John Andrews Spracklin (Sr.) His Estate!

John Andrews Spracklin died 6 February 1862.

He was living with his daughter Lydia in 1860 according to the U.S. Federal Census.

#1264, #1277 Line 26:  Richd Kenner, age 30, male, farmer, born in Eng.; Lydia age 22, female, born in Ohio; Chars age 3, male born in Ohio, George age 8 male born in Ohio; Jno. Spracklin age 66, male, value of real estate is $6000, personal value $964 born in England; Wm. McKay age 23, male, born in Ohio; ____ McKay age 29, female born in Maryland.

Source:  Family of Richard Kenner, 1860 U.S. Federal Census, Liberty Twp., Knox. Co., Ohio, NARA Roll M653_995, pg. 312 (175) 4 Aug, 1860 [      ], 

John A. Spracklin did not have a will.  There was a probate process.

The photo of the index below, shows father, John Andrews Spracklin SR, and son, John Andrews Spracklin JR, on the same page.  You would need to see the headings of the page to understand what the volumes and the pages mean.  It was dark and difficult to read.  I have tried to lighten up the page but it is still fuzzy.

John SR and John JR

John SR and John JR

These are from the court clerk transcribed versions of the probate records that are in the big huge journal books that you find in the courthouse.  This is a summary of the films and the different records I found.

Probate File Journal entries:
John Spracklin (Senior) or John Andrews Spracklin

1. General Index V. 1, 1852-1914 FHL Film 1299062* gave the following information on pg. 114.

T.F. Cole, Administrator, appointed 10 Feb. 1863

History of Knox County, Ohio, pg. 631 by Albert Adams Graham at Google.Books describes a Thomas F. Cole who was living in Liberty Twp., Knox County, Ohio.  He was of an old English family.

C. Wolfe page 839 same book:  

2. Journal Vol. B, pg. 667 – Appointment of Admin., additional information found, Vol. B, pg. 711 Adm. Part. – FHL# 2130104

3. Administrator Applic, Bonds & letters: Vol. 1, pg. 107 – FHL#1299058

4. Inventory, Estate Record: Vol. J, pg. 101 -FHL #1294319

5. Sale Bill, Estate Record: Vol. J, pg. 103 – FHL #1294319

6. 1st Settlement, Estates Settled Record, Vol. B, pg. 621  FHL#2130348 – partial.

7. 2nd Settlement, Estates Settled Record, Vol. C, pg. 116, 117 – FHL #2130348

Note: Vol. C, pg. 254 additional comments – not in #2130348 unable to locate.

Helpful Books for courthouse research:  “Courthouse Research for Family Historians, Your Guide to Genealogical Treasures,” by Christine Rose.  Also her:  “Courthouse Indexes Illustrated.”

This last booklet helps to take the mystery out of the index books which can be very confusing.  You probably can find these two books in a genealogical society library or at a good-sized public library.

I find that doing probates/estates can be very confusing.  The films are not always easy to interpret and it is much easier to do this research when physically at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, because you can pull several films to work on.

The reference to vault films at the Family History Library means they are not housed at the library and have to be ordered in advance.  I usually do that about 2 weeks before I visit the Family History Library.

There are also what are called estate packets but they can be very hard to read because of the handwriting.  They are the file that houses the original documents.  I will talk about that in a future post.

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