John Spracklin’s Estate: Final Settlement?

There appears to be a big delay from March 23, 1863 to August 10, 1864 before Mr. T.F. Cole submits another settlement accounting.

John Spracklin Estate Final Settlement?

Probate Court         )
Knox County, Ohio  )

Be it remembered that heretofore to wit, on this 10 day of Aug. AD 1864 T. F. Cole Admin of the Estate of John Spracklin on file in said Court his account & orders for ______________Settlement which after having ____ of examined and letters which said settlements said as follows to wit.

T.F. Cole Admin of the Estate of John Spracklin dec’d

The account with _____ Estate on So _______ in hand and forever settlement

Admin Claims Cadet as follows 

Note:  Very hard to read from the microfilm.

To Paid Kenners Note No. 1 Do No. 2 No. 1 $92.80 and No. 2 $104.86 $192.62
To Paid A. Shields Note  _____No. 3   Kumms list for sale of (Can’t read No. 3 $78.35 + more $100.62
To Paid [   ] Cochran for Lumber No. 50Jas F. Gardner No. 6 No. 50 $2.85 & No. 6 $3.00 $5.85
To Paid Hyde & Young No. 7[Kumers] & Hogg No. 8 No. 7 $3.00 & No. 8 $1.00 $4.00
To Paid Bennet for [Med      ] No. 9 f 1.60  Tax Note f 2.00 No. 9 $1.60 & Tax Note $2.00 $3.60
To Paid D. Osgood account [med       ] A Coffing the same .50 $2.00 & $.50 $2.50
To Paid Administrators comp.Paid P. Major on  the set $28.26 and $4.00 $32.26
To Paid Tax due Dec & Jun  to be paid $1.42
Balance in hands of Adm. $106.68

The State of Ohio Knox County fs)

T.F. Cole, Admn of the Estate of John Spracklin dec.’ having dully sworn deposes and that the above is a full & true account of his administration of said estate ____ his forever settlement.

T. F. Cole

Sworn to and subscribed before me on this 10th day of Aug. A.D. 1864

T. V. Parke, Probate Judge

Page 117 Settlement?

Page 117 Settlement?

Page 117
John Spracklin’s Estate )
Settlement  )

 Court of Probate Knox County Ohio, Nov. 16, 1864. Be it remembered that heretofore to wit: on the 12thday of August A.D.  1864. T. F. Cole in the sum of the Estate of John Spracklin dec’ filed his account and made for _________________settlement and the bond being satisfied that due notice of said filing have been given according to law this day took up and examined said account and paid that on last settlement  there and balance in his hand of $454.57 and that he has expended for the ____of said Estate since said settlement the sum of $347.87 leaving a balance in the hands of said Admin belonging to said estate of $106.68 which he is ordered to pay out according to law.

Thomas V. Parke Probate Judge

Source:  Settlement #2 Estates Vol. C, pg. 116, 117, FHL#2130348

For some reason Mr. T.F. Cole was not getting the final accounting done for the process is now well into November 1864.

Notes: I am concerned and I feel that this probate/estate process for John Spracklin is not complete, because I have not found what is called a “Heirs-at-Law” entry, which is the final accounting that shows who are all the heirs of the deceased and what they get in the final disbursement of the funds of the estate.  The personal possessions were sold at auction and that may have been what was decided because many of the Spracklins had migrated to Iowa and other locations.

What happened to his real estate holdings?  I have not found an accounting for the land holdings of John Spracklin among these probate papers.

Another item that might be interesting to find are the legal notices in the newspapers.  I did make an attempt to find them in the Mount Vernon newspapers but I failed on my two trips there in 2007 and 2011.  Newspaper work is very difficult and time-consuming and there are lots of missing issues.

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