John & Lydia Spracklin’s children: Mary G. Spracklin & Henry Glancy

It is now time to return to the children of John and Lydia (Goss) Spracklin and share what I know about them.  The children of John and Lydia were featured in the post:  Lydia and John Andrews Spracklin Family, dated March 6, 2013.

The children are:  Alfred, Ida, Mary G., Peter, Solomon Goss, Daniel D. (my ancestor), Olive Elizabeth, John Andrews (Jr.), and Lydia.  What I know about Alfred and Ida is presented in this post and another on the Green Valley Cemetery in Knox County.  Ida is buried with her parents but I don’t know where Alfred is buried.  I have very little information on Alfred and Ida.

I start with their daughter Mary G.  She married Henry Glancy on 20 May 1852 in Knox Co., Ohio.

Henry and Mary's marriage

Henry and Mary’s marriage

Source: Knox County, Ohio Marriages, Glancy/Glancey, Henry to Spracklen/Spracklin,Sprackland, Mary G. pg. 109, 20 May 1852 J. H. Peacock, min 325r-14. These marriages are at and FamilySearch (Ohio, County Marriages, 1789 to 1994). 

It has been suggested, by various online chat boards that a Henry Glancy who lived in Milford Twp., Knox County, Ohio was the man Mary married, but I think that is not correct.

The Henry Glancy in Milford Twp. was too old for Mary G. Spracklin and the census shows that he was married to Abigail from 1850 till about 1875.  He then married a Mary who is Mary Fraker.  The probate/estate file I found in the Knox County Probate index is for this older Henry who lived in Milford Twp., Knox Co., Ohio. This Henry was born in 1802/1803, the one living in Milford Twp.  The Mary that is contained in its pages is this younger Mary.

Take a deep look at the dates of the older Henry Glancy’s marriage to Abigail Mason:

Henry and Abigail's Marriage

Henry and Abigail’s Marriage, click on the image.

 Glancy to Mason, Abigail, pg. 80, 30 Aug. 1846 George Litzenburg, C of C eld 235-151r.

Source:  Knox County, Ohio Marriages 1808-1875, Compiled by R. DeLauder and Indexed by Franklin Miller, Jr., Knox Co. Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, 1995. It is also listed with FamilySearch. 

Here is a marriage of a Mary Fraker in 1875 to a Henry Glancy.  It reads:  Henry T. Glancy himself and Mary Fraker affidavit – January 14, 1875, C.E. Critchfield, probate judge.  No. 1724, State of Ohio, Knox Co. certify they were married 17 January 1875 A.W. Hall, M.G.

Glancy & Fraker Marriage 1875

Glancy & Fraker Marriage 1875

Source:  Ohio, County Marriages, 1789-1994, Ref ID p. 586, GS Film #1294305 and Digital #004017472.

The two Henry Glancys that I am referring to are featured in this manuscript:  The Glancy Family of Hartford City, Indiana, by Walter Burgess Smith. 

I focused in on James Glancy 1765?-1828 from Allegheny Co., PA to Beaver Co., PA to Knox Co., PA. and targeted this Henry Glancy living in Milford Twp. This information is on page 5.

“IV. Henry Glancy b. before 1800 (1820 Census) prob. in Allegheny Co., PA and d. after 1850 perhaps at Milford Twp., Knox Co., Ohio; listed in the 1820 Census next to his father at New Sewickley, Beaver Co., PA, with 2 days. B. 1804 or earlier; listed in the 1850 Census at Milford Twp. with wife Abigail aged 45 and the 5 ch. noted below; cooper; prob. not the same as the Henry Thomas Glancy who bought and sold land in 1833 at Pitt Twp. Allegheny Co., PA whose wife was called Hester; according to his children’s birthplaces as given in 1850, he left Pa. for Ohio 1838-1841; known children:

1. Lucy Glancy, b. about 1830 in Pa.

2. Margaret Glancy, b. about 1836 in Pa.

3. Martha Glancy. b. about 1838 in Pa.

4. David Glancy, b. about 1842 in Ohio

5. M. Elizabeth Glancy, b. about 1844 in Ohio 

possible child
6. James Glancy, b. about 1828 in Pa; res. Milford Twp., Knox Co., Ohio in 1850 (census) m. Sarah, who was b. about 1830 in Ohio.”

