John Spracklin’s Estate: Sale Bill

John’s personal possessions were sold at auction and the Sale Bill was reviewed on March 23, 1863.

The State of Ohio, Knox County

This day personally came T.F. Cole, Administrator of the estate of John Spracklin deceased, who being duly worn deposes and say that the written inventory hereunto attached is in all respect just and true and contains a true statement of all the estate and property of the deceased which has come to his knowledge being assets & co. and particularly of all money, bank bills or other circulating medium belonging to the deceased, and all just claims of the deceased against affiant or other persons according to the best of his knowledge.

T.F. Cole

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 23rd day of March A.D. 1863.

T.V. Parke, Probate Judge

Portion of the Sale Bill

Portion of the Sale Bill

Source:  Sale Bill Estate Record: Vol. J., pg. 103 FHL #1294319


The State of Ohio, Knox County

Be it remembered that heretofore to wit on the 23rd day of March A.D. 1863, T.F. Cole, Administrator of the Estate of John Spracklin late of said County, deceased, filed in the office of the Probate Court of said county a Bill of Sale of the personal property of said deceased which said “Bill of Sale” read in the words and figures following to wit:


Estate of John Spracklin, deceased

A Bill of the property sold by T.F. Cole, Administrator of the state of John Spracklin late of Knox County, deceased at Public Vendue (auction):

A list of the items sold, the amount paid for such, and who the buyers were – see attached list:

The State of Ohio, Knox County

This day personally came T.F. Cole, Administrator of the estate of John Spracklin deceased, who being duly sworn according to law deposes and said that the annexed Sale Bill is in all respects correct to the best of his knowledge and belief.  T.F. Cole

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 23rd Day of March A.D. 1863

T.V. Parke, Probate Judge

Here is my crude version of the Sale Bill and you will see it is several pages long.  It is very interesting to me to see the names listed who purchased items.

No. of Item Description as Inventoried Value as Inventoried To whom sold Paid
1 1 Bwetch,3 Coverlets, 1 quilt 3.50 Drusilla Spracklin 4.00
2 Coverlids 5.00 Richard Kenner 5.00
3 Tables .50 D. Spracklin & Henry Glancy .25 and .50
4 Lantern Or Northon ____Flat Iron .30 D. Spracklin .15
5 Knives, Forks, Table & Ten Spoons .60 D. Spracklin .75
6 Table cloth .62.5 D. Spracklin 1.75
7 Queensware .62.5 R. Kenner 1.25
8 Glassware 1.00 D. Spracklin .65
9          & Wooden ___Chop Knife .20 D. Spracklin .35
10. Table 2 flange .45 R. Peril .30
11 Clock .23 D. Spracklin P. Peril .21
12 Set of Chairs No. 1 1.00 Henry Glancy D. Spracklin .85
13 Set of Chairs No. 2 Rocking Chair 1.00 John Keller Henry Glancy 1.70
14 Ch 1.00 John Keller .10
15 O Bureau contents to 1.00 D. Spracklin 1.05
16 Contents of Drawer No. 1 1.00 Henry Glancy .50
17 Contents of Drawer No. 2 1.50 R. Kenner 2.20
18 Contents of Drawer No.3 .12.5 H. Slack .20
19 Apple Parer 10.00 J. Brokaw
20. 2 bed pillows without ____ John Brokaw .25
12 pillows A.F. Mitchell .46
12 pillows
PAGE 105
49 Old Wash Machine & Contents .25 R. Kenner .20
50 Godale .10 R. Kenner .05
51 Barrels .50 J. Brokaw .60
89 Forks & 1.25 J. Hardesty .75
      Bar W. Dunham .60
Do Do W. Dunham .23
90 Wheat thrasher in Barn 50.00 J. Fronche 10 Bs 11.90
D. Spracklin Do 12.00
R. Hulse balances 12.00
As of 12/100 prs buchels 14.72
91 Flax Stram 5.00 H.E. Slack 2.00
92 Flax Stram 2.00 F. Hulse 2.00
52 Cider Barrel .20 S. Fletcher .75
53 Grindstone, Frame & Rick 1.00 C. Wolfe .75
54 Pozts .50 R. Kenner .30
55 3 Kettles .25 S Cochran .55
56 Bee’s & Hive 6.00
One Hive J. Keller 1.65
One Hive J. Wunderhall 4.08
One Hive C. Wolfe 6.50
57 Tub .25 P.D. Jones .25
58 Seta hay 12.00 D. Spracklin 12.00
59 Black Cow 10.00 D. Cochran 10.12.5
60 Second Cow 10.00 C. Coneat 14.00
61 Heifers 8.00 W. Allen 7.00
62 Sheep First Choice 66.00 J. Wolfe 63.25
Sheep Second Choice J. Wolfe 46.20
63 Bay Filly 41.50 W. Hyatt 66.00
64 Brown Filly 35.00 O.  Cotton 51.00
65 Gray Filly 35.00 W. Phillips 42.25
66 Wagon No. 1 2.00 H. Slack or C. Griffin 1.00
67 One Horse Wagon 16.00 J. Scarboro 11.25
68 Two Horse Wagon 60.00 J. Yokam 55.00
69 Plow 1.75 W. Allen .25
70 Shovel Plow 1.75 O. Shirtles 2.00
71 Shovel Plow 1.75 W. Allen 2.40
72 Harrow 5.00 H. Bricker 3.90
73 Long Log Chain 1.50 W. Allen 2.00
74 Short Log Chain 1.25 A. Bricker 2.03
75 Broken Log Chain .37.5 W. Allen .45
76 Black Mare 65.00 W. Kenner 83.00
77 Sorel Mare 35.00 Jon Cochran 38.00
78 Five Calves 20.00 C. Wolfe 15.50
79 Nine Hogs 20.25 J. Scarboro 25.85
80 Sow & Pigs 9.00 M. Lyon 11.44
81 Bales wheat 15.00 R. Kenner 78C per Brd
82 ½ Wheat in West Field 20.00 W. Allen 12.00
83 Corn in Shack 12.50 W. Allen 12 shock @25cts 3.00
PAGE 106
W. Allen 12 Shocks @ 32 cts 2.64
Iac Bochure 24 @ 22. 5.28
Match 4.00 H. Glancy 12 do @ 22.
84 Wheel Barrow 2.50 Jon Coe 2.50
85 Saddle Harness & Collar .50 Noah Meilick .46
86 Buggy Harness 3.00 Jon Coe 7.55
87 Timonthy Seed 2.50 Wolfe & Phillips 12.50
88 Cradle & 2 Scythes 1.00 Allen, Sherman & McKustry 2.25

page 106 Vol. J

The State of Ohio Knox County fs)

This day personally came T.F. Cole Administrator of the estate of John Spracklin deceased who being dully sworn according to law de____says that the _____Sale Bill is in all respect correct to the best of his knowledge. T.F. Cole.

Sworn to an subscribed before me this 23 day of March A.D. 1863                 T.V. Parke Probate Judge

So in the course of one day of work at the courthouse, T.F. Cole presented the inventory and appraisal of the personal property of John Spracklin deceased and followed it up with the itemized Sale Bill to various members of the family and friends.

Apparently bee hives were a big deal back in 1863.  This inventory and bill of sale seems leaning towards farm equipment what happened to all of Lydia’s things?  She died 12 years earlier in 1851 just before a lot of the children left for Iowa?


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  1. Pat Stoudt says:

    Thank you…. It’s so interesting to read about my 3rd Great Grandfather….

    • bonmac says:

      Pat: Good to hear from you. I was thinking about you the other day. You are welcome. I am enjoying writing about him and the Spracklins.

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