The Spracklin/len Brothers in Benton Co., Iowa

My goal during my visit to Iowa in 2003 was to learn more about my 2nd great-grandfather Daniel D. Spracklin and his life.  I was having trouble finding any information on him and his children.  I was also eager to make the connection between Daniel and his daughter, Amarilla, my great-grandmother and see if I could find any evidence that linked him to his brothers Peter and Solomon Goss Spracklen.

I met up with my cousin, Jerry, a descendant of Henry Spracklin the oldest son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Keller) Spracklin and Amarilla’s full brother and we went to the Iowa State Archives in Des Moines.  There I pulled the deed films for Benton County, Iowa.

Jerry told me that he was told that he was not related to those Spracklens in Harrison Co., Iowa.  I just laughed.  If you think about this, it shows how easily a family can become separated over the years and distant.

On the 26 August 1852, Peter Spracklen sold to Daniel D. Spracklin in Knox County, Ohio the land he inherited from his mother Lydia.  The land she was deeded to by her father Solomon Goss in 1815.  Peter was selling out and was headed for Iowa.

Peter to Daniel - Selling the land in Knox County, Ohio in 1852

Peter to Daniel – Selling the land in Knox County, Ohio in 1852

Deed, quit claim for $100. This deeds states that Maria is Peter’s wife. Witness were Nelson A. Bidwell and Samuel C. Wolfe. JP Description of the land: “…certain track or piece of land situate in the county of Knox and State of Ohio bounded and described as follows being the (14) fourteenth range and (6) sixth township of the United States Military land, so-called, containing (50) fifty acres being part of a tract of (450) four hundred and fifty acres of land conveyed to Solomon Gofs {Grofs} by Zachais Biggs by deed bearing date of July 28, 1802 commencing at the south-east corner of the said (450 acre tract, thence north (20) twenty chains and 83 1/3 links, thence west 24 chains, thence south 20 chains 83 1/3 links, thence east 24 chains along the south line of said 450 acre tract to the place of beginning being the same lands deeded to Lydia {Grofs} Gofs and heirs, with all and singular the hereditaments and appurtenances therewith belonging…”

Source: Peter Spracklin to D.D. Spracklin, Recorder of Deeds, Knox County, Ohio, August 26, 1852, FHL#314055 (Deed V. LL-MM 1851-1853) Vol. MM, pg. 401

Let’s review the connections of the Spracklen/lin brothers in Iowa by referring to posts I have written on this blog.  You can access them by using the Archives box on the right side of this blog and selecting the month and year.

In the post dated June 23, 2013 and titled “2nd Power of Attorney John Spracklin’s Estate – March 16, 1863″ we have a deed between Solomon Goss Spracklin, Louisa Jane Spracklin and Peter Spracklin who was acting as their power of attorney in the estate of John A. Spracklin.

On June 16, 2013 there is another post for another “Power of Attorney for John’s Estate dated Feb. 13, 1863″ and in that deed Daniel D. Spracklin and Olive E. Merrifield are the grantees to Peter Spracklin for the estate of John A. Spracklin.

A 3rd post dated June 30, 2013, John Andrews Spracklin Marries a 2nd Time.  We find that John A. Spracklin married a second time to a Miriam Williams (not McWilliams as I had thought) and she is releasing her dower rights to his estate.  Listed are the children in that deed: Peter Spracklin, Solomon G. Spracklin, Daniel D. Sprackin, John Spracklin, Olive E. Merryfield, Mary G. Glancy and Lydia S. Kenner.  The deed is written by the court clerk into the court books, so it is not an original.  However, this is probably the closest we will get to a listing of the “heirs-at-law” of John Andrews Spracklin.  I have tried to find this document in the probate files for John but have had no luck.

Peter Spracklen talks about his brother Solomon in the “History of Belle Plaine, Iowa,” and in his obituary notice brother Daniel is mentioned as living in Ambrose, IA. Ambrose was a placed close to where Daniel lived in Iowa Co., IA.  Solomon Goss Spracklen is also mentioned. See the post dated December 15, 2013 “Peter Spracklen Comes to the end 1899.”  The posted dated November 17, 2013 “Peter Spracklen a Restless Man and son John!”

