Wine Rood settles in Fearing Twp., Ohio

Wine Rood migrated with his family from England and settled in Fearing Twp., Washington Co., Ohio in 1817.  He apparently went there directly from Philadelphia.  I say this because of the poem written by his daughter Pamala describing the journey and her sick brother. See the post dated 7/8/2013, the one before this current post.

Wine did not hesitate to become a naturalized citizen.  He applied on 16 Oct.  1818 with his Declaration of Intention.  Apparently he did not take the last step which was the actual naturalization.

1818 Wine Rood applies to become a citizen

1818 Wine Rood applies to become a citizen – a portion of the Declaration of Intention

Here is the Declaration:

Wine Rood an imigrant from England made his Declaration witing subscribed the same he made Oath thereto the words appear [       ] follwing viz,

I Wine Rood aged fifty six years born in England in the County of Somersett and at this time a subject of the King of Great Britain and formerly a resident of Somersett Do declare that I embarked at Bristol in said England for the purpose of Transporting myself in the Ship Abigail to the United States of American and landed at Philadelphia in the State of Pennsylvania sometime in the mouth of January A.D. 1818 in leaving England.  I was accompanied by my Wife and family among which were the following named children to wit: Wine aged Seventeen, Pamila aged Sixteen yrs Caroline & Matilda that my family and removed from said Philadelphia to Marietta sometime in the last Winter and are now settled in the Township of Fearing in the County of Washington, in the State of Ohio where I have purchased land and where I am to remain. And I further declare that it is my wish and intention to become a citizen of the United States agreeably to the Laws and Constitution of said United States and I do hereby renounce forever all Allegiance and fidelity to any foreign Prince Potentate State or Soveignty whatever & particularly the Prince Regent of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland to whom I have lately owed allegiance. Dated this Sixteenth day of October Amo Domini 1818.  Signed by Wine Rood

Sworn to me in Open Court by Wine Rood this 16th October 1818. John Dunlevy Clerk

Source:  Court of Comon Pleas Journal Vol. 3, page 202, Courthouse in Marietta for Washington Co., Ohio.

Another great source:  Washington Co., Ohio Immigration & Naturalization Abstracts, Vol. One 1808-1840, by Roger O. Doune, page 4, 29, Rood, Wine Volume 3, pg. 202, 16 Oct. 1818 Co. Somerset, England, age 56,  D.I.  Found at the Annex library in Marietta.

Therefore, we can make a calculation that he was there in Fearing Twp. by November 1817 when his son Alban died.  Wine died 1823.  He lived 6 years in his newly adopted country.  His wife Anne died two weeks before him.

The 1820 U.S. Federal Census has Wine Rood listed:

Wine Rood:
Free White Males 16-25 — 1
Free White Males 45+ — 1
Free White Females 10-15 — 1
Free White Females 16-25 — 3
Free White Females 45+ — 1
Free White persons under 16 — 1
Free White persons over 25 — 2
Total Free White persons – 7
Total All persons etc. — 7

Source:  1820 U.S. Federal Census, Wine Rood Family, Fearing Twp., Washington Co., Ohio, pg. 217, NARA Rol # M33_95: Image 235, enumerated August 7, 1820.

Because the early census are statistical it makes it hard to learn more about a family.  Unfortunately this would be the only census that Wine Rood was enumerated in.

The Ohio Tax Records of Washington Co., Ohio at Family Search with images were helpful in learning more about Wine Rood.  He appears in some of these records:

1819, Duck Creek, Washington Co., Ohio

1819 Wine Rood on Duck Creek

1819 Tax Record Wine Rood on Duck Creek

It reads:  Wine Rood 100, 130, Duck Creek, 8, 3, 9.10, 96/640/100 , [     ] Allen Putnam 9/1, 83/00.

He is listed in these tax records at Family Search:

1821 E. Side, Washington Co., Ohio – Reads: Wine Rood 100/130/8/3, 100 Duck Creek, A. Putnam, 50, 25, 75

1822 Unknown, Washington, Ohio, Wine Rood, 100/130/8/3, 100 Duck Creek, A. Putnam, 75, 25, 1.00.

1823 Unknown, Washington, Ohio, Wine Rood, 100, 130/8/3, 100 Duck Creek, A. Putnam, 75, 25, 1.00

1824 Unknown, Washington, Ohio, Wine Rood, 100, 130/8/3, 100, D. Creek, A. Putnam, 56, 25

1825 Wine Rood, 100, 130, 8, 3, 100, Duck Cr., A. Putnam, 75, 25, 1.00

His son Wine Rood, (Jr.) probably starts to take over by 1824 in these records or the loss of his sister and parents may have slowed him down. Wine Rood Jr. would be about 22 years old in 1824.  The tax records get a little confusing when you have two persons of the same name, but I have seen the use of  “Jr.” when there are two of the same name.  More research on the land that Wine Rood (Sr.) owned would be very interesting in Washington Co., Wyandot and others.

For more detail about these Ohio Tax Records at Family Search, I refer you to my post dated:  March 14, 2013: John & Lydia (Goss Spracklin Migrate to Knox Co., Ohio. 

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