The Rood family and Mound Cemetery

When I was visiting Marietta, Ohio in 2011, I found that some of the Rood family where buried in the Mound Cemetery right in the heart of that city.

Find A Grave has a listing for Mound Cemetery:  This listing is 67% photographed and has currently 2415 burials.  It is a very big cemetery.

The Roods interned in Mound Cemetery per Find A Grave are:

      • Hart, Lydia Rood
      • Hoffman, Ida Rood
      • Rood, Alban*
      • Rood, Ann*
      • Rood, Cyrena
      • Rood, Elizabeth Putnam Corner
      • Rood, Mariner
      • Rood, Pamela*
      • Rood, Sarah Maria Flagg
      • Rood, Susan
      • Rood, Wine*

You will not find a photograph of their tombstones because Wine, Anne, Alban and Pamela no longer have them.

The book:  Mound Cemetery Marietta, Ohio by Owen Hawley, Washington Co., Historical Society, 1996, is an excellent source if you think you have family buried in the area.  Mr. Hawley actually looked at newspapers and the old burial records an added information to the names. A more thorough search in this book might reveal family links perhaps?

Here is what is written about the Rood family pages 379-380.  I am only targeting Wine an Anne Rood’s immediate family.  I did not have time to figure out who the others were or how they fit into the Rood family.

Rood, Alban, son of Wine & Ann Rood, D. 14 Nov. 1817 (according to cemetery records) or 11 Nov. 1811 (accoridng to E.H. 1857, aged 10.  R133 L3, Confirmed by E.H> 1857 which means that though there was a stone for him the, there no longer is.

Rood, Ann, wife of Wine Rood, D. 6 August 1823, aged 50 y, summer epidemic.  R122 L3. Confirmed by E.H. 1857 which means that though there was a stone for her then, there no longer is.  In cemetery records her first name is given as Arm.  

Rood, Pamela, dau. of Wine & Ann Rood, D. 24 July 1823, Aged 24 y., summer epidemic. R122, L3. Confirmed by E.H. 1857 which means that though there was a stone for her then, there no longer is.

Rood, Wine, husband of Ann Rood, B. Somersetshire, England (according to E.H. 1857). D. 31 August 1823 (according to cemetery records) or 21 August 1823 (According to E. H.) 31 August 1823 correct, aged 62 y, summer epidemic. R122 L3.   Confirmed by E.H. 1857 which means that though there was a stone for him then, there no longer is. Cottle, Probate Records of Wash. Co., Oh (1982), p. 119.  

Additional names that appear in the Mound Cemetery book for Rood surname are:  Rood, Cyrena, Rood Elizabeth Putnam, Rood Mariner, Rood Richard H., Rood, Sarah Maria, Rood, Susan,

The gravesites are on the other side of the large mound to the left in the cemetery and to the left of the tombstone of Rufus Putnam R117 L7 in my estimation but I could be wrong.  To be absolutely sure, I would check with the cemetery office.  Sigh, I wish I had more money to provide stones that are missing.  I suppose it could be one stone with a plaque with all the names of the Rood family on it?   What happened to Caroline?

What might be where Wine, Ann, Pamela and Alban are buried

Where Wine, Ann, Pamala and Alban might be buried

An interesting piece of information has been provided by a Sawtelle/Sawtell descendant about Matilda.  She married a John Sawtell on 1 January 1829.  This John Sawtell was an uncle brother to George Sawtell who married Eliza Goss a daughter of Solomon Goss Jr. and Polly Devol.

Source: Washington Co., Ohio Marriage Records 1803-1841 Vol. 1, Image 115 at Family Search.  See my post on Solomon and Polly Goss‘ Family dated January 1, 2012 for more information.

I refer you to my post dated January 8, 2013: “Mound Cemetery, Marietta, Washington Co., Ohio,” for more information about Mound cemetery and photographs.

Another link can give you more Rood’s buried in Washington Co., Ohio:


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