Power of Attorney for John’s Estate Feb. 13, 1863:

Three of the children of John Spracklin, Peter, Daniel and Olive created a document titled “To Power of Attorney” on 6 February A.D. 1863.

Peter was given Power of Attorney for Daniel D. Spracklin and Olive E. Merrifield.  This Power of Attorney was recorded the 12 Day of March 1863 by the Iowa County, Iowa District Court.  It looks like it took several more days for it to reach Knox County, Ohio.

A portion of the Spracklin/Merrifield Power of Attorney Deed

A portion of the Spracklin/Merrifield Power of Attorney Deed

Spracklin & Merrifield)
To Power of Atts.)
Peter Spracklin)

No. [50] March 24, 1863

Stamp $1.10)

Know all men by these presents. That whereas heretofore, towit,  upon the 6 day of February A.D. 1863 and John Spracklin late of Knox County State of Ohio, died intestate, and leaving a large amount of Personal property and real estate in Knox county State of Ohio and where as said John Spracklin, deceased, as aforesaid, left several heirs some of whom reside in the State of Iowa.  To wit. Peter Spracklin, Daniel D. Spracklin and Olive E. Merrifield.  Therefore Know ye all that we the said Daniel D. Spracklin of Iowa County and State of Iowa and the said Olive E. Merrifield, and Wm. P. Merrifield husband of the said Olive E. both of the County of Benton & State of Iowa do by these presents constitute and appoint Peter Spracklin of Benton County State of Iowa our true and lawful attorney in fact, for us and in our place and stead to enter into and with possession of all our rights title and interest in and to a certain farm in Liberty Township in Knox County State of Ohio which the said John Spracklin died seized of.  Also town property in the town of Mt. Vernon in Knox County State of Ohio and any and all real estate that the said John Spracklin died seized of and to which he was in any wise entitled, and hereby authorizing our said attorney to grant and sell our interest therein for such price and upon such terms as will to him seem meets, and for us to make and deliver good and sufficient deed for the same and until the sale thereof to let the said real estate for the best rent that can be procured for the same and to collect all moneys that may be due us from said sale or lease, giving him full power and authority to receipt for the same.  Also to collect and receipt for all moneys that may be due from the administration of the said estate, of the said John Spracklin, deceased as aforesaid. And any and all moneys that may be due us from the sale of this said personal estate, of the deceased, giving unto our said attorney full power to do any and every act in the settlement and adjustment of said estate and to do every act and thing whatsoever requisite to be done in the premises as fully as we might or could do if personally present; with power of substitution and revocation, hereby satisfying  all that our said attorney Peter Spracklin, or his substitute,  shall lawfully do or cause to be done by virtue hereof.  Witness our hands this 12th day of March A.D. 1863. 

Signed Daniel D. Spracklin, Olive Merrifield, W. P. Merrifield

State of Iowa
County of Iowa

I, A. S. Morrison, Clerk of the District Court in & for Iowa County & State of Iowa, do hereby certify that before me personally appeared Daniel D. Spracklin and Olive E. Merrifield and W.P. Merrifield her husband, all of [      ] are personally known to me to be this identical persons who signed the foregoing power of attorney as grantors and they acknowledged the execution of the same to be their voluntary acts and deeds for the purposes therein mentioned. Given under my hand and affixed seal this 12th day of March A.D. 1863.  A.S. Morrison, Clerk of the District Courts for Iowa Co., Iowa.  

Source: Knox County Deeds, Book 51, pg. 317, FHL#0314062,  Registered March 24, 1863 in Knox Co., Ohio and written Feb 6, 1863, in Iowa Co., Iowa. A Power of Attorney Spracklin/Merrifield to Peter Spracklin, for the Estate of John A. Spracklin (Sr.).

What this means it that the heirs of John Spracklin who did not live in Ohio anymore were obliged to prepare this document to show their inheritance rights to John Spracklin’s land.  So this is not the only power of attorney or partition deed that was prepared, there is more to come.

This also means that Daniel had made the move from Benton Co., Iowa to Iowa County, Iowa by this date, while his sister Olive and Peter were still living in Benton Co., Iowa at this time.

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