Where did Mary G. Spracklin & Henry Glancy Go?

During the week of October 4 to 13th, I was spending time in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I was attending the British Institute Class on Pre-1850 English Research. So that is why I have not been blogging.  I have been busy.  I am in the process of jumping the pond (Atlantic Ocean) and moving my research to the British Isles.  Many of the ancestors I am blogging about on this blog origins are in England, i.e. the Spracklins and associated families.

I decided to take a little time during the week and see if I could figure out if the Mary G. Spracklin and Henry Glancy were the correct couple.  I made progress but did I succeed and really “nail it, no! There is still a little more research to do on this couple but I will share with you what I did learn.

So what happened to Mary G. Spracklin who married Henry Glancy in 1852?

Please review past posts on this topic for a complete understanding of the research.  Go back to September 1, 2013 by clicking on the archives and review.  I had my Henry Glancy’s mixed up.

In 1852 they sold land to Daniel D. Spracklin a brother and  brother-in-law.

The 1860 census has a couple that is very close in description to Mary and Henry Glancy and they were living in Marion County, Ohio which is right next door to Hardin County, where her grandmother Betty Spracklin lived and died at the end of 1860.

In 1863 they sold their share of the land previously owned by her father John Andrews Spracklin.  I did not find any purchase from John in the deed records so Henry and Mary received this land somehow.  A study of the two deeds a little more carefully might be in order and more digging in this area is needed.

I stumbled on a Mary G. Glancy tombstone listed at the Iowa Gravestone Photo Project.  This Mary G. Glancy was buried in Ellston Cemetery, Union Twp., Ringgold Co., Iowa.  http://iowagravestones.org/gs_view.php?id=823882  This gives a birth date of about 1824. I could not locate Henry Glancy.

Mary G. Glancy died Apr. 1, 1888 Aged 64 yrs. 24 ds.”

Using that county name of Ringgold, I went to the 1880 US Census and found a couple that looks promising. I then went to the 1870 US Census and found them again. Here are the results.

I think it is interesting that it is always Mary G. in the census.  Could the “G” stand for “Grace?”  If you know please comment. It also stated that Mary’s father was of foreign birth.

1870 U.S. Census, Union Twp., Ringgold Co., Iowa, enumerated 28 July 1870. by Nile Andrews. P.O. Hopeville, page 7. Ancestry.com.

Line 34, 50/50, Glanci Henry, 42, Male, White, Carpenter $400, $500, born Ohio

Glanci, Mary G. 41, Female, White, keeping house

1880 U.S. Census, Union Twp., Ringgold Co., Iowa, page 7, SD#3, ED#199, enumerated 1 July, 1880 by Abner [Gavelell]

Line 8, family 46, Glancy Henry, White, Male, [53], , married, Farmer, born Ohio, parents born in Ohio. 

Glancy, Mary G., White, Female, 56, wife, married, keeping house, born in Ohio, Father born in England, empty for mother. 

Under them is a [Hadyear, [J _______] (very hard to read) and he is followed by Mary G/J and six children. This family is listed with Henry and Mary.  He is 46 and she is 35 years old.  They are born in Illinois.  I do not know their relationship. 

Now Iowa has state census so I took at look at them at Ancestry.com. The only one that came up was 1885.  Henry Glancey, Iowa State Census Collection 1836-1925, born about 1829, in Ohio, Male, married, Ringgold Co., Union Twp., Roll IA1885_257, Line 13, Family 42. It lists only Henry and Mary

Line 13, 36/42, Henry Glancey 70, 28, 4, SE SE 56 Male, Carpenter, born Ohio, 

Mary G. Glancey, 70, 28, 4 SE SE, 60 Female, Housewife, born Ohio, father of foreign birth, mother not. 

This means they were alive in 1885.  Now if Mary G. Glancy died in 1888 it is possible that Henry was still living but where did he go? He is not listed in the Ellston Cemetery in Ringgold Co., Iowa per the Iowa Gravestone project.

While at the Family History Library on my trip to Salt Lake City, I decided to try for the deeds in Ringgold because there were no probates listed in the catalogue for Ringgold under the county at the FHL.  (They don’t have everything.)  I was looking for a partition deed (splitting of the land of a deceased person).  I didn’t find one. but I did find in 1892 a deed in which a Henry Glancy sold land in Ringgold Co., Iowa.  The interesting thing is that this Henry Glancy was living in Oneida Co., Wisconsin?  The person he is selling the land to has a last name that looks like “Kenner.”  Mary’s younger sister Lydia married a Kenner and they ended up in Pawnee Co., Nebraska.  So here is a little mystery because I don’t have anything on Richard Kenner’s family, husband of Lydia.

Quit Claim Deed, Filed April 13, 1892 at 8:30 am.
Know all Men by these presents that I Henry Glancy (a widower) of Oneida Co., Wisconsin for the consideration of Twenty-five dollars hereby Quit Claim and convey to L. S. Kenner of the County of Pawnee in the State of Nebraska the following described Real Estate, situate in the county of Ringgold in the State of Iowa to wit:

SE1/4 SE1/4 E1/2 NE 1/4 SE1/4 of Section four Township Seventy Range twenty-eight.

In witness Whereof, I have set my hand and seal this 30 day of March 1892. Signed Henry Glance

In the Presence of Mrs Thos. McGregor and L. McBride.

Source: FHL#1705261 General Index G-M 1855-1933, Ringgold Co., Iowa and FHL#1705386 Land Deed Records V 9 p. 200-, 1890-1892 v. 11 1892-1896 v. 17 p. 1-511 1892-1895. Recorded April 13, 1892 8:30 am, Book 11, pg. 62.

The Death Index for Wisconsin has a Henry Glancey who died 6 August, 1896 in Vilas County.  Vol 1, pg. 0026, Reel 129, Image 2201 #1071713 etc. Wisconsin Vital Records Death Index at Ancestry.com.  Vilas is just north of Oneida. I think this is probably him.

Unfortunately, it is looking like Mary and Henry didn’t have any children and the question is would there be a will or estate file for Henry.  It depends on if he had any money or property left at the end of his life.  Still it would be worth checking probates in Oneida and Vilas Counties, Wisconsin.

Couples like Henry and Mary who did not have children can sometimes be helpful in connecting siblings.  Mary having died before Henry might make an estate file less helpful if he focuses on his side of the family. Seeking out their obituaries might be of help if they exist.  So a little more digging might be in order to establish completely that it is Mary G. Spracklin a daughter of John and Lydia Spracklin.

I do have more research to do on this couple; however, if anyone knows the story about Henry and Mary G. Glancy please comment and share.


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