We had about 5 minutes before the Iowa Genealogical Society closed in Des Moines, and I found this tax record that features Peter and Solomon Goss Spracklen.  Note:  There is the Iowa Genealogical Society and the Iowa County Genealogy Society and also make sure you put in the state when you do a search.  You can get sidetracked easily.

Docket 153, Benton Co., Alpha, Land Descriptions, City 11, pg. 45, #3974, Iowa Genealogical Society, Des Moines, IA.

Peter & Solomon in the mid 1850's.

Peter & Solomon in the mid 1850’s.

The 1856 Iowa State census shows Peter and Solomon together – Iowa Twp., Benton Co., IA, Roll 1, pg. 384, Iowa Genealogical Society, Marengo, IA

House #421856
Peter Spracklin 30 yrs, Male, Widowed, in state 3 years, Born in Ohio, farmer , Native voter, Acreage of improved land 30, acreage of unimproved land 170,Tons of hay 20, Acreage of Spring Wheat 6, bundles harvested 140.

Looks like “S.G. Spracklin” written on the next line and the age is 25, male in the state three years, born in Ohio and a Blacksmith.

E. ____ Compton age 25, male, married born in Ohio and Farming.
Nancy Compton 22, female, married born in Ohio.
Samuel Compton must be younger than 1 year, male and born in Iowa.

Well I scrolled and scrolled and scrolled some more through the deeds and I kept finding Peter Spracklen, a couple of deeds with his brother Solomon Goss Spracklen listed, and finally Daniel.  Here is an Excel spreadsheet that I will share with you.  I did not get copies of all these deeds, I was only interested in Daniel’s actions at the time and it was a bit overwhelming.

These are all Benton County, Iowa deeds from 1854 to 1875.  They show Daniel buying and selling land in Benton County, Iowa and buying the land in Iowa County where he finally settled and remained the rest of his life.

Source: State of Iowa – Benton County Deeds for Spracklin Surname: Deeds Lands General Index Vol. A. 1847 to 1855 (Could not find S.G. Spracklin on some), Vol. B 1855-1857 and Vol. C. 1858-1862, State Historical Society, Des Moines, Iowa Film # 0989454.  Land Records Index 1862-1868 #989455, Vol. D. 1862-1865 No. D.D. Grantor or Grantee.  Vol. E 1865-1866 D.D. Not in the Grantors.  Benton Co., Iowa Land Records Index 1868-1875 #989456 – Vol. G 1868-1870 No D.D. Spracklin, Vol. H. 1870-1872, Vol. I 1872-1875.

Peter Spracklen and Solomon Goss Spracklen are brothers to my Daniel D. Spracklin.  They would be uncles to Amarilla.

Grantor is the name of the person selling the land and grantee is the person buying the land.  I have not looked at this in a long time and hopefully I didn’t make any errors but it could happen.

  Grantors Grantees Date actual & date recorded of Instrument Book vol. & page# Description
1. Peter Spracklin John Travisse Feb. 27, 1856 Date of Filing, Sep 28, 1855 Date of Instr., Deed Vol. B., Book E, page 298 NE1/4 Sec 3, Twp. 82, Range 12
2. Abram Tomkins Peter Spracklin 8/29/1854 Date of Filing, July 11, 1855 Date of Inst., Deed Vol. A, Book D, pg. 95 N6 W8 W8 N6? Sect 19 Twp 82, Range 12
3. James H. Crower? & wife Peter Spracklin Dec 1, 1854 filing, Sept 18, 1856 date of instrument, Deed Vol. A, Book D, pg. 206 N6S6?,

