Peter & Catherine Spracklen’s son John W. Spracklen

Peter and Catherine Spracklen continued to have children even during the time of the Civil War.  So far I have shared in past post information about his two daughters from his 1st marriage to Mariah Brokaw.  Those two daughters were Sarah Elizabeth and Ellen.  In the last post I shared about Maria Louisa and Sabrina Jane.

Remember that the information below needs to be verified.  Use it to give you clues to your own research.  To view the documents and photos please click on them and then use your back button to return.

The next child is their son John William Spracklen who seemed to be just as big in life as his father:

John W. and Dora Spracklen cira 1883

John W. and Dora Spracklen circa 1883

John and Dora Spracklen

John and Dora Spracklen

3.  John William Spracklen was born 23 August 1862 in Belle Plaine.  He died 2 April 1947 in Crawford, Dawes Co., Nebraska. He married Dora May Gillmor on 17 April 1884 in Nemaha Co., Kansas.  Dora May Gillmor’s parents were John P. Gillmor and Rosina Howe.  Dora May was born 11 May 1867, Kankakee Co., Illinois.  She died 7 Feb 1946 in Hay Springs, Sheridan Co., Nebraska.

They had 11 children.

Frank 2, Pearl 6 and Sadie 4 Spracklen

Frank 2, Pearl 6 and Sadie 4 Spracklen

John and Dora's girls - Nellie 9, Pearl 19, and Mildred 7

John and Dora’s girls – Nellie 9, Pearl 19, and Mildred 7

a. Baby boy 1885 to 1885.

b. John Peter Spracklen b, 8 May 1886, Chadron, Dawes, Nebraska, d. 24 May 1966, m. Harriett Whitehead 30 May 1910 and had:  Ralph L., John W. and Harry.

c. Rosina Catherine Spracklen b. 1 May 1889 and d. the same day in Chadron,

d. Lenora May Spracklin b. 21 Jul 1890 in Chadron and d. 25 July 1933.  She married Albert Archie Vannatta (VanNatta) who died 7 Mar 1930.  They had 4 children.

e.  Clement Alonzo Spracklen b. 3 Jun 1893 in Chadron and died 22 Feb 1933.

f.  Delinda Pearl Spracklen b. 2 June 1896 and d. 21 June 1985. She married Lloyd Lawrence Robbins b. 12 Mar. 1894 in Chadron.  They married 11 Jan 1916 in Chadron.  They had Evelyn K.

g.  Sadie Marie Spracklen b. 26 May 1898 in Chadron.  She married Walter Preston Owens on 10 July 1915.  He was b. 3 Aug 1898.  They had Rosalie and Dora J.

Sadie's Marriage to Walter Owen 1915

Sadie’s Marriage to Walter Owen 1915

h.  Frank Emery Spracklen b. 30 Mar 1900 Chadron.  He first married Esther Electa Hughes 24 January 1923 but they divorced.  He then married Irene Elsie Whitley on 11 June 1938 in Hot Springs, Fall River, So. Dakota.  She was born 19 July 1912, Gregory, Gregory Co., South Dakota.

i.  Roy William Spracklen b. 18 Dec. 1902, Chadron.  He married Ruth Hughes on 15 April 1924.  She was born 15 Dec. 1903, Crawford, Dawes Co., Nebraska and died 1 Dec. 1925.  He then married Marie Emma Preble on 20 April 1929 in Hot Springs, Fall River, South Dakota.

J.  Nellie Amelia Spracklen b. 28 June 1906, Chadron and died about 10 July 1960. She married a Elbin Alonzo Dotson on 29 Dec. 1938 in Hot Springs, Fall River, South Dakota. He was born 18 June 1907, Hay Springs, Sheridan Co., Nebraska

K. Mildred Lillian Spracklen b. 20 Sept. 1908 Chadron. She married 19 July 1934 to William Raymond Whetstine.  He was born 18 April 1905 and died about 8 Aug. 1930.

John and Dora's family

John and Dora’s family – click on it and it will open

Find A Grave has the following burials listed at the Greenwood Cemetery in Chadron, Dawes Co., Nebraska:

1.  Delinda Pearl Spracklen Robbins 1896 to 1985

2.  Catherine R. Russell Spracklen 1837 to 1913

3.  Clem A. Spracklen 1867 to 1946

4.  John William Spracken 1862 to 1947

5.  Myron Spracklen 1943

6.  Lenora M. Spracklen VanNatta 1890 to 1933.  The contributor at Find A Grave has added some details about this individual.

