Wine Rood’s Estate 1823: The Index & Will

Wine Rood left a will and estate file after his death in 1823.

Here we see the Index to the Probate Records of Washington Co., Ohio, “R,” FHL#946211.

Index to Probates featuring Wine Rood

Index to Probates featuring Wine Rood

The index reads that there are several documents:

      1. Will & Letter testamentary Vol. 2, page 428
      2. Appraisement Vol. 3, pg. 75
      3. Account of Sales Vol. 3, pg. 195

Circa March 31, 1824, Will FHL#946211, Vol. 2, pg. 428, Appraisement Vol. 3, pg. 75, Account of Sale Vol. 3, pg. 195 FHL#946212,

Wine Roods Will

Wine Rood's Will

Wine Rood’s Will

In the name of God Amen, I Wine Rood farmer of Fearing Township in the County of Washington and State of Ohio being sick, but yet of sound mind and difosing memory do make this last Will and Testament hereby revoking and making void all wills by me at any time heretofore made — First I give and bequeath all my Real and personal Estate to my beloved son Wine Rood after he has paid all my debts with the proceeds of any part of it selling any part thereof at his own discretion for that purpose. With the exception be it well understood of all my household furniture, except one bed and bedding & bedstead, which I give him.  Another exception is the sum of Three hundred dollars which will be disposed of as follows.  [Item]. I give and bequeath unto my beloved daughters Caroline Rood and Matilda Rood each of them the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars in money which my son Wine Rood shall pay to them out of my Estate in the manner following.  Caroline Rood shall have One hundred and fifty dollars paid her in four years after my death, each year the sum of Thirty seven and a half dollars until paid.  And Matilda Rood shall receive One hundred and fifty dollars in exactly the same manner of payment.  Also, my two said daughters shall have all my household furniture except my watch, [    ] & the farming tools that are with which are [Wine’s,] as well as his bed etc. And I appoint as my only Executors my said son Wine Rood and my brother-in-law Samuel Andrews joint executors. In witness whereof I herewith put my hand and seal this twenty-seventh day of August in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and twenty-three.  Signed and Sealed by Wine Rood.

Signed, Sealed, published and declared as the last Will & Testament before us

Edward Postlethwath Page

Elisha Roile

Samuel Cook

Based on this will, the date I had for his death was 21 August 1823.  This is not correct because he wrote this will on the 27th.  A check of the cemetery records show that the death date is 31 August 1823.

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