However, take another look at this page 5 and you will see a brother listed as Thomas Glancy who has a son Henry Glancy born 1828.

III. Thomas Glancy, b. 1798 (fam. rec.) prob. in Allegheny Co., PA, and d. after 1850 perhaps in Knox. Co., Ohio, according to family records he was “in Knox Co. in 1839;” in the 1850 Census lists his household in Jefferson Twp., Knox Co., missing his wife, and according to his children’s birthplace as given, he left Pa. for Ohio in 1828 or 1829; farmer; children:

1. Henry Glancy, b. about 1828 in PA.; farming with father in 1850.  

2. Margaret Glancy, b. about 1831 in Ohio.

3. Sarah Glancy, b. about 1834 in Ohio

4. Sybil Glancy b. about 1836 in Ohio. 

Above them both on page 5 is David Montgomery Glancy b. July 19, 1795 in Allegheny Co., PA. They are all sons of James Glancy and Elizabeth Lighthill according to this manuscript.

Source:  Glancy Ancestry: The Glancy Family of Hartford City, Indiana, by Walter Burgess Smith, circa 1981, FHLBook 929.273A1 or FHL#2055127 Item 22 or online in the Family History Catalogue as of Nov. 4, 2010. The FamilySearch has a digital version of this ancestry with a lot more detail than I share here.

There is also an ancestral File Number 44VT-RNM that connects the Henry Glancy b. 1828 to Thomas and his wife Elizabeth and has him marrying Mary G. Spracklin in 1852.   This means he was about 24 years old and Mary was about 28 years old.  I think it fits better than the Henry Glancy of Milford Twp., Knox Co., Ohio who would have been about 50 years old.

Of course, online Glancy family boards and websites seems to have an inconsistency about this Thomas Glancy as a brother to David Montgomery Glancy and Henry.  I am not an expert on the Glancy family so please understand that you will need to do some further digging to determine the true family lines.

There is another book The James Glancy Genealogy, 1765-1986…, which I have not seen and seems to have limited publication.  The Family History Library does not have a copy of this book.  This book is also written by Walter Burgess Smith and Curtis Warren Abbott along with Gloria Glancy Cartwright with a date of January 1, 1986.

A cousin of mine did a great deal of research on the Spracklin/len’s in the 1980’s and shared it with me.  I have her permission to share with you the family charts that she prepared on the Glancy family:

James Glancy family 1985

James Glancy family 1985

For those researching this man here is some information about a possible probate:

Est Rec A, 1810-1832 Glancy, James pg. 339, Dec. 19, 1828, David Glancy, adm. (appointed as) & Thos Glancy.  Widow: Eliz of Harrison Twp., Appraisers: Marvin Tracy, Wm. Green, Ben. Elias.  Inv. pgs 340-343, Am’t of appraisement $145.65 3/4.  Bill of property set off to the widow $75.82. List of the Bill of Appraisement $138.5 1/4 – Signed by David Glancy, adm.

Knox Co., Common Pleas –  Minute Book D, pg. 521.

Further information on this probate/estate can be found in the Index – General File to Estates, Guardians and Assignments in Knox Co.,  lists the following:

Glancy James, Bonds Book 37, File #153,  Inventory Book 1, File #90, Sale of Per. Property Book 28, File #70, 1st Settlement Book 7, File #124.

FamilySearch has probates for Knox Co., Ohio on-line, divided into topics but for browsing only.

Here is the chart for David Montgomery Glancy’s family:

David Montgomery Glancy Family Chart - By a cousin with help from a hired researcher

David Montgomery Glancy Family Chart – By a cousin with help from a hired researcher

In the next post I will present the information I found in the census that shows there are two Henry Glancy’s and you will see that the one in Milford Twp., Knox County did stay with Abigail from their marriage in 1846 till his next marriage in 1875.  It will show a Mary who is listed as being 33 years old in 1880.  Definitely not Mary G. Spracklin Glancy who was born in 1824 and would be 56 years old in 1880.  I will also share a Mary G. and Henry Glancy that migrated to Union Twp., Ringgold Co., Iowa from Marion Co., Iowa that I found that might be Mary G. and Henry.


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