Daniel D. Spracklin a Son of John and Lydia Spracklin

Daniel D. Spracklin is my 2nd great grandfather. He was a son of John and Lydia (Goss) Spracklin.  He was born in Ohio on the 16th of February 1830 probably on the farm in Liberty Twp., Knox County, Ohio.

Daniel didn’t leave Ohio till after 1853 when he sold his share of the land of his mother Lydia Goss Spracklin back to his father John Andrews Spracklin.  He appears in the 1856 Iowa State census by 1856 in Marengo Twp., Benton Co. Iowa County, Iowa.  In that census it states they came were there about 1855.

My research on Daniel in Iowa was difficult because I could not find much on him till I traveled to Iowa in 2003.  I researched at the two locations of the Iowa State Archives, first in Iowa City and later in Des Moines.  I had help from my cousin Jerry, a descendant of Henry Sprackin, Daniel’s first born son with his first wife Elizabeth Keller.  I have posted about Henry’s life on my blog:  The Barclay’s of Pine River, the Lives of George and Amarilla Barclay.  Henry died in 1893 from wounds he received when a log came back at him and severed his arm.  He was working at the Weyerhauser plant in Davenport, IA.

Daniel’s middle name is a puzzle.  I have a cousin who swears it is spelled “Dair.” I have other sources that spell it “Dare.”  So sometimes you will see me put Daniel Dair/Dare Spracklin.  I have studied deeds, probate, and more in order to solve this puzzle but I have never seen Daniel himself spell his middle name.  He usually calls himself D.D. Spracklin or Daniel D. Spracklin.  The name Dare is the surname of Daniel’s grandmother Mary Dare who married John Andrews on 17 May 1768 in North Curry, Somersetshire, England.  I will post more on this connection when I discuss Daniel’s grandfather and mother Peter and Elizabeth (Betty) Spracklin in future posts.

Daniel married in 28 Dec 1853 to Elizabeth Keller in Morrow County, Ohio. Elizabeth was the daughter of John Keller and Mary Anne Delano.  John’s parentage is unknown.  Other researchers, cousins and myself are trying to solve that puzzle.  Elizabeth’s mother Mary has heritage going all the way back to Phillip Delano of the ship Fortune (Phillipe de Lannoy).  This ship came to Plymouth after the Mayflower.  Mary’s parents were Stephen Delano and Lovina Smith.  I have seen Lovina listed as “Corina” or “Lavinia.”  Lovina Smith’s origins are unknown.  

I have posted on Daniel and his life in my other blog:  The Barclay’s of Pine River, the Lives of George & Amarilla Barclay.  Daniel and Elizabeth are Amarilla’s parents so it is only appropriate that I discuss them on that blog.  Here I list those posts and encourage you to go and review them.

Stepping Back in Time: Amarilla’s Life in Iowa, dated July 1, 2011


Daniel & Elizabeth’s Letter to Home! November 19, 2011


Spracklin and Keller Connections – Amarilla’s Parents, November 3, 2011


Here is an interesting link about the Delano Family:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delano_family

Philip is listed under Noye de la Phillipe.  It is a passenger list for the “Fortune” which sailed to Plymouth in 1621.  http://www.geni.com/projects/Great-Migration-Passengers-of-the-Fortune-1621/5223

I encourage you to go to my blog:  The Barclays of Pine River, The lives of George and Amarilla Barclay and review the posts I wrote on John and Mary (Delano) Keller which includes their family and Elizabeth’s siblings.

The Death of Amarilla’s Grandfather, John Keller, dated March 25, 2011 http://barclayspineriver.wordpress.com/2011/03/25/the-death-of-amarillas-grandfather-john-keller/

Amarilla’s Grandmother Keller Passes 1882, dated June 20, 2011 http://barclayspineriver.wordpress.com/2011/06/20/amarillas-grandmother-keller-passes-1882/

Partition Deed: Morrow County, Ohio  1884, dated October 8, 2011  http://barclayspineriver.wordpress.com/2011/10/08/partition-deed-morrow-county-ohio-1884/

Daniel had two families, the first was his marriage to Elizabeth Keller which is the line that Amarilla descends from and therefore my line.There were 4 children born of that union and Amarilla was the youngest.

Daniel’s second marriage was to Sarah Blacketeer Allgood in 1863.  There were 7 children. I again refer you to the Barclay Blog for details on these two marriages and families.

Here is a summary of the children from each of Daniel’s marriages.  I have posted about some of these children in the Barclay’s of Pine River blog.  I will post more about Amarilla’s half siblings and what I know about their lives after I complete the posts covering the murder of Amarilla’s first husband George A. Barclay.

