Peter & Catherine Spracklen’s next son Clement L. Spracklen

Peter and Catherine Spracklen gave birth to a son in 1864 and they named him Clement Leonard.  Clement would be a grandson of John and Lydia (Goss) Spracklin.  He was Peter and Catherine’s 4th child and 2nd son.

This man Clement or Clem lived in Sheridan, Wyoming.  I have been to Sheridan but it was before I knew that Spracklen/lins were there.

Back in 2003, I traveled to Sheridan from Little Bighorn Battlefield in Montana and stayed in a hotel there in Sheridan with very squeaky steep stairs.  If you do get a chance to visit the Little Bighorn Battlefield Park be prepared to be sad or amazed.  I have been twice now and each time I go it there are angry clouds and rain. The most amazing part was trying to visual the Indian encampment down in the valley before the battle.  Also be prepared to get really into the history of it all, both sides.

I was with a family member and we were going to Yellowstone via Wyoming and wanted to cross the Big Horn Mountains.  As we started up the winding road Hwy 14, we realized it was getting too dark and that we best wait till the next day and stay in Sheridan.  So we found this old hotel for the night using the coupon books you can pick up along the way.

2003 Big Horn Mts.

2003 Big Horn Mts.

Free Range Cattle Big Horn Mts.

Free Range Cattle Big Horn Mts.

The next day we headed back up the winding road to the Big Horns and drove that highway to the western end and then headed for Cody where the Buffalo Bill Museum is and it is a wonderful history center.  My traveling companion got lost in the Indian exhibit and I almost had to drag her out. HA!

It was one of my best memories.  It was so quiet up there, cool with a little snow on the ground. Cattle are free ranging and they were walking the highway.  We stopped at the ranger station and I bought a little Smokey the Bear doll and a baseball cap with “Big Horn Mountain Wyoming.”  Yeah, I know I am a little silly. I still have them.   Of course Hwy 14 goes through only a portion of the Big Horn Mountains.

The “Longmire” TV series and books have used the Big Horn Mountains area as a backdrop.  Although I think they film the TV series elsewhere.  I fell in love with the Big Horns and wanted to bring my husband there someday.  You start at the eastern end and it is higher mountain areas and as you exit on the western side where it turns into a smaller version of the Grand Canyon.  I am glad we waited till the next day so I could see the terrain.  It was beautiful!

Well, apparently Clement was also captivated by Wyoming for he moved his family from Nebraska and made his life there in Sheridan (39 years) and Montana.

Use my information to help you do your own research on this family.

Clement & Nellie 1893

Clement & Nellie 1893

4.  Clement Leonard Spracklen on 17 April 1864 in Belle Plaine.  He died on the 1st December 1934 in Sheridan, Sheridan Co., Wyoming. He married Nellie Edith Welch on 11 September 1893 in Nebraska. Her parents were William R. Welch and Josephine Williams.  There may have been a brother named James.

Clement and Nellie are buried in the Sheridan Municipal Cemetery in Sheridan, WY., along with several others of their children see Find A Grave.

Clement & Nellie in later years.

Clement & Nellie in later years.

Family Group Sheet Clement & Nellie Spracklen

Family Group Sheet Clement & Nellie Spracklen

 They had 8 children:

1.  Mabel Adella Spracklen b. 8 Aug 1894, Marsland, Dawes Co., Nebraska, died 19 February 1975.  She married a Steven S. Simmerman on 31 December 1943.  Mabel is buried in the Sheridan Municipal Cemetery in Sheridan as listed at Find A Grave.

2. Bessie Nell Spracklen b. 26 July 1896 in Marsland, Dawes Co., Nebraska and d. 8 February 1982.  She married a Floyd Bessey on 25 December 1919.

3.  Leonard Lemuel Spracklen b. 13 July 1898 in Sheridan, Sheridan Co., Wyoming. He died 26 February 1980.  He married Nova Loyce Williamson. They married on 18 March 1922.

4. Bertha Sabina Spracklen b. 26 June 1901 in Sheridan.  She married a Claude Green the 27 December 1919.  On 8 February 1923 Bertha remarried to a William G. Wolff.

5.  Myrtle Geneva Spracklen b. 1 September 1902 in Sheridan and she married Alfred Lind Hilding on 12 October 1929.

6. Erma Geraldine Spracklen b. 2 February 1909 in Sheridan. She married Howard Gilkeson on 15 November 1930.

7. Harriet Louise Spracklen b. 8 August 1911 in Sheridan.  She married John Laurence Gillespie on 25 December 1931.  Harriet is also buried in the Sheridan Municipal Cemetery.

8.  Donald Russell Spracklen b. 27 November 1913 in Sheridan and d. 17 June 1915 in Sheridan.  He was about 2 years old when he died.

Clem, Nellie and their oldest children.

Clem, Nellie and their oldest children.

Taking a quick look at the census we find Clem and Nellie appear in the 1900 U.S. Census, he is 35, she is 24, Mabel is listed as 5, Bessie N. is 3 and Leonard is 1. They are in Big Horn, Sheridan, Wyoming.  Clem is born April 1865. Nellie is born Feb. 1876, Mabel was born Aug 1894, Bessie is born July 1896 and Leonard is born July 18919.

They are also in the 1920 U.S. Census in Sheridan, Wyoming Clem is now 54, Nellie is 43, Mabel is 25, Leonard is 21, Myrtle is 16, Geraldine if 10, Harriet is 8, There is  Floyd I. Bessey age 30 son-in-law and Bess M. Bessey age 23 living with them.

In 1940 we find Nellie alone except for Mabel.  She is still in Sheridan, Wyoming.  She owns her own home.  She is 64 years old, Mabel is 44 she has lodgers with her – Patrick Hebert is 41, Fred Shillling is 42 and Tonny Baldauf is 27.  Mabel is a secretary, while the other lodgers work on the railroad, bakery and forest service.

Clem died in 1934 (click on the obituary and it will open but remember to hit your back button to return) – Sheridan Press, Sunday, Dec. 2, 1934.

Clement's Obituary 1934

Clement’s Obituary 1934

Nellie lived another 30 years before she succumbed – Sheridan Press, Dec. 26, 1964.

Nellie Spracklen passes 1964

Nellie Spracklen passes 1964


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