A Son of John and Lydia (Goss) Spracklin: Peter Spracklen of Belle Plaine, Iowa – 1st Marriage

Peter Spracklen was born 29 January 1826.  He was a son of John Spracklin and Lydia Goss.

Peter was a very interesting character. It seems that in some families there is the sibling that is the “go to person” for family affairs. Peter seems to be that sibling.  He acted with “Power of Attorney” for his siblings who lived in Iowa regarding deeds that were created to partition the land of John Andrews Spracklin their father.  Here are the two posts I am referring to.  Use the Archive on the right of this blog to find these posts.

  1. Power of Attorney for John’s Estate Feb. 13, 1863, published dated June 16, 2013
  2. 2nd Power of Attorney John Spracklin’s Estate – March 16, 1863, published June 23, 2013

Peter was in some ways larger than life.  When I was trying to connect him to his brother Daniel, my 2nd great-grandfather, the Benton County deed records were filled with his buying and selling of land. He also appeared in history books which Daniel seemed to avoid much to my frustration.

Trying to track Peter is not easy for he was in Tama, Iowa (near Toledo), Benton County, Iowa, several locations in Nebraska, Oregon and back to Iowa.  I have information to help pin his wanderings down and will share in a future post.

The Iowa State Census for 1854, Benton Co., Iowa, Iowa Township we find Peter is the 16th name listed on this statistical census.

Peter Spracklin , Males 1, Females, 2, votes 1, milita 1.  Above him is listed a Samu’l McNutt, 2 Males, 2 Females, 1 Vote, 1 Milita

Note:  The Samuel McNutt might be Olive’s (a sister) first husband.  I have information on Olive that I will share in a future post.

The Iowa State Census has Peter living there in Benton Co. in 1856 and his brother S.G. is with him.

Page 384, LIne 42 Peter Spracklin, 30, male, Widowed, 3 yrs. in state, born Ohio, Farmer, voter 1. S. G. Spracklin, 25, male, in state 3 yrs, born Ohio, blacksmith, voter 1. E.M. Compton, 25, m, 1, born Ohio, Farming, Nancy Compton, 22, f, 1, born in Ohio.  Samuel Compton, m. born Iowa. 

I have never seen a bible page or vital record showing the birth dates of the children of John and Lydia Spracklin. I have searched in Ohio but so far no luck. Vital Records did not start officially till 1867.

Peter used the name “Peter Spracklen,” on official documents like deeds and marriage records. He also used the “len” version of his surname.  As for his first name there seems to be some argument as to what it is:  Peter G., Peter John, or John Peter. I will present documents in the next posts and let you decide.  I am going to call him Peter as he seemed to prefer.

Peter was married twice, first to Mariah Brocaugh (Brokaw) and 2nd to Catherine Russell.

His first marriage to Mariah Brocaugh happened on 20 June 1851 in Morrow County, Ohio. The name Brocaugh has a variety of spellings in the records.  It seemed to evolve into “Brokaw.”  I have also seen “Brocaw.”

Peter & Mariah's Marriage

Peter & Mariah’s Marriage

#663 License issued, June 20, 1851 to Peter Spracklen and  Mariah Brocaugh.  I certify that on the 22d day of June 1851.  I joined in marriage Peter Spracklen and Mariah Brocaugh.  Signed by Philip Plummer (Flemmer hard to read).

The information below about the Brokaw lineage is found in the History of Knox Co., Ohio, 1888.  A copy is at Internet Archive.

Please be advised that I have not done a thorough research effort on Peter’s descendants, so take the information below and do your own digging.

The name John A. Brokaw was showing up on John Andrews Spracklin’s estate papers and I suspected it was probably Mariah’s father.

Mariah’s parents were John A. Brokaw and Caroline Bush.

John was born in Somerset Co., New Jersey on 4 July 1804 and Caroline was born in New Jersey on 20 June 1809. They were married on 22 October 1827 in New Jersey.  I think it is very interesting that he is John Andrew Brokaw.

BROKAW, JOHN A., Liberty township, retired shoemaker and farmer, Mt. Liberty, Ohio, was born in Somerset county, New Jersey, July 4, 1804. The Brokaw family are of French extraction. The grandfather of the subject of this sketch, Caleb Brokaw, had two brothers, Abram and Isaac, who married in New Jersey. Isaac had a family. Abram was twice married, but had no issue. There are quite a number of this family still residing in New Jersey, Caleb Brokaw married a lady of the same name, [Jane] Brokaw. They had a family of three sons and two daughters. The sons names were Isaac, Abram, and Caleb; the daughters were Ann and Polly.