Mildred, Pearl, Nora, Nellie, Sadie. Seated Dora May and Dora's mother Rosina Gillmor cira 1919

Mildred, Pearl, Nora, Nellie, Sadie. Seated Dora May and Dora’s mother Rosina Gillmor cira 1919

John W. Spracklen is featured in the history book:  History of Western Nebraska and its People…etc.  He catches up with his father Peter regarding the land in Chadron, Nebraska. There is also a family photograph from this publication that is featured at the following website.  I have a copy of that photograph with identification of the people featured.  I have decided not to share it here and give credit to the website that has taken the time to feature this publication.  Go here to view the information.

John W. Spracklen had land in Dawes County, Nebraska.  This land is featured in the Atlas of 1913 on page 32 – Township 32 N, Range 49 W.  I think it is interesting that Dora owns some of the land in 1913.

JWSpracklenLdT32NR49W1913p32 - Copy

Go here for the full-page of this Atlas.

John obtained patents in Dawes County from the BLM (Bureau of Land Management)  for Nebraska:  I found three.

10/28/1890 #94, 6th PM, Twp. 032N, Range 049W, NE1/4, Section 29.

1/21/1893 #3850, 6th PM, Twp. 032N, Range 049W SW1/4, Section 21

7/3/1897 #853 6th PM, Twp. 039N, R049W, SE1/4, Sec#20

On April 17, 1944 Dora and John Spracklen were featured in the newspaper.  They were celebrating being married 60 years.  This article looks like it got cut off.

Dora and John 60 years of marriage.

Dora and John 60 years of marriage.

Here is what looks like another article about their Diamond Anniversary 1944 Chadron newspaper:

John and Dora 1944

John and Dora 1944

John and Dora lived another two years before their time came.  Dora passed first in 1946 followed by John the next year in 1947.  Click on these and they will become bigger.

Dora's death 1946

Dora’s Spracklen’s death 1946

John W. Spracklen's death 1947

John W. Spracklen’s death 1947

In the matter of the Estate of John W. Spracklen, deceased, the petitioner was Nellie Dotson. John did not leave a will.  He had lived in Dawes County since 1884.  He had sold off all his land and real estate and had about $600 in personal possessions.

Heirs-at-law of John William Spracklen at the time of the probate:

  • Peter Spracklen age 65, St. Maries, Idaho, son
  • Clement Spracklen age 58, Denton, Montana, son
  • Pearl Robbins, age 55, Hay Springs, Nebraska, daughter
  • Sadie Comer, age 53, Dodd City, Kansas, daughter
  • Frank Spracklen, 51, Valentine, Nebraska, son
  • Roy Spracklen, 48, Raynesford, Montana, son
  • Nellie Dotson, age 45, Hay Springs, Nebraska, daughter
  • Mildred Reed, age 43, Crawford, Nebraska, daughter.
  • Lenora Vannatta, predeceased of said deceased at Chadron and left children and grandchildren.

Dated May 1, 1950.

John and Dora need to have more research done on them, full census study, deeds and more. If you are a member of this family please leave a comment and share.

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  1. donna hill says:

    my graMPA was roy “doc”spracklen and I believe his brother clem died in 1975 there are other clem’s I found but they were married and grmpa brother was never married thanks donna hill sand coulee mt

    • BJ MacDonald says:

      Thanks Donna for stopping by. The information I have is from cousins and I do try to verify but that does not always happen. There are several Clems references on this page and I am not sure which you are referring to. Thanks for sharing Bonnie

  2. Bertie Shields says:

    My grandma was Sadie spraklin. her sisters were Pearl, Nellie, Mildred. Her brother was Clem. he was never married. Sadie was married to walter Owens they had 7 children, Rosie, Dora (Jackie), Sylvia, Bessie, Dorothy, John, and Elsie. Walter owens died and Sadie re married and had a son Chuck Comer. I am Bessie’s daughter and my husband has been doing research. my email is

    • BJ MacDonald says:

      Hello Bertie: Nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by. I have Sadie Marie Spracklen (using the len rather than lin) who married Walter Preston Owns 10 July 1915 in Dawes Co., Nebraska. I only have Rosalie and Dora J. So thanks for filling this family in. I have Sadie remarrying to a Enoch Comer but no son listed. Thanks so much. On the blog I shy away from the living so that is why it only goes so far down the line of descent. However in this case I have only what I told you. Thanks again for stopping by. Bonnie

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