Daniel’s children with Elizabeth are featured in a pedigree outline that I received from my Aunt Miriam (sister of my father) that was written by Arminda Spracklin, wife of Charles Edward Spracklin, a half brother to Amarilla.  See the post on this blog:  Ancestor Outline by Armindo Spracklin, August 5, 2011.  Here is two of the three pages.


1.  Henry was probably born in Toledo, Ohio as Daniel and Elizabeth made their way to Iowa, he sold land back to his father in 1853 and was in Iowa by 1855.  So it took them some time to make the journey.

The rest of this family were born in Iowa:

2. Oliver died as a baby and is buried in Titler Cemetery with his sister and mother Elizabeth (Keller) Spracklin.

3. Mary died as a young child and is buried in Titler Cemetery with her brother and mother Elizabeth.

4. Amarilla Grace – my link to this family through her daughter Grace and my father Keith.  I believe Amarilla was born near Blairstown, IA because her father Daniel had his land in Benton County at that time. He didn’t move to Dayton Twp., Iowa Co. till about 1872. Amarilla was born in November 1858.

See the blog BJM Cemetery Discoveries for more on the Titler Cemetery and Elizabeth Keller Spracklin, Oliver and Mary’s burials.


Daniel’s children with Sarah, (Sarah was a Blacketeer and she married Charles Edward Allgood, who I believe died and is buried probably in Titler near Marengo, IA but I cannot prove it because the tombstones are gone.

As far as I know all these children were born in Iowa. Here are some highlights of these children:


See the post “Sarah and Daniel’s Family, the Second Family” dated December 2, 2011 for more information about this family.  The post about “Sarah Blacketer Allgood before Daniel,” dated December 17, 2011.  You will find these posts at the Barclay blog.

The children of Daniel and Sarah Spracklin:

1. Lydia Marie Spracklin married T.J. Ross and they moved to Calhoun Co., IA and are buried in the Cedar Cemetery there.  They were killed in a train wreck in 1930.

2. Virda Huston Spracklin was first in Calhoun Co., IA but later migrated to Woonsocket, South Dakota and he and his wife Lillie Mae Amsden are buried in the Eventide Cemetery in Woonsocket.

3.  Reed Andrews Spracklin moved in with Daniel about 1905 and took care of his parents in their old age. He had been in Calhoun County, IA. where he married Julia Ann Siler.  After Daniel’s death in 1915 he headed with his cattle and family to Montana and homesteaded near Jordan, Montana.  They are buried in the Pioneer Cemetery in Jordan, Montana.

4. Daniel Goss Spracklin also was in Calhoun Co. He married Susan Marrow Lash.  He is buried in the Cedar Township Cemetery in Calhoun Co.

5. Peter George Spracklin was a restless soul.  I tracked him from Iowa to Nebraska and the trail ran cold but a descendant has given me assistance.  He started out in Emmett Co., IA, was in Minnesota, Nebraska, Washington State and Oregon and finally settled in Reading, PA.  He is buried there in the Forest Hill Cemetery.  He married Etta Mae Hall but the marriage didn’t last, she remarried.

6. Charles Edward Spracklin  married Arminda Ward and they headed for Minnesota.  He is buried in the Bethlehem Cemetery in Cass County, Minnesota near where Amarilla lived in Pine River.  Arminda wanted to be buried in the mountains so her son took her to Bozeman and she is there in an unmarked grave in the Sunset Hills Cemetery.

7. Alfred Marion died when he was a young boy and is buried with his father and mother Daniel and Sarah in the Community Cemetery outside of Millersburg, IA. See BJM Cemetery Discoveries for more photos of the tombstones.  I was told it was a snake bit but I have yet to verify that story.

The only child that survived of 4 children born from Sarah’s first marriage to Charles Edward Allgood was Emily Jane Allgood, who married William M. Gilchrist on 28 Oct. 1875 in Marengo, Iowa Co., Iowa.

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2 Responses to Daniel D. Spracklin a Son of John and Lydia Spracklin

  1. Pat Stoudt says:

    Thanks. This is great… Any idea where Emily Jane and William Gilchrist are buried? For some reason they ring a bell and I’m thinking maybe Cedar Twp Cemetery in Calhoun Cty..

    • bonmac says:

      The information I have is that they were in Mahaska County, Iowa. Find A Grave has Emily in the Jackson Cemetery in Rose Hill, Mahaska Co., IA. It only gives her birth and death year of 1857 and death 1925. There is a Wm. Gilchrist in the same cemetery similar stone. There is a Wm Gilchrist 1853 to 1937 which works for years for him. There are lots of Gilchrist listed at Find A Grave. There are 4 Gilchrists in this Jackson Cemetery and one could be his father. Do not know the other person however. Of course, this would need to be verified that it is them.

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