Abram, the father of the subject of this sketch, was born in New Jersey in 1773. He married Mariah Striker, a native of New Jersey, about 1791. She was born March 12, 1775. They bad a family of fifteen children: Mariah, born August 8, 1792, married James Dehart, and raised a family ; both are now dead; Jane, born June 8, 1794, died August 17, 1794; Peter, born August 6, 1795, deceased; Caleb, born December 11, 1797. He came to Ohio when a young man, and yet resides in North Liberty, this county. He has a family: Simon, born February 22, 1799, emigrated to Ohio, thence to Nebraska, where he died in 1880. He left a family: Abram, born March 24, 1801, married in New Jersey, emigrated to Ohio, and died in Morrow county in 1870. He left a family: John A., born July 4, 1804; he is the subject of this sketch; Jane N., born October 5, 1806, married Gabriel Devaul, and died near Mt. Liberty, February 24, 1881. He left a family: Cornelia and Elizabeth, born March 15, 1809. Cornelia married Henry Stillwell and resides in New Jersey; Elizabeth, deceased. She married George Maloney and died in Bethany, Virginia.. A son, born August 23, 1810, deceased September 2, 1810. Isaac, born September 20, 1818; he resides at Centreburgh, Ohio; Henry, born February 10, 1816, resides at Centreburgh, Ohio; Peter, born March 31, 1818, died in Indiana; William C., born January 16, 1820, deceased April 21, 1821. Caleb Brokaw, grandfather of this subject, and Isaac, his brother, were soldiers of the Revolution, Caleb holding a lieutenant’s commission. They both served during the war.

Abram Brokaw, father of the subject of this sketch, came to Ohio about 1822 or 1823, with his family and settled in Jefferson county, Ohio, where he died about 1826. His wife returned to New Jersey, where she lived and died. John A. was raised on a farm. At about the age of seven teen he began to learn the shoemaker trade. He came to Ohio with his parents, remained about eighteen months, and returned to New. Jersey; remained about a year and again came to Ohio, and remained until after the death of his father, when he returned with his mother to New Jersey, and married Caroline Bush, October 22, 1827. She was born June 20, 1809. They remained until the spring of 1831, came to Ohio and remained one year in Jefferson county, and then came to Morris township, this county; thence to Liberty township; thence to Bloomfield township; thence to Chester township (now Morrow county), where he remained until 1876, when he came to Mt. Liberty, where he has since resided. He followed farming and shoe making, by which he gained a competence for his old age. Mr. and Mrs. Brokaw started poor in life. When they arrived in Knox county he had a horse and wagon, with a few household effects and three dollars twelve and one-half cents in cash. They had thirteen children, all of whom did well, thus-showing that they were carefully and judicially trained: Sarah, was born in 1829; married Henry Slack and died in 1852; Maria, born February 21, 1831; marred Peter Spracklen in 1851, and deceased in 1855; Effa, born February 26, 1833, married George Barr in 1853, and resides in Shelby county, Iowa; Elizabeth, born November 22, 1834, married D. L. Brackenridge in 1855, and died in Tama county, Iowa, December 23, 1872; a daughter, born January 25, 1837; Phoebe A., born June 17, 1838, married Frank Lambert, May 10, 1859, resides in Jasper county, Iowa; Caroline, born January 27, 1842, married John Bird September 7, 1865, resides in Liberty township; Mary L., born February 11, 1843, married Smith Gearhart, of Milford township, June 10, 1865; Andrew J., born June 6, 1845, farmer in Jasper county, Iowa; William B., born August 8, 1847, is a farmer near Richwood, Ohio; Abraham G., born February 4, 1850, farmer, Shelby county, Iowa; John B., born July 25, 1852, dealer in buggies; he is a good salesman, and a young man of good qualities; Marcus, born July 8, 1855.  History of Knox county Its Past & Present containing….1881 at Internet Archive. 

Great Find:  Find A Grave has a photo of this man and tombstone picture.  He is buried in the Bird Cemetery in Bangs, Knox Co., Ohio. There is a great deal of information on him and a listing of their children.  If you click the links you will discover more information going back into John Brokaw’s lineage. Very nicely done.

What follows is what I have gathered and it seems to come very close to what is on the Find A Grave site.

These are their children:

  1. Sarah Brokaw b. 1829, Ohio, d. 1852, Ohio m. Henry Slack.
  2. Mariah Brokaw who married Peter Spracklen
  3. Effa Brokaw b. 26 Feb 1833 m. George Barr*
  4. Elizabeth Brokaw b. 26 Nov. 1833, d. 23 Dec. 1872, Tama Co., Iowa, m. D. L. Breckenridge
  5. Daughter Brokaw 25 Jun 1837 probably died shortly after.  No further info.
  6. Phoebe Brokaw b. 17 Jun 1838, Ohio, m. Frank Lambert.
  7. Caroline Brokaw b. 27 Jan 1842, Ohio, m. John Bird.
  8. Mary L. Brokaw b 11 Feb 1843, m. Smith Gearhart.
  9. Andrews J. Brokaw b. 6 Jun 1845, Ohio.
  10. William B. Brokaw b. 8 Aug 1847.
  11. John B. Brokaw b. 25 July 1852.
  12. Marcus Brokaw b. 8 July 1855.

