Henry Glancy & Mary G.: A little Business with brother Daniel Spracklin – 1852

On 26 August 1852, Henry Glancy sold land to his brother-in-law Daniel D. Spracklin, my 2nd great-grandfather, in Knox Co., Ohio. This was three months after his marriage to Daniel’s older sister Mary.  How Henry and Mary came into possession of this track of land that was originally purchased by Solomon Goss and deeded to his daughter Lydia Goss in 1815, is not yet clear.  I may have to visit the deed index again to see if I cannot find a deed involving this couple and John’s land under the Glancy name.

Henry Glancy sells land to Daniel D. Spracklin 1852

Henry Glancy sells land to Daniel D. Spracklin 1852

Henry Glancy and wife Mary G. Glancy sold land to Daniel D. Spracklin all of Knox Co., Ohio in August 26, 1852 and recorded Sept. 16, 1852. The deed was a quit claim for $100. Mary is indicated as Henry’s wife. Witnesses were Nelson H. Bidwell, Samuel Yaeger? and C. Wolfe, JP.

Description of land: ” …a certain track or piece of land situate in the county of Knox and State of Ohio bounded and described as follows, being in the (14) fourteenth range and (6) sixth township of the United States Military land (so called) containing (50) fifty acres being part of the tract of (450) four hundred and fifty acres conveyed to Solomon Gofs by Zacheus Biggs by deed bearing date July (28) twenty-eight (1802) eighteen hundred and two. Beginning at the southeast corner of the said tract of 450 four hundred and fifty acres, thence north (20) twenty chains and 83 1/3 eighty-three and one-third links, thence west (24) twenty-four chains, thence south? (20) twenty chains & 83 1/3 eighty three & one-third links thence east (24) twenty-four chains along the south line of said 450 acre tract to the place of beginning being the same land deed to Lydia Gofs and heirs with all and singular the hereditaments and appurtenances therewith belonging.”

Source:  Knox Co. Deeds, Henry Glancy to Daniel D. Spracklin, FHL#314055, Vol. MM, pg. 402.

Henry Glancy’s name appears in the Estate papers of John Andrews Spracklin (Sr.) buying items at the public auction (Sale Bill) and receiving a note at the partial settlement of $37.70.  See past posts on John Andrews Spracklin’s Estate.

Mary and Henry Glancy appear in another deed regarding the selling of more of the land of John Andrews Spracklin in 1863 as part of the estate property disbursement.  I will share that deed in the next post.

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