noah Goss which is flaking:

Noah Goss, brother to Lydia.

Noah Goss, brother to Lydia.

Let’s get up a little closer to Noah:

Noah Goss - closer

Noah Goss – closer

Just so you know that I was really there, here I am in 2011, I would have had my arms around them all but they are too far apart for that:

Bonnie and her 3rd great grandparents Lydia and John.

Bonnie and her 3rd great grandparents Lydia and John.

Is there an obituary notice for John in the local newspapers.  Well, I have not been able to find one.  I have searched all of the Mt. Vernon newspapers with no results.  Here is what I searched at the Mt. Vernon Public Library in their microfilm reels of the newspapers of the area.   I have found a lot of missing issues in the newspapers in Ohio.  They do have abstracted publications of the vital records information from the newspapers and of course, I studied them for clues as well.

  1. Tried the Democratic Banner Nov. 1847 to 1851 and 12/1851 for Lydia.
  2. Wanted to find Noah Goss but the newspapers for Mt. Vernon at the Mt. Vernon Public Library did not cover 18 Jul 1833.
  3. Tried the Ohio Times Jan 1850 to Aug 1852 for Lydia.
  4. There were no dates for the Mt. Vernon Paper for 1863 when John died.

Dedication:  I dedicate this post to all my Goss and Spracklin/len cousins, those I have met and those I hope will contact me someday.  Please comment and feel free to copy the photos but I would appreciate getting some credit for the money, time and effort it took to visit John and Lydia’s graveside…Bonnie

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