The Family of Wine & Ann Rood

Wine Rood and Anne Andrews Rood came to the Marietta area with their children.  He was about 62 years old and she was about 52 years old.  They brought their family with them from England.

Please be advised that all that follows should be double checked.  I did not have a lot of time while I was in Marietta in 2011, to really dig into the Rood family.  I also had trouble finding information about them because they were there such a short time.

I do not know the children’s birth order because I don’t have enough information.  So keep that in mind.

The children of Wine and Anne were:

1. Parmela/Pamala Rood, born about 1799 and died 24 Jul 1823 Washington Co., Ohio.  Buried in Mound Cemetery, Marietta Twp., Marietta, Washington Co., Ohio.  Pamala’s parents followed her in death the next month of August.

2. Wine Rood (Jr.) born 27 Feb 1802, Glastonbury, Somersetshire, England and died 26 May 1870 in Wyandot County, Ohio.  He is probably buried in the Burkes Cemetery in that county.  He is the person that is involved with the Spracklins in Knox and Hardin Co. regarding deeds and land.  He married a Catherine Harten born 22 Oct. 1809, Dauphin Co., Ohio and died 27 Dec 1882 in Wyandot County, Ohio.  UPDATE 8/28/2013:  There are descendants of this family.   See the comments for this post by scrolling to the bottom.  

They had one son George Rood born 25 Jul 1848 in Wyandot Co., Ohio and died 26 May 1870 in Wyandot Co., Ohio.  He married Melissa Pendry born 25 Nov. 1849 in Richland Co., Ohio.  She was the daughter of a James Pendry and Jane.

George and Melissa Rood had 4 children that I know about:

1. Franklin G. Rood b. 3 Jan 1871.

2. Willie W. Rood b. 4 Apr 1872 and died 29 Apr 1875.

3. Venus A. Venious Adie Rood b. 5 Oct 1874.

4.  Marcellus M. Rood b. 21 Apr 1876.

Source:  See History of Wyandot Co., Ohio for more information, page 727 pub. 1884 at Internet Archive.

3. Candice Rood – this child is uncertain and does not show on the ship’s manifest and she does not show up in her father’s will.  Maybe is it a misspelling and is really Caroline?  Maybe it is a child that died before they came to the United States?

4. Caroline Rood – this child appears on the passenger list with her parents when they emigrated to the U.S. UPDATE 8/28/2013:  Caroline Rood married a John Clacy (sometimes spelled “Clasey” or “Clissey.”  There are descendants of this family, scroll to comments on this post. 

5.  Matilda Rood – I have no birth nor burial information on her.  She may have married a John Hunt. She was also on the passenger list with her parents. A John Hunt appears after her name on the passenger list and before John Spracklin.  UPDATE 8/28/2013:  Matilda did not marry John Hunt.  She married a John Sawtell who was born in England in 1807.  She married on 1 Jan. 1892 in Washington Co., Ohio.  John had a brother named George Sawtell who married Eliza Goss a daughter of Solomon Goss (Jr.) and Polly Devol.  I posted on this couple and their children in past posts.  There are several descendants who are researching this line.  

6.  Alban/Albin Rood born about 1807 and died 11 Nov 1817, Washington County, Ohio.  He is buried in the Mound Cemetery, Marietta Twp., Washington Co., Ohio. See the poem written by his sister Parmala two posts back.

Wine and Ann (Andrews) Rood did not survive long in the new country. Marietta was a shipping port at that time and the boats would bring illness that would sweep up the Muskingum River per Ken Fink of the Washington County Historical Society.

Wine Rood was born about 1761 in England and died 31 August 1823, Washington Co., Ohio.  Not the 21st per his will and cemetery records. 

Anne was born 8 Aug 1770 and died 6 August 1823, Washington Co., Ohio.

In the next post I will share what I know about their burial in the Mound Cemetery in Marietta.  I will discuss the parentage of Anne and Wine when I write about Peter Spracklin and his wife Elizabeth Andrews Spracklin  in future posts.

If you are a descendant of the Rood family, I would love to hear from you.  Leave a comment it is not hard to do for they are at the bottom of the post after the “Posted In.”

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5 Responses to The Family of Wine & Ann Rood

  1. mary davisson schofield fouts says:

    caroline rood clacey(sometimes spelled clasey)married john clacey
    their son wine clacey’s daughter sarah emeline married arthur mckitrick
    their son john t. mckitrick(their only son)married martha l johnston thus my
    mother ruby pauline mckitrick davisson…my daughter and i have also researched at the washington library ..glad you put the information on the computer.

    • bonmac says:

      Mary: Thank so much for stopping by. I was visiting with an out-of-town friend and we talked the whole day. Yes, I was just made aware of Caroline’s marriage to this man John Clacey (Clasey). I did see that the last name was really messed up. I saw where it was spelled “Clissey” on one document. So his last name has been a challenge. I will be updating some things for the Roods and adding more when I talk about their relationship to the Spracklins. Thanks for this information I appreciate it. I really didn’t want Caroline to go missing as you might say, so this is really great news.

  2. Linda (Rood) Hash says:

    My name is Linda S. (Rood) Hash and I am the great-great-great granddaughter of Wine Rood. Venius Rood (George Rood’s son) was my Great-Grandfather and he had a son named Rollind Lawrence Rood, my grandfather. My Grandfather Rollind Rood had two sons, Vincent H. Rood (my father), Loren Arthur Rood (my Unlce). My father passed on January 21, 2003 and my Uncle Loren passed in October 1999. Venious Rood passed in Colorado, supposedly buried in a mass grave there, many died from the flu epidemic at that time. My grandfather, Rollind Lawrence Rood is buried at Mt. Carmel Cemetery in Missouri alongside my grandmother, Delphine A. Lehr. Rollind passed away Feb. 1978. I think there is a misspelling of my grandfather, Venious Rood, you show Venus Rood. On his death certificate is shows Venious Ardie Rood.

    • bonmac says:

      Linda: Welcome and thank you for making a comment. I do appreciate them. I will be making updates to the Roods as more information comes in. This week is busy so be patient with me. This is good news and great news. I only had a little bit of information on the Roods and have slowly been building as I have been writing posts on them. There are other posts you might want to check out. I removed your email because I can see it and when I publish the comment they only see your name.

  3. Linda (Rood) Hash says:

    Thank you Bonnie and I look forward to more information regarding the Rood’s.

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