John Spracklin’s Estate: The Administrator, Bond, Appraisers

The first order of business for John Spracklin’s (Sr) estate, was to appoint an administrator since there was no will, then post a bond and assign appraisers to the task of taking an inventory of the personal possessions.

Mr. T.F. Cole was appointed Administrator.  Three men were appointed to do the appraisal of the personal property of John Spracklin in February of 1863, a year after his death?

Appointment of Administrator and Appraisers

Appointment of Administrator and Appraisers

Probate Court Knox County, Ohio, February 10th A.D. 1863)

John Spracklin Admin Appointed )

Court of Probate February 10th AD 1863 Be it remembered that on this day the Court on Motion appointed T.F. Cole administrator of the estate of John Spracklin late of Knox County, Ohio deceased upon his entering into bond in the sum of One Thousand Dollars, with J.S. Shaw, D. Morris, Leonard Weaver & B White who are affirmed of as Bail.  Thereupon the said T. F. Cole appeared in open Court accepted said trust and gave bond as required by the Court and the law and letter ifsued to him accordingly.  It is further ordered, that Benjamin Fox, C. Wolfe & Michael Cole appraise the personal estate of said deceased.  

T.V. Parke, Probate Judge

Probate Court Feb 11th, AD 1863 

Source:  Knox County Probates, Journal Vol. B, pg. 667 Appointmt of Admin. FHL#2130104

Here the bond is provided.

Administrator’s Bond pg. 107

Know all Men by these Presents, That T. F. Cole, James S. Shaw, D. Morris, Leonard Weaver & [B] White of the County of Knox and State of Ohio are hold and formly bound unto the said State of Ohio, in the sum of One Thousand dollars to be paid to the State of Ohio….dated this 10th day of February A.D. 1863.. T.F. Cole Administrator of the estate of John Spracklin….

T. F. Cole, Jas Shaw, D. Morris, [Simone Persons], [B] White

Seals and signatures

NOTE:  This bond order is a form and I did not transcribe all of it.  It gives instructions to the Administrator.

pg. 101

John Spracklin’s Estate

10 February, 1863, Assignment of the Appraisers of the personal property

The State of Ohio, Knox County

To Benjamin Fox, C. Wolfe and Michael  Cole, greetings, you have been appointed by the Probate Court of said county to take and inventory and appraisal of the personal goods and chattels where of John Spracklin late of the township of Liberty, Knox Co., O. died and seized. 

These are therefore to authorize and require you well and truly to appraise all the good(s) and chattels of this deceased which shall be presented to you by the Administrator and a true and accurate inventory thereof and perform all other duties required by law of you in the premises(?) as appraisers & co., and make and sign that the same may be returned to this office within three months from the date hereof. 

Witness Thomas V. Parke, Judge of the Probate Court this 10th day of February A.D. one thousand eight hundred and sixty three. 

Signed by Thomas V. Parke, Probate Judge.

Source:  Knox County Probates & Estates:  Assignment of the Appraisers, Volume J, pg. 101 FHL#1294319. 


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