Sec 19, Twp 82, Range 12

4. Peter Spracklen & S.G. Spracklin Clark Kirkwood Sep. 27, 1856 filing, May 14, 1856 date of instr., Mortgage Vol. B, Book F, pg. 358 NW ¼ Sec 19, Twp 82, Range 12
5. Solomon G. Spracklin Clark Kirkwood Sep. 27, 1856 filing, June 12, 1856 instrmt., Mortgage Vol. B, Book F, pg. 359 N1/2 S 2-1/4 Sec 19, twp. 82, range 12
6. Peter Spracklen Clark Kirwood Sept 27, 1856 filing, Apr. 24, 1856 instrm., Mortgage Vol. B, Book F, pg. 356 N1/2 NW ¼ sec 19, twp. 82, range 12
7. Solomon G. Spracklin Peter Spracklin Nov. 13, 1856 Filing, April 2, 1856 instrum., Deed Vol. B, Book F, pg. 295 SE ¼ NW ¼, sec 19, twp 82, range 12
8 Peter Spracklin Solomon G. Spracklin Nov. 13, 1856 filing, April 2, 1856 instrum, Deed Vol. B., Book F, pg. 495 SE ¼, NW ¼ sec 19, twp 82, range 12
9. Peter Spracklin James H. Glover 1 & 2 Dec. 27, 1855 filing, 1&2 Oct. 2, 1855 instrum. 1. Deed

2.  Deed

1. ) Book E, pg. 144

2.) Book E, pg. 144

1.  SE ¼

2. W fil ½ of NW ¼  sec 19, twp 82, range 12

10. Peter Spracklin H.C. Nichols April 19, 1851? Filing, April 18, 1858 instrum. Deed Book H, pg. 402 NE ¼ of NE 8, sec 19, twp 18, range 12
11. Peter Spracklin & wife Cedar Rapids & Mifronse? River Railroad May 19, 1862 instrum, Nov. 1, 1860 filing – Right of Way Book L, pg. 277 NE1/4 SW ¼ sec 19, twp 82, range 12
12. Peter Spracklin Martin Bramin? April 8, 1858, Dec. 16, 1857 DEED Vol. C? Book M, pg. 401 NE ¼, sec 19, twp 82, range 12
13. George Rowland Peter Spracklin April 4, 1865, Oct. 18, 1864  W.D. Book P, pg. 576 NW ¼ of sec. 19, twp 82, range 12
14. Albert J. Swogood? Peter Spracklin Mar 1, 1866, Mar. 21, 1866 WD Book S, pg. 49 E1/2 S of N2 in NE ¼? Sec. 35, twp 82, range 12.
15. Walter B. Beebe & wife Peter Spracklin Oct. 11, 1867, Sep 29, 1966? W.D. Vol. F, Bk V, pg. 359 SW1/4 & NW1/4 sec 19, twp 82, range 12.
16. Peter Spracklin & Wife Charles Sallach May 2, 1868, Nov. 2, 1867 WD (Hork) pg. 226 E1/2 of lot 2 of NE ¼  sec. 35, twp. 82, range 12 5 acres
17. Peter Spracklin & Wife Wm. Mall Sept. 1, 1869 and Aug. 30, 1869 WD BK Q pg. 557 NE ¼ NW ¼ sec. 17, twp. 82, range 12
18. D.D. Spracklin Jacob Rinehart  & wife Dec. 21, 1869 Filing, Oct. 17, 1869 Inst. Date, W.D. Vol. G, Bk, 29, pg. 104 SE ¼ NW ¼, sec 27, twp 82, range 11
19. Peter Spracklin Mathias Joseph July 7, 1871, Feb. 4, 1871 Lease Vol. H, Bk 28, pg. 543 Pt. N ½ SW ¼ & Pt. SW ¼ SW ¼

Sec 19, twp. 82, range 12

20. James H. Tower Peter Spracklin Feb 21, 1870, Jan. 25, 1870 Correction Deed Vol., H, Book 11, pg. 632 SE ¼ NE ¼? Sec 19, twp 82, range 12
21. D. A. Justice et. al. Daniel D. Spracklin. Nov. 17, 1870, June 10, 1870 Quit Claim Vol. H, Book 28, pg. 280 SE ¼ NW ¼ sec. 27, twp 82, range 11
22. John Roach & wife Daniel D. Spracklin Nov. 17, 1870, June 25, 1870 Quit Claim Vol. H, Book 28, pg. 379 SE ¼ NW ¼ sec 27, twp. 82, range 11
23. Martha  Eeltach? D. D. Spracklin Nov. 7, 1872, Nov. 6, 1872 QCD Vol. I, Book 34, pg. 179 NE ¼ ams sec 7, twp. 84, range 11


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