John Spracklin’s Probate Packet

The Family History library files have the court clerk journal entries and I have posted about those records regarding John’s Estate in the last several posts.

They also had the Estate packet file but it was broken up on film.  Estate packets are the actual documents for the estate process and they are kept in file folders.  They are usually filmed in order of the documents in the file.

Here is the listing that I was able to come up with.  As you can see some were vault films which means they have to be ordered in advance of a visit to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.

Page 1 of the Inventory from the packet

Page 1 of the Sale Bill from the packet

Probate Packet Knox Co., Ohio FHL#2131068 Gen File, Index to Estates, Guardians and Assignments Knox Co., Ohio.

1. Bonds Box #135 and #2563, FHL#2137631 Vault.

2. Inventories Box #21 and #1163, FHL#2118383 didn’t work found FHL#2117809. 

3. Sale of Property Box #68, FHL#2138206 Vault film #68, #731, 

4. 4th Settlement Box #59 and #1854, Final Box #58, FHL#2118490 Vault and #58 missing??

and  Box 172, #1172, FHL#2218819 listed as 1772 not 172,

Note:  As you can see from my notes it was not an easy process and I am not confident that I have completely finished this process.

One more look at all this at either the Family History Library or the Knox County Annex might be in order till I am satisfied.  My biggest concern is  why there was no “Heirs-at-law” form which would show up in the settlement papers for an estate without a will?

The Heirs-at-law form would give us a listing of the heirs of John Spracklin.  So I guess we turn to the partition deeds for help at this time in the next posts.  Partition deeds are when they divide the land between the heirs.


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