Peter Spracklen Comes to the end 1899

Peter Spracklen died 6 May 1899 in Belle Plaine, Iowa and was buried 7 May 1899 in the Wright Cemetery.  He did not have a will or a probate/estate file in Benton Co, Iowa that I could find.  I am not totally satisfied about that so it is still and open research to do.  I only looked at the early years of the Benton Co. deeds because I was searching for his brother Daniel, and I can see that it might be a good idea to study all the years to learn more about this man’s activities.

Source:  Record of Deaths, Benton Co., IA pg. 175, FHL#987623 Item 2. May 6, 1899. Spracklin, Peter, M, 73-3-7 Retired Farmer, May 6, 1899, Widower, born Ohio, Resided in Belle Plaine, IA, died of old age, buried in Wright Cemetery. 

Find A Grave has his tombstone picture. I would be cautious about the information given in the written part.  His tombstone does not have a J or D on it.   Catherine is listed as being buried there and this is not accurate, she died in Chadron, Nebraska and is buried there.

Source:  Wright Cemetery, Section 17 of Iowa Twp., Benton Co., Iowa. Spracklin, Ellen, July 26, 1855 infant, Spracklin Maria S. Brokaw Feb 21, 1834 to July 29, 1855, Yes, Spracklen, Peter, Jan. 29, 1826 to May 6, 1899, Yes, Spracklen, Thomas R. Mar. 1869 to April 4, 1869, yes.

Source:  Cemetery Records of Belle Plaine Iowa and Vicinity from 1764-1900 (incomplete), Contributed by Members of Artesia Chapter D.A.R., November 16, 1953.  Wright starts on page 7, and Peter and family are on page 9. FHL#850405 Item 2. This was a typed manuscript.  

Peter Spracklen  Jan. 29, 1826 – May 6, 1899

Maria S. Spracklen born of Peter Spracklen d. July 29, 1855, age 21 yr. 5 mo. 8 da

Thomas R. Son of P. and C. Spracklen, d. Apr. 4, 1869 aged 1 mos.

Ellen infant child of P. and M. Spracklen d. July 26, 1855. 

There are two obituaries that I have in my possession.  The first is interesting because it has his name as John Peter Spracklen.  It is unclear as to what newspaper this article appeared in or its source.

Obit for Peter Spracklen

Obit for Peter Spracklen

The 2nd obituary notice for Peter Spracklen appears in the Belle Plaine, IA Daily Union Tuesday, May 9, 1899, p. 4, column 15.

Peter Spracklen Obituary Belle Plaine IA

Peter Spracklen Obituary Belle Plaine IA

The bottom was cut off, it reads:  Mr. and Mrs. William Kenner and Mrs. Roy Crittenden of Chelsea.

You can see the slight mix up in the 2nd obituary notice in which the brothers of Peter are mentioned in the first paragraph as Daniel in Ambrose and Solomon of Modale, IA.  Then toward the end they mention that Solomon of Ambrose attended the funeral?  Ambrose is a town long gone near where Daniel was living in Dayton Twp., Iowa Co., Iowa.  Modale is in Harrison Co., IA.

I wish I had more time to study Peter in-depth.  If you are a cousin of this line please say “Hello” and comment.

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