*Note:  Harrison Barr who married Amarilla Keller a daughter of John and Mary Keller had a brother named George.  I am wondering if there is a connection.  Peter’s brother Daniel would marry John and Mary Keller’s daughter Elizabeth, but that is another post.

John’s father was Abram Brokaw b. 1773 New Jersey and died 1826 in Jefferson Co., Ohio.  Abram’s wife was Mariah Striker born 12 Ma. 1775 in New Jersey and died there?

Their children are listed as:

  1. Mariah Brokaw b. 8 Aug 1792, m. James Dehart who d. about 1881.
  2. Jane Brokaw b. 8 June 1794, d. 17 Aug 1794.
  3. Peter Brokaw b. 6 Aug 1795, d. about 1881
  4. Caleb Brokaw b. 11 Dec. 1797
  5. Simon Brokaw b. 22 Feb 1799, d. 1880 Nebraska
  6. Abram Brokaw b. 24 Mar 1801, NJ, d. 1870 Morrow Co., Ohio
  7. John A. Brokaw is the father of Mariah who married Peter Spracklen.
  8. Jane N. Brokaw b. 5 Oct. 1806, d. 24 Feb 1881, Mt. Liberty, Knox Co., Ohio, m. Gabriel Devaul.
  9. there are more see Find A Grave.

Abram’s father was Caleb Brokaw and mother was Jane.  More is at Find A Grave.

Their Children were:

    1. Isaac Brokaw
    2. Abram Brokaw this is the line back to Mariah.
    3. Caleb Brokaw
    4. Ann Brokaw
    5. Polly Brokaw

About a year later on 26 August 1852 Peter sold land to his younger brother Daniel D. Spracklin and headed west to Iowa.  I will feature that deed when I talk about Daniel in future posts.

Peter left for Tama Co., Iowa first but by 1854 the Iowa Census has him living in Benton Co., Iowa.  The area of Tama County he lived in was the southeast corner that was right next to Benton and very near Belle Plaine.   I have not studied the deeds and other records for Tama County at this time.

Mariah and Peter had two daughters:

1.  Sarah Elizabeth born 25 June 1852 in Ohio.  She died somewhere around 1935-1936 in Alhambra, Los Angeles, California.  She married a Josiah T. Kenner.

Josiah (30) and Sarah (27) appear in the 1880 U.S. Federal Census with their 6-year-old daughter Cora. They are on-line 22, hse 57/55. They are living in Salt Creek, Tama Co., Iowa.  He is a grain dealer.  Josiah was born in Ohio while his parents were born in England. Sara does not know where her parents are born?

In the 1895 Iowa State Census, Peter Spracklen is living with a Sarah E. Kenner and several of her children.  Josiah is not listed and his burial information is with the Wright Cemetery in Belle Plaine, IA, at Find A Grave.  I did not find them in the Iowa State census for 1885.  By 1895 Sarah has Cora, Flossey and Claton (Webster Clayton b. 5 Aug. 1883 in Chelsea, Tama Co., IA) and her aging father to take care of.

Fast forward to 1930 and I find Sarah and her daughter Floss M. living in Alhambra, Los Angeles, California.  Sarah is now 77 years old and Floss is 48.  Floss is buried in the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, CA.  I have other family in this cemetery and know that it is a big cemetery.  I have actually visited it.

I have quickly looked at census through the years and it looks like Sarah and Josiah’s children where: Flora Dell (buried in Wright)??, Cora, Flossey and Clayton.

Note:  This family is very easy to track in the census for the federal and Iowa state (you won’t get all years but a good sample).  I will let you have fun and try for yourself.  Get out your library card so you have access to Heritage Quest from home or Ancestry Library version at your library.  Check out your local genealogical society they might have access as well.

2.  Ellen Spracklen was born 26 July 1855 in Belle Plaine, Benton Co., Iowa but died the same day.  She is buried in Wright Cemetery in Belle Plaine with her parents.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck and Mariah died the 29th of July 1855.  She is buried in Wright Cemetery in Belle Plaine.  See the Find A Grave tombstone picture.  Maria is right next to Peter to the left.

In the next post I will discuss his marriage to Catherine Russell and give a summary of their eleven children.  I will then share what I know about those children over a series of future posts.

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