Henry Glancy’s Estate File, Milford Twp., Knox Co., Ohio

Based on my last three posts, I do not believe that this Henry Glancy who lived in Milford Twp., Knox County, Ohio was the one who married Mary G. Spracklin.  He was too old and based on the census was with Abigail from 1846 to just before 1875.  He then married Mary Fraker and was with her till his death.  My dates for this Henry Glancy who lived in Milford Twp., Knox Co., Ohio are that he was born in 1803 and died 20 May 1891.

Glancy, H.F. 20 May 1891 m age 88, 11, 23 Milford (Bk 2, pg. 76) Knox Co., Cooper, typhoid pneumonia, Milford.

Glancy, Mary 25 Aug 1905 w 72 Liberty Born U.S., line 38 Hsekeeper, heart trouble, infirm.

Source:  Knox County Death Records, Vols. 1-3, 1867-1908, Compiled by R. DeLauder and Indexed by Franklin Miller, Knox Co. Genealogical Society, 1994. 

Another record on burial information has:

Henry Glancy, Milford Twp. Res. 50 years. Simmons Cem. 16 may 1891 age 89.,

Mary Glancy, Utica invalid – dau/or Lawrence Glancy 13 Nov. 1905 age 10 burned to death.

Source:  From Death Notices in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, Knox. Co. Newspapers 1818-1910. LDS Book 977.152/M2 V4, pg. 182. Copyright 1999 by Russell E. Peffers, Mt. Vernon, Ohio.

There seems to be some disagreement about the Glancey, Mary who died in 1905 in these death records.  So it would be a good idea to find the actual record and double-check them.  This I have not done.

I was unsuccessful in finding a tombstone for this man in Knox County and any references to Abigail his wife. However you can see from the burial information above, it mentions a Simmons Cemetery and that would need to be checked out.

If his 3nd wife Mary was 33 in 1880, then she would be about 45 in 1891 and still able to remarry.  The will of Henry Glancy of Milford Twp., Knox county, Ohio has some interesting comments about Mary his wife and what she could or could not do after his death.  It also gives the names of his children, see below.

Henry Glancy’s estate file and documents are with the Knox County Probate Court records. They are on film at the Family History Library in the court clerk journals and in the probate packet.  FamilySearch has put them online and they are browse only which takes a bit of time to wade through them.

Probate of Henry Glancy and Will – Court Clerk Journals

Probate Court, Mt. Vernon, Ohio – General Index V. 1, 1852-1914 LDS #1299062.
Estate of Henry Glancy — Will Probated Vol P, pg. 215 on FHL#2130110
Additional pages: Will filed Vol. P. pg. 185, Hearing Cont., Vol. P, pg. 191, Test Vol. P, pg. 212, Will Probated Vol. P, pg. 215, Citation to Widow pg. 215, Election of Widow pg. 215
Will Recorded and proof Vol I pg. 468 and 469 – FHL#1294300
Journal, 1890-1891 FHL#2130110

Probate Packet, Vol. I pg. 468-9,  Box 253, #1864 FHL#2242258

I am only going to feature Henry Glancy’s will and one other document that shows that Mary is the name of his widow.  I have copies of the probate packet which contains the will and some of the other documents.  I think you will find it interesting.

Henry Glancy’s Will

In the name of the Benevolent Father of all I Henry J. Glancy of the County of Knox and the State of Ohio do make and publish this my last Will and Testament. 

I give and devise to my beloved wife in lieu of her dower the house and lot on which we now reside situate in the town of [Lock] and County of Knox and State of Ohio containing two town lots No fifteen and sixteen to have and to hold as long as she remains my widow and all the [slock] household goods __________ provisions and other goods and chattels which may be thereon at the time of my decease  I give and bequeath to her absolutely (she however selling so much thereof as may be sufficient to pay my doctor bill and funeral expenses)  A the death or marriage of my said wife the real estate aforesaid I give and devise to my children equally, Namely:  James Glancy, Sally Murray, Sarah Hunter, Martha Dunlap, David Glancy and Mariah Garrett and their heirs. Of my said wife should survive me then I devise and bequeath the property aforesaid to my children and their heirs.  I desire that no appraisement and sale of my personal property be made and that the court of probate direct the omission of the same in pursuance of the statute. 

I do hereby revoke all former wills by me made.

In testimony hereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this second day of February in the 1889.  Signed by Henry J. Glancy

Signed and acknowledged by said Henry J. Glancy as his last will and testament in our presence and signed by us in his presence.  H. Spritzer and W. F. Jackson. 

A portion of Henry's will - can you read the signature

A portion of Henry’s will – can you read the signature – Is it a T or J or S the initial?

Source:  Knox County Court of Probate, Box 253 #1864 Henry Glancy probate packet.

Election of Widow etc. for Henry Glancy

Election of Widow etc. for Henry Glancy, with Mary Glancy’s name and mark – 1891

Again, I am not a Glancy researcher and only stumbled upon this information because I was curious about what happened to Mary G. Spracklin a daughter of John and Lydia (Goss) Spracklin.  Mary was also a sister to my 2nd great grandfather  Daniel D. Spracklin.   Mary would be my 2nd great Aunt.   I like to study the children of a couple because you never know what they will tell you about their parents or siblings.

At this point, in my next posts, I will return to Mary G. Spracklin and Henry Glancy.  The one’s who married in 1852 in Knox County, Ohio.  In the following posts, I will present two deeds that are of interest regarding John A. Spracklin’s land and tie this couple to the Spracklins.


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